HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551n M551dn M551xh Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551n M551dn M551xh contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Basic operation
Sequence of operation
Engine control system
DC controller
Motors and fans
High voltage power supply
Low voltage power supply
Overcurrent/overvoltage protection
Sleep (powersave) mode
Power supply voltage detection
Low voltage power supply failure
Power off condition
Fuser control
Fuser temperature control circuit
Fuser over temperature protection
Fuser failure detection
Laser/scanner system
Image formation system
Image formation process
Step 1: Pre-exposure
Step 2: Primary charging
Step 3: Laser-beam exposure
Step 4: Development
Step 5: Primary transfer
Step 6: Secondary transfer
Step 7: Separation
Step 8: Fusing
Step 9: ITB cleaning
Step 10: Drum cleaning
Print cartridge
Developing roller engagement and disengagement
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB) unit
Primary-transfer-roller engagement and disengagement
ITB cleaning
Color misregistration control
Image stabilization control
Pickup, feed, and delivery system
Pickup-and-feed unit
Cassette pickup
Cassette presence detection
Cassette lift operation
Cassette paper presence detection
Cassette media width detection
Multifeed prevention
Multipurpose tray pickup
Paper feed
Skew-feed prevention
OHT detection
Fusing and delivery unit
Loop control
Pressure-roller pressurization control
Duplexing unit (duplex models)
Duplexing reverse and feed control
Duplex pickup operation
Jam detection
Optional paper feeder
Paper-feeder pickup and feed operation
Paper size detection and cassette presence detection
Paper feeder cassette lift operation
Paper feeder presence detection
Paper-feeder multiple feed prevention
Paper feeder jam detection

Removal and replacement strategy
Cautions during removal and replacement
Electrostatic discharge
Required tools
Service approach
Before performing service
After performing service
Post service test
Print-quality test
Parts removal order
Customer self repair (CSR) components
Print cartridges
Duplex reverse guide
Toner collection unit
Formatter PCA
Disk drives
Remove the HDD
Remove the SSM
Install a replacement hard drive
Reload the firmware
Tray cassette
Pickup roller (Tray 1)
Pickup roller (Tray 2)
Pickup and feed rollers (Tray 3)
Separation roller (Tray 2)
Secondary transfer roller
Reinstall the transfer roller
Secondary transfer assembly
Reinstall the secondary transfer assembly
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB)
Right door (optional paper feeder)
Identification and location
Front door assembly
Right door assembly
Right rear cover
Left cover
Remove the left cover
Left bottom cover
Remove the left bottom cover
Left bottom handle
Remove the left bottom handle
Hardware integration pocket (HIP) (dn and xh models only)
Control panel assembly
Right front cover
Remove the right front cover
Reinstall the power button
Front top cover
Remove the front top cover
Rear cover and upper rear cover
Remove the rear cover and upper rear cover
Rear top cover
Remove the rear top cover
Right bottom handle
Remove the right bottom handle
Rear bottom handle
Remove the rear bottom handle
Internal assemblies
Delivery fan, cartridge fan, and environmental sensor
Remove the delivery fan, cartridge fan, and environmental sensor
Toner collection sensor
Remove the toner collection sensor
Residual toner feed motor
Remove the residual toner feed motor
Reinstall the residual toner collection door
Registration density (RD) sensor assembly
Remove the RD sensor assembly
Power supply fan and fan duct
Remove the power supply fan and fan duct
Registration assembly
Remove the registration assembly
Lower pickup guide
Remove the lower pickup guide
Reinstall the lower pickup guide
Interconnect board (ICB)
Remove the ICB
DC controller PCA and tray
Remove the DC controller PCA
Low voltage power supply
Remove the low voltage power supply
High voltage power supply lower (HVPS-D)
Remove the high voltage power supply lower
Reinstall the high voltage power supply lower
Developing disengagement motor
Remove the developing disengagement motor
Pickup motor
Remove the pickup motor
Lifter drive assembly
Remove the lifter drive assembly
Automatic close assembly
Remove the automatic close assembly
Cassette pickup drive assembly
Remove the cassette pickup drive assembly
Reinstall the cassette pickup drive assembly
Cassette pickup assembly
Remove the cassette pickup assembly
Laser/scanner assembly (Y/M)
Remove the laser/scanner assembly (Y/M)
Laser/scanner assembly (C/Bk)
Remove the laser/scanner assembly (C/Bk)
Reinstall the protective glass cleaner (PGC) actuators
High voltage power supply upper (HVPS-T)
Remove the high voltage power supply upper
Reinstall the high voltage power supply upper
Drum motor 1
Remove the drum motor 1
Drum motor 2 or drum motor 3
Remove the drum motor 2 or drum motor 3
Fuser motor
Remove the fuser motor
Main drive assembly
Remove the main drive assembly
Reinstall the main drive assembly
Fuser drive assembly
Remove the fuser drive assembly
Reinstall the fuser drive assembly
Delivery assembly
Remove the delivery assembly
Reinstall the delivery assembly
Duplex drive assembly
Remove the duplex drive assembly
Optional paper feeder assembly (Tray 3)
Drawer connector

Solve problems checklist
Menu map
Current settings pages
Preboot menu options
Troubleshooting process
Determine the problem source
Troubleshooting flowchart
Power subsystem
Power-on checks
Power-on troubleshooting overview
Tools for troubleshooting
Individual component diagnostics
LED diagnostics
Understand lights on the formatter
Engine diagnostics
Defeating interlocks
Disable cartridge check
Engine test button
Paper path test
Paper path sensors test
Manual sensor test
Registration sensor
Fuser loop sensors
Fuser output sensor
Duplexer refeed sensor
Output-bin full sensor
Fuser pressure-release sensor
ITB alienation sensor
Right- and front-door interlock switches
Tray/bin manual sensor test
Print/stop test
Component tests
Component test (special-mode test)
Block diagrams
Location of connectors
DC controller PCA
Paper feeder driver PCA
Plug/jack locations
Locations of major components
Base product
1 x 500 paper feeder
General timing chart
Circuit diagrams
Internal print-quality test pages
Print quality troubleshooting pages
Print quality assessment page
Cleaning page
Set up an auto cleaning page
Configuration page
Configuration page
HP embedded Jetdirect page
Finding important information on the configuration pages
Color band test
Print quality troubleshooting tools
Repetitive defects ruler
Calibrate the product
Control panel menus
Sign In menu
Retrieve Job From USB menu
Retrieve Job From Device Memory menu
Supplies menu
Trays menu
Administration menu
Reports menu
General Settings menu
Retrieve From USB Settings menu
General Print Settings menu
Default Print Options menu
Display Settings menu
Manage Supplies menu
Manage Trays menu
Network Settings menu
Troubleshooting menu
Device Maintenance menu
Backup/Restore menu
Calibrate/Cleaning menu
USB Firmware Upgrade menu
Interpret control panel messages, status-alert messages, and event code errors
10.0X.Y0 Supply memory error
10.23.70 Printing past very low
10.XX.34 Used supply in use
10.XX.40 Genuine HP supplies installed
10.XX.41 Unsupported supply in use
10.XX.70 Printing past very low
10.YY.15 Install
10.YY.25 Wrong cartridge in slot
10.YY.35 Incompatible
11.00.YY Internal clock error
13.WX.YZ Fuser area jam
13.WX.YZ Fuser wrap jam
13.WX.YZ Jam below control panel
13.WX.YZ Jam in middle right door
13.WX.YZ Jam in right door
13.WX.YZ Jam in Tray 1
13.WX.YZ Jam in Tray
20.00.00 Insufficient memory To continue, press OK
21.00.00 Page too complex
33.XX.YY Used board/disk
41.02.00 Error
41.03.YZ Unexpected size in tray
41.05.YZ Unexpected type in tray
41.07.YZ Error To continue, press OK
47.WX.YZ Printer calibration error To continue, press OK
49.XX.YY To continue, turn off then on
50.WX.YZ Fuser error To continue, turn off then on
51.00.YY Error
52.00.XX To continue, turn off then on
54.XX.YY Error
55.00.YY DC controller error To continue, turn off then on
55.0X.YY DC controller error To continue, turn off then on
56.00.YY Error To continue, turn off then on
57.00.0Y Error To continue, turn off then on
59.00.YY Error To continue, turn off then on
60.00.0Y Tray lifting error
62.00.00 No system To continue, turn off then on
70.00.00 Error To continue, turn off then on
81.0X.YY Embedded JetDirect error
98.00.01 Corrupt data in firmware volume
98.00.02 Corrupt data in solutions volume
98.00.03 Corrupt data in configuration volume
98.00.04 Corrupt data in job data volume
99.00.01 Upgrade not performed file is corrupt
99.00.02 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive
99.00.03 Upgrade not performed error writing to disk
99.00.04 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive
99.00.05 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive
99.00.06 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade
99.00.07 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade
99.00.08 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade
99.00.09 Upgrade canceled by user
99.00.10 Upgrade canceled by user
99.00.11 Upgrade canceled by user
99.00.12 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid
99.00.13 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid
99.00.14 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid
99.09.60 Unsupported disk
99.09.61 Unsupported disk
99.09.62 Unknown disk
99.09.63 Incorrect disk
99.09.64 Disk malfunction
99.09.65 Disk data error
99.09.66 No disk data installed
99.09.67 Disk is not bootable please download firmware
Full Remove all paper from bin
almost full
low OR Supplies low
very low OR Supplies very low
[File System] device failure To clear, press OK
[File System] file operation failed To clear, press OK
[File System] file system is full To clear, press OK
[File System] is not initialized
[File System] is write protected
Accept bad signature
Bad optional tray connection
Calibration reset pending
Checking engine
Checking paper path
Chosen personality not available To continue, press OK
Cleaning do not grab paper
Clearing event log
Clearing paper path
Close front door
Close lower right door
Close upper right door
Creating cleaning page
Data received To print last page, press OK
EIO disk initializing
Event log is empty
Expected drive missing
HP Secure Hard Drive disabled
Incompatible supplies
Install Close rear door
Install Fuser Unit
Install supplies
Install Transfer Unit
Internal disk not