Fargo Persona C16 Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Fargo Persona C16 card printer contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Regulatory Compliances
Agency Listings
Technical Specifications
Visual Security Solutions (Specifications)
VeriMarkTM Cards – 2-D holographic foil application
Custom HoloMarkTM Cards
Visual Security – Card Stock Part Numbers
Visual Security – Fargo Certified Overlaminates (Special Order in 50 quantity minimum)
Visual Security Card Stock – Tolerances
VeriMarkTM – Application Specifications
HoloMarkTM and Custom HoloMarkTM – Application Specifications
Functional Specifications
Printer Components: Top Cover to Parallel Interface Card
Printer Components: Centronics-Type Parallel Interface
Printer Components: Print Ribbons
Printer Components: Resin-Only Print Ribbons
Printer Components: Dye-Sublimation Print Ribbons
Printer Components: Dye-Sublimation/Resin Print Ribbons
Printer Components: Blank Cards
Reviewing the upgraded 81754 PVC Cards

Safety Messages (review carefully)
Reviewing the TOP Line LCD Error/Status Messages
BOTH Line LCD Error/Status Messages
Communications Errors
Resolving the Communication Errors
Card Feeding Errors
Resolving the Card Feeding Errors
Using the Idler Spring Upgrade Kit
Print Process Errors
Resolving a Headlift Error
Resolving the Cover Open Error Message
Resolving the Blank Output issues
Card Jam Errors
Resolving a Card Jam Error
Ribbon Errors
Resolving the Skipping Ribbon Panel issues
Resolving the Wrong Ribbon error (being displayed incorrectly)
Resolving the Ribbon Low Message
Resolving the Ribbon Error/Out Error Message
Resolving the Ribbon Breaking issues
Encoding Errors
Resolving the Mag Verify Error Message
Resolving the Printer’s inability to read Encoded Data
Resolving Data intended for Magnetic Stripe (being printed on the card) problem
Diagnosing Image Problems
Resolving the Pixel Failure problems
Resolving the Card Surface Debris problems
Resolving the Incorrect Image Darkness problems
Resolving the Ribbon Wrinkle problems
Resolving the Excessive Resin Printing problems
Resolving the Incomplete Resin Printing problems
Resolving the Image Placement problems
Resolving the Poor Image Quality problems
Running the Self Test
Running the Standard Self Test Print
Using the DIP Switch (Self-test)
Setting the DIP Switch Settings
Running the 15-Shade Self Test
Interfacing Information
Reviewing the Pin Assignments
Reviewing the Centronics Parallel Pin Assignments
Reviewing the Printer Timing Diagram
Reviewing the Printer Timing

Safety Messages (review carefully)
Adjusting for CR-79 Adhesive Back Cards
Adjusting the Magnetic Encoding Head
C16 Print Driver Options
Using the Settings dialog box
Using the Image Darkness option
Using the Image Placement option
Using the Print Length option
Using the Magnetic Offset option
Using the Card tab
Adjusting the Card Size Option
Adjusting the Orientation Option
Using the Copies Option
Using the Test Print Button
Using the About Button
Using the Device Options tab
Adjusting the Ribbon Type option
Adjusting the Color matching option
Adjusting for the Resin Dither
Using the Rotate Image 180 Degrees option
Using the Buffer Single Card option
Using the Disable Printing option
Using the Pause for Low Ribbon option
Using the Image Color tab
Using the Resin Heat (K) option
Using the Color matching option and Default button
Using the Calibrate tab
Using the Image Position Controls
Using the Sensors Button
Using the Settings Button
Using the Magnetic Encoding tab
Using the Magnetic Track Selection radio buttons
Using the Magnetic Track Options radio buttons
Using the Bit Density radio buttons
Using the Character Size radio buttons
Reviewing the Enable MLE Support checkbox
Using the ASCII Offset radio buttons
Using the LRC Generation radio buttons
Using the Character Parity radio buttons
Using the Verification radio buttons and Retries selection
Using the Shift Data Left checkbox
Reviewing the ISO Track Locations
Sending the Track Information
Entering the Track Information
Reviewing Tracks 1, 2 and 3 (in table format)
Reviewing the Track Data Note
Reviewing the ASCII Code and Character Table
Using the Overlay/Print Area tab
Using the Overlay/Print Area dropdown menu
Using the Overlay/Print Area
Using the Defined Area Option
Using Security Options (Visual Security Solutions)
Selecting Orientation – Landscape under Card tab
Selecting the Visual Security Solutions dropdown menu (A to D)
Selecting Orientation – Portfolio under Card tab
Selecting the Visual Security Solutions dropdown menu (E to H)
Selecting the VeriMark radio button
Selecting the HoloMark radio button
Reviewing the Custom VeriMark Card (Custom Graphic in a 2D foil)
Reviewing the Custom HoloMark Card (Custom Graphic in a 2D foil)
Using the K Panel Resin tab
Selecting from the Print All Black With K Panel options
Selecting the Full Card option
Selecting the Defined Area(s) option
Selecting the Undefined Area(s) option
Selecting the Defined Area(s) function
Selecting the Print YMC under K and Print K Only options

Section 4: CLEANING
Safety Messages (review carefully)
Using the Required Supplies
Cleaning Procedures
Cleaning the Printhead
Cleaning the Card Feed and Cleaning Rollers
Cleaning the Platen Roller
Cleaning the Printer’s Interior

Safety Messages (review carefully)
Reviewing the Printer Components
Reviewing the Front Cover Components
Reviewing the Back End Components
Reviewing the Rear Side plate Components
Reviewing the Print Board Components
Reviewing the Print Area Components
Reviewing the Main Print Board Connections
Reviewing the Power Board Connections
Cover Removal
Replacing the Rear Cover (D810054)
Replacing the Top Cover (D810044)
Replacing the Front Cover (D810001)
Board, Interface and Printhead Replacements
Replacing the Print Circuit Board (D810059)
Replacing the Power Circuit Board (A000284)
Replacing the Printhead Assembly (081524)
Replacing the Printhead Harness Assembly (830162-00)
Replacing the Front Panel Board Assembly (A000265)
Motor and Mag Head Replacements
Replacing the Headlift Motor Assembly (830143)
Replacing the Card Feed Motor Assembly (830145)
Replacing the Ribbon Drive Motor Assembly (830147)
Replacing the Stepper Motor assembly (810113)
Securing the current Stepper Motor Bracket and Fastener for increased belt tension
Replacing the Magnetic Head Assembly (High-Coercivity: 810182 or Low-Coercivity: 810182)
Sensor Replacement
Replacing the Card Sensor Assembly (830135)
Replacing the Upper Ribbon Sensor Assembly (83015111)
Replacing the Encoder Wheel Sensor Assembly (830149)
Replacing the Lid Sensor Assembly (810174)
Replacing the Ribbon ID Sensor Board Assembly (820543)
Replacing the Lower Ribbon Sensor Assembly – C16 (83012612)
Roller Replacement
Replacing the Platen Roller (D830023)
Replacing the Card Feed Roller (D830058) – Center
Replacing the Card Feed Roller (D830058) – Left
Replacing the Hopper Card Feed Roller (D830024)
C11/C16 Idler Spring Removal and Replacement Kit Instructions
Technician Review – Idler Spring Replacement Kit for the C11 Card Printers without a Magnetic Encoder or for all C16 Card Printers
Technician Review – Idler Spring Replacement Kit for the C11 Card Printers with the Magnetic Encoder
Technician Review – Required Tools for both procedures
Technician Review – Removal and Replacement Procedure No. 1
Removing and replacing the Idler Springs on the C11 Card Printers without the
Magnetic Encoder and for all C16 Card Printers
Technician Review – Removal and Replacement Procedure No. 2
Removing and replacing the Idler Springs on the C11 Card Printers with the Magnetic Encoder
Technician Review – Photos related to Procedures No. 1 and No. 2
Technician Review – Replacement parts for the C11 Card Printers without the Magnetic Encoder and for all C16 Card Printers
Technician Review – Replacement parts for the C11 Card Printers with the Magnetic Encoder

Safety Messages (review carefully)
Board Errors
Resolving the EE Memory Error
Resolving the DRAM Memory Error
Sensor Testing
Reviewing the Sensor Location and Voltages
Reviewing the Motor Voltages (when active)

Contacting Fargo Technical Support
Reading the Serial Numbers on a Fargo printer
Finding out when a Fargo Card Printer was manufactured
Reviewing Example No. 1: Serial Number 80453289
Reviewing Example No. 2: Serial Number A1280224

Glossary of Terms

Appendix A: Engineering Drawings
Appendix B: Technical Updates
Appendix C: Miscellaneous

Number of pages: 259.

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