Partner SP-5514 POS Terminal Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your POS Terminal.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your device.
Format of the Service Manual and Parts List Manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Regulatory Notices
Safety Information
Contact Information
Copyright and Trademark
About This Manual

Chapter 1. Getting Started
Identifying Components
Connector Pin Define
Mainboard Connectors

Chapter 2. BIOS Setup
About the BIOS Setup Utility
Entering the Setup Utility
Using BIOS
BIOS Navigation Keys
Main Screen
Advanced Settings
Chipset Settings
Security Settings
Boot Settings
Save & Exit

Chapter 3. Installing Drivers and Software
Driver Installation
Intel Chipset Driver
Intel Chipset Graphics Driver
LAN Driver

Chapter 4. Locating the Problem
General Checkout Guidelines
Cash Drawer Checkout
LCD Symptoms
Touch Screen Symptoms
Power Symptoms
Network Symptoms
USB Symptoms
Peripheral-Device Symptoms
Boot Symptoms

Chapter 5. Replacing Field Replaceable Units (FRUs)
Solid State Disk
Customer Display
Bottom Cover
Stand Back Cover
Hinge Cover
Panel Back Cover
EMI Shield
Power Button
I/O Shield
Touch Panel

Appendix A – Part List and
Exploded Diagram
Part list