Caterpillar 3500B/3500C Generator Set Engines Troubleshooting Manual

Caterpillar 3500B/3500C Generator Set Engines Troubleshooting Manual
LD9 1-UP (Engine)
CNB 1100-UP (Generator Set)
CMC 1107-UP (Generator Set)
FDN 1515-UP (Generator Set)
BGX 120-UP (Generator Set)
BLF 166-UP (Generator Set)
BMB 132-UP (Generator Set)
BPJ 472-UP (Generator Set)
BRK 287-UP (Generator Set)
CPA 182-UP (Generator Set)

ZAD 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZAH 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAH 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZAJ 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZAP 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZAR 1-UP (Generator Set)
GZY 1-UP (Generator Set)
GZT 1-UP (Generator Set)
GZS 1-UP (Generator Set)
GAR 1-UP (Generator Set)

PBR 1-UP (Generator Set)
SBJ 1-UP (Generator Set)
SBG 1-UP (Generator Set)
SBK 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAL 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAP 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAR 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBR 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAM 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAY 1-UP (Generator Set)

YAN 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAZ 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAT 1-UP (Generator Set)
YAW 1-UP (Generator Set)
JCG 1-UP (Generator Set)
JCY 1-UP (Generator Set)
JCH 1-UP (Generator Set)
JDE 1-UP (Generator Set)
JCN 1-UP (Generator Set)
JDH 1-UP (Generator Set)

JDJ 1-UP (Generator Set)
JM2 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBB 1-UP (Generator Set)
JM3 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBC 1-UP (Generator Set)
JM4 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBD 1-UP (Generator Set)
LD4 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBT 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZBP 1-UP (Generator Set)

PDR 1-UP (Generator Set)
YBW 1-UP (Generator Set)
ZBR 1-UP (Generator Set)
SEK 1-UP (Generator Set)
SFJ 1-UP (Generator Set)
GD3 1-UP (Generator Set)
LYP 1-UP (Generator Set)
RRM 1-UP (Generator Set)
LY7 1-UP (Generator Set)
LY8 1-UP (Generator Set)

LY9 1-UP (Generator Set)
LYH 1-UP (Generator Set)

Print No: RENR5059-14, February 2017
Type of machine: Generator Set Engines
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Table of contents:

1) Electronic Troubleshooting
System Overview
Electrical Connectors and Functions
Electronic Service Tools
Programming Parameters

2) Programming Parameters
Factory Passwords
Flash Programming
System Configuration Parameters
Customer Parameters Worksheet
Replacing the ECM

3) Troubleshooting without a Diagnostic Code Symptoms
Alternator (Charging Problem and/or Noisy Operation)
Can Not Reach Top Engine RPM
Coolant Temperature Is Too High
ECM Will Not Accept Factory Passwords
ECM Will Not Communicate with Other Systems or
Display Modules
Electronic Service Tool Will Not Communicate with ECM
Engine Cranks but Will Not Start
Engine Has Early Wear
Engine Has Early Wear
Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable
Engine Oil in Cooling System
Engine Stalls at Low RPM
Engine Stalls at Low RPM
Engine Will Not Crank
Excessive Engine Oil Consumption
Excessive Black Smoke
Excessive White Smoke
Exhaust Temperature Is Too High
Fuel Dilution of Engine Oil
Fuel in Cooling System
Intermittent Engine Shutdown
Intermittent Low Power or Power Cutout
Low Engine Oil Pressure
Low Power/Poor or No Response to Throttle
Mechanical Noise (Knock) in Engine
Noise Coming from Cylinder
Oil Contains Coolant
Poor Fuel Consumption
Too Much Valve Lash
Too Much Vibration
Valve Rotocoil or Spring Lock Is Free

4) Troubleshooting with a Diagnostic Code
Diagnostic Codes

5) Troubleshooting with an Event Code
Event Codes

6) Diagnostic Functional Tests
Air Shutoff System
Analog Sensor Supply
CAN Data Link
Cat Data Link
Coolant Level Sensor
Digital Sensor Supply
Direct Fuel Control Mode
Electrical Power Supply
Emergency Stop Switch
Engine Control Switch (ECS)
Engine Sensor Open/Short Test
Engine Speed/Timing Sensor
Ether Injection System
Injector Solenoids
Inspecting Electrical Connectors
Prelubrication System
Speed Control
Starting Motor System

7) Calibration Procedures
Analog Sensor – Calibrate
Engine Speed/Timing Sensor – Calibrate

Index Section