Ricoh MPC306ZSP MPC306ZSPF MPC406SP MPC406ZSPF (product code D196 D214 D219 D220 D236) Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Important Safety Notices
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Customer Engineer
Reference Material for Maintenance
Before Installation, Maintenance
Shipping and Moving the Machine
The Aim of Anti-tip Components and Precautions
Installation, Disassembly, and Adjustments
Special Tools
During Maintenance
Safety Devices
Organic Cleaners
Lithium Batteries
Power Plug and Power Cord
After Installation, Servicing
Disposal of Used Items
Points to Confirm with Operators
Special Safety Instructions for Toner
Accidental Physical Exposure
Handling and Storing Toner
Toner Disposal
Safety Instructions for this Machine
Prevention of Physical Injury
Health Safety Conditions
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Laser Safety
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks

1. Product Information
Differences between MP C306 and C305
Machine Configuration
Machine Configuration
Main Unit
Controller Options
Machine Overview
Paper Path
Drive Layout

2. Installation
Installation Requirements
Machine Level
Machine Space Requirements
Machine Dimensions
Power Requirements
Mainframe Installation
Installation Flowchart
Accessory Check
For D196/D220/D236
For D214/D219
Installation Procedure
Tapes, Retainers and Toner Bottles
Important Notice on Security Issues
Checking the Image Quality
Language Selection
Brand Plate
Settings Relevant to the Service Contract
Settings for @Remote Service
Transporting the Machine
Instructions for the Customers
Security Setting
Security Function Installation
Data Overwrite Security
Before You Begin the Procedure
Using Auto Erase Memory
HDD Encryption
Before You Begin the Procedure:
Enable Encryption Setting
Backing Up the Encryption Key
Encryption Key Restoration
Paper Feed Unit PB1080 (D573)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
1-Bin Tray BN1020 (D574)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Platen Cover (D607)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Copy Data Security Unit Type G (D640)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
User Tool Setting
Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12 (B870)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Mechanical Counter Installation (only for NA)
Installation Procedure
Anti-condensation Heater (Mainframe)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Anti-condensation Heater (for Mainframe Paper Tray)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Anti-condensation Heater (Optional Paper Feed Unit)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
For Installing the Tray Heater on the 1st Paper Feed Unit
For Installing the Tray Heater on the 2nd Optional Paper Feed Unit
For Joining the Mainframe with the Optional Paper Feed Unit
Joining Two Optional Paper Feed Units
Enhanced Security HDD Option Type M10 (D792-09)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
After Installing the HDD
RICOH e-Sharing Box (D668)
IC Card Reader (External Option)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
When Installing in a Machine That Does Not Have the 1-Bin Tray Unit
When Installing in a Machine That Has a 1-Bin Tray Unit
NFC Reader Type M13
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Controller Options
I/F Card Slots
SD Card Slots
USB Port
SD Card Appli Move
Move Exec
Undo Exec
File Format Converter Type E
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type A
IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M2
UP Mode Settings for Wireless LAN
SP Mode and UP Mode Settings for IEEE 802.11a/g/n
Bluetooth Interface Unit Type D
Camera Direct Print Card Type M13
OCR Unit Type M13
Recovery Procedure
XPS Direct Print Option Type M13
Data Overwrite Security Unit Type I
Before You Begin the Procedure
Seal Check and Removal
Installation Procedure
USB Device Server Option Type M12
What Do the LED Indications Mean?
Notes for Energy Save Mode Setting
IP Address Setting
Check All Connections

3. Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Tables
PM/Yield Parts Settings
Set-up Procedure for Replacing the PM/Yield Parts
Preparation before Operation Check
Operation Check

4. Replacement and Adjustment
Notes on the Main Power Switch
Push Switch
Characteristics of the Push Switch (DC Switch)
Shutdown Method
Forced Shutdown
Special Tools
Image Adjustment
Scanner Sub-Scan Magnification
Scanner Leading Edge and Side-to-Side Registration
ARDF Side-to-Side, Leading Edge Registration and Trailing Edge
ARDF sub-scan magnification
Image Area
Leading Edge
Side to Side
Adjustment Standard
Paper Registration Standard
Adjustment Procedure
Erase Margin Adjustment
Color Registration
Line Position Adjustment
Printer Gamma Correction
Copy Mode
Printer Mode
Color Skew Adjustment
Exterior Covers
Front Cover
Upper Left Cover
Left Cover
Rear Cover
Rear Right Cover
Paper Exit Tray
Inner Cover
Ozone Filter
Operation Panel
Operation Panel
Check before Installing the new Operation Panel
Internal Parts
Scanner Unit
ARDF/Platen Cover Sensor
Scanner HP Sensor
Scanner Motor
Scanner Carriage
Reinstalling the Carriage
Laser Optics
Caution Decal Location
Laser Units
Adjustment after Laser Unit Replacement
LD Unit Cooling Fan
PCDU, Toner Supply
PCDU (Photo Conductor and Development Unit)
Toner Bottle Detection Board
Toner Supply Motors
Toner Transport Section
SP Setting after Replacing the Toner Transport Section
Waste Toner
Waste Toner Bottle
Adjustment after Replacement
Waste Toner Full Sensor
Waste Toner Bottle Set Sensor
Image/Paper Transfer
ITB (Image Transfer Belt) Unit
After Replacing the Image Transfer Belt Unit
ITB Contact Motor
ITB Contact HP Sensor
ID Sensor
After Installing a New ID Sensor Board
ID Sensor Shutter Solenoid
Paper Transfer Roller
Adjustment after Replacement
Development Motor (CMY)
Drum Motor (CMY)
Drum Motor (K)
Development Clutch (K)
Drive Unit
Tray Lift Motor
Fusing Motor
Paper Transport Motor
Duplex Clutch, By-pass Feed Clutch, Registration Clutch, Paper Feed Clutch
Fusing Unit
SP Setting after Fusing Unit Replacement
Fusing Upper Cover
Fusing Lower Cover
Fusing Entrance Guide Plate
Fusing Thermostat
Fusing Thermistor
Fusing Pressure Roller Thermistors
Pressure Roller
Fusing Sleeve Belt Assembly
Fusing Entrance Sensor
Fusing Exit Sensor
Fusing Thermopile
New Fusing Unit Detection Fuse
Actions When SC554-00 Occurs
Paper Feed
Paper Feed Roller (Standard Tray)
Friction Pad
Registration Sensor / Paper Feed Sensor
Tray Paper End Sensor
Tray Lift Sensor
Draw-in Unit
Bypass Tray
Bypass Feed Unit
Bypass Paper End Sensor
Bypass Paper Width Sensor
Bypass Feed Roller
Bypass Lift Sensor
Bypass Lift Clutch
Paper Exit
Paper Exit Unit
Paper Exit Sensor
Paper Exit Rotary Solenoid
Duplex Unit
Duplex Entrance Sensor
Duplex Exit Sensor
Right Cover Sensor
When Installing the ARDF
ARDF Rear Cover
Original Feed Unit
Pickup Roller
Feed Roller
Friction Pad
ARDF Top Cover Sensor, Original Set Sensor
ARDF Drive Motor
White Plate
Registration Sensor
Electrical Components
Adjustment after Replacement
Controller Board
NVRAM on the controller board
Replacing the NVRAM (EEPROM) on the BiCU
Controller Box
AC Detection Board
Power Pack (Development)
Power Pack (Transfer)
Removing the Power Pack (Transfer) Alone
PCDU Cooling Duct Fan
Fusing Fan
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Image Creation Temperature Sensor
Interlock Switches
DC Switch

5. System Maintenance
Service Program Mode
SP Tables
Firmware Update
Firmware Type
Update procedure
Error Screens During Updating
RFU Updating the Firmware
RFU Performable Condition
Package Firmware Update
Immediate Update
Update at the Next Visit (Reserve)
How to Set the Machine to Download Firmware Later (RESERVE)
How to Check if the Firmware Downloaded with RESERVE
How to Install Firmware Downloaded with RESERVE
Update via SD card
Updating JavaVM
Creating an SD Card for Updating
Updating Procedure
List of Error Messages
Capturing the Debug Logs
Security of the Operation Log
Retrieving the Debug Logs
Procedure for Retrieving the Debug Log with SD Card
Reboot/System Setting Reset
Software Reset
System Settings and Copy Setting Reset
System Setting Reset
Copier Setting Reset
NVRAM Data Upload/Download
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
Address Book Upload/Download
Information List
SMC List Card Save Function
SMC List Card Save
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages
UP/SP Data Import/Export
Import/export conditions
UP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Data that cannot be imported or exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
SP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
Possible solutions for import/export problems
Test Pattern Printing
Card Save Function
Card Save:
Error Messages

6. Troubleshooting
Self-Diagnostic Mode
Service Call Codes
Service Call Conditions
SC Logging
SC Automatic Reboot
SC Tables
Service Call Conditions
SC Code Classification
SC1xx: Scanning
SC 2xx: Exposure
SC3xx: Image Processing – 1
SC3xx: Image Processing – 2
SC4xx: Image Processing – 2
SC5xx: Paper Feed and Fusing
SC6xx: Communication
SC7xx: Peripherals
SC8xx: Overall System
SC9xx: Others
Process Control Error Conditions
Developer Initialization Result
Process Control Self-Check Result
Vsg Adjustment Result
Line Position Adjustment Result
Troubleshooting Guide
Line Position Adjustment
Countermeasure List for Color Registration Errors
Problem at Regular Intervals
Blank Print
All-Black Print
Missing CMY Color
Light Print
Repeated Spots or Lines on Prints
Dark Vertical Line on Prints
White Horizontal Lines or Bands
Missing Parts of Images
Dirty Background
Partial CMY Color Dots
Dark Irregular Streaks on Prints
CMY Color Irregular Streaks
Unfused or Partially Fused Prints
Image Skew
Background Stain
No Printing on Paper Edge
Image Not Centered When It Should Be
Jam Detection
Paper Jam Display
Jam Codes and Display Codes
Sensor Layout
Paper Size Code
Electrical Component Defects
Fuse Location
Scanner Test Mode
SBU Test Mode

7. Detailed Descriptions
Scanner Unit
Light Source and Exposure
Scanner Carriage Drive
Improved Tolerance to Black Lines When Paper Passes through ADF
Laser Unit
Laser Synchronizing System
Line Scanning Mechanism
Image Skew Adjustment
Dust Shield Glass
LD Safety Switch
Paper Feed and Registration
Paper Feed, Registration, and Bypass Feed Drive
Tray Lift Mechanism
Bypass Tray Bottom Plate Lift Mechanism
Paper Size Detection and Paper End Detection
Tray Auto-close Mechanism
Toner Supply Section
Toner Supply and Transport Mechanism
Toner Bottle Set Sensor Mechanism
Toner Near End and Toner End
Toner Supply Unit
ID Chip
OPC Drum
Differences between K and CMY
Development Unit
Drum/Development Drive
ITB/ Paper Transfer
Differences from the predecessor models
Transfer Movement and Image Transport
Transfer Bias
ITB Contact
ITB Cleaning
Image Position Correction
Waste Toner Collection
Waste Toner Transport Mechanism
Waste Toner Collection Mechanism
Waste Toner Full Detection
Process Control and MUSIC
Process Control
Charge/Development Bias Control and Vtref Compensation
ID Sensor
TD Sensor
Color Skew Adjustment Timing
MUSIC Error Determination
Adjustment Overview
Fusing Mechanism
Fusing Temperature Control
Fusing Drive
Fusing Temperature Control
CPM Down Control
Paper Exit and Inverter
Inverter Operation
Duplex Mechanism
Electrical Parts
Block Diagram
Board Outline
Machine Ventilation
Machine Ventilation
Operation Panel
ARDF (Option)
Original Transport Drive Mechanism
Original Set Detection Mechanism
Original Transport Mechanism (Single-sided Scanning)
Original Transport Mechanism (Duplex Scanning)
Paper Feed Unit (Option)
Paper Transport Drive
Sensors and Friction Pad
Tray Lifting up Mechanism
1-Bin Tray Unit (Option)
Electrical Components
Paper Exit from 1-Bin Tray Unit
Energy Save
Energy Saver Modes
Timer Settings
Return to Stand-by Mode
Energy Save Effectiveness

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