Canon Staple Finisher-M1/Booklet Finisher-M1 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and periodic servicing your copier, printer, scanner, staple finisher or booklet finisher.
Present service manual and parts catalog Canon Staple Finisher-M1/Booklet Finisher-M1 contain informations necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Notes Before it Works Serving
Points to Note at Cleaning

Saddle Stitcher Unit
Names of Parts
External View
Finisher (Staple Finisher)
Saddle Finisher (Booklet Finisher)
Cross Section
Finisher Unit
Saddle Unit
Optional Construction

Basic Constitution
Component Configuration
Finisher (Staple Finisher)
Saddle Finisher (Booklet Finisher)
Overview of the Electrical Circuitry
Overview of the Electrical Circuitry (Saddle Stitcher Unit)
Feeding Unit
Staple Finisher
Booklet Finisher
Construction of the Control System
Staple Finisher
Booklet Finisher
Paper Delivery Path
Straight Ejection
Processing Tray Path
Buffer/Processing Tray Path
Paper Delivery Path (Saddle Stitcher Unit)
Stack Tray Unit
Tray Operation
Shutter Operation
Processing Tray Unit
Basic Operation
Processing Tray Paper Stacking Operation
Stack Delivery Operation
Stack Job Offset
Staple Operation
Swing Height Detection Control
Saddle Stitcher Unit
Basic Operation (Saddle Stitcher Unit)
Receiving Sheets
Aligning the Sheets
Feeding the Stack
Folding/Delivering the Stack
Controlling the Inlet Flappers
A3/A3/ 305mm x 457mm (12 x 18)/ 279mm x 432mm (11 x 17) Paper Path (3 sheets)
B4/LGL Paper Path (3 sheets)
A4R/LTRR Paper Path (3 sheets)
Controlling the Movement of Sheets
Controlling the Aligning the Sheets
Controlling the Phase of the Crescent Roller
Overview of Folding Operation
Controlling the Movement of Stacks
Folding a Stack
Double Folding a Stack
Staple Operation
Stapler Unit
Shifting the Stapler Unit
Stapling Operation
Stitcher Unit
Stitching Operation
Detecting Jams
Detecting Jams (Finisher Unit)
Detecting Jams (Saddle Stitcher Unit)
Power Supply
Power Supply Route (Finisher Unit)
Power Supply Route
Protection Function
Power Supply Route (Saddle Stitcher Unit)
Power Supply Route
Protection Function
Work of Service
User Maintenance
Maintenance and Inspection
Periodical Servicing
Periodically Replaced Parts
Measures at Time of Parts Replacement

List of Work for Scheduled Servicing

List of Parts
External Covers
Staple Finisher
Saddle Finisher (Booklet Finisher)
Main Units
List of Consumable Parts and Cleaning Parts
List of Sensors
Staple Finisher Unit
Saddle Finisher Unit
List of Switchs
Staple Finisher Unit
Saddle Finisher Unit
List of Solenoid
Staple Finisher Unit
Saddle Finisher Unit
List of PCBs
Staple Finisher Unit
Saddle Finisher Unit
List of Motors
Staple Finisher Unit
Saddle Finisher Unit
List of Clutches
External Covers
Removing the Front Cover
Removing the Rear Cover
Removing the Left Upper Cover
Removing the Upper Cover
Removing the Grate-shaped Upper Guide
Removing the Grate-shaped Lower Guide
Removing the Front Inside Upper Cover
Removing the Front Inside Lower Cover (Staple Finisher)
Removing the Front Inside Lower Cover (Saddle Finisher)
Removing the PCB Cover (Saddle Finisher)
Main Units
Removing the Swing Unit
Removing the Processing Tray
Removing the Tray 1
Removing the Tray 2
Removing the Return Roller Unit
Removing the Saddle Unit
Removing the Stitcher Mount Unit
Removing the Positioning Plate Unit
Removing the Saddle Delivery Tray Unit
Removing the Upper Delivery Guide
Removing the Inlet Feed Unit
Consumable Parts and Cleaning Points
Removing the Stapler
Removing the Stitcher Unit
Removing the Finisher Controller PCB
Action on replacing the finisher controller PCB
Removing the Saddle Stitcher Controller PCB
Other Parts
Removing the Paper Folding Roller
Removing the Buffer Roller
Removing the Return Roller
Removing the Swing Unit Static Charge Eliminator
Removing the Inlet Static Charge Eliminator

Main adjustment
Adjustment item
The setting of the function
Basic Adjustment
Adjusting the Stacker Alignment Position
Adjusting the Staple Position
Adjusting the Height of the Swing Roller
Adjusting the Saddle Staple Position
Adjusting the Saddle Alignment Position
Adjusting the Processing Tray Return Amount
Adjusting the Processing Tray Return Speed.
Initializing the RAM on Finisher
Adjusting the Bias Line of Saddle Delivery Paper
Function Setting Operation
Adjustment at Time of Parts Replacement
Action on replacing the finisher controller PCB
Adjusting the Stitcher Unit

How to Utilize This Installation Procedure
When using the parts included in the package
Symbols in the Illustration
Checking Before Installation
Checking the Installation Site
Installing the Accessories
Points to Note on installation
Product Name
Confirmation before the installation
Check Items when Turning OFF the Main Power
Checking the Contents
Unpacking Procedure
Installation Procedure
Preparing the Finisher for Installation
Connecting to the Host Machine
Attaching the Labels etc
Operation Check
Operation Check
Checking the Tilt (When a Malfunction Occurs)
Check the Tilt
Adjusting the Tilt

Service Tools
Solvents and Oils
Special Tools
General Circuit Diagram
Staple Finisher
Booklet Finisher

Canon Staple FinisherM1 M1