Perkins 854F-E34TA Industrial Engine, Troubleshooting Manual

Perkins 854F-E34TA Industrial Engine, Troubleshooting Manual
JU (Engine)

Print No: UENR4504, January 2015
Type of machine: Industrial Engine
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Troubleshooting Manual Perkins 854F-E34TA Industrial Engine provides you all the information necessary for the operation in optimal parameters of the engine, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It contains all the necessary information regarding Symptom Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting with a Diagnostic Code, Diagnostic Functional Tests, Electronic Troubleshooting, Programming Parameters, System Configuration Parameters, the exact technical guidance for maximum performance, reliability and durability of the engine.

Table of contents:

Electronic Troubleshooting
Welding Precaution
System Overview
Electronic Service Tools
Indicator Lamps
Replacing the ECM
Sensors and Electrical Connectors
Engine Wiring Information
ECM Harness Connector Terminals
Service Tool Features

Programming Parameters
Flash Programming
Injector Code – Calibrate
Mode Switch Setup
Throttle Setup
Multiposition Switch Setup

Customer Specified Parameters
Customer Specified Parameters Table
Customer Specified Parameters Worksheet

System Configuration Parameters

Acceleration Is Poor or Throttle Response Is Poor
Alternator Is Noisy
Alternator Problem (Charging Problem and/or
Noisy Operation)
Battery Problem
Coolant Contains Oil
Coolant Level Is Low
Coolant Temperature Is High
Coolant Temperature Is Low
Crankcase Breather Ejects Oil
Cylinder Is Noisy
DEF Concentration Is Incorrect
DEF Does Not Purge
DEF Module Does Not Respond
DEF Pressure Does Not Respond
DEF Pressure Is High
DEF Pressure Is Low
DEF Tank Level Is Low
DEF Tank Temperature Is High
DEF Tank Temperature Is Low
ECM Does Not Communicate with Other Modules
Electronic Service Tool Does Not Communicate
Engine Cranks but Does Not Start
Engine Does Not Crank
Engine Has Early Wear
Engine Has Mechanical Noise (Knock)
Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable
Engine Overspeeds
Engine Shutdown Occurs Intermittently
Engine Speed Does Not Change
Engine Stalls at Low RPM
Engine Top Speed Is Not Obtained
Engine Vibration Is Excessive
Exhaust Has Excessive Black Smoke
Exhaust Has Excessive White Smoke
Exhaust System Contains Oil
Fuel Consumption Is Excessive
Fuel Contains Water
Fuel Rail Pressure Problem
Fuel Temperature Is High
Inlet Air Is Restricted
Inlet Air Temperature Is High
Intake Manifold Air Pressure Is High
Intake Manifold Air Pressure Is Low
Intake Manifold Air Temperature Is High
NOx Conversion Is Low
NRS Mass Flow Rate Problem
Oil Consumption Is Excessive
Oil Contains Coolant
Oil Contains Fuel
Oil Pressure Is Low
Power Is Intermittently Low or Power Cutout Is Intermittent
SCR Catalyst Has Incorrect Inlet Temperature
SCR Warning System Problem
Valve Lash Is Excessive

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

CAN Data Link – Test
DEF Injector – Test
DEF Line Heater – Test
DEF Pump – Test
DEF Pump Pressure Sensor – Test
DEF Return Valve – Test
DEF Tank Sensor – Test
ECM Memory – Test
Electrical Connector – Inspect
Electrical Power Supply – Test
Glow Plug Starting Aid – Test
Idle Validation – Test
Indicator Lamp – Test
Injector Data Incorrect – Test
Injector Solenoid – Test
Mode Selection – Test
Motorized Valve – Test
NOx Sensor – Test
Power Take-Off – Test
Relay – Test (Start Relay)
Relay – Test (ECM Main Relay)
Relay – Test (SCR Relay)
Sensor (Data Link Type) – Test (Ammonia Sensor)
Sensor Supply – Test
Sensor Signal (Analog, Active) – Test (Exhaust
Gas Pressure Sensor)
Sensor Signal (Analog, Active) – Test
Sensor Signal (Analog, Passive) – Test
Solenoid Valve – Test (Coolant Diverter Valve)
Solenoid Valve – Test
Speed Control (Analog) – Test
Speed/Timing – Test
Switch Circuits – Test (Engine Oil Pressure Switch)
Switch Circuits – Test (Throttle Switch)
Switch Circuits – Test (Air Filter Restriction Switch)
Valve Position – Test
Water in Fuel – Test