Ricoh Perfect Binder GB5010 Machine Code: D736 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh Perfect Binder GB5010 Machine Code: D736 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Content for Service Manual:
Revision History
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks
Warnings, Cautions, Notes
Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations
Perfect Binder GB5010

Parts Dangerous to Touch
Covers Off
Gluing Unit
Trimming Unit
Using the Dials
Gluing Unit
Trimming Unit
Common Procedures
Setting and Releasing Low Performance Mode
Inserter Unit
Front Doors
Rear Cover
Rear Upper Cover
Left Upper Cover
Front Inner Cover: Upper
Front Inner Cover: Lower
Signature Path Exit Unit
Cover Transport Unit
Trimming Unit
Opening Locked Doors Manually
Front Doors
Book Stack Door
Signature Thickness Sensor (S50) Recalibration
Path Entrance Motors
Vertical Transport Motor (M5)
Entrance Motor (M10)
Signature Path Exit Unit
Ripple Idle Rollers
TE Press Roller Unit
Anti-Static Brush
Stacking Tray
Switchback Roller
Anti-Static Brush
Jogger Motors (Front/Back) (M4/M5)
Main Grip Unit
Signature Thickness Sensor (S50)
Grip Motor: Front (M23)
Grip Motor (Rear) (M24)
Grip Unit Rotation Motor (M21)
Main Grip Lift Motor (M22)
Gluing Unit
Deodorization Filter: Gluing Unit
Deodorization Filter: Rear Upper Cover
Glue Heater
Cover Transport Unit
Switchback Rollers: Cover Transport
Torque Limiter
Anti-Static Brushes: Upper and Lower Right
Anti-Static Brush: Left
Exit Rollers 1/2 Unit
Trimming Unit
Torque Diode: Signature Rotation Unit
Blade Cradle
Trimming Blade, Trimmings Catcher
Removing the Trimming Blade
Replacing the Trimmings Catcher
Installing the New Blade
Ball Screw
Trimmings Buffer Motor (M37)
Horizontal Path Rollers
Exit Idle Roller Unit
Exit Roller, Horizontal Transport Roller 5
Horizontal Transport Roller 4
Left Cover Transport Path Guide Roller
Horizontal Transport Roller 1 and Idle Rollers
Horizontal Transport Roller 2
Horizontal Transport Roller 3
Perfect Binder Boards
Master Control Board
When installing a new EEPROM in Master Control Board
5. ALG-F-A4
6. ALG-R-A4
7. ALG-F-L
8. ALG-R-L
12. SIZE-H
13. SIZE-W
14. CV-LNG
15. 10RGT-1
16. 10RGT-2
17. 10RGT-3
18. 200RGT-1
19. 200RGT-2
20. 200RGT-3
22. STK-VR0
23. STK-VR25
25. GLU-UP
28. GLU-EDG1
29. GLU-EDG2
30. GLU-EDG3
31. GLU-EDG4
32. GLU-AMT1
33. GLU-AMT2
34. GLU-AMT3
35. GLU-AMT4
36. GLU-AMT5
37. GLU-AMT6
Slave Control Board
Cutter Control Board
Relay Board
Power Supply Unit 1
Power Supply Unit 2
Common Procedures
Rear Cover
Releasing Top and Middle Covers
Front Cover
Feed Rollers
Feed Roller: Tray A
Feed Roller: Tray B
Separation Rollers
Separation Roller and Torque Limiter: Tray A
Separation Roller, Torque Limiter: Tray B
Pickup Rollers
Pickup Roller: Tray A
Pickup Roller: Tray B
Inserter Control Board
When replacing the inserter control board

Service Call Tables
Handling Paper Jams
What Happens When a Jam Occurs
When a Jam Occurs at Power On
Power Loss During Glue Application
When an Error Occurs
Low Performance Mode
Unlocking the Front Doors Manually
When the Book Stack Door Cannot Be Opened
Signature, Trimmings Removal
Removing Trimmings Jammed at the Blade
Low Performance Mode
Moving to Low Performance Mode
Low Performance Conditions
Canceling Low Performance Mode
Service Board Basics
Service Board Switches
Service Board LEDs
Status Display
Details Display
Service Mode
Before You Begin
Bookbinder Adjustment Mode
How to Read the LEDs
Critical Adjustments
Adjustment 1: Cover Horizontal Registration Position Adjustment
Adjustment 2: Cover Center Adjustment
Adjustment 3: Stacking Tray Switchback Roller Adjustment
Adjustment 4: Jogger Motor Adjustment
Adjustment 5: Glue Amount Adjustment (Adj by Glue Removal Rod)
Adjustment 6: Gluing Unit Movement Adjustment
Adjustment 7: Glue Application at Corners Adjustment
Adjustment 8: Main Grip Position Adjustment
Adjustment 9: Trimming Position Adjustment
Adjustment 10: Square Cut Adjustment
Adjustment 11: Blade Replacement Alarm Frequency Setting
Adjustment 12: Setting Threshold Value for Shifting the Cutting Position
Adjustment 13: Cutting Position Change Setting for the Blade Cradle
Other Adjustments
Signature Exit Motor Adjustment
Slide Motor HP Adjustment
Glue Temperature Setting
Shift to Energy Mode Setting
Maintenance Mode
Output Checks
Perfect Binder Output Check
Self-Diagnostic Mode
Bookbinder Test Mode
Inserter Output Check
Stand-by Mode, Service Mode
Error Display
Inserter Motor, Clutch Output Check
Sensor Output Check

Service Program Mode


Content for Parts Catalog:
1. Exterior 1 (D736)
2. Exterior 2 (D736)
3. Exterior 3 (D736)
4. Transit Pass Unit 1 (D736)
5. Transit Pass Unit 2 (D736)
6. Transit Pass Unit 3 (D736)
7. Inserter Section 1 (D736)
8. Inserter Section 2 (D736)
9. Inserter Section 3 (D736)
10. Inserter Section 4 (D736)
11. Inserter Section 5 (D736)
12. Inserter Section 6 (D736)
13. Inserter Section 7 (D736)
14. Inserter Section 8 (D736)
15. Inserter Section 9 (D736)
16. Inserter Section 10 (D736)
17. Inserter Section 11 (D736)
18. Inserter Section 12 (D736)
19. Inserter Section 13 (D736)
20. Vertical Feed Section 1 (D736)
21. Vertical Feed Section 2 (D736)
22. Signature Transport Section 1 (D736)
23. Signature Transport Section 2 (D736)
24. Signature Transport Section 3 (D736)
25. Signature Transport Section 4 (D736)
26. Signature Transport Section 5 (D736)
27. Signature Delivery Section 1 (D736)
28. Signature Delivery Section 2 (D736)
29. Signature Delivery Section 3 (D736)
30. Signature Delivery Section 4 (D736)
31. Signature Delivery Section 5 (D736)
32. Stacking Tray Section 1 (D736)
33. Stacking Tray Section 2 (D736)
34. Stacking Tray Section 3 (D736)
35. Stacking Tray Section 4 (D736)
36. Stacking Tray Section 5 (D736)
37. Stacking Tray Section 6 (D736)
38. Sub Gripper Section 1 (D736)
39. Sub Gripper Section 2 (D736)
40. Sub Gripper Section 3 (D736)
41. Sub Gripper Section 4 (D736)
42. Sub Gripper Section 5 (D736)
43. Main Gripper Section 1 (D736)
44. Main Gripper Section 2 (D736)
45. Main Gripper Section 3 (D736)
46. Main Gripper Section 4 (D736)
47. Main Gripper Section 5 (D736)
48. Glue Supply Section 1 (D736)
49. Glue Supply Section 2 (D736)
50. Glue Supply Section 3 (D736)
51. Glue Supply Section 4 (D736)
52. Gluing Section 1 (D736)
53. Gluing Section 2 (D736)
54. Gluing Section 3 (D736)
55. Cover Feed Regist Section 1 (D736)
56. Cover Feed Regist Section 2 (D736)
57. Cover Feed Path Section 1 (D736)
58. Cover Feed Path Section 2 (D736)
59. Cover Feed Path Section 3 (D736)
60. Cover Feed Path Section 4 (D736)
61. Cover Feed Path Section 5 (D736)
62. Cover Feed Path Section 6 (D736)
63. Cover Feed Path Section 7 (D736)
64. Cover Feed Path Section 8 (D736)
65. Cover Feed Path Section 9 (D736)
66. Cover Feed Path Section 10 (D736)
67. Cover Feed Path Section 11 (D736)
68. Rear Folder Section 1 (D736)
69. Rear Folder Section 2 (D736)
70. Rear Folder Section 3 (D736)
71. Rear Folder Section 4 (D736)
72. Bundle Feed Section 1 (D736)
73. Bundle Feed Section 2 (D736)
74. Bundle Feed Section 3 (D736)
75. Bundle Feed Section 4 (D736)
76. Stack Rotation Section 1 (D736)
77. Stack Rotation Section 2 (D736)
78. Stack Rotation Section 3 (D736)
79. Stack Rotation Section 4 (D736)
80. Stack Rotation Section 5 (D736)
81. Stack Rotation Section 6 (D736)
82. Trimming Section 1 (D736)
83. Waste Paper Case Section 1 (D736)
84. Waste Paper Case Section 2 (D736)
85. Waste Paper Case Section 3 (D736)
86. Waste Paper Case Section 4 (D736)
87. Book Stacking Section 1 (D736)
88. Book Stacking Section 2 (D736)
89. Book Stacking Section 3 (D736)
90. Book Stacking Section 4 (D736)
91. Book Stacking Section 5 (D736)
92. Electrical Section 1 (D736)
93. Electrical Section 2 (D736)
Parts Index