Lexmark C770n C772n C780n C782n Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark C770n, C772n, C780n, C782n. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Notices and safety information
Laser notice
Safety information

Tools required for service
Options and features
Options for all models
Options for C772 and C782 (310 and 410)
Printer specifications
Power and performance
Media specifications
Media guidelines
Paper characteristics
Unacceptable paper
Selecting paper
Web oiler upgrade kit and replacements

POR (Power-On Reset) sequence
Symptom tables
Symptom table-base printer
Symptom table-500-sheet drawer option
Symptom table-HCIT 2000-sheet option
Symptom table-output expander option
Symptom table-5-bin mailbox option
Symptom table-StapleSmart finisher
Service error code and paper jam message table
Service checks
100.01 ITU error service check
100.02 ITU error service check
122.01 error code service check
122.02 error code service check
122.03 error code service check
122.04 error code service check
122.05 and 122.06 error code service check
122.07, 122.14, and 122.15 error code service check
122.08 error code service check
122.10 error code service check
122.11 error code service check
122.12 error code service check
122.13 error code service check
148.xx error code service check
150.xx error code service check
151.xx error code service check
152.xx error code service check
153.xx error code service check
177.xx error code service check
200.03 paper jam service check
200.04 paper jam service check
200.05 paper jam service check
200.06 paper jam service check
200.07 paper jam service check
200.16 paper jam service check
200.21, 200.28, and 200.29 paper jam service check
200.93 paper jam service check
200.96 paper jam service check
201.xx and 202.xx paper jam service check
230.xx paper jam service check
241.xx paper jam service check
242.xx paper jam service check
243.xx paper jam service check
244.xx paper jam service check
250.xx paper jam service check
271.xx paper jam service check
272.xx paper jam service check
282.98 paper jam service check
900.xx RIP Software Error service check
925.02 error code service check
926.01 error code service check
927.03 error code service check
930.09 error code service check
940.xx error code service check
941.xx error code service check
942.xx error code service check
943.xx error code service check
956.xx service error service check
982.xx error service check
990.01 error service check
5-bin mailbox option service check
500-sheet drawer option service check
AC and DC power service check
Autocompensator service check
Black only retract (BOR) service check
Close door/HVPS/printhead interlock switch service check
Duplex option service check
Envelope feeder option service check
HCIT 2000-sheet option service check
Fuser drive assembly noise check
Operator panel LCD/status LED/buttons service check
Output expander option service check
Print quality service check
Blank page (no image)
Entire page is mostly one color-Full bleed planes in one color
Missing colors-Complete or partially missing color planes
Black and white only-cyan, magenta, and yellow are missing
Light print over the entire page
Vertical lines or streaks
Horizontal lines or streaks
Low image density
Poor color alignment
Transparency print quality is poor
Negative ghosting or faded image
Residual image
Uneven printing
Toner smears or rubs off the page with no error code displayed
Smudged or distorted images on fused page
Toner is on the back of the printed page
Light lines or streaks appear on the page
White streak in color plane
Paper wrapped around the second transfer roll
User troubleshooting for quality
Second transfer roll service check
StapleSmart finisher service check
Tray 1 service check
Tray 1 media size sensing service check
User operator panel, menus, and messages
Understanding the printer operator panel
Operator panel buttons
Menu map
Selected menus
Quality Menu
Utilities Menu
User attendance messages

Diagnostic procedures
Printhead diagnostics
Print quality defect locator chart
Partial Print Test
HCIT standalone test mode
Accessing service menus
Diagnostics mode
Entering Diagnostics mode
Diagnostic mode menus
Exiting the Diagnostics mode
Setting alignment for color
Drift Sensors
Toggle ITU
Belt Tracking (ITU 4th point adjustment)
Printhead Inst
Print Tests (input sources)
Print Quality Pgs
LCD Test
Button Test
Parallel Wrap Test
Serial Wrap Test
Duplex Quick Test
Duplex Top Margin Offset
Duplex Sensor Test
Feed Test
Sensor Test
Feed Test
Feed to All Bins
Sensor Test
Diverter Test
Staple Test
Finisher Feed Test
Finisher Sensor Test
Quick Disk Test
Disk Test/Clean
Flash Test
Serial Number
Engine Setting x
Model Name
Configuration ID
Reset Color Calibration
Edge to Edge
Cal Ref Adj
EP Defaults
Fuser Temp
DC Charge Adjustment
Dev Bias Adj
Transfer Adjust
Display Log
Print Log
Clear Log
Configuration Menu
Entering Config Menu
Exiting the Config Menu
Reset Fuser Cnt
Black Only Mode
Prt Quality Pgs
Color Trapping
Tray Insert Msg
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Demo Mode
Factory Defaults
Energy Conserve
Auto Color Adjust
Paper Prompts
Env Prompts
Font Sharpening
Jobs On Disk
Disk Encryption
Exit Config Menu
Paper jams
Identifying jams
Access doors and trays
Understanding jam messages
Paper jam messages
Clearing the entire paper path
Area A
Area B
Area C
Area D
Area T1
Area E
Area T
Area J
Area K
Area L
Clearing mailbox, finisher, or output expander jams (Area M)
Clearing fuser jams
Clearing image transfer unit jams
If you still need help
Repair information
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Screw identification table
Removal procedures
Operator panel bezel removal
Lens removal
Front cover rear pivot cover removal
Front cover or front cover backplate assembly removal
Redrive cap removal
Top cover assembly removal
Front lower left cover removal
Paper path access door removal
Front left handle cover assembly removal
Front lower right cover removal
Front right handle cover assembly removal
Rear cover removal
Lower right door assembly removal
Left lower cover removal
Lower jam access door assembly removal
Redrive door removal
Autocompensator pick assembly removal
BOR drive assembly removal
Cartridge contact assembly removal
Cartridge drive assembly removal
Developer HVPS board removal
Friction buckler and buckler housing removal
Front right light shield removal
Fuser assembly removal
Fuser bottom duct removal
Fuser drive assembly removal
Fuser fan removal
Fuser top duct removal
Inner system board shield removal
ITU assembly removal
ITU drive assembly removal
LVPS assembly removal
Media size sensing assembly removal
Media size sensing board removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF) removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF) autocompensator or side restraints removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF) motor removal
Nip relief handle removal
Operator panel assembly removal
Outer system board shield removal
Pick rolls removal
Printhead removal and adjustments
Mechanical alignment
Black printhead electronic alignment
Color printhead electronic alignment
Rear bellcrank removal (cyan, magenta, yellow)
Rear bellcrank (black) removal
Redrive assembly removal
Registration motor removal
Rib housing removal
RIP fan removal
S2/narrow media/transparency/multipurpose feeder cable removal
S2/narrow media/transparency/multipurpose feeder sensors removal
Second transfer roll removal
System board removal
Transfer HVPS board removal
Transfer plate assembly removal
Vacuum transport belt (VTB) removal
Vacuum transport belt (VTB) fan removal
Waste container door removal
Waste container latch removal
Web oiler fuser assembly and card removal and replacement

Printer boards
Printer motors
Printer sensors
Cartridge contact assembly pin locations (cyan, magenta and yellow)
Cartridge contact assembly pin locations (black)
System board cabling reference
System board
Transfer high voltage power supply (HVPS)
Developer high voltage power supply (HVPS) board
Low voltage power supply (LVPS)
LVPS cable connectors to system board
LVPS fuser connectors
Media size sensing board
High-capacity input tray (HCIT)
StapleSmart finisher

Safety inspection guide
Scheduled maintenance
Standard fusers
ITU Maintenance kits
Lubrication specifications
Lubrication for replacement motors
Fuser drive assembly
Cartridge drive assembly
ITU drive assembly

How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Cartridge mounting
Assembly 3: Fuser assembly
Assembly 4: Fuser drive
Assembly 5: Vacuum transport belt (VTB) assembly
Assembly 6: Transfer
Assembly 7: Printheads
Assembly 8: Paper feed output (redrive)
Assembly 9: Paper feed input
Assembly 10: Media size sensing
Assembly 11: Paper feed transport
Assembly 12: Multipurpose feeder (MPF)
Assembly 13: 500-Sheet integrated tray
Assembly 14: Autocompensator assembly
Assembly 15: ITU assembly
Assembly 16: ITU drive assembly
Assembly 17: ITU loading
Assembly 18: Waste toner
Assembly 19: BOR drive assembly
Assembly 20: Cartridge contact assembly
Assembly 21: Cartridge drive assembly
Assembly 22: Electronics
Assembly 23: Electronics-cabling interconnections 1
Assembly 24: Electronics-cabling interconnections 2
Assembly 25: Electronics-cabling interconnections 3
Assembly 26: Electronics-cabling interconnections 4
Assembly 27: Output expander
Assembly 28: 5-Bin mailbox
Assembly 29: 500-Sheet drawer option
Assembly 30: Duplex option
Assembly 31: High-capacity input tray (HCIT)
Assembly 32: StapleSmart finisher
Assembly 33: Envelope option
Assembly 34: Outdoor media tray option
Assembly 35: Banner option
Assembly 36: Options

Appendix A-Service tips
Identifying the printheads
Redrive belt routing
Duplex option deflector button replacement

Appendix B-Print quality samples
Print tests
Print Quality Pages-Title page (total of five)
Print Quality Pages-Page 1 (total of five)
Print Quality Pages-Page 2 (total of five)
Print Quality Pages-Page 3 (total of five)
Print Quality Pages-Page 4 (total of five)
Registration and alignment
Quick Test Page
Printhead mechanical alignment test page
Printhead electronic alignment test page-Magenta (one of two)
Printhead electronic alignment test page-Magenta (two of two)
Part number index

Number of pages: 474.