Lexmark MS315 MS415 MS417 M1140+ Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Machine type / model: 4514‑335 4514‑530

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark MS315 MS415 MS417 M1140+ copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this full service manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark MS315 MS415 MS417 M1140+ photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Product information
Edition notice
Notices, conventions, and safety information
Laser notice
Safety information
General caution statements
Change history
Change history

Media guidelines
Paper guidelines
Using specialty media
Supported paper sizes, types, and weights
Data security notice
Tools required for service

Troubleshooting overview
Performing the initial troubleshooting check
Power-on Reset (POR) sequence
Fixing print quality issues
Initial print quality check
Gray background or toner fog check
Blank pages check
Solid black pages check
Print is too dark check
Print is too light check
Paper curl check
Folded or wrinkled paper check
Repeating defects check
Skewed print check
Streaked vertical lines appear on prints check
Horizontal light bands check
Vertical light bands check
Vertical dark bands check
Vertical dark streaks with print missing check
White streaks and voided areas check
Fine lines are not printed correctly (specifically Chinese characters) check
Clipped pages or images check
Compressed images appear on prints check
Incorrect margins on prints check
Toner rubs off check
Toner specks appear on prints check
Paper jams
Avoiding jams
Understanding jam messages and locations
[x]-page jam, open front door. [20y.xx]
[x]-page jam, clear standard bin. [20y.xx]
[x]-page jam, open rear door. [20y.xx]
[x]-page jam, open tray 1. [241.xx]
[x]-page jam, remove tray 1 to clear duplex. [23y.xx]
[x]-page jam, open tray [2]. [242.xx]
[x]-page jam, clear manual feeder. [25y.xx]
200 paper jams
201 paper jams
202 paper jams
23y paper jams
241 paper jams
242 paper jams
25y paper jams
Understanding the printer messages
Cartridge, imaging unit mismatch [41.xy]
Cartridge low [88.xy]
Cartridge nearly low [88.xy]
Cartridge very low, [x] estimated pages remain [88.xy]
Change [paper source] to [custom string] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [custom type name] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [paper size] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [paper type] [paper size] load [orientation]
Close front door
Complex page, some data may not have printed [39]
Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored [57]
Credentials invalid. Print job canceled
Defective flash detected [51]
Imaging unit low [84.xy]
Imaging unit nearly low [84.xy]
Imaging unit very low, [x] estimated pages remain [84.xy]
Incorrect paper size, open [paper source] [34]
Insert tray [x]
Insufficient memory to support Resource Save feature [35]
Insufficient memory to collate job [37]
Insufficient memory, some Held Jobs were deleted [37]
Insufficient memory for Flash Memory Defragment operation [37]
Insufficient memory, some held jobs will not be restored [37]
Load [paper source] with [custom string] [orientation]
Load [paper source] with [custom type name] [orientation]
Load [paper source] with [paper size] [orientation]
Load [paper source] with [paper type] [paper size] [orientation]
Load Manual Feeder with [custom type name] [orientation]
Load Manual Feeder with [custom string] [orientation]
Load Manual Feeder with [paper size] [orientation]
Load Manual Feeder with [paper type] [paper size] [orientation]
Memory full [38]
Network [x] software error [54]
Non-Lexmark [supply type], see User’s Guide [33.xy]
Not enough free space in flash memory for resources [52]
Print quota exceeded. Print job canceled
Print quota exceeded. Print job incomplete
Printer had to restart. Last job may be incomplete
Reinstall missing or unresponsive cartridge [31.xy]
Reinstall missing or unresponsive imaging unit [31.xy]
Remove paper from standard output bin
Replace cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88.xy]
Replace cartridge, printer region mismatch [42.xy]
Replace imaging unit, 0 estimated pages remain [84.xy]
Replace unsupported cartridge [32.xy]
Replace unsupported imaging unit [32.xy]
Serial option [x] error [54]
Standard network software error [54]
SMTP server not set up. Contact system administrator
Standard parallel port disabled [56]
Standard USB port disabled [56]
Too many flash options installed [58]
Too many trays attached [58]
Unformatted flash detected [53]
Unsupported option in slot [x] [55]
Weblink server not set up. Contact system administrator
User attendance messages (0-99.99)
User attendance messages (0-99.99)
Unresponsive toner cartridge service check
Unsupported toner cartridge service check
Printer/cartridge mismatch service check
Unsupported imaging unit service check
Imaging unit smart chip contact service check
Toner smart chip compatibility service check
Imaging chip compatibility service check
Media size mismatch service check
Supplies mismatch service check
Insufficient memory service check
Flash full service check
Imaging unit low service check
Toner cartridge low service check
Printer hardware errors
111 errors
121 errors
126 errors
132 errors
133 errors
140 errors
155 errors
171 errors
Procedure before starting the 9yy service checks
900 errors
912 errors
94y errors
950-958 errors
959 errors
96y errors
97y errors
98y errors
99y errors
Input option hardware errors
3yy error messages
Option tray pick/lift motor service check
Option tray separator/pass through motor service check
Option tray ACM motor service check
Option tray controller card service check
Other symptoms
Base printer symptoms
Dead machine service check
Controller board service check
Control panel button service check
Control panel service check
Toner starvation service check
USB print service check
Network service check

Understanding the printer control panel
Using the printer control panel
Understanding the colors of the indicator and Sleep button lights
Menus list
Diagnostics menu
Entering the Diagnostics menu
Print Quality Pages
Hardware Tests
Duplex Tests
Input Tray Tests
Output Bin Tests
Base Sensor Test
Device Tests
Printer Setup
EP Setup
Event Log
Exit Diags
Configuration menu
Entering the Configuration menu
Print Quality Pages
Tray Linking
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Download Emuls
Safe Mode
Factory Defaults
Energy Conserve
Paper Prompts
Envelope Prompts
Action for Prompts
Font Density
Font Sharpening
Reduced Curl
A5 Loading
UI Automation
Clear Supply Usage History
Clear Custom Status
USB Speed
Automatically Display Error Screens
Entering Invalid engine mode
Entering Recovery mode
Accessing the Network SE menu
Service engineer menu
Accessing the service engineer (SE) menu
Service engineer (SE) menu

Removal precautions
Data security notice
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Controller board/control panel replacement
Restoring the printer configuration after replacing the controller board
Restoring solutions, licenses, and configuration settings
Updating the printer firmware
Backing up eSF solutions and settings
Ribbon cable connectors
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors
Horizontal top contact connector
Horizontal bottom contact connector
Vertical mount contact connector
Horizontal sliding contact connector
Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector
Printhead assembly adjustments
Removal procedures
Left side removals
Left cover removal
Main drive gearbox removal
MPF solenoid removal
MPF gearbox removal
Reverse solenoid removal
ACM clutch removal
Cartridge gearbox removal
Duplex gear assembly removal
Right side removals
Right cover removal
Cooling fan duct removal
Cooling fan removal
Controller board removal
Toner cartridge smart chip contact removal
Front removals
Left front mount removal
Right front mount removal
Transfer roll removal
Cartridge plunger removal
Bezel removal
Nameplate removal
Control panel assembly removal
UICC removal
MPF assembly removal
MPF pick roller cover removal
MPF pick roller removal
Bail removal
Jam access cover removal
Front door removal
Front access cover removal
Front door sensor removal
Front input guide removal
Separator pad removal
Bottom removals
Power supply removal
Power supply shield removal
Duplex removal
Duplex sensor and input sensor removal
Toner density sensor removal
Trailing edge sensor removal
ACM assembly removal
Rear side removals
Dust cover removal
Rear door and cover removal
Narrow media/bin full sensor removal
Redrive assembly removal
Redrive shaft removal
Fuser removal
Top side removals
Top cover removal
Laser scanning unit (LSU) removal
250/550-sheet option tray removals
Pick roller removal
Separator roll assembly removal
ACM assembly removal

Exterior locations
Front view
Rear view

Inspection guide
Lubrication specification
Cleaning the printer
Cleaning the printhead lenses

Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Electronics 1
Assembly 3: Electronics 2
Assembly 4: Frame
Assembly 5: Option trays
Assembly 6: Power cords
Assembly 7: Miscellaneous

Product power consumption
Electrical specifications
Operating clearances
Operating environment
Enabling the security reset jumper

Available internal options
Media handling options

POR sequence
Printer control
Paper path information
Input tray
Multipurpose feeder (MPF)
Simplex printing
Duplex printing
Media handling components
Main drive gearbox
Autocompensator mechanism (ACM)
Key components
Other key components
Electrophotographic process (EP process)

Part number index
Part name index

lexmark MS315dn 4514‑335 MS415dn MS417dn 4514‑530 M1140+