Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 Service Manual and Parts List Manual (Machine Code Y301)

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 (Machine Code Y301) contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Content for Service Manual:
Important Safety Notices
Lead-Free Solder
Prevention of Physical Injury
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Suspending from the Stand
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks
Symbols, Abbreviations

Product Overview
Main Unit
Control Panel
Ports on the Machine
Electronic Pen
Machine Codes and Peripherals Configuration
Product List
Main Unit

Installation Requirements
Operating Environment
Minimum Space Requirements
When Installing the Main Unit with the Optional Stand
When Installing the Main Unit on a Wall
Main Unit Installation
Precaution for Installation
Accessories for the Main Unit
Installation Methods
Installing the Pen Tray
Connecting the Power Plug and Ground
Installation of Optional Units
Interactive White Board Stand Type 2
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Interactive Whiteboard Remote License (Type 1)
Registration of the Remote License
Attaching the Decals
Installation of Remote Viewer
Uninstalling the Remote Viewer
Starting the Remote Viewer
Check after Setting Up
Safety Check

Notes on the Main Power Switch
Characteristics of the Main Power Switch
How to Turn off the Main Power
Precautions for Replacement
General Precautions
Special Tools
Replacement Flowchart
Before Replacing the Parts
Removing the Optional Stand or Wall-hanging Fittings
For the Optional Stand
For Wall-hanging Fittings
Exterior Covers
Rear Right Cover
Rear Left Cover
Rear Cover
Electrical Components
HDMI Conversion Board
Memory Board
Capture Board
LCD Control Board
Audio Board
Control Panel Board
Power Switch Board
Power Supply Box
Display Module
Replacement Procedure
Position Sensor Module
Main Power Switch
CPU Cooling Fan
Right Exhaust Fan
Left Exhaust Fan

System Update
System Update Procedure
Service Mode
Service Mode
How to Enter the Service Mode
Device Manager
Color Profile Setting
Preparation for Applicable Files of Color Profile (For Replacing SSD)
Preparation for Applicable Files of Color Profile (For Replacing LCD Panel)
Deleting the Old Color Profile
Setting a New Color Profile
Advanced Sensor Adjustment
Camera Scope Adjustment Procedure: Left Position Sensor
Camera Optical Axis Adjustment Procedure: Left Position Sensor
Sensitivity Adjustment Procedure: Left Position Sensor
Camera Scope Adjustment Procedure: Right Position Sensor
Camera Optical Axis Adjustment Procedure: Right Position Sensor
Sensitivity Adjustment Procedure: Right Position Sensor
Advanced Position Adjustment
Finger Drawing Mode
Change Electronic Pen ID
Display Color Patterns
Adjusting the Touch Sensor Sensitivity
Export/Import of Application Settings
Items Subject to Export/Import
File Type
Export Procedure
Import Procedure
Resetting the LCD Panel
Display Panel Buttons Layout
LED Panel Reset Procedure
Updating the LCD Software
Tools Required
Update Procedure
How to Switch from a Window to Desktop with Mouse

Error Messages
Error Messages during the System Startup
Error Messages Related to Drawing Strokes
Error Messages Related to Sharing the Screen
Error Messages When Saving a PDF File
Error Messages Related to Configuration
Error Messages Related to Web Pages
Error Messages When Using the Device as a Monitor
Error Messages Related to File Reading
Error Messages Related to Remote Whiteboard Sharing
Error Messages Related to Network
Error Messages Related to RICOH e-Sharing Box
Error Messages Related to Remote Desktop Software
Other Error Messages
Defects in the Electronic Pen
Defects in the Sensor Signal
Defects in the Display Manual Operation Buttons
Defects in the Display
Defects in the Capture Board
Errors at Start-Up
IWB Network Environment Check Tool
Diagnostic Content
How to Use the Tool
Operation on the Server Side
Operation on the Client Side


Content for Parts List Manual:
Unit All
U001 Display
Exclusive Parts
Standard Parts
Design Change List