Ricoh Aficio SPC730DN Field Service Manual and Parts List Manual (machine code M109 Model TI-P1)

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present field service manual and parts list manual Ricoh Aficio SPC730DN Machine Code M109 Model TI-P1 (M109-EU/AA) contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Important Safety Notices
Important Safety Notices
Prevention of Physical Injury
Health Safety Conditions
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Handling Toner
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks

1. Product Information
Product Overview
Component Layout
Paper Path
Drive Layout
Machine Codes and Peripheral Configuration
Main Frame

2. Installation
Installation Requirements
Check Image Quality / Setting
Moving the Machine

3. Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Tables
Image Quality Standards
Paper Transfer Quality Standards
Preparation for PM
Cleaning Points

4. Replacement and Adjustment
General Cautions
Special Tools
Exterior Covers
Rear Cover
Paper Exit Cover (with Operation Panel)
Right Cover
Left Cover
Front Cover Unit
LED Optics
LED Head
Toner End Sensor
PCDU Cover (Right)
Image Transfer
Image Transfer Belt Unit
After installing a new Image Transfer Belt Unit
Image Transfer Belt Cleaning Unit
Transfer Roller
After installing a new Transfer Roller
Drive Unit
Paper Feed Motor
Image Transfer Unit Motor
Fusing Motor
Drum Motor: K
Drum Motor: CMY
Duplex Junction Gate Solenoid
Duplex Inverter Solenoid
Drive Gears and Clutches
Registration Clutch
Toner Supply Clutch
Bypass Clutch
Duplex Intermediate Clutch
Duplex Paper Exit Clutch
Fusing Unit
Fusing Belt Unit
Fusing Lamp
Paper Feed
Paper Feed Roller
Friction Pad
Bypass Tray Unit
Bypass Feed Roller
Bypass Friction Pad
Paper Size Switch
Paper End Sensor
Bypass Paper End Sensor
Bypass Bottom Plate Home Position Sensor
Paper Transport
Fusing Entrance Sensor
Duplex Sensor
Registration Sensor
Reinstalling the Transport guide
Paper Exit Sensor
Paper Exit Full Sensor
Registration Roller (Drive)
Registration Roller (Driven)
Driven Roller (Relay)
Transport Roller (Relay)
Paper Exit/Reverse Roller
Duplex Entrance Roller
Duplex Intermediate Roller
Duplex Exit Roller
Waste Toner
Waste Toner Bottle
Waste Toner Bottle Sensor
Waste Toner Full Sensor
Waste Toner Duct
Electrical Components
ID Chip Relay Board
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Engine Board
When installing the new engine board
Controller Board
When installing the new controller board
High Voltage Power Supply Board (Separation)
High Voltage Power Supply Board
PCDU Sensor Board
TM (ID) Sensor
Before TM (ID) sensor replacement
Adjustment after the TM (ID) sensor replacement
Operation Panel
Fusing Fan Motor
Cooling Fan Motor
Reinstalling the cooling fan motor
PSU Fan Motor
Interlock Switch
NVRAM on the controller
EEPROM on the engine board

5. Service Table
Service Program Mode
SP Tables
Enabling and Disabling Service Program Mode
Accessing the Required Program
Inputting a Value or Setting for a Service Program
Exiting Service Mode
Service Table Key
SP Mode Tables
SP1-XXX (Feed)
SP2-XXX (Drum)
SP3-XXX (Process)
SP5-XXX (Mode)
SP7-XXX (Data Log)
Updating the Firmware
Updating Firmware
Updating Procedure
Error Messages
Firmware Update Error
Recovery after Power Loss
Handing Firmware Update Errors
Error Message Table
Uploading/Downloading NVRAM Data
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
Using the Debug Log
Switching ON and Setting UP Save Debug Log
Retrieving the Debug Log from the HDD
Debug Log Codes
SP5857-015 Copy SD Card-to-SD Card: Any Desired Key
SP5857-016 Create a File on HDD to Store a Log
SP5857-017 Create a File on SD Card to Store a Log
SMC List Card Save Function
SMC List Card Save
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages

6. Troubleshooting
Self-Diagnostic Mode
Self-Diagnostic Mode at Power On
Service Call
Service Call Conditions
LED Optics
Image Processing – 1
Image Processing – 2
Paper Feed and Fusing
Device Communication
Jam Detection
Sensor Position
Sensor Position
Paper Feed
Bypass Tray
Electrical Component Defects
Image Quality
Checking a Sample Printout
Printer Driver Setting for Printing a Sample
Other Problems
Blown Fuse Conditions
EGB Fuses
PSU Fuses

7. Energy Save
Energy Save
Energy Saver Modes
Timer Settings
Eco Night Mode
Weekly Timer
Fusing Off Mode
Return to Stand-by Mode
Energy Save Effectiveness
Paper Save
Effectiveness of Duplex/Combine Function
1. Duplex:
2. Combine mode:
3. Duplex + Combine:


Number of pages: 645.