Kyocera Ecosys P3145dn/Ecosys P3150dn/Ecosys P3155dn Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Kyocera Ecosys P3145dn/Ecosys P3150dn/Ecosys P3155dn contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

1 – 1 Specifications
(1) Machine
(2) Printer FunctionsItem
(3) Option
(3-1)Paper Feeder (500-sheet) (Option) (PF-3110)
(3-2)Bulk Paper Feeder (2000-sheet) (Option) (PF-3100)
(3-3)Printer base Attachment (PB-325)
1 – 2 Parts names
(1) Machine Exterior
(2) Connectors/Interior
(3) With Optional Equipments Attached
(4) Operation Panel Keys
1 – 3 Parts names (Option)
(1) PF-3110
(2) PF-3100
1 – 4 Overview of Optional Equipment
(1) Card Authentication Kit(B) “Card Authentication Kit”
(2) )PF-3110 “Paper Feeder (500-sheet x1)”
(3) CA-3100 “Castor kit”
(4) “Expansion Memory”
(5) “SD/SDHC Memory Card”
(6) HD-6/HD-7 “SSD”
(7) IB-50 “Network Interface Kit”
(8) IB-51 “Wireless Network Interface Kit”
(9) Parallel Interface Kit (IB-32B)
(10) PT-320 “Rear Tray” (55 ppm model only)
(11) Wireless Network Interface Kit (IB-36)
(12) PF-3100 Bulk Paper Feeder
(13) UG-33 “ThinPrint Option”
(14) USB Keyboard “USB Keyboard”

2 – 1 Environment
2 – 2 Installing the main unit
(1) Unpacking and checking bundled items
(2) Setup of a toner container
(3) Installing the waste toner box
(4) Connecting the cable
(4-1)Connecting LAN Cable
(4-2)Connecting at USB
(5) Loading Paper
(5-1)Precaution for Loading Paper
(5-2)Set paper in the cassette
(6) Connecting the Power Cable
(7) Power On
(8) Default Setting
(8-1)Setting Date and Time
(8-2)Network Setup
(8-3)Specifying Paper Size and Media Type
(9) Setting altitude adjustment
(10) Printout the status page
(11) Completion of the machine installation
2 – 3 Installing the optional devices
(1) Unpacking and checking bundled items
(2) Optional unit installation
2 – 4 Installing the optional parts
(1) Expansion memory
(2) SD/SDHC Memory Card
(3) SSD(HD-6/HD-7)
(3-1)Wireless Network Interface Kit (IB-36)
(4) ID card reader
2 – 5 Optional Function

3 – 1 Mechanical Configuration
(1) 60/55/50 ppm model
(2) 45 ppm model
3 – 2 Extension device construction (option)
(1) 500-sheet x1 Paper Feeder cross-section view (PF-3110)
(2) 2000-sheet x1 Paper Feeder cross-section view (PF-3100)
3 – 3 Electric parts
(1) Electric parts layout
(2) Descriptions about the major PWBs
(2-1)Main PWB
(2-2)Engine PWB
(2-3)Power source PWB
(2-4)High voltage PWB
(2-5)Operation PWB
(3) PWBs
(3-2)Part name table (PWB)
(4) Sensors and Switches
(4-2)Part name table (Sensors and Switches)
(5) Motors
(5-2)Part name table (motor)
(6) Other parts
(6-2)Part name table (Other parts)
3 – 4 Electric parts (Optional unit)
(1) Paper feeder (PF-3110)
(1-2)Part name table
(2) Paper feeder (PF-3100)
(2-2)Part name table
(3) Paper feeder base (PB-325)
(3-2)Part name table
3 – 5 Drive system
(1) Drive configuration
3 – 6 Mechanical construction
(1) Paper feed section
(1-1)Cassette paper feed section
(1-2)MP tray paper feed section
(2) Conveying section
(3) Drum section
(3-1)Charger roller unit
(3-2)Cleaning unit
(4) Developer section
(5) Optical section
(5-1)Laser scanner section
(6) Transfer/Separation section
(7) Fuser section
(8) Eject/Feedshift section
(9) Duplex conveying section
3 – 7 Mechanical construction (option)
(1) Paper feeder (PF-3110)
(2) Bulk Paper Feeder (PF-3100)

4 – 1 Important Notes of Maintenance
(1) Precautions
(2) Handling and storage of the drum unit
(3) Storing the toner container
(4) How to tell the genuine Kyocera toner container
4 – 2 Maintenance Parts
(1) Maintenance Kit
4 – 3 Maintenance Parts replacement procedure
(1) Paper feed section
(1-1)Detaching and refitting the paper feed roller
(1-2)Detaching and refitting the retard roller
(2) Manual feed tray section
(2-1)Detaching and refitting the MP feed roller
(3) Developer section
(3-1)Detaching and refitting the developer unit
(4) Drum section
(4-1)Detaching and refitting the drum unit
(4-2)Detaching and refitting the main charger roller unit
(5) Transfer/separation section
(5-1)Detaching and refitting the transfer roller assembly
(5-2)Detaching and refitting the separation needle unit
(6) Fuser section
(6-1)Detaching and refitting the fuser unit
4 – 4 Assembly and disassembly
(1) Outer covers
(1-1)Detaching and refitting the inlet cover and interface cover
(1-2)Detaching and refitting the right cover
(1-3)Detaching and refitting the rear left and left cover
(1-4)Detaching and refitting the top cover
(1-5)Detach the rear cover
(2) Optical section
(2-1)Detaching and refitting the laser scanner unit
(3) Exit section
(3-1)Detaching and refitting the exit unit
(4) PWBs
(4-1)Detaching and refitting the main PWB
(4-2)Detaching and refitting the engine PWB
(4-3)Detaching and refitting the relay-L PWB
(4-4)Detaching and refitting the power source PWB
(4-5)Detach the high-voltage PWB
(4-6)Detaching and reattaching the operation PWB
(5) Drive section
(5-1)Detaching and reattaching the main drive unit
(5-2)Detaching and refitting the paper feed drive unit
(5-3)Detaching and refitting the center fan motor (100V 60 ppm only)
(5-4)Detaching and reattaching the power source fan motor
(5-5)Detaching and reattaching the rear fan motor. (100V 60/55/50ppm only)
(5-6)Direction of the fan motor installation
4 – 5 Assembly and disassembly (Optional items)
(1) Paper feeder (PF-3110)
(1-1)Detaching and refitting the paper feed roller
(1-2)Detaching and refitting the retard roller
(1-3)Detaching and refitting the drive unit and PF PWB
(2) Paper feeder (PF-3100)
(2-1)Remove the bulk feeder
(2-2)Detach the tray cover
(2-3)Detach the side cover
(2-4)Remove paper feed section and top cover
(2-5)Remove printer base mount

5 – 1 Firmware update

6 – 1 Executing a service mode
6 – 2 Service settings

7 – 1 Image formation problems
(1) Poor image (Image rendering problems: printer engine)
(1-1)No image appears (entirely white)
(1-2)No image appears (entirely black)
(1-3)Image is too light
(1-4)The background is colored
(1-5)White streaks are printed vertically
(1-6)Black streaks appear longitudinally
(1-7)Black or white streaks appear horizontally
(1-8)Uneven density longitudinally
(1-9)Uneven density horizontally
(1-10)Black dots appear on the image
(1-11)Offset occurs
(1-12)Image is partly missing
(1-13)Image is out of focus
(1-14)Poor grayscale reproducibility
(1-15)Unevenly repeating horizontal streaks in the printed objects. Spots in the printed objects
(1-16)mage is blurred (Shifted transferring)
(1-17)Paper is wrinkled
(1-18)Fusing is loose
(1-19)paper edges with toner
(1-20)reverse side of paper
(1-21)Carrier leaking occurs
7 – 2 Feeding/Conveying Failures
(1) First check items
7 – 3 Paper misfeed detection
(1) Paper misfeed indication
(2) Paper misfeed detection condition
(3) Jam Codes
(4) Items and corrective actions relating to the device that will cause paper jam
7 – 4 Self-diagnostic function
(1) Self-diagnostic function
(2) Self diagnostic codes
(2-1)System Error (Fxxxx) Outline
7 – 5 Electric problems
7 – 6 Mechanical problems

8) PWBs
8 – 1 Description for PWB
(1) Main PWB
(1-1)PWB photograph
(1-2)Connector position
(1-3)Connector lists
(2) Engine PWB
(2-1)PWB photograph
(2-2)Connector position
(2-3)Connector lists
(3) Power source PWB
(3-1)PWB photograph
(3-2)Connector position
(3-3)Connector lists
(4) High voltage PWB
(4-1)PWB photograph
(4-2)Connector position
(4-3)Connector lists
(5) Operation PWB
(5-1)PWB photograph
(5-2)Connector position
(5-3)Connector lists
(6) Relay-L PWB
(6-1)PWB photograph
(6-2)Connector position
(6-3)Connector lists
8 – 2 Description for PWB (OPTION)
(1) PF PWB (PF-3110)
(1-1)PWB photograph
(1-2)Connector position
(1-3)Connector lists
(2) PF PWB (PF-3100)
(2-1)Connector position
(2-2)Connector lists

9 – 1 Repetitive defects gauge
9 – 2 Firmware environment commands
9 – 3 Wiring diagram
(1) Wiring diagram (60/55/50 ppm model)
(2) Wiring diagram (45ppm model)
9 – 4 Wiring diagram (Options)
(1) Paper feeder (PF-3110)
(2) Paper feeder (PF-3100)
9 – 5 Installation guide
(1) IB-50
(2) IB-51
(3) IB-32B
(4) PF-3110
(5) PF-3100
(6) HD-6/HD-7
(7) CA-3100

& Parts Catalog

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