Oki C911/C931/C941 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Oki C911/C931/C941 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 System configuration
1.2 Printer configuration
1.3 Composition of optional items
1.4 Specifications
1.5 Interface specifications
1.5.1 USB interface specifications USB interface overview USB interface connectors and cables USB interface signals
1.5.2 Network interface specifications Network interface overview Connector and cable of network interface Network interface signals

2.1 Electrophotographic process mechanism
2.2 Printing process
2.3 Low-voltage Power Supply
2.3.1 Operation
2.3.2 Power-supply Voltage in Each Mode
2.3.3 Thermistor for Temperature Alarm
2.4 Cover Opening and Closing Detection Switch
2.5 Initialization processing

3.1 Cautions, and do’s and don’ts
3.2 Installation instructions
3.3 Cautions for mounting expansion tray units
3.4 Cautions for Banner Tray
3.5 Cautions for Packing
4.1 Important notes to start the repair work
4.2 Matters to be checked before taking corrective actions against abnormalities
4.3 Precautions when taking corrective actions against abnormalities
4.4 Preparation for troubleshooting
4.5 Troubleshooting methods
4.5.1 LCD message list
4.5.2 Preparation for troubleshooting
4.5.3 Troubleshooting the abnormal images
4.5.4 Network troubleshooting
4.6 Fuse check
4.7 Paper cassette switches and paper size correlation table

5.1 System maintenance menu (for maintenance personnel)
5.2 Maintenance Utility
5.3 User maintenance menu functions
5.3.1 Maintenance menu (for end-users)
5.3.2 Self-diagnostic mode Operator panel Normal self-diagnostic mode (Level 1) Entering self-diagnostic mode (level 1) Exiting self-diagnostic mode Switch scan test Motor and clutch test Test print Color registration adjustment test Density adjustment test Adjustment of Media Thickness Sensor Adjustment of Paper Width Sensor Consumable counter display Print counter display Factory-Shipping mode switching Self-diagnostic function setting LED head serial number display Drum Manual Cleaning Error code display
5.3.3 Printing on stand-alone basis
5.3.4 Button-pressed functions at power-on
5.4 Setup after part replacement
5.4.1 Notes on PU/ CU board replacement
5.5 Manual density adjustment setting
5.6 Boot Menu List

6.1 Notes on replacement of parts
6.2 Part replacement procedure
6.2.1 Toner Cartridge
6.2.2 Image Drum
6.2.3 Belt Unit
6.2.4 Transfer roller unit
6.2.5 Fuser unit
6.2.6 Waste toner box
6.2.7 LED Head
6.2.8 Cassette-Assy/Guide-Assy-Tail/Label-Tray/Indicator-Paper-Size
6.2.9 Cover-Assy-TC
6.2.10 Cover-Assy-OP-Panel
6.2.11 Lever-Stacker-Full
6.2.12 Eject-Assy-Joboff/Motor-Joboff
6.2.13 Guide-Assy-Eject-M
6.2.14 Sheet-OP-Panel/Plate-Logo/Plate-Name
6.2.15 Cover-Assy-Top-B
6.2.16 Duplex-Unit
6.2.17 Duplex-Board(Board-FIT-1)(Duplex unit control PCB)
6.2.18 Cover-Assy-Front
6.2.19 Filter-Front/Motor-FAN/Board-F1E(External LED PCB)
6.2.20 Board-F1D(Driver relay PCB)/Board-F1Y(PU/CU PCB)/ Board-F1X(Spot color PCB) /Board-Memory/FAN
6.2.21 Board-AHV( High-voltage power supply PCB)
6.2.22 Motor-Assy-ID
6.2.23 Board-AHR(High-voltage relay PCB)
6.2.24 Board-TAGRW/FFC-Cable/Motor-FAN
6.2.25 Low-Voltage-Power-Unit/Low-Voltage-FAN/Geard-Motor
6.2.26 Paper size sensor
6.2.27 Belt-Drive-Assy/Fuser-Drive-Assy/Belt-Mini-Pitch
6.2.28 MPT-Unit
6.2.29 Hopper-Assy/Board-F1S(MPT relay PCB)
6.2.30 Clutch(Feeder-Assy)
6.2.31 Frame-Assy-TC/Frame-Assy-TC-R
6.2.32 Plate-Fix-Pivot
6.2.33 Board-F1H(Print head power relay PCB)/Board-MFH(Environmental sensor PCB)/ Board-F1G(Tag terminal PCB)/ Board-F1N(Toner-low sensor PCB)
6.2.34 Motor-Assy-Geard
6.2.35 EJ-Rail-Unit
6.2.37 Gear-Assy-Oneway-Z33/Gear-Assy-Oneway-Z33-R/ Board-F1L(Rail unit relay PCB)
6.2.38 Slide-Rail-Assy
6.2.39 Roller-Assy-Regist-2/Roller-Assy-Synchro/Regist-Sensor-Assy_753
6.2.40 Waste toner full sensor Board-F1N(Toner Low sensor PCB)
6.2.41 Motor-Assy-Regist
6.2.42 Connector-Assy-Fuser
6.2.43 Hopping-Unit
6.2.44 Roller-Assy-Regist-T
6.2.45 Board-F1K(Cassette sensor relay PCB)
6.2.46 Board-F1W(Soft switch PCB)
6.2.47 Sensor-Assy-Front/Motor-FAN
6.2.48 Holder-Head-F/Holder-Head-R
6.2.49 Paper Feed Roller
6.3 Portions Lubricated

7.1 Cleaning
7.2 Cleaning the LED lens array
7.3 Cleaning feed rollers
7.4 Cleaning feed rollers of the Multi-purpose Tray
7.5 Cleaning Belt Unit
7.6 Cleaning Pinch rollers
7.7 Cleaning Transfer roller unit and paper feeding route

8.1 Resistance value check
8.2 Parts location

& Parts Catalog