Ricoh Pro C651EX Pro C751EX Pro C751 (product code D074 D075 M044) Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual Ricoh Pro C651EX Pro C751EX Pro C751 (product code D074 D075 M044) contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Safety, Symbols, Trademarks
Warnings, Cautions, Notes
Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations
General Safety Instructions
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Before Installation, Maintenance
During Maintenance
After Installation, Servicing
Special Safety Instructions for Toner
Safety Instructions for the Machine
Safety Instructions for the Fiery Controller
New Features
Main Machines
Full System
New Features

Main Machine and Peripherals
Main Peripherals
Other Options (Not Shown Above)
Guidance for Those Who Are Familiar with Predecessor Products
Main Machine Specifications
Machine Layout
Paper Paths
Main Motors

Installation Requirements
Operating Environment
Power Requirements
Machine Level
Space Requirements
Switching the System On/Off
Main Machine
Installation Flow
Installation: Power Off
Installation: Power On
Fiery Controller Connection and Setup
Fiery Controller Setup
Paper Library Data Installation
Paper Trays
Printing an SMC Report
Test Color Print (D074/D075)
ACC Adjustment (D074/D075)
MUSIC Color Registration Adjustment
Checking the Print Quality
TCRU Setting
Tray Heaters
Moving the Machine
A3/11″x17″ Tray Unit (B331-14)
Decurler Unit (D544)
Curl Correction
A3/DLT LCIT (D516)
LCIT (D516) Tray Heaters
Multi Bypass Tray (D517)
Buffer Pass Unit Type 5010 (D548)
Accessory Check
Cover Interposer Tray (D518)
Multi Folding Unit (D521)
Ring Binder (D519)
Before You Begin
Installation Procedure
Centering Paper in the Paper Path
After Installation
High Capacity Stacker (D515)
Finishers (D512/D513)
Punch Unit PU5020 NA, EU, SC (D449-17, -27, -28)
Trimmer Unit (D520)
Common Adjustments
Height and Level Adjustment
Skew and Side-to-Side Registration
GW Controller Options
VM Card Type R (D554) D074/D075

PM Counter Display
Opening the PM Counter
PM Parts Screen Details
PM Tables for Main Machines
PM Parts List Key
Optics (D074/D075)
Around the Drum
Image Transfer Unit
Paper Transfer Unit
Fusing Unit
Main Paper Feed
Main Paper Transport
Inverter, Exit
ARDF (D074/D075)
PM Tables for Peripherals
LCIT (D516)
Multi-Bypass Tray (D517)
Decurler Unit (D544)
Cover Interposer Tray (D518)
Multi-Folding Unit (D521)
Ring Binder (D519)
High Capacity Stacker (D515)
Booklet Finisher (D512/D513)
Trimmer Unit (D520)
Lubrication Points
Fusing Unit Main Drive Gears
Cleaning, Lubrication Around Fusing Unit Heating Roller
Cleaning and Lubrication Around Pressure Roller
Lubrication Around Hot Roller
Cleaning Points
Inspection and Cleaning

General Cautions
Rear Boxes
ITB Unit
Scanner Unit (D074/D075)
Laser Unit
Fusing Unit
Paper Feed
Used Toner
Fiery Controller
Liquid Coolant Disposal
Special Tools and Lubricants
Special Tools
Common Procedures
Turning the Machine On/Off
Opening the Rear Boxes
Removing Doors, Covers
Pulling Out and Closing the Left Drawer
Removing the Right Drawer
Pulling Out the ITB Unit
Removing the Canopy Cover
Removing PCDUs
Removing the ITB Cleaning Unit
Removing the PTR Unit
Removing the Fusing Unit, Fusing Cleaning Unit, Covers
Removing the PTB Unit
Removing the Left Drawer
Removing the Paper Feed Units (PFU)
Removing the Vertical Transport Unit (VTU)
Operation Panel
Changing the Operation Panel Position
Operation Panel PCBs, Touch Panel Unit
Touch Panel Position Adjustment
ARDF Covers
Original Feed Unit
Feed Belt, Pickup Roller
Bottom Plate Position Sensor
Interval, Original Width, Skew Correction Separation Sensors
Original Length Sensors
Cover Open, Original Set, Bottom Plate, Pickup Roller HP, Feed-Out Sensors
ARDF Position Sensor, APS Start Sensor
Original Registration Sensor Exit Sensors
ARDF Separation Roller
ARDF Transport Belt
ARDF Control Board
ARDF Bottom Plate Lift Motor
ARDF Feed Motor, ARDF Transport Motor
ARDF Pick-up Roller Lift Motor
Scanner Unit
Exposure Glass
Right, Left Plate Covers
Lens Block, Paper Size Sensors
Exposure Lamp
Scanner Motor
Scanner HP Sensor
Scanner Interface Board (SIOB)
Scanner Wire
Scanner Unit Cooling Fan
Lamp Regulator Board and Fan
Wire Re-installation, Scanner Position Adjustment
Laser Unit
Laser Units
YM Laser Unit Removal: D074/D075
YM Laser Unit Removal: M044
Removing the CK Laser Unit: D074/D075/M044
Toner Shield Glass
Toner Supply
Toner Bottle Port Cleaning
Toner Supply Unit Removal
Toner Supply Clutch
Toner Pump Clutch
Toner End Sensor
Toner Bottle Motors
Toner Supply Motor
Used Toner Collection
Used Toner Bottle
Used Toner Transport Motor, Sensor, Timing Belt
Used Toner Bottle Motor
Used Toner Bottle Sensors, Bottle Set Switch
Photoconductor Development Unit (PCDU)
PCDU Replacement
Vent Filter
Drum Charge Unit
Drum Cleaning Unit
Drum Replacement
Development Unit Replacement
Replacing Developer
PCDU Parts Replacement
Drum Cleaning Unit Gears
Drum Cleaning Blade
Drum Lubrication Blade
Drum Lubrication Bar
Drum Lubrication Roller
Drum Cleaning Motors, Development Motors, Drum Motors
Liquid Cooling Unit
Drum Cooling Unit Fan Replacement
Charge Roller Cleaning Roller Solenoids
Potential Sensors (YMCK)
TD Sensor
Image Transfer Belt (ITB) Unit
ITB Cleaning Unit
ITB Cleaning Unit Removal
Cleaning Blade
Lubrication Roller
Lubrication Bar
Lubrication Blade
Transfer Belt Replacement
After Transfer Belt Replacement
ITB Unit Cover Plates
ID/MUSIC Sensor Fan
PTR Separation Motor
1st Lift Motor (YMC)
Transfer Belt Drive Motor
2nd Lift Motor (K)
Belt Centering Motor
PTR/ITB Cleaning Unit Motor
ID Sensor/MUSIC Sensors
PTR Separation Sensor
1st Lift Motor Sensor (YMC)
Belt Centering Roller HP Sensor
Belt Centering Sensor
2nd Lift Motor Sensor 1 (K)
2nd Lift Motor Sensor 2 (K)
Transfer Belt Speed Sensor
Front Overrun Sensor
Rear Overrun Sensor
Image Transfer Rollers
ITB Bias Roller
ITB Transfer Power Pack
ITB Cleaning Unit Cover Set Switch
ITB Cleaning Unit Set Switch
Right Anti-Condensation Heater
Left Anti-Condensation Heater
ITB Unit Thermostat
Paper Feed
Main Machine Tray Removal
PFU Pick-up, Feed, Separation Rollers
Paper End Sensor
Pickup Roller Lift Sensor
Paper Feed Sensor
Pickup Roller Solenoid
Separation Roller Solenoid
Tray 1 Rear Fence Return Sensor (Left Tandem Tray)
Tray 1 Rear Fence HP Sensor (Left Tandem Tray)
Tray 1 Right Tray Paper Sensor (Right Tandem Tray)
Bottom Plate Lift Wire
Paper Feed Motors, Grip Motors
Lift Motors (Tray 1, Tray 2)
Tray 1 Solenoids
Vertical Transport Unit
Bank Exit Motor
Vertical Transport Motor
Main Relay Sensor 1
Bank Exit Sensor
1st Transport Sensor
Vertical Transport Sensor
2nd Transport Sensor
Right Drawer
Right Drawer Front Cover
Shift Unit
Registration Entrance Motor
Registration Timing Motor
Registration Gate Motor
Shift Roller Motor
Shift Unit Motor
Shift Timing Motor
Main Relay Sensor 2
Main Relay Sensor 3
LCIT Relay Sensor 2
Double-Feed Sensor 1 (LED)
Double-Feed Sensor 2 (Receptor)
Shift Unit Sensor
Registration Gate Sensor
Transfer Timing Sensor
Duplex Transport Sensor 4
Duplex Transport Sensor 5
Separation Power Pack
Paper Transfer Roller (PTR) Unit
PM Parts List: Replacement
PTR Servicing SP Codes
Separation Plate
Lubrication Bar
Lubrication Blade
Lubrication Roller
PTR (Paper Transfer Roller)
Cleaning Roller
PTR/ITB Cleaning Unit Motor
Paper Separation Power Pack
Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
Paper Transport Belts
PTB Sensor
PTB Fans
Pressure Roller Fan
Belt Cooling Fan
Fusing Unit
Before You Begin
Periodic Cleaning
Periodic Lubrication
Heating Roller Fusing Lamps
Heating Roller
Hot Roller, Fusing Belt
Pressure Roller Fusing Lamps, Pressure Roller
Hot Roller Thermistor (Front)
Hot Roller NC Sensor (Center)
Heating Roller NC Sensors
Heating Roller Rear Thermistor
Heating Roller Thermostats
Heating Roller Thermostat (Center)
Pressure Roller Sensors (Front and Rear)
Fusing Motor, Pressure Roller Lift Motor
Fusing Cleaning Unit
Fusing Cleaning Unit PM Parts
Web Supply Roller
Web Contact Roller
Web End Sensor
Web Motor
Left Drawer
Exit Relay Motor
Invert Exit Motor
Duplex Transport Motor 1
Web Motor
Belt Cooling Fan
Exit Motor
Duplex Inverter Motor
Exit Unit Entrance Sensor
Exit JG Sensor
Duplex Transport Sensor 1
Duplex Transport Sensor 2
Duplex Transport Sensor 3
Exit Relay Sensor
Purge Relay Sensor
Duplex Invert Sensor
Exit Sensor
Web End Sensor
Purged Paper Sensor
Duplex Motors and Rollers
Main Boards, HDD Units
CB Power Pack (CK)
CB Power Pack (YM)
Potential Sensor Power Pack
AC Drive Board
PSU 2, PSU 2 Fans
Relay Board (RYB)
PSU 1, PSU 1 Fans
Controller Board (GW), NVRAM, Controller Board Fan
HDD Units
Controller Box Fans
Fans and Filters
Before You Refer to This Section
Fan Layout
Ozone Exhaust Fans (YMCK), Ozone Collection Fan
Toner Supply Cooling Fan
Heat Sink Intake Fan
Heat Sink Exhaust Fan
Fusing Exit Exhaust Fan
Drive Exhaust Fan
Belt Cleaning Exhaust Fan
Stray Toner Exhaust Fan
Paper Cooling Intake Fan
Paper Cooling Exhaust Fan
Fusing Unit Transport Exhaust Fan
Duplex Exhaust Fans
Used Toner Intake Fan
ITB Intake Fan
Cooling Box Fans
Ozone Filter, Air Filters
Air Filter
Control Box Filter
ITB Area Filters
Paper Exit Fans
Firmware Update
Before You Begin
Firmware Update Procedure
Verifying the Firmware Update
Fiery Controller System Update

Service Program Mode

SC Table Key
SC Tables
SC100: Scanning 1
SC200: Image Writing
SC300: Development
SC400: Around the Drum
SC500: Paper Feed, Transport, Duplexing
SC600: Communications
SC700: Peripherals
SC 800: Firmware
SC900: Other
Special Troubleshooting Procedures
Clearing SC471, SC475 or SC476
SP3812 001 (Development Fill) Errors
Process Control Troubleshooting
MUSIC Adjustment Result
Troubleshooting for Image Quality Problems
Development-related Troubleshooting
Color Toner Spotting/Staining
Toner Scatter
Color Loss
Density Problems
Gloss Problems
Fusing-related Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting for Paper Delivery Problems
Frequent Paper Misfeeds
Messages Reporting Paper Misfeeds
Paper Skew
Wrong Detection of Skew
Double Feeding
Wrong Detection of Double Feeding
Paper Misfeeding
Paper Feed Problems Affecting Image Quality
Attaching the Tab Sheet Holder
Cleaning the Paper Feed Path
No Error Message at Initializing of the Double Feed Sensors
Efficient SP for Paper Jam Analyzing
Troubleshooting for Options
Finisher SR5030/ Booklet Finisher SR5040
Multi-Folding Unit
Buffer Pass Unit
High Capacity Stacker
Cover Interposer Tray CI5020
Multi Bypass Tray BY5010
Troubleshooting for Throughput
Reducing the Waiting Time Prior to Printing
Throughput When Printing on Paper with a Thickness Equivalent to Paper Weight 6 or 7
Throughput when Printing Black-and-White Jobs and Color Jobs
Blown Fuse Conditions
Jam Codes
Paper Late Jams: Main Machine
Paper Lag Jams: Main Machine
Finisher Jams (D512/D513) Jam Code Table
Cover Interposer Tray CI5020 (D518) Jam Code Table
Trimmer Unit TR5040 (D520) Jam Code Table
Multi Folding Unit FD5010 (D521) Jam Code Table
High Capacity Stacker SK5020 (D515) Jam Code Table
Ring Binder RB5010 (D519) Jam Code Table
Buffer Pass Unit Type (5010 D548) Jam Code Table
ARDF Jam Code Table
D074/D075, M044 Jam Displays


& Parts Catalog.

Ricoh ProC651EX ProC751EX ProC751 A3/DLT Tray Unit TK5010 Folder FD5010 Finisher SR5030 Booklet Finisher SR5040 Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 Decurler DU5010 Large Capacity Tray RT5060 Cover Interposer CI5020 Buffer Pass Unit Type 5010 Stacker SK5020 Trimmer TR5040 Ring Binder RB5010 Color Controller E-41A Punch Unit PU5020 Large Capacity Tray RT5060 point-to-point diagram Booklet Finisher SR5040 point-to-point diagram Stacker SK5020 point-to-point diagram Cover Interposer CI5020 point-to-point diagram Ring Binder RB5010 point-to-point diagram Trimmer TR5040 point-to-point diagram Buffer Pass Unit Type 5010 point-to-point diagram Folder FD5010 point-to-point diagram Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 point-to-point diagram Pro C651EX Pro C751EX Pro C751 Peripherals Large Capacity Tray RT5060 Folder FD5010 Cover Interposer CI5020 Stacker SK5020: Europe North America Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 Finisher SR5030: Europe North America Tab Sheet Holder Type 3260 Booklet Finisher SR5040: Europe North America Trimmer TR5040 Punch Unit PU5020 Buffer Pass Unit Type 5010: Europe North America Ring Binder RB5010 Color Controller E-41A Output Tray Type C75