Panasonic WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX09FE8 WH-UX12FE8 WH-UX16FE8 WH-UD09FE8 WH-UD12FE8 WH-UD16FE8 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your Air Conditioner.
Format of the Service Manual and Parts Catalog: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

1. Safety Precautions
2. Specifications
2.1 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX09FE8
2.2 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX12FE8
2.3 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX16FE8
2.4 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD09FE8
2.5 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD12FE8
2.6 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD16FE8

3. Features
4. Location of Controls and Components
4.1 Indoor Unit
4.2 Outdoor Unit

5. Dimensions
5.1 Indoor Unit
5.2 Outdoor Unit

6. Refrigeration and Water Cycle Diagram
7. Block Diagram
7.1 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX09FE8 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX12FE8 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UX16FE8
7.2 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD09FE8 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD12FE8 WH-ADC0916G9E8 WH-UD16FE8

8. Wiring Connection Diagram
8.1 Indoor Unit
8.2 Outdoor Unit

9. Electronic Circuit Diagram
9.1 Indoor Unit
9.2 Outdoor Unit

10. Printed Circuit Board
10.1 Indoor Unit
10.2 Outdoor Unit

11. Installation Instruction
11.1 Indoor Unit
11.2 Outdoor Unit

12. Operation and Control
12.1 Basic Function
12.2 Water Pump
12.3 Pump Down Operation [Service Mode: 01]
12.4 Flow Switch
12.5 Indoor Unit Safety
12.6 Auto Restart Control
12.7 Indication Panel
12.8 Indoor Back-Up Heater Control
12.9 Heater Control for Tank Side
12.10 Base Pan Heater Control (Optional)
12.11 Tank Pre-thermo OFF control
12.12 Sterilization Mode
12.13 Heating Outdoor Ambient Thermo OFF Control
12.14 Quiet Operation
12.15 Anti Freeze Control
12.16 External Room Thermostat Control (Optional)
12.17 Three Ways Valve Control
12.18 Two Ways Valve Control
12.19 External OFF/ON Control
12.20 Holiday Mode
12.21 Dry Concrete Function

13. Protection Control (UX09FE8, UX12FE8 and UX16FE8)
13.1 Protection Control for All Operations
13.2 Protection Control for Heating Operation
13.3 Protection Control for Cooling Operation
13.4 Heat Exchanger (HEX) Protection Control

14. Protection Control (UD09FE8, UD12FE8 and UD16FE8)
14.1 Protection Control for All Operations
14.2 Protection Control for Heating Operation
14.3 Protection Control for Cooling Operation
14.4 Heat Exchanger (HEX) Protection Control

15. Servicing Guide
15.1 Open and Close Top Front Plate
15.2 How to take out Bottom Front Plate
15.3 Test Run
15.4 Proper Pump Down Procedure
15.5 Adjust Water Flow Rate with Water Pump
15.6 Expansion Vessel Pre Pressure Checking
15.7 How to Unlock Cool Mode
15.8 Dry Concrete [SERVICE MODE: 03]
15.9 EEPROM Factory Default Data Setup Procedure

16. Maintenance Guide
17. Troubleshooting Guide
17.1 Refrigeration Cycle System
17.2 Relationship between the Condition of the Air-to-Water Hydromodule + Tank and Air-to-Water Heatpump Outdoor Units and Pressure and Electric Current
17.3 Breakdown Self Diagnosis Function
17.4 Error Codes Table
17.5 Self-diagnosis Method

18. Disassembly and Assembly Instructions
18.1 To Remove Top Plate
18.2 To Remove Pressure Gauge and Control Panel
18.3 To Remove Bottom Front Plate
18.4 To Remove RCCB
18.5 To Remove Transformer and Electronic Controller
18.6 To Remove Pressure Relief Valve, Flow Switch and Air Purge Valve
18.7 To Remove Water Pump
18.8 To Remove Bottle Complete
18.9 To Remove Anode Bar
18.10 To Remove Water Filter

19. Technical Data
19.1 Operation Characteristics
19.2 Heating Capacity Table
19.3 Cooling Capacity Table

20. Exploded View and Replacement Parts List
20.1 Indoor Unit
20.2 Outdoor Unit.

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