Lexmark MS911 Service Manual and Parts List Manual (Edition February 04, 2016)

Edition February 04, 2016
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual Lexmark MS911 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Edition notice
Notices and safety information
Laser notices
Safety information

Service manual conventions
Change history

Paper and specialty media guide
Using specialty media
Paper guidelines
Supported paper sizes, types, and weights
Data security notice
Tools required for service

Troubleshooting overview
Performing the initial troubleshooting check
Fixing print quality issues
Initial print quality check
Gray background check
Blank pages check
Solid black pages check
Shadow images check
Skewed print check
Streaked horizontal or vertical lines check
Toner smear check
Toner specks check
Paper jams
Avoiding jams
Understanding jam messages and locations
200 paper jams
202 paper jams
23y paper jams
241-242 paper jams
243-245 paper jams
Understanding the printer messages
Cartridge low [88.xy]
Cartridge nearly low [88.xy]
Cartridge very low [88.xy]
Change [paper source] to [custom string] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [custom type name] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [paper size] load [orientation]
Change [paper source] to [paper type] [paper size] load [orientation]
Close door [x]
Complex page, some data may not have printed [39]
Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored [57]
Defective flash detected [51]
Disk full [62]
Disk must be formatted for use in this device
Disk near full. Securely clearing disk space
Empty the hole punch box
Error reading USB drive. Remove USB
Error reading USB hub. Remove hub
Incorrect paper size, open [paper source] [34]
Insert hole punch box
Insert Tray [x]
Insufficient memory for Flash Memory Defragment operation [37]
Insufficient memory to collate job [37]
Insufficient memory to support Resource Save feature [35]
Insufficient memory, some Held Jobs were deleted [37]
Insufficient memory, some held jobs will not be restored [37]
Insufficient space between paper stacks in Tray 3
Load [paper source] with [custom string] [paper orientation]
Load [paper source] with [custom type name] [paper orientation]
Load [paper source] with [paper size] [paper orientation]
Load [paper source] with [paper type] [paper size] [paper orientation]
Load Multipurpose Feeder with [custom string] [paper orientation]
Load Multipurpose Feeder with [custom type name] [paper orientation]
Load Multipurpose Feeder with [paper size] [paper orientation]
Load Multipurpose Feeder with [paper type] [paper size] [paper orientation]
Load staples
Load staples [G11, G12]
[x] maintenance kit very low [80.xy]
Memory full [38]
Network [x] software error [54]
Not enough free space in flash memory for resources [52]
Open door H and remove paper from beneath area H10
Paper changes needed
Parallel port [x] disabled [56]
Photoconductor low [84.xy]
Photoconductor very low [84.xy]
Printer had to restart. Last job may be incomplete
Reinstall missing or unresponsive cartridge [31.xy]
Reinstall missing or unresponsive photoconductor [31.xy]
Remove defective disk [61]
Remove packaging material, [area name]
Remove packaging material, open door C, remove metal clips
Remove paper from all bins
Remove paper from bin [x]
Remove paper from [linked set bin name]
Remove paper from standard output bin
Replace cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88.xy]
Replace cartridge, printer region mismatch [42.xy]
Replace [x] maintenance kit, 0 estimated pages remain [80.xy]
Replace missing photoconductor [31.xy]
Replace missing waste toner bottle [82.xy]
Replace missing cartridge [31.xy]
Replace paper pick rollers in [paper source], use parts and instructions in tray 1 or tray 2
compartment [80]
Replace photoconductor, 0 pages remain [84.xy]
Replace unsupported cartridge [32.xy]
Replace unsupported photoconductor [32.xy]
Replace waste toner bottle [82.xy]
Restore held jobs?
Serial port [x] disabled [56]
Some held jobs were not restored
SMTP server not set up. Contact system administrator
Standard network software error [54]
Standard USB port disabled [56]
Supply needed to complete job
The device is operating in Safe Mode. Some print options may be disabled or provide
unexpected results
Too many flash options installed [58]
Too many trays attached [58]
Tray [x] paper size unsupported
Unformatted flash detected [53]
Unsupported disk
Unsupported option in slot [x] [55]
Waste toner bottle nearly full [82.xy]
Weblink server not set up. Contact system administrator
User attendance messages
User attendance messages (0-99)
Cartridge or photoconductor error service check
Mismatched paper size service check
Insufficient memory service check
Complex page service check
PPDS font error service check
Flash memory failure service check
Insufficient flash memory service check
Network service check
Unsupported internal option service check
Disabled port service check
Unrestored held jobs service check
Excess options service check
Incompatible hardware option service check
Hard disk failure service check
Maintenance kit service check
Printer hardware errors
111 errors
12y errors
13y errors
153 errors
16y errors
171-182 errors
189 errors
19y errors
600 errors
Procedure before starting the 9yy service checks
900 errors
911-963 errors
Insufficient space between paper stacks in 2500-sheet tray service check
3000-sheet tray tray set failure service check

Understanding the printer control panel
Using the control panel
Understanding the colors of the Sleep button and indicator lights
Understanding the home screen
Using the touch-screen buttons
Menus list
Diagnostics menu
Entering the Diagnostics menu
Reset Separator Roll and Pick Assembly Counter
Reset Maintenance Counter
Reset Fuser Counter
Print Quality Pages
Motor Tests
Exit Diags
Configuration menu
Entering the Configuration menu
Hole Punch Configuration
Reset Maintenance Counter
USB Scan to Local
Print Quality Pages
Tray Linking
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Download Emuls
Safe Mode
Energy Conserve
Min Copy Memory
NumPad Job Assist
Paper Prompts
Envelope Prompts
Action for Prompts
Jobs on Disk
Disk Encryption
Font Sharpening
Require Standby
UI Automation
LES Applications
Key Repeat Initial Delay
Key Repeat Rate
Clear Supply Usage History
Clear Custom Status
USB Speed
Automatically Display Error Screens
Restore factory defaults
Exit Config
Entering Invalid engine mode
Entering Recovery Mode
Entering Safe Mode (EverReady Mode)
Accessing the Network SE Menu
Service Engineer menu
Accessing the Service Engineer (SE) Menu
Service Engineer (SE) Menu

Removal precautions
Data security notice
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Restoring the printer configuration after replacing the controller board
Restoring solutions, licenses, and configuration settings
Updating the printer firmware
Backing up eSF solutions and settings
Understanding the marked or colored screws
Ribbon cable connectors
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors
Horizontal top contact connector
Horizontal bottom contact connector
Vertical mount contact connector
Horizontal sliding contact connector
Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector
Fuser alignment adjustment
Pick roller pressure adjustment
MPF separator roller pressure adjustment
3000-sheet tray pick roller pressure adjustment
2500-sheet tray transfer guide belt adjustment
Removal procedures
Left side removals
Left cover removal
Rear left cover removal
Tray base left cover removal
Main power supply shield removal
Main power supply fan removal
Main power supply removal
Printhead removal
Printhead relay board removal
Right side removals
Port access door removal
Fuser removal
Induction heater removal
Registration transport assembly
Top side cover removal
Upper right cover removal
Redrive belt cover removal
Redrive belt removal
Transfer roller removal
Duplex transport assembly removal
Duplex transport jam removal knob removal
Duplex transport diverter assembly removal
Sensor (fuser exit) removal
Fuser exit sensor actuator removal
Sensor (duplex pass through 1) removal
Duplex pass through 1 actuator removal
Duplex transport belt removal
Duplex transport gears removal
Motor (duplex transport) removal
Right door lock removal
Tray 2 transport guide
MPF removal
MPF tray removal
Sensor (MPF paper length) removal
MPF feed clutch removal
MPF lift plate solenoid removal
MPF gears removal
Sensor (MPF lift plate) removal
Sensor (MPF empty) removal
MPF feed/separator assembly
MPF lift plate assembly removal
MPF empty actuator removal
Duplex transport guide removal
Registration unit latch assembly removal
Right door switch actuator removal
Right door removal
Registration unit assembly removal
Registration unit sub-assembly removal
Sensor (fusing speed) removal
Fusing speed actuator removal
Sensor (duplex pass through 2) removal
Registration unit belt removal
Registration unit gears removal
Registration unit lock removal
Front side removals
Top front door removal
Bottom front door removal
Front inner cover removal
Waste toner door mount removal
Image controller board removal
Door switch removal
Main power switch removal
Sensor (top front door) removal
Motor (toner supply) removal
Waste toner drive removal
Sensor (toner cartridge present) removal
Toner agitator removal
Developer unit removal
Right door switch removal
Speaker cover removal
Speaker removal
Control panel removal
Rear side removals
Scanner interface cable cover removal
Controller board access cover removal
Engine board cover removal
Upper rear cover removal
IHPS shield removal
Induction heater magnetic erase board (IHMEB) removal
Induction heater power supply (IHPS) removal
Noise filter board removal
Expansion controller board removal
Power-saving board removal
Engine controller board removal
Hard drive removal
Controller board removal
Motor (fuser pressure) removal
Paper exit fan duct removal
Paper exit fan removal
IHPS frame removal
Fuser power supply fan removal
Motor (toner cartridge) removal
Motor (redrive) removal
Controller board frame removal
Controller board fan removal
Motor (transport) removal
Motor (developer) removal
High voltage board removal
Motor (registration) removal
Motor (feed) removal
Tray 2 transport drive removal
Motor (tray 2 transport) removal
Feed drive assembly removal
Sensor (tray 1 and 2 paper temperature) removal
Ozone fan removal
Ozone fan duct removal
Center cable guide bracket removal
Main drive assembly removal
Toner cartridge drive assembly removal
Duplex transport clutch removal
Motor (fuser) removal
Fuser drive gearbox removal
Toner suction fan removal
Top side removals
Standard bin base removal
Fuser fan removal
Bin side cover removal
Standard tray removals
Motor (tray 1 lift) removal
Sensor (tray 1 paper length) removal
Sensor (tray 1 near empty) removal
Sensor (tray 1 paper width) removal
Motor (tray 2 lift) removal
Sensor (tray 2 paper length) removal
Sensor (tray 2 near empty) removal
Sensor (tray 2 paper width) removal
2500-sheet tray removals
2500-sheet tray caster wheel removal
2500-sheet tray controller board removal
2500-sheet tray LED cover removal
2500-sheet tray front right cover removal
2500-sheet tray left cover removal
2500-sheet tray lower right cover removal
2500-sheet tray empty LED removal
2500-sheet tray rear cover removal
2500-sheet tray rear right cover removal
2500-sheet tray division board removal
2500-sheet tray main tray empty sensor bottom actuator removal
2500-sheet tray elevator home sensor actuator removal
2500-sheet tray transfer guide stop removal
2500-sheet reserve tray paper limit sensor actuator removal
2500-sheet tray vertical media transport guide assembly removal
2500-sheet tray transport roller removal
2500-sheet tray jam access cover removal
2500-sheet tray jam access door strap removal
2500-sheet tray paper feed assembly removal
2500-sheet tray pick assembly removal
2500-sheet tray paper stack transfer guide removal
2500-sheet reserve tray empty sensor actuator removal
2500-sheet tray stopper removal
Motor (2500-sheet tray elevator) removal
Motor (2500-sheet tray feed) removal
Motor (2500-sheet tray transfer guide) removal
Motor (2500-sheet tray transport) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray jam access door) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet paper stack transfer) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray elevator home) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray main tray empty, bottom) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray main tray near empty) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray main tray empty, top) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray main tray elevator limit) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray feed) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray reserve tray empty) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray reserve tray paper limit) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray transfer guide home) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray set) removal
Sensor (2500-sheet tray transport) removal
2 x 500-sheet tray removals
Sensor (2 x 500-sheet tray jam access door) removal
2 x 500-sheet tray caster wheel removal
Printer rubber stopper removal
Tray insert paper length guide removal
Tray lock removal
2 x 500-sheet tray rollers removal
Sensor (2 x 500-sheet tray paper length) removal
2 x 500-sheet tray left cover removal
2 x 500-sheet tray empty LED cover removal
2 x 500-sheet tray empty LED removal
2 x 500-sheet tray empty LED mount removal
2 x 500-sheet tray rear cover removal
Motor (2 x 500-sheet tray lift) removal
Sensor (2 x 500-sheet tray near empty) removal
Sensor (2 x 500-sheet tray paper width) removal
2 x 500-sheet tray feed and transport motors removal
2 x 500-sheet tray controller board removal
2 x 500-sheet tray jam access door removal
2 x 500-sheet tray rear right cover removal
2 x 500-sheet tray bottom right cover removal
2 x 500-sheet tray 3 transport assembly removal
2 x 500-sheet tray 4 transport assembly removal
2 x 500-sheet tray transport assembly sensors removal
2 x 500-sheet tray tray set actuator removal
Sensor (2 x 500-sheet tray transport) removal
2 x 500-sheet tray 3 transport belts and gears removal
2 x 500-sheet tray 4 transport belts and gears removal
3000-sheet tray removals
3000-sheet tray rollers removal
3000-sheet tray feed and pick belt removal
3000-sheet tray caster wheel removal
3000-sheet tray release handle removal
3000-sheet tray left cover removal
3000-sheet tray right cover removal
3000-sheet tray front cover removal
3000-sheet tray rear cover removal
3000-sheet tray door removal
3000-sheet tray left top cover removal
Dehumidifier removal
3000-sheet tray empty LED removal
Sensor (3000-sheet tray empty) removal
Sensor (3000-sheet tray elevator level) removal
Sensor (3000-sheet tray feed) removal
3000-sheet tray elevator spring removal
3000-sheet tray controller board removal
3000-sheet tray door switch removal
Motor (3000-sheet tray elevator) removal
3000-sheet tray set sensor actuator removal
Sensor (3000-sheet tray set) removal
Sensor (3000-sheet tray near empty) removal
Motor bracket removal
3000-sheet tray feed and transport motors removal
3000-sheet tray feed roller assembly removal
3000-sheet tray pick roller assembly removal

Exterior locations
Front view
Rear view
Inspection guide
Scheduled maintenance
Maintenance kits
Resetting the maintenance counter
Lubrication specification
Cleaning the printer parts
Cleaning the printer
Cleaning the charger and the printhead lens
Emptying the hole punch box

Assembly 1: Covers 1
Assembly 2: Covers 2
Assembly 3: Covers 3
Assembly 4: Inner covers
Assembly 5: Control panel 1
Assembly 6: Control panel 2
Assembly 7: Printhead
Assembly 8: Toner supply 1
Assembly 9: Toner supply 2
Assembly 10: Waste toner
Assembly 11: Developer
Assembly 12: Photoconductor lock
Assembly 13: Transfer belt
Assembly 14: Tray 1 and 2 transport
Assembly 15: Tray 1 feed
Assembly 16: Tray 1 separator
Assembly 17: Tray 2 feed
Assembly 18: Tray 2 separator
Assembly 19: Tray rail
Assembly 20: Tray paper detection
Assembly 21: 500-sheet tray-Tray 1
Assembly 22: 500-sheet tray-Tray 1 or Tray 2
Assembly 23: 500-sheet tray-Tray 2
Assembly 24: Registration transport
Assembly 25: Transfer
Assembly 26: Registration unit
Assembly 27: Right door transport
Assembly 28: MPF 1
Assembly 29: MPF 2
Assembly 30: Duplex 1
Assembly 31: Duplex 2
Assembly 32: Fuser
Assembly 33: Exit 1
Assembly 34: Exit 2
Assembly 35: Main and feed drive
Assembly 36: Toner cartridge drive
Assembly 37: Fuser drive 1
Assembly 38: Fuser drive 2
Assembly 39: Ozone duct
Assembly 40: High voltage
Assembly 41: Main power supply
Assembly 42: Electrical 1
Assembly 43: Electrical 2
Assembly 44: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Covers
Assembly 45: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Frame
Assembly 46: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper feed
Assembly 47: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper size detection
Assembly 48: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper transport
Assembly 49: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper pick 1
Assembly 50: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper pick 2
Assembly 51: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Paper pick 3
Assembly 52: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Tray 3
Assembly 53: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Tray 4
Assembly 54: 2 x 500-sheet tray-Tray 3 or Tray 4 frame
Assembly 55: 3000-sheet tray-Covers
Assembly 56: 3000-sheet tray-Frame 1
Assembly 57: 3000-sheet tray-Frame 2
Assembly 58: 3000-sheet tray-Elevator front section
Assembly 59: 3000-sheet tray-Paper feed 1
Assembly 60: 3000-sheet tray-Paper feed 2
Assembly 61: 3000-sheet tray-Paper transport
Assembly 62: 3000-sheet tray-Elevator rear section
Assembly 63: 3000-sheet tray-Drive section
Assembly 64: 3000-sheet tray-Wiring
Assembly 65: 2500-sheet tray covers
Assembly 66: 2500-sheet tray frame
Assembly 67: 2500-sheet tray paper feed
Assembly 68: 2500-sheet tray paper transport
Assembly 69: 2500-sheet tray paper pick 1
Assembly 70: 2500-sheet tray paper pick 2
Assembly 71: 2500-sheet tray paper pick 3
Assembly 72: 2500-sheet tray insert 1
Assembly 73: 2500-sheet tray insert 2
Assembly 74: 2500-sheet tray insert 3
Assembly 75: 2500-sheet tray insert 4
Assembly 76: Maintenance kits
Assembly 77: Power cords
Assembly 78: Miscellaneous

Appendix A: Printer specifications
Power consumption
Product power consumption
Sleep Mode
Hibernate Mode
Off mode
Total energy usage
Operating clearances
Noise emission levels
Temperature information

Appendix B: Options and features
Available internal options
Media handling options

Appendix C: Theory of operation
POR sequence
Printer control
Print cycle operation
First transfer
Clean (photoconductor)
Second transfer
Clean (transfer belt)
Printer operation
Printer paper path
Tray section
MPF section
2500-sheet tray section
3000-sheet tray section
Registration section
Print section
Exit section
Duplex section

Appendix D: Acronyms
Part number index
Part name index

Number of pages: 695.