HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M725 M725dn M725f M725z M725z+ Service Manual and Parts Catalog

This Service Manual contain: Repair Manual and Troubleshooting Manual HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M725 M725dn M725f M725z M725z+
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.

Content for REPAIR MANUAL:
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Types of screws
Service approach
Before performing service
After performing service
Parts removal order
Pickup rollers
Tray 1 (multipurpose tray) pickup roller
Reinstall the Tray 1 (multipurpose tray) pickup roller
Tray 2 and Tray 3 pickup rollers
Tray 4, Tray 5, and Tray 6 pickup and feed rollers
High capacity input feeder (HCI) pickup, feed, and separation rollers
Document feeder pickup and feed roller assembly
Separation pads and rollers
Tray 1 separation pad assembly
Tray 2 and Tray 3 separation rollers
Tray 4, 5, and 6 separation rollers
Document feeder separation pad
Reinstall the document feeder separation pad
Covers and doors
Front cover
Right rear cover
Left door
Rear cover
Front left lower cover
Front right lower cover
Face-down cover
Tray 1 (multipurpose tray) cover
Right door
Reinstall the right door
Left handle cover
Left inner lower cover
Left inner rear cover
Left inner front cover
Right handle cover
Face-down side cover
Front upper cover
Top rear outer cover
Output upper cover
Top rear inner cover
Left inner front upper cover
Left inner rear upper cover
Main assemblies
Duplexer or duplex cover
Control panel assembly
Paper delivery assembly
Install a replacement paper delivery assembly
Registration assembly
Transfer roller
Paper feed assembly
Laser scanner
Toner cartridge door
Formatter cage assembly
Upper cassette pickup assembly
Lower cassette pickup assembly
Lifter drive assembly
Main drive assembly
Fuser drive assembly
Reinstall the fuser drive assembly
Power switch assembly
Left door interlock switch
Cartridge door interlock switch
Cartridge door open detection switch
Upper cassette media end switch
Lower cassette media end switch
Environment sensor
Cartridge presence sensor
Right door sensor
Motors, fans, and clutches
Fuser motor
Rear fan
Front fan
Fuser fan
Upper cassette pickup clutch
Lower cassette pickup clutch
Printed circuit-board assemblies (PCAs)
Formatter PCA
High-voltage power supply
DC controller PCA
Low-voltage power supply assembly
Dual in-line memory module
Reinstall the Dual in-line memory module
Miscellaneous parts
Hard disk
1500-sheet paper feeder assembly
1500 rear cover
1500 left cover
1500 right-front cover
1500 front-upper cover
1500 right door
1500 right-lower cover
1500 pickup assembly
1500 lifter-drive assembly
1500 pickup motor
1500 driver PCA
1500 or 3500-sheet paper feeder (optional accessory)
Paper deck rear cover
Paper deck left cover
Paper deck front-lower cover
Paper deck right and left cassette rails
Paper deck right-corner cover
Paper deck front-upper cover
Paper deck right-door assembly
Paper deck right-lower cover 1
Paper deck right-lower cover 2
Paper deck left-lower cover
Paper deck rear-lower cover
Paper deck controller PCAs
Paper deck lifter-drive assembly
Paper deck pickup motor
Paper deck pickup assembly
Input devices
High capacity input (HCI) feeder
HCI right tray
HCI left tray
HCI left cover
HCI left lower cover
HCI rear cover
HCI right door
HCI right front cover
HCI right center cover and right rear cover
HCI right lower cover
HCI rear lower cover
HCI left tray lifter drive
HCI right tray lifter drive
HCI left tray pickup drive
HCI right tray pickup drive
HCI controller PCA
HCI left tray automatic close assembly
HCI right tray automatic close assembly
HCI left tray pickup assembly
HCI right tray pickup assembly
HCI merge assembly
Output devices
Stapler/stacker (stapler models only)
Stapler/stacker left door
Stapler/stacker left cover
Stapler/stacker rear cover
Stapler/stacker stapler door
Stapler/stacker jogger upper cover
Stapler/stacker stapler cover
Stapler/stacker left rear cover
Stapler/stacker right rear cover
Stapler/stacker output bin assembly
Stapler/stacker rear inner cover
Stapler/stacker stack cover
Stapler/stacker stapler assembly
Stapler/stacker paper feed assembly
Stapler/stacker alignment assembly
Stapler/stacker controller PCA
Stapler/stacker assembly
Document feeder
Document feeder assembly
Install a replacement document feeder assembly
Document feeder cable cover
Document feeder hinge
Document feeder mylar strips
Install replacement document feeder mylar strips
Document feeder foam reflector
Install a replacement document feeder foam reflector
Document feeder tray extender
Document feeder front cover
Document feeder hatch cover
Document feeder paper present sensor
Document feeder input tray bottom cover
Document feeder width-adjust sensor, paper-long and paper-short sensors
Document feeder roller cover
Document feeder rear cover
Document feeder open sensor and flag
Reinstall the document feeder open sensor and flag
Scanner controller board (SCB) assembly
Scanner assembly
Install a replacement scanner assembly
Scanner right cover
Scanner left cover
Scanner front cover
Reinstall the scanner front cover
Image scanner memory board
Installing a replacement SCB and image scanner memory board

Order parts by authorized service providers
Related documentation and software
Supplies part numbers
Customer self repair orderable parts
Accessories part numbers
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Fasteners used in this product
Assembly locations
Base product (no optional trays or accessories)
Optional 500-sheet paper feeder (accessory)
Optional 1500-sheet paper deck (accessory)
Optional 3500-sheet paper deck (accessory)
High capacity input (HCI) paper deck
Optional stapler/stacker
Document feeder, control panel, and scanner whole units
Document feeder assemblies
Scanner assemblies
Scanner controller board (SCB)
Print engine
External covers and panels
Internal components (1 of 4)
Internal components (2 of 4)
Internal components (3 of 4)
Internal components (4 of 4)
500-sheet paper feeder (Tray 4)
500-sheet paper feeder (Tray 4) covers
500-sheet paper feeder (Tray 4) components
1500 and 3500 paper deck
1500 and 3500 paper deck covers
1500 paper deck components
3500 paper deck components
High capacity input (HCI) feeder
HCI covers
HCI components (1 of 2)
HCI components (2 of 2)
Stapler/stacker assembly
Stapler/stacker covers
Stapler/stacker components
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

Basic operation
Function structure
Operation sequence
Engine control system
DC controller PCA
Motor control
Motor locations
Failure detection
Fan control
Fan locations
Failure detection
Low-voltage power-supply PCA
Over-current/over-voltage/overload protection
Safety interruption
Power supply voltage detection
Sleep mode
Power supply illumination control
High-voltage power-supply PCA
Fuser control
Fuser temperature control
Fuser heater protective function
Fuser failure detection
Pressure roller cleaning
Laser scanner system
Laser scanner failure detection
Laser scanner safety function
Image-formation system
Image-formation process
Latent-image formation block
Step 1: Primary charging
Step 2: Laser-beam exposure
Development block
Step 3: Developing
Transfer block
Step 4: Image transfer
Step 5: Separation from the drum
Fuser block
Step 6: Fusing
Drum-cleaning block
Step 7: Drum cleaning
Toner cartridge
Other image-formation functions
Drum discharge
Transfer roller cleaning
Environment change control
Pickup, feed, and delivery system
Pickup-and-feed block
Cassette pickup
Cassette media-size detection and cassette-presence detection
Cassette lift operation
Lift-up operation
Lift-down operation
Cassette media-presence detection
Cassette multiple-feed prevention
MP tray pickup
MP tray media-presence detection
MP tray multiple-feed prevention
Feed-speed control
Skew-feed prevention
Media-length detection
Fuse and delivery block
Loop control
Output bin media-full detection
Jam detection
No pick jam 1
Feed stay jam 1
Fuser output delay jam 1
Fuser output stay jam 1
Output delay jam 1
Output delay jam 2
Output stay jam 1
Residual paper jam 1
Fuser wrap jam 1
Door open jam 1
Multiple-feed jam 1
Automatic delivery
Scanning/image capture system
Automatic document feed system
Sensors in the document feeder
Document feeder paper path
500-sheet paper feeder (Tray 4)
500-sheet paper feeder motor control
500-sheet paper feeder failure detection
500-sheet paper feeder pickup and feed operation
500-sheet paper feeder cassette pickup
500-sheet paper feeder cassette media-size detection and cassette-presence detection
500-sheet paper feeder lift-up operation
500-sheet paper feeder cassette media-presence detection
500-sheet paper feeder cassette multiple-feed prevention
500-sheet paper feeder jam detection
No pick jam 2
Residual paper jam 1
Door open jam 1
500-sheet paper feeder automatic delivery
1500 and 3500 paper feeder and stand
Paper deck motor control
Paper deck failure detection
Paper deck pickup-and-feed operation
Paper deck cassette media-size detection and cassette-presence detection
Paper deck lift-up operation
Paper deck cassette media-presence detection
Paper deck jam detection
No pick jam 2
No pick jam 3 (3500-sheet paper deck only)
Residual paper jam 1
Door open jam 1
Paper deck automatic delivery
3,500-sheet high-capacity input (HCI) feeder
HCI motor control
HCI failure detection
HCI pickup-and-feed operation
HCI cassette media-size detection and cassette-presence detection
HCI lift-up operation
HCI cassette media-presence detection
HCI jam detection
No pick jam 2
No pick jam 3
Residual paper jam 1
Door open jam 1
HCI automatic delivery
Duplexer motor control
Duplexer motor failure detection
Duplexer fan control
Duplexer fan failure detection
Duplexer reverse-and-feed operation
Duplexer reverse-and feed-operation sequence
Side misregistration detection
Side misregistration failure detection
Duplexer jam detection
Fuser output stay jam 2
Reverse jam 1
Duplex re-pickup jam 1
Duplex re-pickup jam 2
Duplex re-pickup jam 3
Residual paper jam 1
Duplexer automatic delivery
Stapler/stacker motor control
Stapler/stacker failure detection
Stapler/stacker feed and delivery operation
Staple mode/stack align mode
Stacker mode
Stapler/stacker jam detection
Inlet delay jam
Inlet stay jam
Paper stack output stay jam
Residual paper jam
Stapler/stacker automatic delivery

Solve problems checklist
Helpful printed pages
Menu map
Current settings pages
Preboot menu options
Troubleshooting process
Determine the problem source
Troubleshooting flowchart
Power subsystem
Power-on checks
Power-on troubleshooting overview
Control-panel checks
Control-panel diagnostic flowc