Lexmark W850n W850dn Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark W850n W850dn. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Laser notice
Lithium warning
Safety information

About this manual
Printer overview
Basic model
Configured model
Tools required for service
Diagnostic information
Using service checks
Confirm the installation status
POR sequence
Printer operator panel
Error code messages
Service checks
200.00 Sensor (registration) off jam (too long)
200.01 Sensor (registration) static on jam
201.00 Sensor (fuser exit) on jam
202.00 Sensor (fuser exit) off jam
202.01 Sensor (fuser exit) off (too short) jam
202.02 Sensor (fuser exit) static jam
203.00 Sensor (exit 2) on jam
203.01 Sensor (exit 2) off jam
241.00 Sensor (pre-feed) on jam (tray 1 feed)
241.01 Sensor (registration) on jam (tray 1 feed)
242.00 Sensor (pre-feed) on jam (tray 2 feed)
242.01 Sensor (tray 2 feed-out) on jam (tray 2 feed)
242.02 Sensor (registration) on jam (tray 2 feed)
242.03 Sensor (tray 2 feed-out) static jam
250.00 Sensor (registration) on jam (MPF pick)
900.XX RIP card assembly software failure
903.00 RAM read/write check failure
904.00 NVM data failure
905.00 NVM read/write cannot be executed failure
906.00 CPU power to access NVM failure
907.00 RFID ASIC failure
908.00 PPM data failure
910.00 Transport motor stop failure
911.00 Transport motor failure
912.00 PC cartridge unit motor failure
913.00 Printhead assembly failure
914.00 Toner add motor assembly failure
915.00 Fuser cooling fan failure
916.00 PC cartridge cooling fan failure
918.00 Sensor (exit 1 media shift HP) failure
920.00 Fuser unit assembly on time failure
921.00 Over heat temperature failure
922.00 Center thermistor failure
923.00 Rear thermistor failure
924.00 Pressure roll thermistor failure
925.00 Fuser operating temperature failure
927.00 PC cartridge RFID data write failure
928.00 PC cartridge RFID communication failure
929.00 Sensor (ATC) failure
930.00 Laser power failure
932.00 Toner cartridge RFID data write failure
933.00 Toner cartridge RFID communication failure
939.00 RIP card assembly communication failure
941.00 Media tray 1 lift up / no media tray failure
942.00 Media tray 2 lift up / no media tray failure
951.XX RIP card assembly NVRAM failure
953.XX Operator panel assembly NVRAM failure
955.XX RIP card assembly NAND CRC failure
956.00 RIP card assembly processor failure
956.01 RIP card assembly processor over temperature failure
956.02 RIP card assembly cooling fan failure
980.03 Exit interface card assembly communication failure
Media size mismatch in width
No media in the select media tray
Paper is installed (short edge) in the media paper tray
PC cartridge end of life
PC cartridge end of life
PC cartridge RFID failure
PC cartridge set failure
Printer front door open
Printer left door open
Printer left lower door open
Scheduled maintenance required
Standard bin 1 full
Standard bin 2 full
Toner cartridge empty
Toner cartridge near empty
Toner cartridge failure
Toner cartridge RFID failure
Toner cartridge set failure
Tray 1 media size failure
Tray 2 media size failure
Tray 1 media size mismatch in length
Tray 2 media size mismatch in length
Image quality trouble
Image Quality

Accessing service menus
Diagnostics mode
Entering Diagnostics mode
Available tests
Exiting Diagnostics mode
Configuration menu (CONFIG MENU)
Entering Configuration Menu
Available menus
Maintenance page count (Maint Cnt Value)
Maintenance page counter reset (Reset Maint Cnt)
Print quality pages (Prt Quality Pgs)
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Demo Mode
Factory Defaults
Energy Conserve
Paper Prompts
Env Prompts
Jobs On Disk
Disk Encryption
Font Sharpening
Short Edge Printing
Tray Low Message
Exit Config Menu
Analyzing the Print Test
Driving force transmission path
Media transport
Functions of main components
Media tray assembly
Multi-purpose feeder (MPF)
Detecting media size
Transfer roll assembly
Printhead assembly
Electrical components and controller
Media size control
Printhead control
Fuser control
Xerographic Process During a Print Cycle
Safety system diagram
Repeating defects

Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Removal procedures
Before starting service work
Printer front left cover removal
Top rear cover removal
Switch (printer front door interlock) removal
Operator panel assembly removal
Top cover assembly removal
Printer front door assembly removal
Front door support strap and front door magnetic catch removal
Front inner cover removal
Right upper cover removal
Right lower cover removal
Cable hookup door removal
Rear motor cover removal
Rear lower cover removal
Option hookup cover removal
Switch (media size) removal
Media feed unit assembly 1 removal
Media feed unit assembly 2 removal
Media tray side guides removal
Media tray end guide removal
Media tray lift gear group removal
Media feed lift motor removal
Tray lift coupling assembly removal
Tray lift one way clutch / gear assembly removal
Media feed unit drive gear 13 tooth removal
Media out actuator removal
Sensor (media level) removal
Sensor (media out) removal
Sensor (pre-feed) removal
Media feed unit drive gear 28 / 21 tooth removal
Media feed unit drive gear 29 tooth removal
Feed roll removal
Feed roll one way clutch removal
Feed roll one way gear 22 tooth removal
Separation roll one way friction clutch removal
Separation roll removal
Pick roll idler gear 33 tooth removal
Pick roll removal
Pick roll drive gear 25 tooth removal
Feed unit drive gear 27 tooth removal
MPF feed unit assembly removal
MPF media out actuator and upper frame removal
Sensor (MPF media out) removal
MPF transport pinch roll assembly removal
MPF rear cover removal
MPF feed drive gear group removal
MPF pressure pad removal
MPF transport roll assembly removal
MPF pick solenoid / pick lever removal
MPF feed shaft assembly removal
MPF pick roll removal
MPF fold down tray assembly removal
Vertical drive gear assembly
Switch (left lower door interlock)
Media transport roll assembly / gear removal
Printer left lower door assembly removal
Printer left lower pinch roll assembly removal
Left lower door handle assembly removal
Transfer roll assembly removal
Printer left door support strap removal
Printer left door assembly removal
Switch (printer left door interlock) removal
Transfer roll guide assembly removal
Printer left door assembly handle removal
Registration roll assembly removal
Registration clutch assembly removal
Sensor (registration) removal
Transport clutch assembly removal
Sensor (tray 2 feed-out) removal
Switch (PC cartridge interlock) removal
Sensor (humidity and temperature) removal
Sensor (RFID PC cartridge) and sensor (RFID toner cartridge) removal
Toner cartridge guide assembly removal
Toner add motor assembly removal
Fuser cooling fan removal
Printhead assembly removal
PC cartridge cooling fan duct removal
PC cartridge cooling fan removal
Sensor (fuser exit) removal
Fuser unit assembly removal
Exit 1 media shift assembly removal
Media shift motor removal
Sensor (exit 1 media shift) removal
Sensor (exit 1 bin full) removal
Exit 1 media shift gear removal
Standard exit 1 top cover removal
Exit 1 drive belt removal
Dual drive motor assembly removal
High voltage power supply (HVPS) card removal
Switch (main power) removal
Exit interface card assembly removal
Printer engine card assembly removal
Low voltage power supply (LVPS) card assembly removal
AC power input socket assembly removal
AC power input socket removal
Finisher AC output removal
Rear RIP card cover removal
RIP card assembly removal

Printer boards
Printer motors and sensors
Printer switches

Safety inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance

How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers and operator panel (1 of 2)
Assembly 2: Covers
Assembly 3: Media feed unit
Assembly 4: Media feed unit exploded (tray 1 and tray 2)
Assembly 5: Media tray
Assembly 6: MPF unit
Assembly 7: MPF unit feed
Assembly 8: Left lower door and transport
Assembly 9: Left door and transfer roll
Assembly 10: Printer left door
Assembly 11: Registration
Assembly 12: Printhead, cartridge guides, and fans
Assembly 13: Fuser
Assembly 14: Standard Exit 1
Assembly 15: Dual unit drive motor
Assembly 16: Electrical
Assembly 17: Electrical cables
Assembly 18: Electrical cables
Assembly 19: Electrical cables
Assembly 20: Electrical cables
Assembly 21: Electrical cable
Assembly 22: Power cords
Assembly 23: Miscellaneous
Part number index

Number of pages: 365.