Oki MB472w Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Oki MB472w contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 System configuration
1.2 Structure of MFP
1.3 Offer of Options
1.4 Specifications
1.5 Interface specifications
1.5.1 USB Interface Specification Outline of USB Interface USB Interface Connector and Cable USB Interface Signal
1.5.2 Network Interface Specification Outline of Network Interface Network Interface Connector and Cable Network Interface Signal
1.5.3 Telephone Line Interface Specification Outline of telephone Line Interface Telephone Line Interface Connector and Cable Telephone Line Interface signal
1.5.4 USB Host Interface Outline of USB Host Interface USB Host Interface Connector USB Host Interface Signal
1.5.5 Wireless LAN Interface Outline of Wireless LAN

2.1 Precautions prior to repair
2.2 Items to be checked prior to taking action on abnormal images
2.3 Precautions when taking action on abnormal images
2.4 Preparations for troubleshooting
2.5 Troubleshooting method
2.5.1 LCD messages list
2.5.2 Service Call List
2.5.3 Fax Error List
2.5.4 Email/Internet FAX/FAX Server Error List
2.5.5 Preparing for troubleshooting
2.5.6 Print Troubleshooting
2.5.7 Response after Flash compulsive initialization
2.5.8 Copy Image Abnormality Error Troubleshooting
2.5.9 Network Troubleshooting
2.5.10 Wireless Troubleshooting
2.6 Fuse Checking

3.1 Maintenance Menu
3.2 Service Bit Menu
3.3 Maintenance Utility
3.3.1 Maintenance Utility
3.4 Self-diagnostic mode
3.4.1 Operator Panel
3.4.2 Ordinary self-diagnostic mode (level 1) Entering self-diagnostic mode (level 1) Exiting self-diagnostic mode Switch scan test Motor clutch test Test print Consumable item counter display Number of print copies counter display Switching between the Factory mode and the Shipping mode Self-diagnostic function setting LED head serial number display NVRAM parameter setting
3.4.3 Adjustment at part replacement EEPROM data upload / download method
3.5 Switch pressing function when power supply is turned on
3.6 Settings after Parts Replacement
3.6.1 Notes on CU/PU board (MRM) replacement
3.6.2 Notes on SU board (MSU)/Scanner Unit replacement

4.1 Notes on replacement of parts
4.2 Part replacement procedure
4.2.1 Cover Side (L)
4.2.2 Cover Side(R)
4.2.3 Board MRM
4.2.4 PWR unit
4.2.5 Cover Stay(R) / Cover Stay(L)
4.2.6 Cover Front (Top)
4.2.7 SW Assy
4.2.8 Scanner unit Tray-assy-document / Cover-ADF-R-assy ADF-unit Sheet-document / Paper-weight-assy / Spring-PW-ADF Hinge-assy-L / Hinge-assy-R Cover-ADF-F / Guide-assy-exit-sub / ADF-assy /
ADF board (MHD) Cover-assy-top-ADF / Guide-assy / Roller / Motor / Clutch /
Solenoid Guide-A-sub / Frame-assy-separator / Spring-separator /
Rubber-friction Cable (ADF-Rev SNS) Cable (ADF-Reg SNS) Frame-assy-OP Frame-OP-panel / OPE board LCD-assy Frame-assy-FB How to remove Battery (SU Board MSU) Frame-assy-hopping-ADF
4.2.9 Plate Stay L / Plate Assy Stay R
4.2.10 LED Head
4.2.11 Frame-Assy-TR
4.2.12 Duplex Belt Assy
4.2.13 DC Motor
4.2.14 Hopping Clutch / MPT Clutch / Regist Clutch
4.2.15 HV-Board / Motor-FAN
4.2.16 Cover Assy Stacker
4.2.17 Stacker Cover
4.2.18 Fuser Assy
4.2.19 MPT Assy
4.2.20 Cover Assy Rear
4.2.21 Guide Eject Lower Assy
4.2.22 Eject Motor
4.2.23 Plate Side R Assy / Plate Side L Assy / Front Assy
4.2.24 Plate Side L Assy
4.2.25 Plate Side R Assy
4.2.26 Roller Regist
4.2.27 Roller Feed Assy
4.2.28 Lever In Sensor / Lever WR Sensor / Photo Interrupter
4.2.29 Paper feeding roller (Roller-Pick-Up, Roller-Feed-NOW)
4.2.30 Paper feeding roller (Roller-Assy-MPT)
4.2.31 Frame-Assy-Retard, Spring-Retard
4.2.32 W-LAN Board ( for MB472dnw)
4.3 Lubrication point
4.3.1 Printer
4.3.2 Scanner

5.1 Cleaning
5.2 Cleaning of LED lens array
5.3 Cleaning the Feed rollers and the Retard roller
5.4 Cleaning the MPT Feed rollers
5.5 Cleaning Rollers in the ADF
5.6 Cleaning the Document Glass

6.1 Connection diagram
6.2 Board Layout
6.3 Resistance value
6.4 Firmware Information
6.4.1 ROM control numbers
6.4.2 Instruction of FW update
6.4.3 Checking and indication of the revision number
6.4.4 Stamp of maintenance board indication

7.1 List of Initialized range

Number of pages: 224.