Ricoh Pro C7100S/C7110S/C7100SX/C7110SX/C7100/C7110/C7100X/C7110X (product code D194/D195/D203/D204/M195/M196/M207/M208) Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Service Manual, Troubleshooting Manual and Parts Catalog Ricoh Pro C7100S/C7110S/C7100SX/C7110SX/C7100/C7110/C7100X/C7110X (product code D194/D195/D203/D204/M195/M196/M207/M208);
Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Warnings, Cautions, Notes
General Safety Instructions
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Customer Engineer
Reference Material for Maintenance
Before Installation, Maintenance
Warning Label
Shipping and Moving the Machine
Installation, Disassembly, and Adjustments
Special Tools
During Maintenance
Safety Devices
Organic Cleaners
Lithium Batteries
Ozone Filters
Power Plug and Power Cord
After Installation, Servicing
Disposal of Used Items
Points to Confirm with Operators
Special Safety Instructions for Toner
Accidental Physical Exposure
Handling and Storing Toner
Toner Disposal
Safety Instructions for the Machine
Prevention of Physical Injury
Health Safety Conditions
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Laser Safety
Safety Instructions for the Fiery Controller
New Features
Main Machines
Model Numbers and Names
Base Machine
Base Configuration
Full System
New Features
New Technology
New Toner
AC Transfer for Textured Media
New Elastic Fuser Belt
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller
DEMS (Development Electric-field Modulation System)
Modified Couplings
Prevention of Paper Scratch
Shock Jitter Canceller
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks
Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations

Product Overview
Component Layout
Paper Paths
Main Unit
Main Unit + Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100 (2 connections)
Drive Layout
Machine Codes and Peripherals Configuration
System Configuration and Options
Internal Options
EFI Options
EFI Options
TCRU Options

Installation Requirements
Operating Environment
Power Requirements
Input voltage level
Breaker Switch
Machine Level
Space Requirements
Space Around the Main Machine
Total Space Required
Main Machine Installation
Installation Flow
Installation: Power Off
Rating Voltages for Connection Points
Attach Fusing Roller Knob Holder
Operation Panel Installation
Install Operation Panel: Standard Installation
Operation Panel: Easy Access Installation
Power Cord
Attention Light
Media Identification Unit
Level the Main Machine
Attach Decals
Test Breaker Switch
Install Toner Bottles
Installation: Power On
Important Notice on Security Issues
Connect Main Machine to Power Source and Power On
Password Setting
Filling Developer and Initialization for 5th Station Model
Initialize Process Control
GW Printer Controller Settings
SP Settings
Removing the Gigabit Ethernet Board
Fiery Controller (E-43A/ E-48A) Connection and Setup
Connect EFI Box to Main Machine
Connect the EFI Box Power Cord
Connect the Fiery Power Link USB Cable (NA only)
Power On with Fiery Controller (When the Fiery Power Link USB Cable is Not Connected)
Power On with Fiery Controller (When the Fiery Power Link USB Cable is Connected)
Installing the Specialty Color Support on Fiery Controller
Fiery Controller Setup
Fiery Controller Selection
Fiery Language Selection
Fiery Controller Settings
Paper Trays
Loading the Paper Trays
Tray Paper Settings
Tray Heaters
Paper Library Data Installation
Printing the SMC Report
How to download SMC data from the machine to the SD card
Test Color Print (D194/D195/D203/D204)
ACC Adjustment (D194/D195/D203/D204)
Checking the Print Quality
Color Image Check
Color Registration Check
Ruled Line Check
Image Position Check
FR Density Adjustment
Check the Image Quality with 75% Chart
TCRU Setting
Moving the Machine
Removing the Rear Boxes
Switching the System On/Off
AC Power and Main Power Switch
Power On with Fiery Controller
Turning the System Off
GW Printer Controller Options
OCR Unit Type M2 (D166) (For Only Copier Model)
Details About Searchable PDF
Installation Procedure
Restoration Procedure
SD card for NetWare printing Type S3 (D3A8)
Installation Procedure
PostScript3 Unit Type S3 (D3A8)
Installation Procedure
SD Card Appli Move
Move Exec
Undo Exec
5th Station Replacement Kit Type S3 (D880)
Filling Developer and Initialization
Power On with Fiery Controller
RPIP Interface Box Type S3 (M462)
Parameter Setting Tool
Decurler Unit DU5040 (D3A4)
Installing the Guide Plate
SP Settings
Curl Correction
SP Mode Adjustments
Tray Heaters
Scanner Heater (Service Option)
Service Slot Board (Service Option)
LCIT RT 5090 (D732)
Tapes, Retainers
Ground Plate
Docking to Main Machine
Height Adjustment
Tray Heaters (service option)
Moving the LCIT
A3/11″x17″ Tray Unit TK5010 (B331)
Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100 (D777)
Disconnecting the Vacuum Feed LCIT from the Main Machine
Tray Heater (Option)
Vacuum Feed LCIT Tray Heater (D777)
Bridge Unit BU5010 (D778)
Horizontal Transport Unit
Docking: Downstream
Docking: Upstream
Vacuum Feed Banner Sheet Tray Type S3 (D777)
Attaching the Sponge Strip
Attaching the Side Fences and End Fences
Attaching the Extension Tray to the Finisher
SP Setting
Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 (D517)
Installation (On the Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100)
Installation (On the LCIT RT5090)
Before You Begin
If the LCIT Has Already Been Installed
Flat Cover
Mounting and Connecting the Multi Bypass Tray
Bypass Covers
LCIT Covers
End fence and tab sheet fence
Attaching the Tray Number Decals
Docking, Height Adjustment
Multi Bypass Attachment Kit for Vacuum Feed LCIT Type S3 (D777)
Installation (On the Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100)
Before You Begin
If the Vacuum Feed LCIT Has Already Been Installed
Preparing for the Multi Bypass Tray
Mounting the Multi Bypass Tray
Replacing the Pulley and Belt
Connecting the Multi Bypass Tray
Bypass Covers
Installing the Motor on the Vacuum Feed LCIT
End fence and tab sheet fence
Attaching the Tray Number Decals
Docking, Height Adjustment
Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3 (D517)
Attaching the Extension Tray to the Finisher
SP Setting
Buffer Pass Unit Type S3 (D795)
Accessory Check
Ground Plate, Unit Entrance Sheets
Buffer Unit Entrance Sheets
Docking the Unit to the Mainframe
Removing the Shipping Brackets
Connecting the Downstream Peripheral
Connect the Power Cord
Leveling the Unit
Cover Interposer Tray CI5030 (D738)
Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 (D740)
Paper Guide, Sponge Strip
Ground Plate
Removing Parts for the Cover Interposer Tray
Power Cord
Finishing the Installation
Auxiliary Tray, Fold Depressor
Moving the Multi-Folding Unit
Ring Binder RB5020 (D737)
Operating Environment
Machine Level
Minimum Space Requirements
Power Supply
Before You Begin
Installation Procedure
Remove All Shipping Materials
Prepare the Unit for Docking
Prepare the Upstream Unit for Docking
Dock the Unit to the Upstream Unit
Install the Shoes and Level the Unit
Attach Ring Supply Level Indicator
Test the Breaker Switch
Centering Paper in the Paper Path
Checking and Correcting Side-to-Side Registration
Checking and Correcting Skew
After Installation
Perfect Binder GB5010 (D736)
Bookbinder Accessories
Bookbinder Installation
Before You Begin
Unloading the Bookbinder
Bookbinder Exterior Tape, Braces
Bookbinder Interior Tape, Braces
Main Grip, Cover Transport Tape, Braces, etc
Trimming Unit Tape
Book Stacking Tray Tape
Confirming Removal, and Storing Braces, Cushions, Screws
Check List
Docking the Bookbinder
Filling Bookbinder Glue Supply Unit
Handling and Storing the Glue Pellet Supply
Testing the Breaker Switch
Final Check
Setting the Bookbinder for Moving
Same Floor
Gluing Unit
Sub Grip Unit
Another Floor (by Elevator)
Left Side (Paper Exit)
Right Side (Paper Entrance)
Shipping the Bookbinder
Transit Pass Unit for Perfect Binder Type S1 (D736)
Relay Unit Accessories
Relay Unit Installation
Testing the Breaker Switch
High Capacity Stacker SK5030 (D776)
Shipping Tapes
Paper Guide, Sponge Strips, Ground Plate
Docking: Upstream
Lock Hasps
Height Adjustment
Finishing the Installation
Docking: Downstream
Roll-Away Cart (D456-17)
Booklet Finisher SR5060 (D734)/Finisher SR5050 (D735)
Tapes, Retainers, Shipping Plates
Ground Plate
Sponge Strips
Paper Guide
Shift Tray
Booklet Tray (Only for D734)
Auxiliary Tray
Finishing the Installation
Punch Unit PU5020 NA, EU, SC
Moving the Finisher
Trimmer Unit TR5040 (D520)
Tapes, Stopper Plate
Output Tray
Ground Plate
Preparing the Booklet Finisher SR5060 for Docking
Finishing the Installation
Optional Counter Interface Unit Type A (B870)
Common Adjustments
Height and Level Adjustment
Before you begin:
Setting the Leveling Shoes
Skew and Side-to-Side Registration for Peripherals
Checking Side-to-Side Registration
Correcting Side-to-Side Registration
Detecting Paper Skew
Correcting Skew
Operation Guidance for Users
Operation Guidance for Users
Main Machine
ADF (Copier Model Only)
Vacuum Feed LCIT
Booklet Finisher SR5060
Preparation for TCRU
Preparation (SP Setting)
Explain the Counter
Explain the Part Replacement Procedures
“Adjustment Item Menu Guide: TCRU”, “Troubleshooting: TCRU”

Preventive Maintenance Tables
PM Counter Display
Opening the PM Counter
PM Parts Screen Details
All PM Parts list: Main Menu
Number Button Submenu
Parts List for PM Yield Indicator
Lubrication Points
Fuser Unit Main Drive Gears
Cleaning, Lubrication Around Fuser Unit Heating Roller
Cleaning and Lubrication Around Pressure Roller
Lubrication Around Fusing Roller
Cleaning Points
Inspection and Cleaning
Before You Begin
1st Tray, 2nd Tray
Vertical Transport Unit
Right Drawer
Left Drawer
Purged Paper Sensor
Scanner Unit Cleaning
Controller Box Filter
Toner Shield Glass
Around the PCDU
Development Cooling Sheet, Development Case, Quenching Lamp
Potential Sensor
ITB Unit
Transfer Belt Speed Feedback Sensor

Notes on the Main Power Switch
Push Switch
Characteristics of the Push Switch (DC Switch)
Shutdown Method
Forced Shutdown
Switching the System On/Off with Fiery Controller
AC Power and Main Power Switch
Power On with Fiery Controller
Turning the System Off
General Cautions
Rear Boxes
ITB Unit
Scanner Unit (D194/D195/D203/D204)
Laser Unit
Fuser Unit
Paper Feed
Used Toner
Fiery Controller
Liquid Coolant Disposal
Positions of WARNING and CAUTION labels
Main Unit: Copier Model
Main unit: Printer Model
Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100
Multi Bypass Tray BY5010
Finisher SR5050
Booklet Finisher SR5060
Multi-Folding Unit FD5020
Trimmer Unit TR5040
Ring Binder RB5020
Perfect Binder GB5010
Buffer Pass Unit Type S3
High Capacity Stacker SK5030
Special Tools and Lubricants
Tool List
Exterior Covers
Right Front Door, Left Front Door
Right Front Door
Left Front Door
Right Cover
Left Cover
Opening the Rear Boxes
Cooling Box Cover
Controller Box Cover
Cooling Box Top Cover
Controller Box Top Cover
Toner Bank Door
Toner Bank Canopy Cover
Toner Bank Front Cover
Front Cover
Attention Light
Scanner Right Cover
Scanner Front Cover
Scanner Rear Cover (Front)
Scanner Rear Cover (Rear)
Exterior Covers for Printer Models
Rear Cover: M195/M196/M207/M208
Center Cover: M195/M196/M207/M208
Front Cover: M195/M196/M207/M208
Operation Panel
Operation Panel (with Arm)
Operation Panel
First Shield Plate, 2nd Shield Plate, SD/USB
LCD Unit, Touch Panel
LCDC (LCD Controller)
Operation Panel LED PCB, Key PCBs
Key PCB 1
Key PCB 2
Touch Panel Position Adjustment
ADF Removal
After ADF Replacement
CIS RGB Adjustment
Checking for Skew
Platen Adjustment
ADF Covers
ADF Rear Cover
ADF Front Cover
Feed Cover
Original Feed Unit
Pickup Roller, Feed Belt
Pickup Roller
Feed Belt
ADF Separation Roller
ADF Sensors
Original Registration Sensor
Original Length Sensors
Original Exit Sensor
ADF Control Board
Sensors, Switches
Separation Sensor, Skew Correction Sensor
Interval Sensor, Original Width Sensors
Interval Sensor
Original Width Sensors
APS Feeler
ADF Lift Interlock SW
Lift-up Sensor
Original Set Sensor
A4/LT SEF Sensor
Bottom Plate HP Sensor
Bottom Plate Position Sensor
ADF Feed Cover Interlock SW
Pickup Roller HP Sensor
Before You Begin
ADF Entrance Motor
ADF Scan Motor
ADF Relay Motor
ADF Bottom Plate Lift Motor
ADF Feed Motor
ADF Transport Motor
ADF Pick-up Roller Motor
CIS Unit
CIS Removal
ADF Cleaning
Scanner Unit
Exposure Glass
ADF Exposure Glass
APS Sensors, IDB
Lens Block
Sub Scan Magnification Adjustment (SP4-008-001)
Sub Scan Registration Adjustment (SP4-010-001)
Main Scan Registration Adjustment (SP4-011-001)
Exposure Lamp (LED)
Exposure Lamp Removal
Scanner Unit
Scanner Motor
Scanner HP Sensor
Platen Sensor
Scanner Wire
Wire Replacement
Preparation for Re-assembly
Scanner Unit Cleaning
Laser Unit
Laser Units
Before Replacing the Laser Unit
Precautions When Replacing the Laser Unit
S and YM Laser Unit Removal: D194/D195/D203/D204
YM and S Laser Unit Removal: M195/M196/M207/M208
CK Laser Unit Removal: D194/D195/D203/D204/M195/M196/M207/M208
SP Adjustments After Laser Unit Replacement
Toner Shield Glass
Toner Supply
Toner Bottle Port (S) Cleaning
Toner Supply Unit Removal (SYMCK)
Toner Supply Clutch (SYMCK)
Toner Pump Unit (SYMCK)
Toner End Sensor 1 (YMCK)
RFID (Antenna), RFID (CPU)
Toner Bottle Detection Sensor (YMCK)
Toner Bottle Motor (K)
Toner Bottle Motor (YMC)
Toner Bottle Motor (S)
Toner Bottle Cap Motor (YMCK)
Toner Agitator Motor (YMCK)
Toner Supply Motor
Used Toner Collection
Used Toner Bottle
Main Unit Used Toner Transport Motor
Used Toner Transport Motor Sensor, Timing Belt
Used Toner Bottle Motor
Used Toner Bottle Sensors, Bottle Set Switch
Common Procedure
Used Toner Bottle Set Switch
Near Full, Full Sensors
Toner Bottle Motor Sensor
Photoconductor Development Unit (PCDU)
Removing PCDUs
Removing PCDUs/ ITB Unit When an Abnormality Occurs
Precautions When Re-installing the PCDU
Charger Unit
After Replacing the Charger Unit
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum
PCU Cleaning Unit
After Replacing /Cleaning a PCU Cleaning Unit
Development Unit
Vent Filter
After Replacing the Vent Filter
Replacing Developer
Preparations Prior to Discharging Developer
Removing Old Developer
Installing New Developer
PCU Cleaning Unit Gears
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum Lubrication Blade
Drum Lubrication Blade
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum Lubrication Blade
Separating the Lubrication Unit and Cleaning Unit
Drum Cleaning Blade
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum Cleaning Blade
Drum Lubrication Bar, Lubricant End Sensor
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum Lubrication Bar
Drum Lubrication Roller, Joint
After Replacing/Cleaning a Drum Lubrication Roller
Other Precautions
After Replacing/ Cleaning the Drum, PCU Cleaning Unit and These Units’ Parts
Required tools and supplies
PCU Cleaning Unit
Greasing the Drum Shaft
Development Side Seals
Development Side Seal (Front)
Development Side Seal (Rear)
Cleaning the Doctor Blade
Drum Cleaning Motor, Drum Motors, Development Motor
Before Removing Any Motor
Drum Cleaning Motor
Drum Motor
Development Motor
Liquid Cooling Unit
Tank and Coolant Disposal
Charge Roller Cleaning Roller Solenoids
Charge roller cleaning roller solenoids (S), (Y)
Charge roller cleaning roller solenoids (M), (C), (K)
Potential Sensors (SYMCK)
TD Sensor
Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) Unit
ITB Unit
Before Pulling Out the ITB Unit
1st Stop Position
2nd Stop Position
Intermediate Transfer Belt Replacement
Transfer Belt Removal
Precautions when Re-installing the Intermediate Transfer Belt
After Intermediate Transfer Belt Replacement
Belt Check
ITB Unit Cover Plates
ID/MUSIC Sensor Fan
ITB Drive Motor
ITB Contact Motor (K)
ITB Contact Motor (YMC)
ITB Contact Motor (S)
PTR Separation Motor
Belt Centering Motor
ID/MUSIC Sensors
After ID/MUSIC Sensor Replacement
Image Transfer Contact Sensor (K) 1
Image Transfer Contact Sensor (K) 2
Image Transfer Contact Sensor (YMC)
Image Transfer Contact Sensor (S)
PTR Separation Sensor
Belt Centering Roller HP Sensor
Belt Centering Sensor
Transfer Belt Speed Feedback Sensor
After Replacing or Cleaning
Front Overrun Sensor
Rear Overrun Sensor
Image Transfer Rollers
After Replacing the Image Transfer Rollers
Paper Transfer Bias Roller
After Replacing the Image Transfer Bias Roller
Image Transfer Power Pack (K), (C)
Image Transfer Power Pack (M)
Image Transfer Power Pack (Y), (S)
Paper Transfer DC Power Pack
Paper Transfer AC Power Pack
Anti-Condensation Heater (Right)
Anti-Condensation Heater (Left)
ITB Unit Thermostat
ITB Drive Motor Encoder Shaft
ITB Cleaning Unit
ITB Cleaning Unit
After Replacing the ITB Cleaning Unit
Cleaning Blade
After Replacing the Cleaning Blade
Lubrication Roller
After Replacing the Lubrication Roller
After Replacing the Lubricant
Lubrication Blade
After Replacing the Lubrication Blade
PTR/ITB Cleaning Unit Motor
ITB Cleaning Unit Cover Set Switch
ITB Cleaning Unit Set Switch
Paper Feed
Main Machine Tray Removal
Tray 1
Tray 2 (Universal Tray)
Paper Feed Units
Tray 1 Paper Feed Unit
Tray 2 Paper Feed Unit
Pick-up, Feed, Separation Rollers
Paper Feed, Pickup Roller Lift, Paper End Sensors
Paper Feed Sensor
Pickup Roller Lift Sensor
Paper End Sensor
Pickup Roller Solenoid
Separation Roller Solenoid
Tray 1 Rear Fence Return Sensor (Left Tandem Tray)
Tray 1 Rear Fence HP Sensor (Left Tandem Tray)
Tray 1 Right Tray Paper Sensor (Right Tandem Tray)
Bottom Plate Lift Wire
Re-installation (Bottom Plate Lift Wire)
Paper Feed Motors, Grip Motors
Common procedure
Paper Feed Motor
Grip Motor
Lift Motors (Tray 1, Tray 2)
Common procedure
Tray 1 Lift Motor
Tray 2 Lift Motor
Tray 1 Right Tray Lock Solenoid
Tray 1 Left Tray Lock Solenoid
Vertical Transport Unit
Vertical Transport Unit (VTU)
Bank Exit Motor
Vertical Transport Motor
Main Relay Sensor 1
Bank Exit Sensor
1st Transport Sensor
Vertical Transport Sensor
2nd Transport Sensor
Right Drawer
Right Drawer
Shift Unit
Registration Entrance Motor
Registration Timing Motor
Registration Gate Motor
Shift Roller Motor
Duplex Transport Motor 2
Shift Unit Motor
Shift Timing Motor
Main Relay Sensor 2
Main Relay Sensor 3
LCIT Relay Sensor 1
LCIT Relay Sensor 2
Double-Feed Sensor 1 (LED)
Double-Feed Sensor 2 (Receptor)
Shift Unit Sensor
Registration Gate Sensor
Adjusting the CIS LED
Transfer Timing Sensor
Duplex Transport Sensor 4
Duplex Transport Sensor 5
Separation Power Pack
Paper Transfer Roller (PTR) Unit
PM Parts List: Replacement
PTR Unit
After Replacing the PTR Unit
After Replacing the Discharger
After Replacing the Lubricant
Cleaning Blade (CL Blade)
After Replacing the Cleaning Blade
Lubrication Roller
PTR (Paper Transfer Roller)
After Replacing the PTR
Cleaning Roller
PTR/ITB Cleaning Unit Motor
Separation Power Pack
Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
PTB Unit
Paper Transport Belts
PTB Sensor 1, 2
PTB Fans
Pressure Roller Fan
ITB Cooling Fan
Fuser Unit
Before You Begin
Fuser Unit
Separation Unit Cover, Top Cover
Front Cover, Front Frame
Front Cover
Front Frame
Rear Cover, Rear Frame
Rear Cover
Rear Frame
Rear Harness Cover
Periodic Cleaning
Fusing Roller Separation Plate
Pressure Roller Separation Plate
Upper Entrance Guide Plate
Periodic Lubrication
Main Drive Gears
Heating Roller Fusing Lamp
Heating Roller
Fusing Roller, Fuser Belt
Before Fusing Roller Re-installation
To Clean the Surface of a Fusing Roller
After New Fusing Roller Installation
Cleaning, Lubrication
Pressure Roller Fusing Lamp
Pressure Roller
Cleaning and Lubrication
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller Contact Sensor
Pressure Roller Paper Sensor, Fuser Unit Exit Sensor
Accordion Jam Sensor
Fusing Roller NC Sensor, Heating Roller NC Sensor, Heating Roller Thermistor
Heating Roller Thermostat (Front)
Heating Roller Thermostat (Center)
Pressure Roller Cam Position Sensors
Heating Roller Thermopile
Fusing Motor, Pressure Roller Lift Motor, Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller Motor, Fuser Belt Smoothing
Roller Contact Motor
Common Procedure
Fusing Motor
Pressure Roller Lift Motor
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller Motor
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller Contact Motor
Fuser Cleaning Unit
Fuser Cleaning Unit PM Parts
Fuser Cleaning Unit
Roller (Web Contact Roller)
Spring Plate
Fuser Cleaning Unit Set Sensor
Web End Sensor
Web Motor
Left Drawer
Pulling Out and Closing the Left Drawer
Pulling Out the Left Drawer
Closing the Left Drawer
Left Drawer
Exit Relay Motor
Invert Exit Motor
Duplex Transport Motor 1
Exit Motor
Duplex Inverter Motor
Main Unit Relay Fan
Exit Unit Entrance Sensor
Exit JG Sensor
Duplex Transport Sensor 1
Duplex Transport Sensor 2
Duplex Transport Sensor 3
Exit Relay Sensor
Purge Relay Sensor
Duplex Invert Sensor
Exit Sensor
Purged Paper Sensor
Heat Pipe Temperature Sensor
Duplex Motors and Rollers
Main Boards, HDD Units
Charge Bias/Development Bias Power Pack (CK)
Charge Bias/Development Bias Power Pack (YM)
Charge Bias/Development Bias Power Pack (S)
Potential Sensor Board (YMCK)
Potential Sensor Board (S)
AC Drive Board
PSU Cooling Fan 2
PSU Cooling Fan 1
PSU Cooling Fan 3
Noise Filter
When installing the new BCU
PSU1, 2, Controller Box Intake Fan 1,2
Controller Board
Gigabit Ethernet Board
Controller Board NVRAM
Coolant Remaining Switch
Fans and Filters
Before You Refer to This Section
Controller Box Exhaust Fan (Top Right, Top Left, Bottom)
Exhaust Filters, Ozone Filter
Controller Box Ozone Collecting Fan
Ozone Filter, Air Filters
Ozone Exhaust Fan (S, Y, M, C, K)
Paper Exit Guide Cooling Fan
Fusing Exit Exhaust Fan
Feed Motor Cooling Fan
Heat Sink Cooling Suction Fan
Heat Sink Cooling Exhaust Fan
Paper Cooling Exhaust Fans, Paper Cooling Intake Fan
Transport/ Fusing Exhaust Fan
Air Box Exhaust Fans (Top, Bottom)
Exhaust Filters
Rear Box Ozone Exhaust Fan
Ozone Filter, Air Filter
Rear Box Heat Sink Collecting Fan, Rear Box Exhaust Fan
Exhaust Filter
Development Unit Cooling Fan 1, 2, 3
Image Adjustment
Adjusting the Image Position on Side 1
Adjusting the Image Position on Side 2 in Alignment with Side 1 (Registration to Align Front and Back
Images Using Template)
TCRU Procedures: Preparations
TCRU Procedures: Printing and Measuring the Template
TCRU Procedures: Entering the Value
TCRU Procedures: Checking the Adjustment Results
TCRU Procedures: Further Reducing the Off-Registration for Side 1 and Side 2
TCRU Procedures: Cases for which it is Necessary to Reconfirm Front/Back Registration
Service Technician Procedures: Front and Back Registration Adjustment by Using NICE (Copier
Model Only)
Adjusting the Image Position on Side 2

Service Program Mode
Firmware Update
Update procedure
Error Screens During Updating
Updating JavaVM
Creating an SD Card for Updating
Updating Procedure
List of Error Messages
NVRAM Data Upload/Download
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
Address Book Upload/Download
Information List
Download Address Book (Backup)
Upload Address Book (Restore)
UP/SP Data Import/Export
Import/export conditions
UP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Data that cannot be imported or exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
SP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
Possible solutions for import/export problems
Stamp Data Download
Download Procedure
Capturing the Debug Logs
Security of the Operation Log
Retrieving the Debug Logs
Procedure for Retrieving the Debug Log
Approximate Time to Transfer Debug Log
SP Text Mode (Saving SMC List to SD Card)
SP Text Mode
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages

& Parts Catalog

Ricoh Pro C7100S C7110S C7100SX C7110SX C7100 C7110 C7100X C7110X ProC7100S ProC7110S ProC7100SX ProC7110SX ProC7100 ProC7110 ProC7100X ProC7110X 7100S 7110S 7100SX 7110SX 7100 7110 7100X 7110X