Panasonic CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE CU-3E23SBE Outdoor Unit Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Panasonic CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE CU-3E23SBE Outdoor Unit;
Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your Air Conditioner.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your appliance.
Format of the Service Manual and Parts List Manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1. Safety Precautions
2. Specifications
2.1 CU-2E12SBE
2.2 CU-2E15SBE
2.3 CU-2E18SBE
2.4 CU-3E23SBE

3. Dimensions
3.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
3.2 CU-3E23SBE

4. Refrigeration Cycle Diagram
4.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
4.2 CU-3E23SBE

5. Block Diagram
5.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
5.2 CU-3E23SBE

6. Wiring Connection Diagram
6.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
6.2 CU-3E23SBE

7. Electronic Circuit Diagram
7.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
7.2 CU-3E23SBE

8. Printed Circuit Board
8.1 Main Printed Circuit Board
8.2 Noise Filter Printed Circuit Board
8.3 Display Printed Circuit Board
8.4 CPU Printed Circuit Board

9. Installation Information
9.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE
9.2 CU-2E18SBE
9.3 CU-3E23SBE

10. Installation Instruction
10.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE
10.2 CU-3E23SBE

11. Operation Control
11.1 Cooling Operation
11.2 Heating Operation
11.3 Outdoor Quiet Cooling Operation Control

12. Simultaneous Operation Control
13. Protection Control
13.1 Freeze Prevention control (Cool)
13.2 Dew Prevention control (Cool)
13.3 Electronic Parts Temperature Rise Protection 1 (Cool)
13.4 Electronic Parts Temperature Rise Protection 2 (Cool)
13.5 Cooling overload control (Cool)
13.6 Heating overload control (Heat)
13.7 Extreme Low Temperature Compressor low pressure protection control (Heat)
13.8 Deice Control
13.9 Time Delay Safety Control (Restart Control)
13.10 30 seconds Force Operation
13.11 Total Current Control
13.12 IPM (power transistor) Protection Control
13.13 Compressor Protection Control (Gas leak detection control 1)
13.14 Compressor Protection Control (Gas leak detection control 2)
13.15 Valve close detection control
13.16 Compressor discharge high pressure protection control

14. Servicing Mode
14.1 CU-3E23SBE
14.2 CU-2E12SBE, CU-2E15SBE & CU-2E18SBE

15. Troubleshooting Guide
15.1 Self Diagnosis Function (CU-2E12SBE, CU-2E15SBE and CU-2E18SBE)
15.2 Self Diagnosis Function (CU-3E23SBE)

16. Disassembly and Assembly Instructions
16.1 Outdoor Unit Removal Procedure (CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE)
16.2 Outdoor Unit Removal Procedure (CU-3E23SBE)

17. Technical Data
17.1 Cool Mode Performance Data
17.2 Heat Mode Performance Data

18. Service Data
18.1 Operation Characteristics (CU-2E12SBE)
18.2 Operation Characteristics (CU-2E15SBE)
18.3 Operation Characteristics (CU-2E18SBE)
18.4 Operation Characteristics (CU-3E23SBE)

19. Exploded View and Replacement Parts List
19.1 CU-2E12SBE CU-2E15SBE CU-2E18SBE
19.2 CU-3E23SBE