Mutoh Spitfire 65/90 Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Mutoh Spitfire 65/90 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Warnings, Cautions and Notes
1.3. Important safety instructions
1.4. Warning labels
1.5 Labels in function of transportation

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Features
2.3. Part names and functions
2.3.1. Front
2.3.2. Back
2.3.3. Position and function of the heating elements
2.3.4. Operation panel
2.4. Printer status
2.4.1. Normal
2.4.2. Setting menu display
2.4.3. Changing the printer status

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Product Specifications
3.3. Interface Specifications
3.4. Installation
3.4.1. Choosing a place for the printer
3.4.2. Installing the printer

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Removing the cover
4.2.1. Removing the I/H cover
4.2.2. Removing side cover R
4.2.3. Removing side cover L
4.2.4. Removing the front cover
4.2.5. Removing the panel unit assembly
4.2.6. Removing the Y rail cover
4.2.7. Removing front paper guide
4.2.8. Removing rear paper guide
4.2.9. Removing the head cover
4.2.10. Removing the maintenance cover
4.3. Replacement of the heater element
4.3.1. Heater elements
4.4. Replacing Board Bases
4.4.1 Replacing the Mainboard assembly, HDD_Extension board assembly,
HEAD_DRV board assembly, PCI_Linux board assembly and cooling fan assembly 66
4.4.2. Replacing the power source board assembly
4.4.3. Replacing the inlet assembly, inlet board assembly and lever foot SW cable assembly
4.4.4. Replacing the JUNCTION board assembly
4.5. Replacing the PF Actuator
4.5.1. Replacing the PF motor assembly
4.5.2. Replacing the PF_ENC assembly and PF scale assembly
4.5.3. Replacing the PF deceleration pulley assembly
4.5.4. Replacing the PF deceleration belt
4.5.5. Replacing the P_REAR_R sensor assembly and P_REAR_L sensor assembly
4.5.6. Replacing the suction fan assembly
4.5.7. Replacing the lever motor assembly and the arm motor installation board
4.5.8. Replacing the transmission photosensor
4.5.9. Replacing the flushing box assembly
4.6. Replacing the CR Actuator
4.6.1. Replacing the CR motor assembly
4.6.2. Replacing the steel belt
4.6.3. Replacing the SLIDE motor assembly, HD_SLIDE sensor assembly, and slide motor installation board
4.6.4. Replacing the T fence (Timing fence or Linear Y-Axis Encoder)
4.6.5. Replacing the CR slave pulley assembly
4.6.6. Replacing the CR actuator pulley and the CR deceleration belt
4.6.7. Replacing the steel bearer, tube guide, CR tape power cable and ink tube
4.6.8. Replace the cover R sensor assembly and the cover L sensor assembly
4.7. Replacing the Cursor
4.7.1. Replacing the cutter holder, cutter spring, cutter cap, solenoid assembly and solenoid spring
4.7.2. Replacing the print head assembly and head tape power cable
4.7.3. Replacing the H ink tube, tube branch and damper assembly
4.7.4. Replacing the CR board assembly
4.7.5. Replacing the CR_ENC assembly
4.7.6. Replacing the P_EDGE sensor assembly
4.7.7. Replacing the CR cursor assembly
4.7.8. Replacing the cursor roller assembly
4.8. Replacing the MAINTENANCE station Area
4.8.1. Replacing the Capping Station Assembly (Maintenance Assembly)
4.8.1. Assembling the Capping Station
4.8.3. Replacing the caps
4.8.4. Replacing the wiper and wiperarm and replace the sponge
4.8.5. Replacing the SLIDE motor assembly (wiper arm)
4.8.6. Replacing the transmission photosensor (wiper home position and maintenance
home position)
4.9. Replacing the Pump Area
4.9.1. Replacing the pump assembly
4.9.2. Replacing the pump
4.9.3. Replacing the pump motor assembly
4.10. Replacing the Cartridge Area
4.10.1. Replacing the I/H (ink holder) assembly
4.11. Replacing Supports and Scroller
4.11.1. Replacing the waste fluid bottle assembly
4.11.2. Replacing the waste bottle box sensor assembly

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Preparation
5.2.1. Preparations on Machine
5.2.2. Starting Up
5.3. Operations in Self-Diagnosis Mode
5.3.1. Operating Self-Diagnosis Mode
5.3.2. Diagnosis Items in Self-Diagnosis Menu
5.4. Test / Inspection Menu
5.4.1. RAM Capacity Menu
5.4.2. Version Menu
5.4.3. Operation Panel Menu
5.4.4. Sensor Menu
5.4.5. Encoder Menu
5.4.6. Fan Menu
5.4.7. History Menu
5.4.8. Head Signal Menu
5.5. Adjustment Menu
5.5.1. Skew Check Menu
5.5.2. Head rank input menu
5.5.3 Head Nozzle Check Menu
5.5.4. Head Slant Check Menu
5.5.5. Repeatability Adjustment (Bi-Directional)
5.5.6. CW adjustments (Uni-Directional)
5.5.7. Band Feed Correction Menu (X Length)
5.5.8. Top & bottom adjustment menu
5.5.9. P_REAR sensor position adjustment menu
5.5.10. Test print menu
5.5.11. Head wash menu
5.5.12. Software Counter Initialization Menu
5.5.13. Feed Pitch Check Menu
5.5.14. Fill printing menu
5.6. Purge Menu
5.7. Sample Printing Menu
5.8. Parameter Menu
5.8.1. Parameter Initialization Menu
5.8.2. Parameter Update Menu
5.9. Endurance Running Menu
5.9.1. CR Motor Endurance Menu
5.9.2. PF Motor Endurance Menu
5.9.3. Cutter Endurance menu
5.9.4. Head Up/Down Endurance Menu
5.9.5. Head Lock Endurance menu
5.9.6. Pump Endurance menu
5.9.7. Lever Motor Endurance Menu
5.9.8. Sequential Printing Endurance Menu
5.9.9. General Endurance Menu
5.9.10. Endurance Running Check Menu
5.10. Head Lock Menu
5.11. Heater System menu
5.11.1. Heater Status Menu
5.11.2. Heater Temperature Menu
5.11.3. Heater Test 30 Menu
5.11.4. Heater Test 50 Menu
5.11.5. Heater Test Max Menu
5.11.6. Test Aging Menu
5.11.7. Heater Version Menu
5.12. Sol Prepare menu
5.13. SMS MEnu
5.13. Machine size select menu

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Operating Maintenance Mode
6.2.1. Starting Up Maintenance Mode
6.2.2. Operating Maintenance Mode
6.3. Maintenance Menu
6.3.1. Counter Display Menu
6.3.2. Counter Initialization Menu
6.3.3. MAC address write enable menu
6.3.4 Head Voltage

7.1. Introduction
7.2. Adjustment
7.3. Parameter backup
7.3.1. Tools required for work
7.3.2. Procedure for creating backup parameters
7.3.3. Backup parameter installation procedure
7.4. Firmware installation
7.4.1. Tools required for work
7.4.2. Installation procedure
7.5. Steel belt tension adjustment
7.5.1. Tools required for work
7.5.2. Adjustment Procedure
7.6. PF deceleration belt tension adjustment
7.6.1. Tools required for work
7.6.2. Adjustment Procedure
7.7. Head precision adjustment (slant)
7.7.1 Head slant adjustment
7.7.2. Front and back of head adjustment
7.8. Repeatability Adjustment (Bi-Directional)
7.9. CW adjustments (Uni-Directional)
7.10. CR deceleration belt tension adjustment
7.10.1. Tools required for work
7.10.2. Adjustment Procedure
7.11. Cover sensor adjustment
7.12. Head height adjustment
7.12.1. Tools required for work
7.12.2. Adjustment Procedure
7.13. Media sensor sensitivity adjustment
7.13.1. Tools required for work
7.13.2. Adjustment Procedure
7.14. Cutter adjustment
7.15. Pump tubing layout for pump assembly
7.15.1 Pump tubing layout
7.16. Board checklist
7.16.1. Power supply board
7.16.2. Control board
7.16.3. Power board
7.16.4. Heater Elements
7.16.5. Checklist
7.17 Flushing box height position adjustment

8.1. Introduction
8.2. Cleaning
8.3. Periodical Services
8.3.1. Service by end-user
8.3.2. Service by authorised Mutoh technician
8.4. Part Life Information
8.5. Jig and Tool List
8.5.1. Required Tools
8.6. Lubrication/Bonding
8.7. Transportation of Machine

9.1. Introduction
9.2. Troubleshooting procedures when a message has been displayed
9.2.1. Operating condition display
9.2.2. Message type errors
9.2.3. Heating system error
9.2.4. Data error
9.2.5. Command errors
9.2.6. Errors requiring restart
9.3. Troubleshooting procedures when errors are not displayed
9.3.1. Problems relating to initial operation
9.3.2. Problems relating to paper feed
9.3.3. Problems relating to the printing operation
9.3.4. Problems relating to noise
9.3.5. Problems relating to the paper cutting operation
9.3.6. Problems relating to online and functions
9.3.7. Other problems

10.1. Introduction
10.2 Wiring Diagram
10.4. Service Parts List/Exploded Views/Configuration Diagrams

Number of pages: 319.