Graphtec FC9000-75/FC9000-100/FC9000-140/FC9000-160 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Graphtec FC9000-75/FC9000-100/FC9000-140/FC9000-160 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

1.1 Main Specifications
1.2 External Dimensions
1.3 Option & Supply Parts

2.1 Confirming the standard accessory
2.2 Assembling the stand and basket to the Plotter
2.3 Installing the optional Take-up unit to the FC9000-140/160
2.3.1 Installing the optional Take-up unit to the FC9000-140/160
2.3.2 How to load the roll media to the Take-up unit

3.1 Parts Names and Functions
3.2 Attaching a Tool
3.3 Replacing the Cross-Cutter Blade

4.1 Control Panel
4.2 Reading the Screen (LCD)

6.1 Tools
6.2 Greasing And Gluing Points

7.1 Exterior Parts
7.1.1 Replacing the Right Side Cover
7.1.2 Replacing the Left Side Cover
7.1.3 Replacing the Control Panel Assembly
7.1.4 Replacing the Center Cover
7.1.5 Replacing the Front Guide
7.1.6 Replacing the Rear Guide
7.1.7 Replacing the Rear Writing Panel
7.1.8 Replacing the Front Writing Panel Assembly
7.1.9 Replacing the Fan Cover
7.1.10 Replacing the Pen Block Cover
7.1.11 Replacing the Push Roller
7.1.12 Replacing the Cutting Mat
7.2 Internal Parts
7.2.1 Replacing the Rear Media Sensor
7.2.2 Replacing the Front Media Sensor
7.2.3 Replacing the Registration Mark Sensor
7.2.4 Replacing the Control Panel Board
7.2.5 Replacing the LCD
7.2.6 Replacing the Pen Block
7.2.7 Replacing the Y-belt
7.2.8 Replacing the Push Roller Sensor Board
7.2.9 Replacing the Y-relay Board
7.2.10 Replacing the Cam Sensor board
7.2.11 Replacing the Y-motor
7.2.12 Replacing the X-motor
7.2.13 Replacing the Main Board
7.2.14 Replacing the Fan
7.2.15 Replacing the Drive Roller Shaft Assembly
7.2.16 Replacing the Y Flexible Cable
7.2.17 Replacing the Push Roller assembly
7.2.18 Replacing the Push Roller base
7.2.19 Replacing Power Supply Board
7.3 Belt Tension Adjustments
7.3.1 Y-Belt Tension Adjustment
7.3.2 Y-Drive Belt Tension Adjustment
7.3.3 X-Drive Belt Tension Adjustment
7.4 Confirming the cable wiring

8.1 List of Items Requiring Readjustment
8.2 Flowchart of the Adjustment Sequence
8.2.1 When the main board was replaced (Normal procedure)
8.2.2 When the main board was replaced (The adjustment values could not copy.)
8.2.3 When the pen block was replaced
8.2.4 When the X or Y motor was replaced
8.2.5 When the Rear or Front X Media sensor was replaced
8.2.6 When the registration mark sensor was replaced
8.2.7 When the cam sensor board was replaced
8.2.8 When the optional 2nd pen was installed
8.2.9 When the optional 2nd pen of holder or station was replaced
8.2.10 When the optional push roller was installed
8.2.11 When the gird roller was replaced
8.3 DIP Switch Settings
8.4 Explanation of the Values of the Main Board Settings
8.5 Confirming the version of firmware
8.6 Upgrading the System Firmware
8.7 Clearing the NOV-RAM
8.8 Selecting Display Language & Length Unit
8.9 Copying the Adjustment value form the SUB-NVRAM
8.10 How to Enter the Adjustment Menu
8.11 Adjusting the Pen Force
8.11.1 Inputting the pen force from the recorded value
8.11.2 Adjusting the pen force from the measured force
8.12 Adjusting the friction
8.13 Adjusting the Distance Accuracy
8.13.1 Inputting the distance accuracy from the recorded value
8.13.2 Adjusting the distance accuracy from the measured distance
8.14 Adjusting the Registration Mark Sensor Sensitivity
8.15 Adjusting the Offset of Registration Mark Sensor
8.15.1 Inputting the registration mark sensor offset position from the recorded values
8.15.2 Adjusting the registration mark sensor offset position from the measured values
8.16 Adjusting the Cross Cutter Home Position
8.16.1 Inputting the Cross Cutter Home Position from the recorded values
8.16.2 Adjusting the Cross Cutter Home Position from the measured values
8.17 Adjusting the X Media Sensor Position
8.17.1 Inputting the X Media Sensor Position from the recorded value
8.17.2 Adjusting the X Media Sensor Position
8.18 Adjusting the 2nd Pen Exchange position
8.18.1 Inputting the 2nd Pen Exchange position from the recorded value
8.18.2 Adjusting the 2nd Pen Exchange position
8.19 Adjusting the Spacing Between Tool 1 and Tool 2
8.19.1 Inputting the Spacing Between Tool 1 and Tool 2 from the recorded value
8.19.2 Adjusting the Spacing Between Tool 1 and Tool 2
8.20 Setting the Number of Push Rollers
8.21 Back up the adjustment value to the SUB-NVRAM

9.1 The Plotter is Turned On But Doesn’t Operate
9.2 Media Loading Operations
9.3 Cutting Operations
9.4 Print & Cut Operation
9.5 USB connection
9.6 Error Messages
9.6.1 Hardware Error Messages
9.6.2 Error Messages in GP-GL Command Mode
9.6.3 Error Messages in HP-GL Emulation Mode
9.6.4 Error Messages on ARMS
9.6.5 Other Error Messages
9.6.6 Warning Messages
9.7 Service mode
9.7.1 Sensor & Panel Switch Test Mode
9.7.2 Printing the Setting of the Plotter
9.7.3 Printing the Test Pattern
9.7.4 Confirm the Cutting Data
9.7.5 Self Diagnostic Test
9.7.6 Registration Mark Sensor Test
9.7.7 Clear Setup Mode

10.1 Outer Casing
10.2 Control Panel
10.3 Pen Block
10.4 Main Electrical Parts
10.5 Y Drive Part
10.6 Y Slider Part
10.7 X Drive Part
10.8 Stand, Basket
10.9 Details of Stocker Bracket
10.10 Details of Basket Base Bracket
10.11 Optional Take up roller (FC9000-140/160)
10.12 Labels

12. Target electrical component for WEEE instruction

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