HP DesignJet L25500 Printer Series Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual HP DesignJet L25500 Printer Series contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Electrical system
Substrate path
Ink Delivery System (IDS)
Scan Axis and Carriage
Service Station and Waste management
Heating system
Front Panel

Troubleshooting the printer
Printer Education and Training
Firmware upgrade
Troubleshooting system error codes
Performing a service test on a failed assembly
Performing the necessary service calibrations
Solving print quality problems
The printer does not power on
The printer continuously rejects printheads
Cover sensors are not working
The line sensor has problems detecting media
Troubleshooting Media Jams/Printhead Crashes
Troubleshooting shutdowns
Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes
Banding due to ink cartridge replacement while printing
Troubleshooting a failure with the take-up reel (TUR)
Using the buzzer at power-up for troubleshooting problems
Using the Power-up Sequence to Troubleshoot
Troubleshooting OMAS problem
Using the Power Switch LEDs to Troubleshoot
Using the PCA LEDs to Troubleshoot
Where to check the power fuses
Checking the resistance values
How to troubleshoot the 79:04 System Error

System Error Codes and Warnings Explanation
Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
01.0:03 Error impact I2C channel
01.0:10 Problem with the Sausalito PCA
01.1.10 Problem with the Printmech PCA
01.02:10 ISS PCA Problem
02.01:10 Problem with the Carriage PCA
03:10 Problem with the PSU
05.1:10 Problem with the CPU Fan
05.3:10 Main memory size failure
06.03 NVM file has a bad CRC
06:10 Main NVM failure
08:11 Connection problem with the Front Panel
09.01:10 TOMAS Error
11:10 Connection problem with the Trailing cable
14.01:00 Temperature high on the Heat sink
14.02:00 Current too high on the Dryer Assembly
14.03:00 Current too high on the Curing Module
14.04:00 AC Voltage too high on the Dryer Assembly
14.05:00 AC Voltage too low on the Dryer Assembly
14.06:00 One or more heaters are not connected
14.07:00 Connection problem with Heaters Control assembly
14.08:00 No AC voltage in the Dryer Assembly
14.09:00 Heaters Control PCA is not ready
14.10:00 Open circuit on the Dryer Assembly
14.11:00 Open circuit in the Curing Module
14.12:00 Petisa Fan Fault
14.13:00 Current Leak in Drying Channel
14.14:00 Current leak in the Curing Module
14.15:00 Generic failure with the Heaters Control Assembly
14.16:00 AC voltage too high on the Curing Module
14.17:00 AC Voltage too low on the Curing Module
15.01:00 Drying system warm up timed out
15.02:00 Drying system cool down time out
15.03:00 Drying system temperature too high
15.04:00 Drying system temperature too low
15.05:00 Problem with the Drying System Temperature Sensor
15.06:00 Temperature error detected
15.08:00 Dryer fans not connected
15.09:00 Drying fans failure
15.10:00 Drying Assembly resistors incorrect
16.01:00 Curing Module warm up time out
16.02:00 Curing system cool down time out
16.03:00 Curing system temperature too high
16.04:00 Curing system temperature too low (below 5C)
16.05:00 Problem with the Curing System Temperature Sensor
16.06:00 Temperature error detected
16.08:00 Curing System fans not connected
16.09:00 Curing System fans failure
16.10:00 Curing Assembly resistors incorrect
21.02:10 Problem with the Web Wipe motor
21.03:10 Electrical problem in the Web Wipe Motor
21.05:03 Web Wipe Assembly Drifting
21:10 Problem in the area of the Service Station
21:13 Problem in the Service Station
23:10 Problem with pressurization in the APS
23:10 Problem with pressurization in the APS
24:03 Ink Seup Failure
24:10 Ink Cartridge Broken Bag
24.02:00 Top Cover Fans array is not connected
24.03:00 One of the Top Cover Fans not connected
26.00:10 Contact failure with Magenta Ink Cartridge
26.01:10 Contact failure with Yellow Ink Cartridge
26.02:10 Contact failure with Black Ink Cartridge
26.03:10 Contact failure with Cyan Ink Cartridge
26.04:10 Contact failure with Light Magenta Ink Cartridge
26.05:10 Contact failure with Light Cyan Ink Cartridge
26:14 An incorrect Ink Cartridge has been detected
27:14 An incorrect Printhead has been detected
29:02 Printhead Cleaning Cartridge almost finished
32:01.01 The substrate printed on is too small
32:01.02 Problem with the Take Up Reel
32:01 Take Up Reel disconnected
32:02 Take Up Reel disconnected at initialization
41:03 Limited electrical voltage at the Media Axis motor
41:10 Electrical fault at the Media Axis motor
42:03 Problem with the Scan Axis Motor
42:10 Electrical fault in the Scan Axis area
43:10 Problem with the Vacuum Fan
44:10 There is a problem with the Aerosol Fan
44:11 Connection problem with the Aerosol Fan
45.01:00 Rewinder Servo Shutdown
45.02:10 Rewinder inverse polarity
45.03:00 Rewinder driver system fault
46:03 Primer Servo shutdown
46:10 Electrical fault in the Primer motor
46:13 Primer distance failed
50:01 OMAS Navigation failure
50:03 Internal electrical connection problem
50.01:10 Connection problem with OMAS
50.01:11 Error with Media Advance Sensor or with cable
50:11 Media navigation problem
50:14 Firmware version mis-match
50.02:10 Problem with OMAS Controller PCA
51:10 An error has been detected with the Window Lock Sensor
51.01:10 Problem with the Service Station door sensor
52:01 A problem with the Drop Detector
52:10 A problem with the On/Off switch in the Drop Detector
53:10 Problem with the Media sensor
54:10 Problem with the Media lever sensor
55:10 Problem with the Line Sensor
56:10 Analog encoder calibration has failed
58:10 Problem with the Color Sensor
61:01 Problem with the format of the file
61:08.01 Job is password protected
61:09 Communication with the RIP broken
63:04 Network problem
63:05 The raster data does not arrive quick enough
65:04 I/O port problem
66:08 Cannot print on the current type of media
71:19 Mis-match of printer information
72:04 Generic firmware error
73:03 Problem with the Carriage encoder
74:01 Error upgrading firmware file
74:04 Request to upgrade the firmware
77:04 Embedded Web Server internal software error
78.01:04 Media settings error
78.02:01 End of roll detected on the Rewinder
79:03 Generic firmware error I
79:04 Generic firmware error II
81:01 Problem with the Media Drive
81:03 Problem with setting the encoder position
82:01 Media jam in the platen
85:03 Drive Roller encoder problem
86:01 Carriage servo shutdown
93:11 Unable to pressurize the IDS

Diagnostics Self Test
Phone Support
Service Tests
Entering the Diagnostic Service Tests Menu
1. User Interface Menu
1.1 Front Panel
2. Electrical System Menu
2.2 Electronics Control
2.3 Power electronics
2.4 All Fans
2.5 Hard Disc drive
2.6 IO Information
2.7 Unit information
2.8 SE 71.19 Recovery
2.9 Set Serial Number and Part Number
3. Substrate Path
3.1 Rewinder System
3.2 Drive Roller
3.3 Substrate Path Sensor
3.4 Vacuum
3.5 OMAS diagnostic
3.6 Rewinder Motor Polarity
4. Ink system Menu
4.1 ISS Electronics
4.2 Air Pressure System
4.3 Check Ink Supplies
4.4 Broken Bag Recovery Menu
4.4.1 Clean Air Tubes
4.4.2 Refill Ink Tubes
4.4.3 Recover Broken Bag
5. Scan axis
6. Carriage Menu
6.1 Carriage PCA
6.2 Color Sensor
6.3 Line sensor
7. Service Station
7.1 Shuttle Close Loop
7.2 Drop Detector Test
7.3 Web Wipe Motor
8. Heating and Curing
8.1 Heating
8.2 Curing
8.3 Heating (Dryer) IR Sensor
8.4 Curing IR Sensor
8.6 Heating Resistance
9. Cover sensor test
9.1 Cover sensor test
10. Diagnostic Utilities
10.1 Force Normal Boot
10.2 Report Tests Version
10.4 Enable/Disable Logs
Emergency Firmware Upgrade
Service Menu
1. Service Tests and Utilities Menu
1.0 Boot Mode Menu
1.1 Report Tests Version
1.2 Electrical System menu
1.3 Media Path Menu
1.3.1 Turn Drive Roller
1.3.2. Enable/Disable OMAS
1.3.3 OMAS Check
1.3.3 OMAS Check
1.4 Ink System Menu
1.5 Scan Axis Menu
1.6 Carriage Assembly
1.7 Service Station
1.8 Heating and Curing
1.11 Show Test Messages
2. Image Quality Plots
2.1 Print ALL Plots
2.2 Printheads Alignment Menu
2.2.1 Test Plot
2.2.2 Advanced Test Plot
2.2.3 Automatic Printhead Alignment
2.2.4 Manual Printhead Alignment Menu Print Pattern Manual Alignment Settings
2.3 Substrate Advance
2.3.1 Substrate Advance Adjustment
2.3.2 Print Adjustment Plot
2.3.3 Reset Substrate Advance
2.4 Printheads Health
2.4.1 Print Test Plot
2.4.2 Advanced Test Plot
2.4.3 Only for Escalations
2.4.4 Clean ALL Printheads
2.5 Geometry Check
3. Inks On Substrate Test
3.1Print Ink Test Plot
4. Reset Life Counters (NEVER DONE BY CUSTOMER)
4.0 Reset Maintenance Kit Usage
4.3 Reset Substrate Path Menu
4.4 Reset ISS Menu
4.5 Reset Scan Axis Menu
4.6 Reset Carriage Menu
4.7 Reset Service Station Menu
4.8 Reset Heating & Curing
5. Service Calibrations
5.3 Substrate Path Menu
5.3.1 Paper Advance Calibration
5.3.2 OMAS calibration
5.3.3 OMAS Temperature Calibration
5.3.4 Vacuum Calibration
5.3.5 Rewinder C0 Voltage Calibration
5.5 Scan Axis Menu
5.5.1 Scan Axis Calibration
5.5.2 Drop detector calibration
5.6 Carriage Menu
5.6.1 Line Sensor Calibration
5.6.2 Primer Calibration
5.6.3 Open/Close SOL

Initial Print Quality Troubleshooting Actions
How to Use the Image Quality Plots
2.2.1 Printhead Alignment Test Plot
2.4.1 Printheads Health Test Plot
2.3.2 Substrate Advance Test Plot
2.4.2 Advanced Printhead Health Test Plot
2.4.3 Plot for escalation only
2.5 Geometry Check
3.1 Inks on Substrate Test
2.6 Scan Axis check
Force Drop Detection
Substrate advance issues

What are Ink Supplies?
General Information About the Ink Supplies
General Precautions When Handling Ink Supplies
Priming the Ink System
When Should You Replace the Ink Supplies?
Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information
Obtaining Printhead Information
Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge and Printhead issues
The Front Panel recommends replacing or reseating a Printhead
Warranty Information for Ink Supplies

Printer Support
Front Covers
Top & Rear Covers
Electronics Module
Right Cover
Left Cover
Right Hand Assemblies
Left Hand Assemblies
Carriage Assembly
Dryer Assembly
Curing Assemblies
Curing Fans Assembly
Scan-Axis Assemblies
Drive Roller and Media-Axis Motor
Media Path Assemblies
Center Guide and Pinchwheel Assembly
Media Entry Assemblies
Take-Up Reel Assembly
Miscellaneous Parts

Two contents lists are provided for this chapter to help you to quickly find the service part you want to
replace. The first list is provided in Service Part Order and the second in Disassembly Order.
Service Part Order
Screw Types
AC Input Assembly
Aerosol Fan and Filter
APS Assembly
Belt Assembly
Carriage Assembly
Carriage Flex Cables
Carriage PCA
Cartridge Tray
Center Guide
Center Platen
Circuit Breakers
Color Sensor Actuator Assembly
Color Sensor Assembly
Curing Fans & Cover
Curing Heaters
Curing Holders
Curing Module & Curing Fans Assembly
Curing Fans & Cover
Cutter Assembly
Drive Roller
Drop Detector
Dryer (IR) Temperature Sensor
Dryer Heater
Electronics Module Extension (60-inch only)
Electronics Module
Encoder Disc and Sensor
Encoder Strip and Encoder Sensor
Formatter Battery
Front Panel
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Heaters Control Assembly
Heaters Control Assembly Fan
Hinge Brakes
Ink Supply Station (ISS)
Ink Supply Tubes and Trailing Cable
Input Roller
Interconnect PCA
ISS to Cartridge Cables
Left Connector Cover (42-inch)
Left Cover
Left Curing Cover
Left Rollfeed Module Assembly
Left Trim
Line Sensor Assembly
Main PCA Formatter
Media Jam Sensor, cable & Carriage Reflector Assembly
Printhead Maintenance Cartridge Door
Top Cover Fans
Media Lever Assembly
Media Lever Sensor
Media Sensor
Media-Axis Motor
Memory Module
OMAS Cable
OMAS Controller Card
Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)
Output Platen
TOMAS: Temperature Optical Media Advance Sensor
Pinchwheel Assembly
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Primer Assembly
Primer Valves
Formatter Battery
Rear Cover
Rear Fans
Right Connector Cover
Right Cover
Right Curing Cover
Right Rollfeed Module Assembly
Right Trim
Sausalito PCI PCA
Scan-Axis Motor
Service Station
Take-Up Reel Deflector Supports
Take-Up Reel Left Hand Module
Take-Up Reel Motor
Take-Up Reel Sensors
TOMAS: Temperature Optical Media Advance Sensor
Top Cover
Top Cover Fans
Vacuum Fan
Waste Ink Tube
Web Wipe Assembly
Window Lock Sensor Right
Window Lock Sensor Left

Preventive Maintenance
Moisture on the Printer
Noisy Carriage Bushing
Belt Swelling
Cleaning the Printer
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Drive Roller and Platen Rollers
Cleaning the Platen
Applying Oil to the Platen rollers
Lubricating the Carriage Assembly and rods
Scheduled Maintenance
Level of Printer Usage

Re-packaging instructions
Removing the Consumables
Re-installing the retention parts
Securing with adhesive tape
Covering the Printer

General Safety Guidelines
Electrical shock hazard
Heat Hazard
Fire Hazard
Mechanical Hazard
Scan Axis Encoder Strip hazard
Burn hazard (heating and curing)
Lifting and handling
Warning Labels