Graphtec FC8000-60 FC8000-75 FC8000-100 FC8000-130 FC8000-160 Cutting plotter Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Graphtec FC8000-60 FC8000-75 FC8000-100 FC8000-130 FC8000-160 Cutting plotter
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Graphtec FC8000-60 FC8000-75 FC8000-100 FC8000-130 FC8000-160 Cutting plotter contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Main Specifications
1.2 External Dimensions

2.1 Parts Names and Functions
2.2 Assembling
2.4 Replacing the Cross-Cutter Unit

3.1 Control Panel
3.2 Reading the Screen (LCD)


5.1 Tools
5.2 Greasing And Gluing Points

6.1 Exterior Parts
6.1.1 How to Replace the Right Side Cover
6.1.2 How to Replace the Left Side Cover
6.1.3 How to Replace the Control Panel Assembly
6.1.4 How to Replace the Center Cover
6.1.5 How to Replace the Front Guide
6.1.6 How to Replace the Rear Guide
6.1.7 How to Replace the Rear Writing Panel
6.1.8 How to Replace the Front Writing Panel Assembly
6.2 Mechanical Parts
6.2.1 How to Replace the Rear Media Sensor
6.2.2 How to Replace the Front Media Sensor
6.2.3 How to Replace the Pinch Roller
6.2.4 How to Replace the Control Panel Board and the LCD
6.2.5 How to Replace the Pen Block
6.2.6 How to Replace the Y-belt
6.2.7 How to Replace the Pinch Roller Sensor
6.2.8 How to Replace the Y-relay Board
6.2.9 How to Replace the Cam Sensor
6.2.10 How to Replace the Y-motor
6.2.11 How to Replace the X-motor
6.2.12 How to Replace the Main Board
6.2.13 How to Replace the Vacuum Fan
6.2.14 How to Replace the Drive Roller
6.2.15 How to Replace the Cutting Mat
6.2.16 Home Dog Position
6.2.17 Cross Cutter Dog Position

7.1 List of Items Requiring Readjustment
7.2 Mechanical Adjustments
7.2.1 Y-Belt Tension Adjustment
7.2.2 Y-Drive Belt Tension Adjustment
7.2.3 X-Drive Belt Tension Adjustment
7.2.4 Pinch Roller Pressure Adjustment
7.3 Electrical Adjustments
7.3.1 DIP Switch Settings
7.3.2 Explanation of the Values of the Main Board Settings
7.3.3 Clearing the Non-Volatile RAM
7.3.4 How to Enter the Adjustment Menu
7.3.7 Adjusting the Pen Force
7.3.8 Adjusting the Distance Accuracy
7.3.9 Adjusting the Registration Mark Sensor Sensitivity
7.3.10 Adjusting the Offset of the Auto-Registration Mark Sensor
7.3.11 Adjusting the Cross Cutter Home Position
7.3.12 Adjusting the Offset of the Light Pointer Position
7.3.13 Confirming the 2-Pen Model (2-pen model)
7.3.14 Adjusting the Pen Exchange Y Direction Value (2-pen model)
7.3.15 Adjusting the Spacing Between Pen 1 and Pen 2 (2-pen model)
7.4 Upgrading the System Firmware

8.1 The Plotter is Turned On But Doesn’t Operate
8.2 Media Loading Operations
8.3 Cutting Operations
8.4 Error Messages
8.4.1 Hardware Error Messages
8.4.2 Error Messages in GP-GL Command Mode
8.4.3 Error Messages in HP-GL Emulation Mode
8.4.4 Error Messages on ARMS
8.4.5 Other Error Messages
8.4.6 Warning Messages
8.5 Service mode
8.5.1 Sensor Test Mode & Panel Switch Test Mode
8.5.2 Printing the Setting of the Plotter
8.5.3 Printing the Test Pattern
8.5.4 Confirm the Cutting Data
8.5.5 Self Diagnostic Test

9.1 Outer Casing
9.2 Control Panel
9.3 Pen Block
9.4 Registration Mark Sensor Assy
9.5 Cross Cutter
9.6 Main Frame
9.7 Y Rail
9.8 Y Slider
9.9 Wiring Harness
9.10 Labels
9.11 Media Stocker, Stand
9.10 Basket
9.11 Other Parts

10.1 Block Diagrams
10.2 Circuit Diagrams
10.2.1 Main Board (CPU)
10.2.2 Main Board (CONNECTOR)
10.2.3 Main Board (MOTOR DRIVER)
10.2.4 Main Board (FPGA)
10.2.5 Main Board (I/F)
10.2.6 Main Board (MEMORY)
10.2.7 Main Board (Power)
10.2.8 LAN Board (Option)
10.2.9 Light Pointer
10.2.10 Pen Relay Board
10.2.11 Pinch Roller Sensor Board
10.2.12 RMS Board
10.2.13 Conrol Panel Board
10.2.14 Cam Sensor Board.

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