HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M176 M177 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This Service Manual contain: Repair Manual and Troubleshooting Manual HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M176 M177.
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Types of screws
Service approach
Before performing service
After performing service
Parts removal order
Removal and replacement procedures
Customer-replaceable parts
Toner cartridges
Imaging drum
Dust cover, input tray, and extension tray
Separation pad assembly
Remove the separation pad assembly
Covers and external components
Left cover
Document feeder, scanner, and flat cable cover (M177 model only)
Remove the document feeder, scanner, and flat cable cover
Scanner and flat cable cover (M176 model only)
Remove the scanner and flat cable cover
Right cover
Top cover
Remove the top cover
Reinstall the top cover
Inner cover
Remove the inner cover
Grounding cable cover and right top cover
Control panel
Cartridge door
Remove the cartridge door
Fuser cover
Remove the fuser cover
Rear door and secondary transfer assembly
Remove the rear door and secondary transfer assembly
Power supply cover
Remove the power supply cover
Main assemblies
Formatter PCA (M176 model)
Remove the formatter PCA (M176 model)
Wireless PCA (M177 model)
Remove the wireless PCA (M177 model)
Formatter PCA (M177 model)
Remove the formatter PCA (M177 model)
Fax PCA (M177 model)
Remove the fax PCA (M177 model)
Control panel FFC
Remove the control panel FFC
Engine controller assembly and formatter-engine FFC
Remove the engine controller assembly and formatter-engine FFC
Install a replacement engine controller assembly
Fuser delivery assembly
Remove the fuser delivery assembly
Reinstall the fuser delivery assembly
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB) assembly
Remove the ITB assembly
Reinstall the ITB assembly
Low-voltage power supply assembly (LVPS) and support frame
Remove the low-voltage power supply assembly and support frame
Install a replacement low-voltage power supply
Base plate assembly
Remove the base plate assembly
Paper pickup roller
Remove the pickup roller assembly
Scanner and document feeder components
Separate the scanner lid or document feeder from the scan base
Scanner components
Scan bezel
Scan drive system
Scan FFC cable
Scan motor
Scanner spring assembly
Document feeder components
Document feeder (ADF) top cover
ADF core
ADF separation pad
ADF inner tray
ADF input guides and gear
ADF pre-pickup arm assembly

Order parts by authorized service providers
Order replacement parts
Related documentation and software
Supplies part numbers
Customer replaceable units (CRU) kit part numbers
Whole-unit replacement part numbers
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Assembly locations
Base product (no document feeder or scanner)
Covers, panels, and doors
Internal assemblies
Scanner and document feeder (ADF) assemblies
Scanner and lid assembly (M176 model)
Scanner assemblies (M176 model)
Scan drive system assembly (M176 and M177 models)
Scanner and document feeder main assemblies (M177 model)
Scanner assembly (M177 model)
Document feeder assembly (M177 model)
ADF top cover assembly (M177 model)
Core ADF assembly (M177 model)
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

Basic operation
Major product systems
Sequence of operation
Formatter-control system
Sleep mode
NAND Flash memory
Memory use
PJL overview
LEDM overview
Control panel
Engine-control system
DC controller
Low-voltage power supply
High-voltage power supply
Fuser control
Image-formation system
Image-formation process
Latent-image formation stage
Step 1: Primary charging
Step 2: Laser-beam exposure
Developing stage
Step 3: Development
Transfer stage
Step 4: Primary transfer
Step 5: Secondary transfer
Step 6: Separation from the drum
Fusing stage
Step 7: Fusing
Drum cleaning stage
Step 8: Drum cleaning
ITB cleaning mechanism
Pickup, feed, and delivery system
Photo sensors and switches
Main-input tray
Jam detection
Scanner system
Electrical system
Scanner power-on sequence of events
Copy or scan-to-computer sequence of events
Document feeder functions and operation
Document feeder operation
Document feeder paper path and document feeder sensors
Document feeder jam detection
Fax functions and operation
Computer and network security features
PSTN operation
The fax subsystem
Fax card in the fax subsystem
Safety isolation
Safety-protection circuitry
Data path
Hook state
Downstream device detection
Hook switch control
Ring detect
Line current control
Billing- (metering-) tone filters
Fax page storage in flash memory
Stored fax pages
Advantages of flash memory storage

Solve problems checklist
Step 1: Test print functionality
Step 2: Test copy functionality
Menu map
Troubleshooting processes
Determine the problem source
Power subsystem
Power-on checks
Tools for troubleshooting
Component diagnostics
Engine-test page
LCD control-panel tests
Touchscreen control-panel tests
Plug/jack locations
Locations of connectors
Locations of major components
General timing chart
General circuit diagram
Internal print-quality test pages
Clean the paper path
Print Configuration page
Print-quality troubleshooting tools
Repetitive image defects ruler
Calibrate the product
Control panel menus
Touchscreen control panel
Setup menu
Fax Menu
Copy Menu
LCD control panel
Setup menu
Interpret control-panel messages
Control-panel message types
Control-panel messages
Clear jams
Solve paper feed or jam problems
The product does not pick up paper
The product picks up multiple sheets of paper
Frequent or recurring paper jams
Prevent paper jams
Clear jams from the input tray
Clear jams in the output bin
Clear jams in the document feeder
Solve paper-handling problems
Solve image-quality problems
General print-quality issues
Color image defects
Copy print-quality problems
Scan-quality problems
Prevent scan-quality problems
Solve scan-quality problems
Clean the product
Print a cleaning page
Check the scanner glass for dirt and smudges
Clean the pickup rollers and separation pad in the document feeder
Solve performance problems
Solve connectivity problems
Solve direct-connect problems
Solve wired network problems
Poor physical connection
The computer is using the incorrect IP address for the product
The computer is unable to communicate with the product
The product is using incorrect link and duplex settings for the network
New software programs might be causing compatibility problems
The computer or workstation might be set up incorrectly
The product is disabled, or other network settings are incorrect
Solve wireless network problems
Wireless connectivity checklist
The product does not print after the wireless configuration completes
The product does not print, and the computer has a third-party firewall installed
The wireless connection does not work after moving the wireless router or product
Cannot connect more computers to the wireless product
The wireless product loses communication when connected to a VPN
The network does not appear in the wireless networks list
The wireless network is not functioning
Perform a wireless network diagnostic test
Reduce interference on a wireless network
Service mode functions
Secondary service menu
Open the secondary service menu
Secondary service menu structure
Product resets
Restore factory settings
NVRAM initialization
Solve fax problems
Check the hardware setup
Faxes are sending slowly
Fax quality is poor
Fax cuts off or prints on two pages
Product updates

Appendix A: Service and support
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
HPs Premium Protection Warranty: LaserJet toner cartridge limited warranty statement
HP policy on non-HP supplies
HP anticounterfeit Web site
Data stored on the toner cartridge
End User License Agreement
Customer self-repair warranty service
Customer support

Appendix B: Product specifications
Physical specifications
Power consumption, electrical specifications, and acoustic emissions
Environmental specifications

Appendix C: Regulatory information
FCC regulations
Environmental product stewardship program
Protecting the environment
Ozone production
Power consumption
Toner consumption
Paper use
HP LaserJet print supplies
Return and recycling instructions
United States and Puerto Rico
Multiple returns (more than one cartridge)
Single returns
Non-U.S. returns
Material restrictions
Disposal of waste equipment by users
Electronic hardware recycling
Chemical substances
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
For more information
Declaration of conformity (M176n model)
Declaration of conformity (M177fw model)
Safety statements
Laser safety
Canadian DOC regulations
VCCI statement (Japan)
Power cord instructions
Power cord statement (Japan)
EMC statement (Korea)
Laser statement for Finland
GS statement (Germany)
Substances Table (China)
Restriction on Hazardous Substances statement (Turkey)
Restriction on Hazardous Substances statement (Ukraine)
Eurasian Conformity (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia)
Additional statements for telecom (fax) products
EU Statement for Telecom Operation
New Zealand Telecom Statements
Additional FCC statement for telecom products (US)
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (US)
Industry Canada CS-03 requirements
Vietnam Telecom wired/wireless marking for ICTQC Type approved products
Additional statements for wireless products
FCC compliance statement-United States
Australia statement
Brazil ANATEL statement
Canadian statements
Products with 5 GHz Operation Industry of Canada
Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation (Canada)
European Union regulatory notice
Notice for use in France
Notice for use in Russia
Mexico statement
Taiwan statement
Korean statement
Vietnam Telecom wired/wireless marking for ICTQC Type approved products

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