Lexmark X560n MFP Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark X560n MFP. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Notices and safety information
Laser notice
Lithium warning
Safety information

Options and features
Printer and scanner specifications
Electronic specifications
Environment specifications
Physical dimensions and clearances
Media guidelines and specifications
Mixed Size Scan
Supported media sizes on the scanner
Supported media sizes for the printer
Supported media types
Supported media type and weight
Tools required for service

Symptom tables
Service error codes and attention messages
Service checks
010-351 Fuser Error service check
010-397 Fuser Error, Insert Fuser service check
016-220 Too Many Incorrect service check
016-611 Controller board service check
016-720 PDL Error service check
016-737 Format Error, 016-741 Protection Error, 016-742 Invalid ID, 016-743 Range Chk Error, 016-744 Check Sum Error, 016-745 Header Error service check
016-757 Invalid User, 016-758 Disabled Func, 016-759 Limit Exceeded service check
016-794 Network Not Ready service check
016-799 Invalid Job service check
017-988 Scan Time Out
024-371 MCU Comm Error (controller board communication)
033-510 Fax Codec Error service check
033-517 Password Error service check
033-762 Communication service check
033-763 Communication service check
033-773 Fax Codec Error
035-701 Target Fax
035-720 Fax Communication service check
035-781 Target Fax Busy
041-340 MCU NVRAM Error service check
042-313 Fan Motor Error service check
042-325 Motor Error service check
042-326 Motor Error
042-358 Fan Motor Error service check
042-700 Printer Too Hot, 142-700 Ready to Copy service check
061-370 Laser Error service check
062-320, 062-324 Restart Printer service check
072-215 550 Feeder Error service check
072-216 Motor Error service check
077-215 Duplexer Error service check
077-215 Duplexer Error service check
077-343 Motor Error service check
092-651 ADC Sensor Error service check
092-651 ADC Sensor Error service check
092-661 Env Sensor Error service check
093-320 Motor Error service manual
093-970 Insert Yellow service check
093-971 Insert Magenta service check
093-972 Insert Cyan service check
093-973 Insert Black service check
094-330 CRUM Error service check
116-367 Parallel Port Error service check
550-sheet feeder turn clutch assembly service check
550-sheet feeder feed clutch assembly service check
550-sheet feeder drive assembly service check
Abnormal noise service check
When power is turned on
During standby
During printing
Communication errors service check
Controller board service check
Copier Error service check
Door A Open service check
Download Mode service check
Duplex jam sensor, duplex clutch, duplex motor assembly, duplex fan service check
Electrical noise (interference) service check
Engine board error service check
Exit sensor service check
Fax Codec Error, Communication service check
Fax Error service check
Fax Number Error, No Dial Tone service check
Fax Send Error service check
Feed clutch assembly service check
Feed drive assembly service check
Flash card service check
Fuser CRUM Error, Ready to Copy service check
Illegal Settings service check
Paper trays
Paper type
Paper size
Insert Tray 2, Insert Tray 3, Illegal Settings service check
Insert Tray 3, Illegal Settings service check
Jam at Scanner service check
Jam at Tray 2 service check
Jam service check-tray 1 (MP feeder)
Jam service check-tray 2 (250-sheet tray)
Jam service check-tray 3 (550-sheet feeder)
Jam service check-duplex unit
Jam at Exit, Jam at Reg. Roll, Wrong Paper Type service check
Load tray service check
Main drive assembly (main motor) service check
Main drive assembly (sub motor) service check
Main drive assembly (developer motor) service check
Main drive assembly (exit clutch) service check
Memory Error service check
Memory full service check
MFD Memory Full service check
MP feeder feed solenoid service check
Multiple feed service check
MPC (Multi-Protocol Network Card) service check
MPC (Multi-Protocol Network Card) service check
No paper sensor service check
250-sheet tray
550-sheet feeder
MPF (multipurpose feeder)
Operator panel service check
Operator panel service check
Power (AC) service check
Power (DC) service check
Protocol Error service check
Registration clutch assembly service check
Registration sensor service check
Remove Tape Yellow Cartridge service check
Remove Tape Magenta Cartridge service check
Remove Tape Cyan Cartridge service check
Remove Tape Black Cartridge service check
RIP board service check
Scanner error service check
Scanner error service check
Scanner ADF Cover R Open service check
Server Error service check
Toner cartridge (yellow) service check
Toner cartridge (magenta) service check
Toner cartridge (cyan) service check
Toner cartridge (black) service check
Toner cartridge (black) service check
Toner cartridge (yellow) service check
Toner cartridge (magenta) service check
Toner cartridge (cyan) service check
Transfer belt assembly service check
Transfer belt assembly service check
Turn clutch assembly service check
Wrong Paper Type service check
Print quality service checks
Print image quality specifications
Repeating marks and lines
Faint print (low contrast) service check
Blank print (No print) service check
Solid black service check
Vertical blank lines service check
Horizontal blank lines or bands service check
Vertical stripes service check
Horizontal stripes service check
Partial lack service check
Spots service check
Afterimage service check
Background (fog) service check
Skew service check
Paper damage service check
Toner does not fix service check
Color registration (color shift) service check
Hunting service check
Magnification incorrect (distortion) service check
Operator panel and customer menus
Customer menus under System

Printing Information Pages
Service Mode
Menu map of Service Mode
Fax/Scanner Diag
Board test
All Test
1st. Fire Test
2nd Fire Test
Relay/Signal Test
Scan Counter
Scanner Maintenance
White Balance
Scan Counter
Scan Counter Clear
Back Up Data
All Clear
User Clear
System Clear
User&System Clear
System Data Init
Document Clear
Printer Diag
ESS Diag
All Test
CodeROM Test
Engine Test
Engine Diag
Sensor Test
Motor Test
Print Info
Info Page
Print Settings
Serial No. (serial number)
Tone Correction
Display Counter
Hex Dump
Pixel Counter
Counter Type
Print Counter
Clear All NVM
Clear Job History
Clear All Auditron PV
Test Print
Test print samples
Slow Scan K to P
Slow Scan 600 M, Y, C
Slow Scan 1200 M, Y, C
Fast Scan K to M, K to Y, and K to C
Fast Scan MPT (MP feeder)
Fast Scan Tray 2
Fast Scan Tray 3
Fast Scan Duplex
Fast Scan 2 K to C, K to M, or K to Y
Life Counters
Exit Mode
Clearing jams
Avoiding jams
Understanding jam messages and locations
Clearing tray 1 (MP feeder) jams
Clearing tray 2 jams
Clearing tray 3 jams
Clearing jams in the fuser
Clearing jams in the duplex unit
Clearing jams in the ADF
Theory of operation
Fax system
Scanning system
Printing process
Paper path
Functional components
250-sheet paper tray
MP feeder and the registration assembly
Transfer belt assembly
Toner cartridges
Drive assemblies
Duplex unit
550-sheet feeder paper tray
550-sheet feeder

Printer boards
Printer motors
Printer sensors
Controller board diagram
RIP board diagram
Engine board diagram
Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) diagram
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) diagram
Wiring diagrams
DC power supply wiring diagram
MP feeder and registration wiring diagram
Drives wiring diagram
Printhead wiring diagram
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) wiring diagram
Developer wiring diagram
Fuser wiring diagram
Boards wiring diagrams
550-sheet feeder wiring diagram
Duplex unit wiring diagram
Fax controller wiring diagram
Scanner imaging wiring diagram
Scanner imaging wiring diagram
Automatic document feeder (ADF) wiring diagram

Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Screw identification table
Scanner adjustment
Printer color registration
Automatic color registration adjustment
Manual color registration
Enabling/Disabling Automatic Color Registration
Printhead adjustment
Removal procedures
Bottom cover removal
Tray cover removal
Front cover assembly removal
Front cover cable harness removal
Inner left pole cover removal
Inner right pole cover removal
Left cover removal
Left pole cover removal
MP feeder cover assembly removal
Rear cover removal
Right cover removal
Right pole cover removal
Top cover removal
550-sheet feeder removal
550-sheet feeder caster removal
550-sheet feeder controller board
550-sheet feeder feed clutch removal
550-sheet feeder drive assembly removal
550-sheet feeder foot removal
550-sheet feeder no paper sensor removal
550-sheet feeder feed roll kit removal
550-sheet feeder size switch assembly removal
550-sheet feeder tray separator roll removal
550-sheet feeder turn clutch removal
ADF maintenance kit removal
ADF feed roll
ADF separator pad and spring
ADF tray assembly removal
Controller board removal
Duplex clutch removal
Duplex gate removal
Duplex motor assembly removal
Duplex roll 1 assembly removal
Duplex roll 2 assembly removal
Duplex unit removal
EEPROM card removal
Engine board removal
Engine board cage removal
Erase lamp assembly removal
Exit assembly removal
Extension cover removal
Fan assembly removal
Fax card removal
Feed clutch removal
Feed drive assembly removal
Feed roll kit removal-250-sheet tray assembly
Fuser removal
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) removal
Humidity sensor removal
Interlock harness removal
Left door link assembly removal
Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) removal
Main drive removal
Memory card removal
MP feeder feed roll removal
MP feeder feed solenoid removal
MP feeder no paper sensor removal
MP feeder separator roll assembly removal
Multi-Protocol Network Card removal
No paper sensor removal
Operator panel removal
Operator panel cable harness removal
Paper feed assembly removal
Power switch
Printhead assembly removal
Registration clutch removal
Registration sensor removal
Right door link assembly removal (18)
RIP board removal
RIP board cage removal
Scanner assembly removal
Separator roll removal-250-sheet tray assembly
Size switch assembly removal
Smart Chip contact removal
Speaker assembly removal
Spur assembly removal
Toner cartridge removal
Toner motor removal
Toner sensor assembly (black) removal
Toner sensor assembly (cyan, magenta, yellow) removal
Transfer belt removal
Transparency sensor LED removal
Transparency sensor removal
Turn clutch assembly removal
Turn roll assembly removal

Safety inspection guide
Cleaning the MFP

How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Front cover and operator panel
Assembly 3: Scanner
Assembly 4: Imaging
Assembly 5: Paper transport
Assembly 6: 250-sheet tray assembly
Assembly 7: Electrical 1
Assembly 8: Electrical 2
Assembly 9: Duplex
Assembly 10: 550-sheet feeder 1
Assembly 11: 550-sheet feeder 2
Assembly 12: Options and supplies
Part number index

Number of pages: 550.