Duplo DP-S850 DP-S650 DP-S620 DP-S550 DP-S520 DP-S510 Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Duplo DP-S850 DP-S650 DP-S620 DP-S550 DP-S520 DP-S510 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

System Setup
Part Names and Their Functions
1. Machine exteriors
2. Sectional (structural) view of the machine
3. Control Panel

z Scanner Section
1. Description
2. Sequence of Operation
(1) Sequence of the Scanner Operation
(2) Sequence of the Scanner Operation (S3-ADF)
(3) Operation with the Document
Cover Open / Closed
1. Reading the Document Size
2. Reading the Document Darkness
Platemaking Area for the Selected Paper
Platemaking Area for the Book Shadow
Erasing Mode
3. Function of Parts and Circuit
(1) Slider Limit Sensors 1, 2
(2) Document Size Sensor
(3) Document Cover Open/Close Sensor
(4) CCD / Lamps
(5) Scanner Unit Open / Close Detection
Platemaking / Master Feed / Ejection Section
Platemaking / Master Feed Section
1. Description
2. Sequence of Operation
(1) Operation when the master set
(2) Platemaking / Master Feeding
3. Function of Parts
(1) Thermal Head
(2) End Mark Sensor
1. Master Setting Error Detection
2. Master End Detection
(3) Master top sensor
(4) Drum Master Sensor
(5) Cutter Unit
(6) Master Feed Clutch (Electromagnetic clutch)
Master Ejection Section
1. Description
2. Circuit
3. Function of Parts
(1) Master Ejection Sensor
1. Master Ejection Error Detection
2. Rotation Control of the Eject(Roll-up) Motor
Master Clamp Opening/Closing Section
1. Description
2. Operation of Master Clamp Open / Close Lever
(1) Structure
(2) Master Attach / Detach Operation
(3) Clamp Opening / Closing
Lever Position (B / C Mode)
3. Function of Parts
(1) B / C Mode Detect Sensor
4. Returning Operation Flowchart
When the Power is Cut Off Accidentally
c Paper Feed Section
1. Description
2. Operation
(1) Rotation of the Paper Feed Roller and
Timing Roller
(2) Paper Feed Roller Drive
(3) Driving of the Timing Roller
(4) Escape the Guide Roller
(5) Paper Feed Length
3. Function of Parts
(1) Printing Position Adjustment Mechanism
(2) Double Feed Detect Mechanism
(3) Elevator Top Limit Sensor
(4) Elevator Lower Limit Switch
(5) Paper Sensor
Drum Driving Section
1. Description
2. Function of Parts
(1) Drum Position 1 Sensor
(2) Drum Position 2 Sensor
(3) Drum Removal Button/LED
(4) JOG Switch
(5) Control of the Main Motor
1. Rotation Speed Control by Encoder Sensor
2. Selecting the Speed
Press Section
1. Description
(1) Press Roller Timing & Printing Area
2. Function of Parts
(1) Press Roller Sensor
(2) Switching the Contact Pressure
1. Contact pressure position sensing
Paper Ejection Section
1. Description
2. Function of Parts
(1) Paper Stripper Finger
(2) Top Fan
(3) Paper Eject Jam Sensor
1. Paper JAM Detection Timing
(4) Paper Ejection Belt
Drum Section
1. Description
2. Circuit
3. Function of Part
(1) Ink Detection
1. LED Display and Output Signal on the Ink Detection PCB Unit
2. “NO INK” Display Timing
(2) Ink Roller Up / Down Mechanism
(3) Ink Pump
(4) Drum Switch
(5) Fine Start Mode
(6) Front Cover Detection Switch

Chapter 3. MECHANISM
(1) Removal of the Document Cover
(2) Removal of Front Cover
(3) Removal of the Scanner Outer Cover
(4) Removal of Rear Cover
(5) Removal of Main PCB Unit,Drive PCB Unit, Switching Power Supply 24V/5V
(6) Removal of Control Panel
(7)Removal of Control Panel PCB
(8) Removal of Battery PCB Unit
(9) Removal of Main Motor PCB Unit
Scanner Section
(1) Removal of Glass
(2) Removal of Reading Cover
(3) Removal of Inverter PCB Unit
(4) Removal of Lamp Unit
(5) Removal of Wire (Lamp )
(6) Removal of Slider A
(7) Removal of Slider B
(8) Removal of Scanner unit
Platemaking / Master Feed and Ejection Section
Master Feed Section
(1) Removal of Cutter Unit
(2) Removal of End Mark Sensor PCB Unit
(3) Removal of Thermal Head
(4) Removal of Master Feed Unit
(5) Removal of Master Feed Stepping Motor
Master Ejection Section
(1) Removal of Master Ejection Box
(2)Removal of Eject Motor(Roll-up Motor)
Master Clamp opening/Closing Section
(1) Removal of Master Clamp Opening /
Closing Unit
(2) Removal of Clamp Motor
(3) Removal of Timing Belt
Paper Feed Section
(1) Removal of Feed Tray Unit
(2) Removal of Horizontal Reg. Motor
(3) Removal of Elevator Lower Limit Switch
(4) Removal of Paper Feed Roller
(5) Removal of Paper Top Detect,
Double Feed Detect, Signal Sensor
(6) Removal of Timing Roller

Scanner Section
(1) Attaching the Rear Wire
(2) Attaching the Front Wire
Platemaking / Master Feed / Ejection Section
Platemaking / Master Feed Section
(1) Adjusting the Timing Belt Tension
(2) Position Adjustment of Thermal Head
Up/Down Motor
Master Ejection Section
(1) Attaching the Spring
(2) Adjusting the Timing Belt Tension
Master Clamp opening/Closing Section
(1) Adjusting the Timing Belt Tension
(2) Positioning the Master Clamp
Opening / Closing Levers
(3) Adjusting the B / C Modes
Paper Feed Section
(1) Adjusting the Paper Separator
Unit Clearance
(2) Adjusting the Elevator Top Limit Sensor
(3) Adjusting the Elevator Lower Limit Switch
(4) Adjusting the Double Feed Detection Sensors
(5) Adjusting the G Roll Escape
Amount / Timing
(6) Adjusting the Vertical Registration Sensors
Drum Driving Section
(1) Adjusting the Drum Stop Position
(2) Adjusting the Master Attach Position
Press Section
(1) Checking the Press Roller Sensor
(2) Adjusting the Printing Area
(Press OFF Timing)
Paper Ejection Section
(1) Adjusting the Paper Stripper
Finger Clearance
Drum Section
(1) Adjusting the Ink Amount
(2) Adjusting the Squeegee Gap
(3) Adjusting the Master Clamp Margin
(4) Adjusting the Drum Rail Gap, Electrical System
(1) Adjusting Reduction / Enlargement
1. Adjusting M-mark Feed Volume Magnification
2. Adjusting M-mark Speed Magnification
3. Adjusting Scan Vertical Magnification
4. Adjusting Scan Horizontal Magnification
(2) Master Making Start Position
(3) Reading Start Position
1. Adjusting the Top End Reading
Start Position Adjustment procedure
2. Adjusting the Lateral (Operation Side)
Reading Start Position
(4) Adjusting the Master Making Start Position
1. When the Scanner Is in Use
2. When in Online
(5) Adjusting the Document Reading Darkness
1. Adjusting the Scan Level : Text mode
2. Adjusting the Scan Level : Text/Photo, Photo/Text, Photo mode
(6) Adjusting of Printer Unit’s Printing Speed
1. Adjusting the Pre-stop Speed
2. Adjusting the M-mark Speed
3. Adjusting the Jog Speed
4. Adjusting the Print Speed
(7) Adjusting Paper Eject Speed

Guaranteed Periodical Maintenance
Cleaning and Oiling
(1) Cleaning
(2) Oiling
Periodical Maintenance
(1) 6-month Periodical Checking

Troubleshooting Guide
1.Countermeasures for the Defective Operation
(1) Lamp does not Light Up
(2) Optical System Dose Not Move Forward/Backward
(3) “E001” is displayed
(4) “E002” is displayed
(5) “E005” is displayed
(6) “E006” is displayed
(7) “E009” is displayed
(8) “E011” is displayed
(9) “E012” is displayed
(10) “E013” is displayed
(11) “E015” is displayed
(12) “E016” is displayed
(13) “E020” is displayed
(14) “E021” is displayed
(15) Malfunction of Master feed Clutch
(16) Malfunction of Master stepping motor
(17) “MASTER SET ERROR” is displayed
(18) Malfunction of Eject Motor
(19)”NO PAPER” is displayed
(20) “CLOSE FRONT COVER” is displayed
(21) “CLOSE SCANNER” is displayed
(22) “NO MASTER” is displayed
(23) “NO INK” is displayed
(24) “PLEASE INSERT CARD” is displayed
(26) “PAPER JAM ON THE FEEDER SIDE” is displayed
(27) “NO USED MASTER CORE” is displayed
(28) Paper Jams in the Paper Feed Side
Error Display

Chapter 7. HELP MODE
HELP Mode List
HELP Mode Functions and
Operation Procedures
Accessing HELP Modes
HELP Mode Descriptions

Chapter 8. OTHERS
Electrical Parts Layout and Their Functions
(1) Switches / Clutches / Solenoids
(2) Sensors 1
(3) Sensors 2
(4) Motors / Fans
(5) PCB unit / Others
(6) Connector VR/LED Layout and Functions
Overall Wiring Layout
(1) Overall Wiring Layout 1( Main PCB )
(2) Overall Wiring Layout 2( Drive PCB )

DPS850 DPS650 DPS620 DPS550 DPS520 DPS510 DP S850 DP S650 DP S620 DP S550 DP S520 DP S510

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