Lexmark X642e X644e X646e MFP Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark X642e X644e X646e MFP. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Laser notices

Maintenance approach
Configured models
Data streams
Memory configuration
Recommended operating clearances
Power requirements
Electrical specifications
Media specifications
Paper and specialty media guidelines
Supported print media
Print media sizes
Print media types
Print media weights
Selecting print media
Paper characteristics
Card stock
Storing print media
Avoiding jams
Tools required

Symptom tables
Service errors (8xx.xx and 9xx.xx-s)
User status and attendance messages
Additional information
Understanding the MFP operator panel
MFP operator panels
Home screen and Home screen buttons
Buttons and touchscreen icon buttons
Symptom tables
Printer symptoms
Scanner-ADF symptoms
Scanner-flatbed symptoms
Scanner-scan quality
High-capacity feeder (2000-sheet) symptoms
Paper tray symptoms
Duplex option symptoms
Envelope feeder symptoms
Messages and error codes
Service error codes
Sub error codes for 8xx, 9xx, and 2xx error codes
User status displays
User attendance messages
User line 2 link messages
Check device connection messages
User attendance messages-paper jams and paper handling errors (2xx.xx)
Service checks
202.03 Error code service check
202.06 Error code service check
290.00 Error code service check
290.01 Error code service check
290.02 Error code service check
290.10 Error code service check
291.00 Error code service check
291.01 Error code service check
291.02 Error code service check
292.00 Error code service check
293 Error code service check
294.00 Error code service check
294.01 Error code service check
294.02 Error code service check
294.03 Error code service check
298.01 Error code service check-models X644e/X646e
298.02 Error code service check
842.xx Error code service check
843.xx Error code service check
845.00 Error code service check
848.00 Error code service check
848.01 Error code service check
900.xx Error code service check
900.90 Error code service check
927.xx Fan service check
Main fan service check
Cartridge fan service check
950.00 through 950.29 EPROM mismatch failure
950.30 through 950.60 EPROM mismatch failure
ADF paper length sensor service check-models X644e/X646e
ADF paper width sensor service check-models X644e/X646e
Charge roll service check
Cover closed sensors service check-flatbed
Cover closed switch/cable service check-printer
Dead machine service check
Duplex option service check
Envelope feeder service check
Flatbed size sensor service check
Fuser service checks
920.xx-Cold fuser service check
922.xx-Cold fuser check
923.xx-Hot fuser service check
924.xx-Hot fuser service check
925.xx-Hot fuser service check
Fuser exit sensor service check
Fuser narrow media sensor service check
High-capacity feeder input tray service check
Input sensor service check
Input tray(s) service check
Interface card service check
LCD touchscreen contrast control service check-model X642e
LCD touchscreen display service check-models X644e/X646e
Main drive service check
Operator panel Help and Home buttons service check-model X642e
Operator panel Menu button service check-model X642e
Operator panel right cover assembly service check
Options service check
Flash memory option(s)
DRAM memory option(s)
Hard disk option
Output bin sensor standard tray service check
Paper feed service check-printer
Paper size sensing service check
Parallel port service check
Print quality service check
Scan quality service check
Signature button assembly service check
System board service check
Toner sensor service check
Transfer roll service check

Accessing service menus
Diagnostics Menu
Entering Diagnostics Menu
Available tests
Registration (printer)
Quick Test
Input source tests
Printing Quality Pages
Panel Test
Button Test
Parallel Wrap test
Serial Wrap test
Quick Test (duplex)
Top Margin (duplex)
Sensor Test (duplex)
Motor Test (duplex)
Duplex Feed 1
Duplex Feed 2
Feed Tests (input tray)
Sensor Test (input tray)
Feed Tests (output bins)
Sensor Test (standard output bin)
Quick Disk Test
Disk Test/Clean
Flash Test
Printed Page Count
Permanent Page Count
Serial Number
Envelope Enhance
Engine Setting 1 through 4
Model Name
Configuration ID
Edge to Edge
Parallel strobe adjustment (Par x Strobe Adj)
EP Defaults
Fuser Temperature (Fuser Temp)
Fuser Page Count
Warm Up Time
Print Contrast
Charge Roll
Gap Adjust
Display Log
Print Log
Clear Log
Feed Test
Scanner Manual Registration
Sensor Tests
Configuration menu (CONFIG MENU)
Entering Configuration Menu
Available menus
Maintenance Page Count
Reset Maintenance Counter
Print Quality Pages
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Factory Defaults
Energy Conserve
Min Copy Memory
Format Fax Storage
ADF Edge Erase
FB Edge Erase
Automatic Scanner Registration
Paper Prompts
Envelope Prompts
Jobs On Disk
Disk Encryption
Wipe Disk
Font Sharpening
Require Standby
LES Applications
Key Repeat Initial Delay
Key Repeat Rate
Wiper Message
Exit Configuration Menu
Autocompensator operation
Autoconnect system, paper tray options, envelope feeder-electrical
Autoconnect cabling and connectors
Duplex Option
Option microcode
Paper feed jams
Identifying jams
Access doors and trays
Understanding jam messages
Clearing jams
250 Paper Jam Check MP Feeder
260 Paper Jam Check Env Feeder
23x and 24x jams
200 and 201 Paper Jam Remove Cartridge
202 Paper Jam Open Rear Door
23x Paper Jam Open Duplex Rear Door
Clearing ADF jams
290, 291, 292, and 294 Scanner Jams

Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Adjustment procedures
Fuser solenoid adjustment
Gap adjustment
Printhead assembly adjustment-printer
Paper alignment assembly adjustment
Scanner registration
Automatic Scanner Registration
Manual registration
Removal procedures
Scanner ADF and flatbed removals
ADF front cover removal
ADF pick assembly removal
ADF rear cover removal
ADF top cover removal
Scanner left side cover removal
Front flatbed cover removal
Scan cover (flatbed) removal
Scanner right side cover removal
ADF attach screws removal
ADF CCD module assembly removal (models X644e/X646e)
ADF complete assembly removal
ADF upper entrance guide assembly removal
CCD belt removal
CCD belt tension spring removal
Cover closing actuator removal
Cover closed actuator removal
Document tray assembly removal
Flatbed CCD ribbon cable removal
Flatbed CCD module assembly removal
Flatbed contact glass removal
Flatbed white cushion removal
Flatbed interconnect card removal
Flatbed paper length sensor assembly removal
Flatbed scan assembly removal
Flatbed scan motor assembly removal
Hard disk removal
Home sensor removal
Lower exit guide assembly removal
Pickup solenoid assembly removal
Scanner control card removal
Scanner flatbed glass holder assembly removal
Separator assembly torque limiter removal
Upper glass holder removal
Printer removals
Fuser wiper cover assembly removal
Upper sub cover removal
Upper tray cover removal (paper support)
Printer left side cover removal
Redrive door
Printer right cover removal
Operator panel left cover assembly removal
Operator panel right cover assembly removal
Touchscreen bezel removal
LCD touchscreen removal models X644e and X646e
LCD touchscreen removal model X642e
Multipurpose feeder/lower front cover assembly removal
Left cover handle holder removal
Right cover handle holder removal
Left and right frame extensions
Pass thru plate
Bevel gear removal
Developer drive assembly removal
Developer drive coupler kit removal
ESD cover removal
Fuser assembly removal
Fuser exit sensor removal
Fuser exit sensor flag and spring removal
Fuser lamp removal
Fuser narrow media sensor removal
Fuser narrow media flag and spring removal
Fuser to LVPS AC cable removal
Fuser top cover removal
Fuser transfer plate removal
Gear release link removal
High voltage power supply removal
Inner paper deflector assembly removal
Input sensor removal
Integrated tray autocompensator assembly removal
Integrated tray autocompensator pick roll assembly removal
Interface card assembly removal
LCD inverter card assembly removal
Low voltage power supply removal
Main fan removal
Main drive assembly removal
Modem removal
MPF arm assembly removal
MPF lower paper deflector
MPF pick tire removal
MPF solenoid assembly removal
Paper alignment assembly removal
Paper bin full sensor flag removal
Paper size sensing board removal
Power takeoff shaft and spring removal
Printer outer shield removal
Printhead removal
Redrive assembly removal
Signature button contact assembly removal
System board and inner shield removal-model X642e
System board and inner shield removal -models X644e/X646e
Toner sensor removal
Transfer roll assembly removal
Upper cover removal (printer)
Upper front cover hinge assembly removal
Upper paper deflector assembly removal
USB card

System board
Fuser board
High voltage power supply
Interface card
USB card
Low voltage power supply
Operator panel card (UICC #1)-model X642e
Operator panel card (UICC #1)-models X644e/X646e
LCD inverter board (IUCC #2)
Scanner control card
Motor driver board
Flatbed interconnect card
Modem card
Preventive maintenance
Safety inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Scheduled maintenance
Maintenance kit
Cleaning the scanner glass, cushions, and strips

How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers-printer (model X642e)
Assembly 2: Cover-printer (models X644e and X646e)
Assembly 3: Covers-ADF scanner
Assembly 4: Frame 1
Assembly 5: Frame 2
Assembly 6: Frame 3
Assembly 7: Scanner automatic document feeder (ADF)-pickup
Assembly 8: Scanner ADF-paper feed
Assembly 9: Scanner ADF-lower exit guide assembly
Assembly 10: Scanner ADF-motors and belts
Assembly 11: Scanner ADF-sensors
Assembly 12: Scanner-flatbed
Assembly 13: Printhead
Assembly 14: Paper feed-autocompensator
Assembly 15: Paper feed-multipurpose feeder
Assembly 16: Paper feed-alignment
Assembly 17: Integrated 500-sheet paper tray
Assembly 18: Drives-Main drive and developer drive
Assembly 19: Hot roll fuser
Assembly 20: Transfer/charging
Assembly 21: Electronics-power supplies
Assembly 22: Electronics-card assemblies
Assembly 23: Electronics-shields
Assembly 24: Cabling diagram 1
Assembly 25: Cabling diagram 2
Assembly 26: Cabling diagram 3
Assembly 27: Cabling diagram 4-model X642e
Assembly 28: Cabling diagram 4-models X644e/X646e
Assembly 29: Cabling diagram 5
Assembly 30: Cabling diagram 6-model X642e
Assembly 31: Cabling diagram 6-models X644e/X646e
Assembly 32: Cabling diagram 7
Assembly 33: Cabling diagram 8-model X642e
Assembly 34: Cabling diagram 8-models X644e/X646e
Assembly 35: Optional 250-sheet paper drawer
Assembly 36: Optional 250-sheet paper tray
Assembly 37: Optional 500-sheet paper drawer
Assembly 38: Optional 500-sheet paper tray
Assembly 39: Duplex option
Assembly 40: Envelope feeder
Assembly 41: High-capacity feeder 1
Assembly 42: High-capacity feeder 2
Assembly 43: High-capacity feeder 3
Assembly 44: High-capacity feeder 4
Assembly 45: Options
Part number index

Number of pages: 525.