Lexmark X500n X502n MFP Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark X500n X502n MFP copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark X500n X502n MFP photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Notices and safety information

MFP Specifications
General device technical specifications
Print engine specifications
Scan specifications
Copy specifications
Fax specifications
Media guidelines
Maintenance approach
Standard inspection and cleaning procedure
Serial number
Tools required for service

Understanding the operator panel
Service error codes
User status messages
User attendance messages
Symptom tables
MFP symptom table
Print quality symptom table
Printer service checks
Main motor service check
CPU fan service check
Developer drive assembly service check
Transfer belt unit service check
Transfer roller clutch service check
Transfer belt cleaning roller clutch service check
Paper feed clutch service check
Registration clutch service check
OPC belt marker sensor service check
Erase lamp service check
Power supply fan service check
Fuser fan service check
High voltage power supply (HVPS) service check
Low voltage power supply (LVPS) service check
Fuser thermistor service check
Fuser assembly service check
Laser unit assembly service check
HVPS connection service check
Toner empty sensor (sender-TPD) service check
Toner empty sensor (receiver-TTR) service check
Lower feed unit (secondary paper assembly) service check
Tray empty service check
Paper tray missing service check
Toner low/empty service check
Waste toner bottle service check
Missing toner cartridge service check
Missing photodeveloper cartridge service check
Transfer roller missing service check
Cover open service check
OPC belt (photodeveloper) cartridge drive service check
Missing fuser service check
Paper size sensing service check
Printer no power service check
Toner feed service check
Waste toner feed service check
Operator panel service check
USB service check
Network service check
Black page copy service check
Flatbed service check
ADF streak service check
ADF paper feed service check
Modem / fax card service check
Paper feed service checks
Printer paper feed service check
Print quality service checks
Background service check
Back stain service check
Banding service check
Black line service check
Color misregistration service check
Insufficient fusing service check
Insufficient gloss service check
Jitter service check
Missing image at edge service check
Mixed color image service check
Mottle service check
Residual image service check
Ribbing service check
Smear service check
Toner drop service check
Vertical line service check
Vertical staggering image service check
Vertical white band service check
White band service check
White line I service check
White line II service check
White spot / black spot service check
White print service check
Wrinkle / image migration service check
Uneven density (right and left)
Spacing table
Roller specifications

Understanding the MFP operator panel
Retrieving, printing and restoring the MFP settings
Printing the maintenance and configuration pages
Setting the country code
Scanner calibration and registration
Maintenance mode
Display info
Print Reports
Engine maintenance
Scan Maintenance
Fax Maintenance
Density Tune Up
Printer theory of operation
Electrophotographic Process (EP process)
EP Basics
Summary of the EP process on the X500
X500 EP steps in detail
Printer Components
Paper path components
X500n specific information
Paper jam messages
Accessing jam areas
Paper Jam A1, rear (tray 1)
Paper Jam A2, rear (tray 2)
Paper Jam B rear
Paper Jam C rear
ADF paper jams

Removal and cleaning precautions
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Photodeveloper cartridge
During transportation/storage
MFP removals
Cleaning roller cover removal
Transfer belt cleaning roller removal
Transfer belt unit removal
Transfer roller removal
Fuser assembly removal
Waste toner bottle removal
Photodeveloper cartridge removal
Secondary paper feed assembly removal
Cover removals
Top cover assembly removal
Front cover assembly removal
Right cover removal
Rear cover assembly removal
Left front cover removal
Left rear cover removal
Upper right rear cover removal
Upper left rear cover removal
Laser unit assembly (printhead) removal
Erase lamp removal
Right side removals
Front door interlock switch with bracket
Waste toner bottle holder removal
Developer drive assembly removal
Toner sensor (sender) removal
Cleaning roller clutch removal
Main motor assembly removal
Clutch removal
Main drive gear assembly removal
Waste toner feeder removal
Rear removals
Bracket assembly removal
Paper guide assembly removal
Paper guide C assembly removal
Paper feed roller removal
Paper exit assembly removal
Registration assembly removal
Left side removals
Engine controller board removal
System board removal
System board cage removal
High voltage power supply (HVPS) removal
Low voltage power supply (LVPS) with cage removal
HVPS cage removal
Toner present sensor removal
Toner sensor (receiver) removal
Left tray guide assembly removal
Modem speaker removal
Fuser fan assembly removal
Modem card removal
Top removals
Marker sensor assembly removal
Waste toner auger removal
Waste toner agitator removal
Power supply fan removal
Scanner assembly removals
Flatbed assembly removal
Scanner arm removal
ADF unit removal
ADF mechanism cover removal
Operator panel removal

Printer front and rear views
Scanner locations
Electronic components
Printer engine sensor locations
MFP circuit board locations
Fan/motor and interlock switch locations
Clutch locations
Symbol and part name table
Engine controller board wiring diagram
RIP board
RIP card voltages
Engine controller board
Low voltage power supply (LVPS) board
High voltage power supply (HVPS) board
Modem Card voltages and signals

Parts catalog
How to use this parts catalog
Part number index

Number of pages: 246.