Canon Color imageCLASS MF632Cdw Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Canon Color imageCLASS MF632Cdw contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Laser Safety
How to Handle the Laser Scanner Unit
Toner Safety
About Toner
Handling Adhered Toner
Notes When Handling a Lithium Battery
Notes on Assembly/Disassembly

Product Lineup
Host Machine
Specifications of Host Machine
Paper type
Paper size
Parts Name
External view
Cross Section View
Control Panel

Basic Configuration
Functional Configuration
Original Exposure/Feed System
Original Exposure System
Original Feed System (When using the ADF)
Laser Exposure System
Functional Configuration
Failure Detection
Controller System
Main Controller PCB
Motor Control
Door Open Detection
Fan Control
Low-voltage Power Supply Control
Protection Function
Power-saving Mode
Image Formation System
Major Components
Image Formation Process
High Voltage Power Supply Control
Image Stabilization Control
Pickup Feed System
Parts Configuration
Drive Configuration
Layout of Sensors
Cassette Detection
Cassette Pickup Control
Multi-purpose Tray Pickup Control
Skew Correction
Paper Width Detection
Arch Control
Delivery Tray Full Detection
Jam Detection
Fixing System
Functional Configuration
Fixing Temperature Control
Protection Function
Fixing Assembly Failure Detection

Overview of System Management
Version Upgrade
Function Overview
Version Upgrade Using UST
Version Upgrade via Internet
Version Upgrade Using USB
Setting Information Export/Import Function (DCM)
Import/Export Procedure from [Settings/Registration] of Remote UI
Procedure for Exporting/Importing Service Mode Setting Information
List of Items Which Can Be Imported
Monitoring Function (e-Maintenance/imageWARE Remote)
Overview of System
Servicing Notes
Setting Procedure

Periodically Replaced Parts
Consumable Parts
Periodical Services

List of Parts
Major Units
Layout Drawing of Electrical Components
External Cover System
Removing the Toner Cartridge
Removing the Left Cover
Removing the Right Cover
Removing the Rear Cover Unit
Removing the Cartridge Cover
Removing the Cartridge Tray
Removing the Upper Left Front Cover
Removing the Upper Right Front Cover
Removing the Right Front Upper Cover
Removing the Upper Cover Unit
Original Exposure/Feed System
Removing the ADF Unit + Reader Unit
Removing the Copyboard Cover
Separating the ADF Unit + Reader Unit
Removing the ADF Roller Unit
Removing the ADF Pickup Roller
Removing the ADF Separation Roller
Removing the ADF Separation Pad Unit
Removing the ADF Upper Cover Unit
Removing the ADF Feed Unit
Removing the ADF CIS (For the duplex scanning model)
Removing the ADF Drive Unit
Removing the Reader Upper Cover Unit
Removing the Reader CIS
Removing the Reader CIS Timing Belt
Removing the Reader Scanner Motor
Controller System
Removing the Controller Cover
Removing the Wireless LAN PCB (Wi-Fi model only)
Removing the Wireless LAN Support Plate (Wi-Fi model only)
Removing the Main Controller PCB
Removing the Main Controller Support Plate
Removing the Engine Controller PCB
Removing the Low Voltage Power Supply Unit
Removing the Main Motor
Removing the Control Panel Unit
Removing the OFF Hook PCB (Fax model only)
Removing the NCU PCB (Fax model only)
Removing the NCU Support Plate
Removing the Speaker (Fax model only)
Removing the USB PCB
Removing the Fan
Removing the Power Switch Unit
Image Formation System
Removing the Secondary Transfer Roller
Removing the Secondary Transfer Feed Unit
Removing the ITB Unit
Removing the Color Displacement Density Sensor Unit
Fixing System
Removing the Fixing Assembly
Removing the Fixing Motor
Pickup Feed Delivery System
Removing the Delivery Sensor Unit
Removing the Cassette Pickup Roller/Feed Roller Unit
Removing the Cassette Separation Roller Unit
Removing the Duplex Reverse Drive Unit
Removing the Pickup Guide
Removing the Multi-purpose Tray Pickup Unit

Adjustment at Parts Replacement
After Replacing the Control Panel
After Replacing the ITB Unit
After Replacing the Color Displacement Density Sensor Unit
Engine Controller PCB
Main Controller PCB
After Replacing the ADF Unit
After Replacing the Reader CIS Unit
After Replacing the Reader Upper Cover Unit
After Replacing the Reader Unit
After Replacing the ADF CIS Unit

Test Print
Engine Test Print
Controller test print
Cartridge Log Report
Troubleshooting Items
Recurring faulty image
Confirming nip width
Action When Hue Differs between the Front and Back Sides of the Output Image at Duplex Copy
(For the duplex scanning ADF model)
Debug Log
Function Overview
Conditions for collecting logs
Collection procedure

Error/Jam/Alarm Log indication
Location Code
Pickup Position Code
Error Code
Error Code Details
Jam Code
Jam Code Details
Alarm Code
Alarm Code Details

Entering Service Mode
Service Label
Remote UI Service Mode
COPIER (Service mode for copier)
DISPLAY (State display mode)
I/O (I/O display mode)
ADJUST (Adjustment mode)
FUNCTION (Operation / inspection mode)
OPTION (Specification setting mode)
COUNTER (Counter mode)
FEEDER (ADF service mode)
ADJUST (Adjustment mode)
FUNCTION (Operation / inspection mode)
FAX (FAX service mode)
SSSW (Bit switch registration mode)
MENU (Menu switch registration mode)
NUM (Numeric parameter setting mode)
NCU (NCU parameter setting mode)
TESTMODE (Service mode for test print, operation check, etc.)
PRINT (Print test mode)
FAX (FAX test mode)

Service Tools
Special Tools
Solvents and Oil List
General Circuit Diagram
Backup Data List
Soft counter specifications

& Parts Catalog

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