Lexmark X734de X736de X738de X738dte MFP Service Manual and Parts List Manual

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Lexmark.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Lexmark X734de X736de X738de X738dte MFP. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Notices and safety information
Laser notice
Lithium warning
Safety information

Options and features
Media options
Memory options
Printer and scanner specifications
Multiple function printer specifications
Data streams
Environment specifications
Electrical and power specifications
Acoustic specifications
Media specifications
Input and output capacities
Input and output sizes and types
Paper guidelines
Tools required for service

Operator panel and menus
Operator panel
Buttons, icons, and light description
Administrative Menu
Power-on self test (POST) sequence
Symptom tables
Printer symptom table
Print quality symptom table
User status and attendance messages
Error codes and messages
Service checks
110.xx-Mirror motor service check
111.xx, 112.xx, 113.xx, and 114.xx-Printhead error service check
120.xx-Fuser error service check
140.xx, 920.02-Autocomp (tray 1) motor error service check
142.xx, 906.01-906.04-Motor (fuser) error service check
143.xx-Motor (EP drive assembly top cartridge) error service check
144.xx-Motor (EP drive assembly middle cartridge) error service check
145.xx-Motor (EP drive assembly bottom cartridge) error service check
146.xx, 148.xx-Motor (MPF/duplex) error service check
147.xx, 920.01-Motor (aligner) error service check
155.xx-Cam motor error service check
156.xx-COD (Color On Demand) motor error service check
160.xx, 161.xx-Motor Error (option tray 2) service check
162.xx, 163.xx-Motor (option tray 3) error service check
164.xx, 165.xx-Motor Error (option tray 4) service check
166.xx, 167.xx-Motor Error (option tray 5) service check
168.xx-Motor (HCIT elevator) error service check
200.11, 250.03-Paper Jam error service check
201.06, 201.31-Paper Jam error service check
203.09-Paper Jam error service check
230.03, 230.05-Paper Jam error service check
242.02-Paper Jam error service check
242.03, 242.11-Paper Jam service check
242.05-Paper Jam service check
242.10-Paper Jam service check
242.17-Paper Jam service check
242.26-Paper Jam service check
242.27-Paper Jam service check
242.29-Paper Jam service check
243.02-Paper Jam service check
243.03, 243.11-Paper Jam service check
243.05-Paper Jam service check
243.10-Paper Jam service check
243.17-Paper Jam service check
243.26-Paper Jam service check
243.27-Paper Jam service check
243.29-Paper Jam service check
244.02-Paper Jam service check
244.03, 244.11-Paper Jam service check
244.05-Paper Jam service check
244.10-Paper Jam service check
244.17-Paper Jam service check
244.26-Paper Jam service check
244.27-Paper Jam service check
244.29-Paper Jam service check
245.02-Paper Jam service check
245.03, 245.11-Paper Jam service check
245.05-Paper Jam service check
245.10-Paper Jam service check
245.17-Paper Jam service check
245.29-Paper Jam service check
290.01, 290.02-Scanner ADF pickup/feed jam service check
292.00-Scanner ADF cover open jam service check
293.02-Flatbed cover open jam service check
842.xx-Scanner Failure-Communication failure service check
843.00-Scanner Failure-Carriage failed to move service check
843.01, 843.02-Scanner Failure service check
844.xx-Scanner Error-scan module output level error service check
845.xx-Scanner Failure service check
846.xx-Front calibration strip error service check
900.05-Transfer module error service check
902.59-Engine software error, NVRAM MGR problem
920.03, 920.25-Transfer Module Missing error service check
920.04-POST error service check
920.05-POST-printhead motor not connected error service check
920.07-POST error service check
920.09-POST-Four toner sensor not connected error service check
920.10-POST-Three toner sensors not connected error service check
920.11-POST-Two toner sensors not connected error service check
920.12-POST-One sensor not connected error service check
920.13-POST error service check
920.14-POST-Cartridge motor 2 not connected error service check
920.15, 920.20-POST-Bad transfer module NVRAM data error service check
920.16-POST error service check
920.17-POST error service check
920.18-POST-Cartridge motor 3 not connected error service check
920.19-POST-Transfer module stepper motor not connected error service check
920.21-POST error service check
920.23-POST error service check
920.26-POST service check
920.27, 920.28, 920.29-POST (power on self test) service check
925.01, 925.03, 925.05-Fan error service check
925.02, 925.04, 925.06-Blower error service check
945.xx, 947.xx-Transfer roll error service check
950.00-950.29-EPROM mismatch failure
956.xx-System board failure service check
5 V interlock switch service check
24 V interlock switch removal
ADF exit sensor service check
ADF input sensor service check
ADF jam sensor service check
ADF skew sensor service check
ADF scanning sensor service check
Bubble sensor service check
Dead printer service check
Exit sensor service check
Input sensor service check
Networking service check
Operator panel service check
Print quality service check

Accessing test and diagnostic procedure menus
Diagnostics menu
Diagnostics menu structure
Available tests
Scanner Tests
Alignment Menu
Motor tests
Print Tests
Hardware Tests
Duplex Tests
Sensor Tests
Printhead Tests
Device Tests
Printer Setup
EP Setup
Event Log
Configuration menu (CONFIG MENU)
Available tests
Reset Fuser Count
USB Scan to Local
Color Lock Out
Prt Quality Pages
Color Trapping
Size Sensing
Panel Menus
PPDS Emulation
Download Emuls
Factory Defaults
Energy Conserve
NumPad Job Assist
Min Copy Memory
Format Fax Storage
Fax Storage Location
ADF Edge Erase
FB Edge Erase
Scanner Manual Registration
Disable Scanner
Automatic Color Adjust
Auto Align Adj
Enforce Color Order
Color Alignment
Color Adj State
Motor Calibration
Paper Prompts
Envelope Prompts
Action for Prompts
Duplex Gloss
Jobs on Disk
Disk Encryption
Wipe Disk
Duplex Gloss
Font Sharpening
Require Standby
LES Applications
Key Repeat Initial Delay
Key Repeat Rate
Clear Custom Status
Pel Blurring
USB Speed
Exit Config Menu
Service Engineer (SE) Menu
Front cover locked in place
Printhead verification
Paper Jams
Error jam locations
Clearing jams
Understanding jam messages

Safety information
Removal and cleaning precautions
Handling ESD-sensitive parts
Handing the photoconductor unit
Parts not to be touched
Screw and retainer identification table
Printhead alignment
Printer removal procedures
Precautions to take before maintenance work
Multifunction printer removals
Front access cover assembly removal
Left cover removal
Left door cover removal
Operator panel assembly removal
Operator panel bezel removal
Operator panel buttons removal
Output bin extension cover removal
Rear cover removal
Rear frame cover removal
Right cover removal
Top access cover assembly removal
Top cover assembly removal
5 V interlock switch cable removal
24 V interlock switch removal
Bin full sensor assembly removal
Cartridge cooling fan removal
Cartridge motor 1/fuser cable removal
Cartridge motor 2/3 cable removal
Color on demand assembly removal
Contact springs removal
Cooling fan removal
Cooling fan filter removal
Duplex reference edge guide assembly removal
Electrophotographic (EP) drive assembly removal
Fax modem removal
Front door assembly removal
Front door assembly front cable (left) removal
Front door assembly front cable (right) removal
Fuser assembly removal
Fuser AC cable removal
Fuser DC cable removal
Hard drive assembly removal
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) removal
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) cable removal
Left bellcrank assembly removal
Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) removal
Motor driver cable removal
Motor driver card removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF)/duplex gear and housing removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF)/duplex motor assembly removal
Multipurpose feeder (MPF)/duplex motor cable removal
Option cable removal
Paper pick mechanism assembly removal
Photoconductor unit removal
Pick tires removal and replacement
Printer pad removal
Printhead removal, installation, and adjustment
Right bellcrank assembly removal
System board removal
System board support shield removal
Toner level sensor removal
Top access cover links removal
Top access cover sensor removal
Top cover camshaft assembly removal
Transfer module removal
Transport cable removal
Transport motor cable removal
UICC card removal
UICC cable removal
USB connector cable removal (front panel)
Waste toner assembly removal
Wireless network antenna removal
Wireless network card removal
Scanner flatbed and automatic document feeder (ADF)
ADF front cover removal
ADF front side cover removal
ADF handle cover removal
ADF motor side cover removal
ADF upper case cover removal
Flatbed cave LED card and cover removal
Flatbed with glass cover removal
Input tray removal
Scanner front cover removal
Scanner left cover removal
Scanner rear cover removal
Scanner right cover removal
ADF removal (entire)
ADF case assembly removal
ADF closed cover flag removal
ADF exit sensor (with cable) removal
ADF hinge (left and right) removal
ADF motor gear train removal
ADF paper stop removal
ADF pick pad removal
ADF pick pad spring removal
ADF pick roller assembly removal
ADF pressure plate cover removal
ADF separator pad removal
Carriage transport belt with clip removal
ESD brush removal
Flatbed air filter removal
Flatbed CCD lamp assembly removal
Flatbed CCD carrier module removal
Flatbed cooling fan removal
Flatbed scanner removal
Paper present LED card removal
Scanner ICC card removal
Scanner ICC cable removal
Scanner MDC card removal
High-capacity input tray (HCIT) option removals
HCIT media tray assembly removal
HCIT front tray cover removal
HCIT rear cover removal
HCIT right cover removal
HCIT left cover removal
Feed with bushing roller removal
HCIT controller board assembly removal
HCIT drawer slide assembly removal
HCIT elevator motor with sensor removal
HCIT pick tires removal
HCIT slide assembly with spring removal
Photointerrupter sensor with cable assembly removal
Top plate assembly removal

Locations-printer base
System board

Safety inspection guide
Lubrication specifications
Cleaning the scanner glass
Cleaning the ADF parts
Cleaning the printhead lenses
Spare ADF supplies

How to use this parts catalog
Assembly 1: Covers-printer
Assembly 2: Front
Assembly 3: Right
Assembly 4: Rear
Assembly 5: Left
Assembly 6: Top
Assembly 7: Cable parts packet
Assembly 8: Covers-scanner
Assembly 9: Automatic document feeder (ADF)
Assembly 10: Flatbed scanner
Assembly 11: Optional 550-sheet media drawer and tray
Assembly 12: Optional special media tray assembly
Assembly 13: Optional high-capacity input option (HCIT)
Assembly 14: Options and features

Part number index

Number of pages: 582.