Brother GT-3 Series Brother GT-341 Brother GT-361 Brother GT-381 Garment Printer Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Brother GT-3 Series Brother GT-341 Brother GT-361 Brother GT-381 Garment Printer;
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual Brother Garment Printer contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Content for Service Manual:
1-1. Specifications
1-2. Software Specifications
1-3. Identifying Your Printer’s Parts
1-3-1. Front
1-3-2. Right
1-3-3. Rear
1-3-4. Inside of the Front Cover
1-3-5. Upper part of the Maintenance Unit
1-3-6. Under the Platen
1-3-7. Control Panel
1-3-7-1. Display
1-3-7-2. Menu list

2-1. Setup Requirements
2-1-1. Environment
2-1-2. Required Tools
2-1-3. Other Requirements
2-1-4. Consumable Requirements and Options
2-2. Unpacking
2-2-1. Unpacking Procedure
2-2-2. Transportation of GT-3
2-2-3. Installing Waste Ink Tank
2-2-4. Removing protection materials
2-3. Levelling GT-3
2-4. Setting up GT-3 Series
2-4-1. Installing the Print Heads
2-5. Preparing your PC
2-5-1. When you have GT-541 / GT-782
2-5-2. PC preparation: For Windows XP (32 bit)
2-5-3. Connection with USB 2.0 Cable: For Windows XP
2-5-4. Network Settings: For Windows XP
2-5-4-1. Assignment of your computer’s Address
2-5-4-2. Assignment of GT-3’s IP Address
2-5-4-3. GT-3 Setting on the LAN
2-5-5. PC Preparation: For Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (32 bit / 64 bit)
2-5-6. Connection with USB 2.0 Cable: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
2-5-7. Network Settings: For Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
2-5-7-1. Assignment of your computer’s Address
2-5-7-2. Assignment of GT-3’s IP Address
2-5-7-3. GT-3 Setting on the LAN
2-5-8. Troubleshooting
2-5-8.1 Windows 7 / Windows 8 will not recognize the GT-3 Printer Driver after you connect to your PC with USB cable
2-6. Preparation and Check before Use
2-6-1. Installing Ink Cartridge
2-6-2. Installing Ink
2-6-3. Test Print
2-6-4. Head Cleaning
2-6-5. Firing Adjustment of the Print Heads
2-6-6. Aligning the Print Position of White / Color Print Heads

3-1. Menu
3-1-1. User Menu / Advanced Menu
3-1-2. Supplementary description of the User Menu
3-1-2-1. Test Print
3-1-2-2. Maintenance Parts Exchange
3-1-2-3. Tube Cleaning
3-1-3. How to go to Advanced Menu
3-1-4. List of Advanced Menu
3-1-5. Description of the Advanced Menu
3-1-5-1. CR Origin Sensor Adjustment
3-1-5-2. Firmware Update
3-1-5-3. Output Check
3-1-5-4. Input Check
3-1-5-5. Temperature Adjustment
3-1-5-6. Solid Print
3-1-5-7. Log Level
3-1-5-8. Pump Pressure
3-2. Firmware Update
3-2-1. The difference between GT-3 Firmware Update (PC) and USB Flash Drive
3-2-2. How to Update from USB Flash Drive
3-2-3. Countermeasure for Cancelled Update
3-2-3-1 Confirmation of Cancelled conditions
3-2-3-2. Restart the updates except Main program
3-2-3-3. Update with Boot System program
3-2-3-4 Upgrade in Flash ROM writing error
3-3. GT-3 Service Tool
3-3-1. Precautions of using GT-3 Service Tool
3-3-2. Resetting “Clean Tube W” Warning
3-3-3. Demonstration Mode
3-4. Getting Log File and Analysis
3-4-1. Precautions of getting Log File
3-4-2. Getting Log File
3-4-3. View Log File with GT-3 Service Tool

4-1. Checking the Cause of Misfiring
4-1-1. Detailed Check Flow
4-1-2. Heavy misfiring in printing (Checking Cracks inside the Tube)
4-1-3. Faded Print by Dryness (Changing the Wipe Frequency)
4-1-4. Cleaning the Tubes and Print Heads (White/Color Tube Cleaning)

5-1. Cleaning
5-1-1. Cleaning the Print Head Caps and Wiper Blades
5-1-2. Cleaning the Print Head Nozzles
5-1-3. White Ink Maintenance
5-1-4. Cleaning the inside of the printer
5-1-5. Cleaning the Encoder Strip

6-1. Replacing the Printer Parts
6-1-1. Required Tools
6-1-2. Assembling/Disassembling the Covers
6-1-3. Assembling/Disassembling of the Platen
6-1-4. Platen Belt and Reduction Belt
6-1-5. Adjusting the tension of Platen Belt and Reduction Belt
6-1-6. Platen Motor
6-1-7. Platen Pulley Ball Bearing
6-1-8. Platen Origin Sensor
6-1-9. Adjustment of the Platen Sensor Dog
6-1-10. Platen Top Plate and Shoulder Bar
6-1-11. Leveling of the Platen Top Plate
6-1-12. Carriage Motor
6-1-13. Carriage Driving Parts
6-1-14. Encoder Strip
6-1-15. Sensor Flap
6-1-16. Assembling / Disassembling of the Maintenance Unit
6-1-17. Wiper Cleaner
6-1-18. Checking and Adjusting the Wiper Blade Assy
6-1-19. Pump Tube
6-1-20. Suction Pump Assy
6-1-21. Replace the Pump Sensor
6-1-22. Cap Rubber
6-1-23. Cassette SW Harness Assy
6-1-24. Sensor for the CL Drive Cam
6-1-25. Motor of the CL Drive Cam
6-1-26. Wiper Sensor
6-1-27. Adjusting the Height of Wiper Blade
6-1-28. Adjusting the position of Wiper Blades
6-1-29. Wiper Motor
6-1-30. Waste Ink Tubes
6-1-31. Solenoid for Head Cleaning
6-1-32. Ink Supply Mechanism
6-1-33. Replacing the Filter on the Print Head
6-1-33-1. Replacing the Filter for CMYK
6-1-33-2. Replacing the Filter for White
6-1-34. Ink Switch Dog
6-1-35. Tubes
6-1-36. Needles
6-1-37. Ink Retrieval Unit (GT-381/ GT-361 only)
6-1-38. Print Heads
6-1-39. Print Head FFC
6-1-40. Waste Ink Units
6-1-41. Exhaust Fan
6-1-42. Removing the Needle Felt
6-1-43. Felts on Cartridge Base
6-2. Replacing the Electrical Parts
6-2-1. Precautions in Adjustment
6-2-2. Control Box, Operation Panel, PCBs
6-2-3. Motors, Solenoids, Sensors and Switches
6-2-4. Control Box Assy
6-2-5. Connectors
6-2-6. Connector Locations
6-2-7. Main PCB Assy
6-2-8. EMC Filter
6-2-9. Speaker
6-2-10. Power Unit
6-2-11. Surge Absorber PCB Assy
6-2-12. Control Box Assy
6-2-13. Panel Body Assy
6-2-14. Panel PCB Assy
6-2-15. USB Host PCB Assy
6-2-16. Encoder PCB Assy
6-2-17. Maintenance PCB Assy
6-2-18. Carriage PCB Assy
6-2-19. Ink Sensor PCB Assy
6-2-20. Ink Switch PCB Assy
6-2-21. Lithium Battery
6-2-22. FFC

7-1. Transporting the GT-3 Series
7-2. Required Maintenance for Long-term Storage

8-1. Interpreting the Display
8-2. Warnings
8-3. Error Messages



Content for Parts List Manual:
A. Frame mechanism
B. Cover mechanism
C1. Platen mechanism
C2. Platen mechanism
D. Carriage mechanism
E1. Maintenance mechanism
E2. Maintenance mechanism
F1. Ink supply mechanism
F2. Ink supply mechanism
G. Waste ink mechanism
H. Control box
J. Operation panel
Z. Accessories
Wa1. Warning labels
Wa2. Warning labels
Wa3. Warning labels
Wa4. Warning labels
Co1. Consumables & Option parts
Co2. Consumables & Option parts