Electrolux EW23BS70KS EW28BS70KS Service Manual

Service Manual Electrolux EW23BS70KS EW28BS70KS;
French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Dispenser and Non-Dispenser Models.

In this Service Manual you can find indications regarding installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, disassembly, assembly and lists of error code. Manual is available for instant download, in the PDF file format.
This manual contain instructions easy to follow and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your refrigerator.

Table of Contents
Safe Servicing Practices For All Appliances
Important Safety Instructions
Child Safety
Proper Disposal of Refrigerators/Freezers
Major Appliance Warranty Information
Model Number Breakdown
Serial Number Breakdown
Understanding Features and Terms
Dispenser Models Specifications
Non-Dispenser Models Specifications

Installation Clearance
Installation Checklist
Electrical Information
Water Supply
To Adjust The Door Stop
To Level The Doors Using The Adjustable Lower Hinge
To Adjust The Flipper Mullion
Removing The Doors
Removing The Freezer Drawer
Door Handle Mounting Instructions

Control Layout
Wave-Touch™️ Display Operation
IQ-Touch™️ Display Operation (Dispenser Models)
IQ-Touch™️ Display Operation (Non-Dispenser Models)
Entering Service Mode (Non-Dispenser Models)
Setting Cooling Temperatures (Non-Dispenser Models)
Setting Cooling Temperatures
Wave-Touch™️ / IQ-Touch™️ Sabbath Mode
Wave-Touch™️ / IQ-Touch™️ Showroom Mode
Wave-Touch™️ / IQ-Touch™️ Manual Defrost Mode
Error Codes
Ice and Water Troubleshooting Guide
Failed Dispenser Troubleshooting Tests
Variable Capacity Compressor Electrical Components
To Check/Replace the Inverter
Testing the Compressor
Flow Chart 1
Flow Chart 2
Flow Chart 3
Flow Chart 4
Flow Chart 5
Flow Chart 6 & 7
Flow Chart 8
Flow Chart 9, 10, 11 & 12
Temperature Resistance Chart For Negative
Temperature Coefficient Thermistors
Perfect Temp™️Drawer
Service Mode For Perfect Temp™️ Drawer
To Test Lighting System
To Test the Freezer Compartment Lights
To Test the Fresh Food Compartment Lights
Voltage Flow Chart

Section 4) ICE MAKER
Fresh Food Compartment Ice Maker Operation
Defrost Water Drain
Ice Cube Production
Freezer Recovery Mode
Error Codes
Diagnostic Service Mode
Temperature Resistance Chart for NTC Thermistors
Service Diagnostic Mode Test Sequence
No Ice Conditions
Flow Chart No Ice #1
Flow Chart No Ice #2
Flow Chart No Ice #3
Flow Chart No Ice #4
Flow Chart No Ice #5
Flow Chart No Ice #6
Flow Chart Test #48C
Flow Chart Test #49C
Flow Chart Test #50C
Flow Chart Test #51C
Flow Chart Test #52C
Flow Chart Test #54C
Flow Chart Test #55C
Flow Chart Test #56C
Flow Chart Test #57C
Flow Chart Test #58C
Flow Chart Test #59C
Flow Chart Test #60C
Flow Chart Test #61C
Flow Chart Test #62C
Flow Chart Test #63C
Flow Chart Test Ice t-3 Error
Ice Maker Body and Switches
Ice Maker Frame and Auger Motor Components
Ice Maker Evaporator Components
Ice Maker Mounted In The Freezer Compartment
Ice Maker Components
Installing Water Supply Line to Ice Maker
Water Valve Switch – Water Fill Volume
Test Cycling Ice Maker
Fault Diagnosis
Operating Cycle Illustrations – Manual Cycle
Freezer Compartment Ice Maker Electrical System
Operating Cycle Illustrations – Electrical
Operating Cycle Illustrations – Mechanical
Ice Maker Exploded View

Water System Operation
Water Valve
Pure Souce Water Filters
Water Tanks
Standard Depth Water Schematic
Counter Depth Water Schematic
Non-Dispenser Water Schematic
Testing Water Fill System
Resistance Check
Voltage Check
Digital Meter
Voltage Drop From Heater
Valve Coil
Voltage Readings Are Different Between Primary And
Secondary Valve Coils
No Water at Door
Diode Kit
Checking Water
Ice Maker Valve
Chilled Water Valve
Low/No Voltage At Coil(s)
Voltage Readings At Green Coil Of Secondary Valve

Safety Warnings
Dispenser (Electrolux)
Control Assembly
Dispenser (ICON)
Control Assembly
Control Removal (Non-Dispenser Models Only)
Door Components
Door Handle
Storage Bins
Dairy Compartment
Tall Bottle Retainer
Door Mullion and Heater
Top Door Hinge Cover
Door Hinges and Door
Freezer Handle
Freezer Upper and Middle Basket
Freezer Lower Basket
Tilt Wire Shelf
Freezer Drawer
Door and Drawer Gaskets
Toe Grille
Anti-tip Leg
Eyebrow Trim
Fresh Food and Freezer Compartment Light Switch
Humidity Sensor
Interior Components
Half and Full Spill Safe™️ Shelf
Deli Keeper and Crisper
Perfect Temp Drawer™️
User Interface Board and Touch Control
NTC Thermistor and Wiring Harness
Control Unit
Control Board
Fan and Motor Assembly
Section 6 Component Teardown (continued)
Fan and Motor Assembly
LED Lighting
Water Filter and Water Tank Cover
Water Filter Connection (Non Dispenser Models)
Air Filter
Fresh Food Compartment Thermistor
Light Shield
Air Duct Removal (Non-dispensing Models)
Upper Light Fixture
Freezer Compartment Light Switch
Freezer Compartment Thermistor
Freezer Compartment Thermistor Removal
(Non-dispenser Models)
Upper and Lower Freezer Drawer Rails
Freezer Drawer Main Support Rail
LED Assembly
Lighting Control
Evaporator Cover
Ice Maker Air Duct (Non-dispensing Models)
Ice Maker (Non-dispensing Models)
Evaporator Fan Motor
Evaporator Defrost Thermostat
Defrost Heater For Evaporator
Fresh Food Compartment Ice Maker
Ice Maker Control Cover
Ice Maker Control
Ice Bucket
Ice Bin Housing
Ice Maker Left and Right Mold Switch
Bail Arm Ice Level Switch
Ice Maker Drive Motor
Ice Maker Gear Box
Ice Maker Side Plate
Ice Mold, Heater and Defrost Limiter for Finger Evap
Ice Maker Defrost Heater
Ice Maker Suction Line Thermistor
Dispenser Auger Motor & Solenoid Assembly
To Test Auger Motor
To Test Solenoid Assembly
Ice Maker Evaporator Fan Motor & Defrost Limit
Ice Maker Frame Assembly
Ice Auger and Crusher Assembly
Freezer Compartment Ice Maker
Ice Maker and Mounting Plate
Front Cover Removal
Fill Trough and Bearing
Ice Stripper
Ejector Blade
Motor and Switch Mounting Plate
Water Fill Switch
Hold Switch
Ice Maker Control Arm Shut-OFF Switch
Ice Maker Thermostat
Thermal Cut-Out (TCO)
Mold Heater
Compressor Area Components
Water Valve
Compressor Area Mounting Tray
Condenser Fan Assembly

Safe Servicing Practices For All Appliances
Refrigeration Systems
Sealed System Repair
Equipment Needed for Evacuation & Recharging
Charging Sealed Systems
Basic Components
Recovering Refrigerant
Low/High Side Leak or Undercharge
Testing for Refrigerant Leaks
Checking For Internal Leaks
Compressor Replacement
Flushing The System With Nitrogen
Installing a New Compressor
Freezer Evaporator and Suction Line Replacement
Freezer Heat Exchanger Replacement
Ice Maker Evaporator Replacement
Ice Maker Heat Exchanger Replacement
Condenser Replacement
Filter-Drier Installation
Pressure Regulator Removal
Perimeter Hot Tube Repair Kit
Installing Evacuation and Recharging Equipment
Evacuating the System
Charging The System
Final Leak Test
Dedicated Equipment
Vacuum Pump Maintenance
Service Diagnostic Tips
HFC 134a Comparison With CFC 12
Inhalation Toxicity
Cardiac Sensitization
Skin and Eye Contact
Refrigerant Leaks
Spills or Leaks
Combustibility of HFC-134a
Leak Testing
Bulk Delivery and Storage
Filling and Charging Operations
Refrigerant Recovery Systems
Thermal Decomposition
R-134a Physical Properties
HFC-134a, CFC-12 Pressure
HFC-134a, CFC-12 Pressure Temperature Chart
Glossary of Terms

Principals Of Automatic Defrost Operation
Air Circulation Patterns
Section 9 Wiring Schematics
ERF2500++ Control Schematic
PTD Board, Ice and Water Module
LED Power Board
Icemaker Control Board
Freezer Compartment Ice Maker Schematic
Wire Diagram # 2419801 Rev.C
Wire Diagram # 2419559 Rev.C
Wire Diagram # 242046100 Rev.A (Non-Dispenser)
Wire Diagram # 242046700 Rev.A (Non-Dispenser)