Ricoh Priport DD6650 Field Service Manual (product code C280)

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present field service manual Ricoh Priport DD6650 (product code C280) duplicator contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Important Safety Notices
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Before Installation, Maintenance
During Maintenance
After Installation, Servicing
Safety Instructions for this Machine
Symbols and Trademarks
New Features
Left, Right Views

1. Product Information
Guidance for Those Familiar with Predecessor Machines
Unit Names
Major Parts
Electrical Component Layout

2. Installation
Installation Requirements
Optimum Environmental Condition
Environments to Avoid
Power Connection
Access to the Machine
Power Sockets for Peripherals
Main Machine Installation
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Platen Cover (D593)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Auto Document Feeder (D578)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
ADF Stabilizer Installation
Configuration of Options
Additional Drums (Option)
Extension HDD Type 1 (Option)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Postscript3 Board Type 2 (Option)
Accessory Check
Inserting DIMMs
Installation Procedure
Configuration Page (Example Printout)

3. Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

4. Replacement and Adjustment
Before You Begin
Special Tools
Covers, Exposure Glass
Exterior Cover Removal
Exposure Glass, Scales
Scanner Unit
Exposure Glass
Original Length Sensors
Exposure Lamp
Scanner Motor
Sensor Board Unit (SBU)
Exposure Lamp Stabilizer
Scanner HP Sensor
Platen Cover Sensor
Front Scanner Wire
Rear Scanner Wire
Copy Image Adjustment
Leading Edge Registration Adjustment
Side-to-Side Registration Adjustment
Vertical Magnification Adjustment
ACU and ECU, PSU Opening Procedure
Double Feed Detector Board
ECU and I/O Replacement, NVRAMS
SP Mode Settings after Replacing an NVRAM
Master Eject Section
Master Eject Box
Master Eject Roller Unit, Master Eject Sensor
Master Eject Drive Unit, Sensors and Motors
Master Eject Box Lock Solenoid
Master Eject Sensor Adjustment
Reassembling the Master Pick-Up Roller Drive Gears
Master Feed Section
Master Making Unit
Master Set Roller, Platen Roller, Upper Tension Roller
Thermal Head
Duct Entrance Solenoid
Cutter Unit, Master Feed Control Motor, Clamp Tension Roller, Upper Master Feed Control Roller
Platen Release Sensor, Platen Release Motor
Master Amount Sensor
Master Suction Fans, Master Feed Motor
Master Set Sensor, Master Edge Sensor
Flat Cable
Master End Sensor
Master Buffer Fans
Unit Lock Solenoid, 2nd Drum Master Sensor
Platen Release Cam Adjustment
Thermal Head Voltage Adjustment
Master End Sensor Adjustment
Master Edge Sensor Adjustment
Master Set Sensor Adjustment
Thermal Head Alignment Adjustment
Master Making Unit Parallel Adjustment
Master Edge Trimming Procedure
Master Feed Mylar Positioning
Drum Section
Drum Unit
Drum Cloth Screen
Drum Master Clamper, Metal Screen
Motors and Sensors in the Drum
Ink ID Detection/Ink Flow Sensor Connector
Ink Roller Gap Adjustment
Ink Detection Adjustment
Drum Position Adjustment
1st Drum Master Sensor Adjustment
2nd Drum Master Sensor Adjustment
Paper Feed Section
Paper Table Unit, Paper Feed Assembly
Pick-Up Roller, Paper Feed Roller
Paper Width Detection Board
Paper Height Sensor
Feed Pressure Motor, Feed Pressure Detection Board
Registration Pressure Motor, Registration Roller Press Sensor, Registration Roller Release Sensor
Paper Registration Sensor, Paper Feed Timing Sensor
Upper Registration Roller
Friction Pads
Separation Pressure Detection Board, Friction Pad Shift Motor
Separation Pressure Motor, Friction Pad Position Sensors 1, 2
Lower Registration Roller
Registration Roller Lifting Cam Position Adjustment
Double Feed Sensor Adjustment
Timing Belt Tension Adjustment for the Paper Feed Motor
Timing Belt Tension Adjustment for the Registration Motor
Paper Feed and Separation Pressure Adjustment
Paper Feed Length Adjustment
Printing Section
Pressure Cylinder, Paper Clamper
Feed Encoder, Feed Start Sensor, Feed Encoder Harness, Feed Encoder Cleaning Brush
1st Drum Master Sensor
1st Drum Master Sensor Guide Adjustment
Printing Pressure HP Sensor, Printing Pressure Position Sensor, Pressure Cam Shift Motor
Printing Pressure Adjustment
Printing Pressure Release Arm Gap Adjustment
Main Drive, Image Shift Drive Section
Main Motor and Torque Limiter
Main Drive Mechanism (Main Drive Timing Belt)
Pressure Cylinder Rotation Knob Adjustment
Scissors Gear Position Adjustment
Image Up/Down Shift Worm-Gear Position Adjustment
Image Up/Down Shift Drive Unit Position Adjustment
Image Shift Gear Pressure Adjustment
Paper Delivery Section
Paper Exit Pawl
Paper Delivery Unit, Air Knife Fan Unit, Paper Pick-Off Plate
Job Separator Unit, Printing Pressure Cam Shift Unit
Paper Exit Sensor, Transport Vacuum Fan
Gap Adjustment Between Paper Pick-Off Plate and Pressure Cylinder
Paper Exit Pawl Drive Timing Adjustment
Gap Adjustment between Exit Pawl and Drum
Service Remarks
Scanner Section
Master Eject Section
Master Feed Section
Paper Feed Section
Drum and Drum Drive Section
Main Drive Section
Electrical Components
Touch Panel Position Adjustment
Firmware Update
Preparing to Download Firmware
Downloading the Firmware to the Machine
Errors During Firmware Update
Service Program Mode

5. Troubleshooting
Service Call Codes
Electrical Component Defects
Jam Name/Type Table
Master Making Unit
Master Eject
Paper feed
Printing and Pressure Cylinder
Paper Eject
Paper Separation
Fuses on Boards
DIP SW, LED, VR, TP, and Fuse Tables
Test Points
DIP Switches
Service Call Code List

6. Energy and Paper Saving
Energy Save
Energy Save Diagram
Paper Save
Effectiveness of the Combine Function

Number of pages: 386.