Ricoh Pro C720S/Pro C720/Pro C900S/Pro C900 Machine Code: D016/G178/D097/M078 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh Pro C720S/Pro C720/Pro C900S/Pro C900 Machine Code: D016/G178/D097/M078 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Safety, Conventions, Trademarks
Warnings, Cautions, Notes
Commonly Used Terms
General Safety Instructions
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Before Installation, Maintenance
During Maintenance
After Installation, Servicing
Special Safety Instructions for Toner
Safety Instructions for this Machine
Safety Instructions for Fiery Controller

Installation Requirements
Operating Environment
Machine Level
Minimum Space Requirements
Power Requirements
Correct Procedure to Turn Off the Power
Before You Begin
Overview of Optional Peripherals
Fiery Controller and Rear Controller Box Removal
A3/11″x17″ Tray Unit TK5000 (B331)
Ring Binder (D392) Installation
Before You Begin
Installation Procedure
Centering Paper in the Paper Path
After Installation
Perfect Binder (D391) Installation
Docking the Perfect Binder
Filling Bookbinder Glue Supply Unit
Testing the Breaker Switch
High Capacity Stacker SK5000
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Bridge Unit BU5000 (D379)
Accessory Check
LCIT RT5020 (D355)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure for Printer (G178/M078)
Installation Procedure for Copier (D016/D097)
Multi Bypass Tray (B833)
Cover Interposer Tray CI5010 (B835)
Z-Folding Unit ZF4000 (B660)
Accessory Check
Booklet Finisher BK5000 (B836)
3000-Sheet Finisher (B830)
Finisher Installation
Punch Unit B831
Cooling Fan Unit (B831)
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Buffer Pass Unit Type 5000 (M379)
Accessory Check
Skew and Side-to-Side Adjustment
Skew and Side-to-Side Registration Adjustment
How to Adjust Skew, Side-To-Side Registration
Optional Counter Interface Unit Type A (B870)
Component List
MFP Options
Data Overwrite Security Unit Type H (D377-06)
File Format Converter (D377-10): D016/D097 only
VM Card Type F (D377-04): D016/D097 only

PM Counter
Initializing PM Parts
Displaying the PM Counter
PM Parts Screen Details
PM Tables
Main Machine
LCT D355
Bridge Unit D379
Multi-Bypass Tray B833
Cover Interposer Tray B835
Z-Folding Unit B660
3000-Sheet Finisher B830
Punch B831
Booklet Finisher BK5000 B836
Ring Binder D392
High Capacity Stacker SK5000 (D364)
Perfect Binder/Inserter (D391)

General Cautions
Rear Controller Box
Image Transfer Belt Unit
Scanner Unit (D016/D097 only)
Laser Unit
Fusing Unit
Paper Feed
Waste Toner
Fiery Controller
Special Tools and Lubricants
Special Tools
Image Adjustment
Scanning (D016/D097 only)
ADF (D016/D097 only)
Color Image Check
Color Registration Check
Ruled Line Check
Image Shift Check between the 1st and 2nd Pages
Image Skew Check
Paper Type Adjustment
Paper Setting Selection
Exterior Covers
Front Door
Left Cover
Right Cover
Front Top Cover
Rear Top Cover
Rear Upper and Lower Cover
Operation Panel Arm
Operation Panel
Operation Panel Inverter Board
Touch Panel Position Adjustment
Rear Controller Box
Laser Unit
Caution Decals
Laser Unit
Polygon Motor
Polygon Motor Drive Board
Laser Synchronizing Detector
Toner Hopper
Toner Bottles
Toner Hopper Cover
Toner Hopper Door Switch
RFID Board
Toner Bottle Motor
Sub-Hopper Unit
Toner Supply Clutch
Toner Pump Clutch
Toner End Sensor
Toner Supply Motor
Waste Toner Transport Motor 1
Waste Toner Transport Motor 2 and Sensor
Image Creation
Charge Corona Unit
Drum Cleaning Unit
Drum Lubricant Blade
Drum Cleaning Gears
Drum Lubricant Bar and Drum Lubricant Brush Roller
Drum Cleaning Blade
Drum Cleaning Brush Roller
Drum Unit
Lubricating the Drum
Drum Motor
Drum Cleaning Motor
Drum Potential Sensor
Potential Sensor HVPS
Dust Shield Glass
Erase Lamp Shield Glass
Development Unit
TD Sensor
Development Motor
Development Fan
Charge Cleaning Motor
Image Transfer
ITB (Image Transfer Belt) Unit Drawer
ITB Cleaning Unit
ITB Fan Cleaning Procedure
ITB Cleaning Blade
ITB Lubricant Brush Roller and Lubricant Bar
ITB Cleaning Brush Roller
Image Transfer Belt
ID/MUSIC Sensors
ITB Drive Motor
ITB Motor Rotation Sensors
Belt Speed Sensor
ITB Black and Color Lift Motor
ITB Black and Color Lift Sensors
Front and Rear Belt Overrun Sensors
Belt Centering Sensor
Image Transfer Rollers
ITB Bias Roller
ITB Cleaning Motor
Belt Centering Roller Sensor
Belt Centering Roller Motor
TRB (Transfer Relay Board)
Transfer HVPS
Paper Registration
Registration Unit Drawer
Inner Registration Cover
LCT Entrance Sensor
Registration Timing Sensor
Registration Entrance Sensor
Double-Feed Sensor
CIS (Contact Image Sensor) Unit
Shift Roller Unit
PTR Timing Sensor
Registration Timing Motor
Registration Gate Motor
Registration Entrance Motor
Shift Roller Motor
Duplex Transport Motor 2
PTR Timing Motor
Duplex Transport Sensor 3 and 4
PTR Motor
Separation HVPS
PTR Lift Motor
PTR Lift Sensor
Paper Transfer
PTR (Paper Transfer Roller) Unit
PTR Entrance Mylar Cleaning Procedure
PTR Lubricant Bar
PTR Lubricant Brush Roller
PTR Discharge Plate
Paper Transfer Roller
PTR Cleaning Blade
PTR Cleaning Brush Roller
Paper Feed and Transport
Tandem Tray (Tray 1)
Universal Tray (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Unit 1 and 2
Pick-up, Feed and Separation Rollers
Paper Feed, Paper End, Tray Lift Sensor
Rear Fence Return Sensor
Rear Fence HP Sensor
Right Tray Paper Sensor
Bottom Plate Lift Wire
2nd Tray Paper Size Switch
Paper Feed and Grip Motors
Vertical Relay Motor
Tray Lift Motors
Fusing Unit Drawer
Fusing Unit
Fusing Cleaning Unit
Fusing Lamps
Oil Supply Unit Gear
Oil Supply Unit
Fusing Belt Tension Roller
Fusing Belt Stripper Plate
Hot Roller Gear, Fusing Belt, Hot Roller and Heating Roller
Heating Roller Thermistor
Heating Roller Thermostat
Pressure Roller Stripper Pawl Unit
Accordion Jam Sensor
Fusing Exit Front, Center and Rear Sensor
Pressure Roller
Oil Pad, Oil Pan and Oil Sump
Pressure Roller Blade
Pressure Roller Thermistor
Pressure Roller Thermostat
Oil Tank Filters
Fusing Knob Attachment Procedure for Printer Model (G178)
Paper Transport and Exit
PTB (Paper Transport Belt) Unit
Paper Transport Belt
PTB Motor
PTB Jam Sensor
PTB Fan 1 and 2
Paper Exit Motor
Paper Exit Sensor
Exit Junction Timing Sensor
Inverter Motor
Duplex Transport Motor 1
Switchback Motor
Duplex Transport Sensor 1 and 2
Switchback Sensor
Switchback Lower Sensor
PDB (Paper exit Drive Board)
De-curler Unit
De-curler Unit Motor
De-curler Feed Motor
De-curler Unit HP and Limit Sensor
Electrical Components
Board Location
IOB 1 and 2
IOB Brackets
AC Drive Board
FIB (Finisher Interface Board) and RB (Relay Board)
Controller NVRAM and DIMM
Controller Board
Controller Fans
PSU-EA1, EA2 and -EB
Fiery Controller
Fiery Controller
Fiery Controller Left and Right Cover
Fiery Controller Front Cover
Fiery Controller Top Cover
Video Board
Fiery Controller Mother Board and DIMM
Fiery Controller PSU
HDD Unit
Diagnostic LED Board
Switch Board
Fiery Controller Buzzer
Fiery Controller Front Fan
Fiery Controller Rear Fan
Dust Filters
Development Filter
PSU Filter
Controller Filter
Fiery Controller Filter
Ozone Filters
Document Feeder (D016/D097 only)
ADF Unit
ADF Covers
ADF Original Tray
Feed Unit and Separation Roller
Feed Belt
Pick-Up Roller
ADF Sensors
Transport Belt
ADF Motors
Feed-In Clutch
Scanner Unit (D016/D097 only)
Exposure Glass
Optics Dust Filter
Top Front Cover
Top Left Cover
Top Right Cover
Top Rear Cover
Lens Block
Original Size Sensors
Exposure Lamps
Lamp Regulators
Scanner HP Sensor
Scanner Motor
Scanner Drive Wires
MCU (Motor Control Unit)
SIB (Scanner Interface Board)
LCT-MF (D016/D097 only)
Inner Covers
Side Registration Adjustment
Side Fence
Side Fence Blower
LCT Paper Length Sensor
Paper Feed Unit
Paper Feed Roller
LCT Exit Motor
LCT Exit Roller Contact Motor
LCT Vertical Transport Motor
LCT Horizontal Relay Motor
LCT Paper Feed Motor, LCT Grip Motor
LCT Lift Motor
LCT Exit Sensor
LCT Paper Exit Roller Contact Sensor
LCT Vertical Transport and Grip Sensors
Paper Height, Paper Width Sensors
Main Board

Program Download
Recovery Methods
Download Error Codes
Special Procedures
SP3812 001 (Devsetup Execute) Errors
Process Control Troubleshooting
MUSIC Adjustment Result
Fiery Controller Troubleshooting
Fiery Controller Boot Problem
No Connection between Fiery Controller and Mainframe
SC Errors Concerning the Fiery Controller: SC9xx
List of POST Codes
Service Call Conditions
Service Call Table
SC Code Descriptions
Service Call Tables – 1
SC Codes Group 1: Scanning
Service Call Tables – 2
SC Codes Group 2: Exposure
Service Call Tables – 3
SC Codes Group 3: Image Development – 1
Service Call Tables – 4-1
SC Codes Group 4: Image Development – 2
Service Call Tables – 4-2
Service Call Tables – 5-1
SC codes Group 5: Paper Feed
Service Call Tables – 5-2
SC codes Group 5: Paper Feed
Service Call Tables – 6
SC Codes Group 6: Device Communication
Service Call Tables – 7-1
SC Codes Group 7: Peripherals
Service Call Tables – 7-2
SC Codes Group 7: Peripherals
Service Call Tables – 8
SC800: Overall System
Service Call Tables – 9
SC900: Miscellaneous
Image Problems
Horizontal White Line in Mono-color Patch Image
White Spots
Color Spots
Blurred Image
Blurred Text
White Lines in B/W Mode
Vertical White Line
White Scattered Dots
Black Spots at 125 mm Interval
Low Toner Density and Uneven Toner Density Image
Toner Coming Off
Fusing Problem
Adjustment SPs for Paper Type and Thickness Settings
Toner Blisters on Outputs
Paper Problems
Consecutive JAM 38 (C JAM)
Color Paper and Preprinted Paper
Small Size Paper
Double Feed Problem from LCT (Main and Option)
Paper Rolled Up in the Fusing Unit
Operation Problems
Clearing SC 471, 475 or 476
Fiery Shut Down at SC Alert
ITB Condition Check
Stapling Error for Finisher SR5000 (B830)
Rear Controller Box Connection Error
Remaining Toner Detection Error
Electrical Component Defects
Brown Fuse Conditions
Jam Detection
Paper Jam Display
Jam Codes and Display Codes

Service Program Mode Operation
Service Mode Lock/Unlock
To Switch to the APL (Application) Window for Test Printing
Using the SP Mode
SP Mode Button Summary
Service Program Tables
Service Table Key
Abbreviations for SP Service Tables
System SP1-xxx: 1
SP1-xxx Feed
System SP1-xxx: 2
System SP1-xxx: 3
System SP1-xxx: 4
System SP1-xxx: 5
System SP2-xxx: 1
SP2-xxx Drum: 1
System SP2-xxx: 2
System SP2-xxx: 3
System SP2-xxx: 4
System SP2-xxx: 5
System SP2-xxx: 6
System SP2-xxx: 7
System SP2-xxx: 8
SP2-xxx Drum:
System SP2-xxx: 9
System SP2-xxx: 10
System SP2-xxx: 11
System SP3-xxx: 1
SP3-xxx Process
System SP3-xxx: 2
System SP4-xxx: 1 (D016/D097 only)
SP4-xxx Scanner
System SP4-xxx: 2 (D016/D097 only)
System SP5-xxx
SP5-XXX (Mode)
System SP5-xxx: 2
System SP5-xxx: 3
System SP6-xxx
SP6-xxx Peripherals
System SP7-xxx: 1
SP7-XXX (Data Log)
System SP7-xxx: 2
System SP7-xxx: 3
System SP8-xxx: 1
SP8-xxx: Data Log2
System SP8-xxx: 2
Printer and Scanner SP Tables
Printer SP
Scanner SP (D016/D097 only)
Test Pattern Printing
Printing Test Pattern: SP2109 002
Input Check: 1
Main Machine Input Check: SP5803
Input Check: 2
Main Machine Input Check: SP5803
Input Check: 3
Main Machine Input Check: SP5803
Input Check: 4
Main Machine Input Check: SP5803
ADF Input Check: SP6007 (D016/D097 only)
Finisher Input Check: SP6112 (B830)
Booklet Finisher Input Check (B836): SP6206
Cover Interposer Input Check (B835): SP6400
Ring Binder Input Check (D392): SP6508
High Capacity Stacker Input Check (D364): SP6600/SP6606
Perfect Binder Input Check (D391): SP6526
Output Check
Main Machine Output Check: SP5804
ADF Output Check: SP6008 (D016/D097 only)
Finisher Output Check SP6113 (B830)
Booklet Finisher Output Check: SP6207
Cover Interposer (B835) Output Check: SP6401
Ring Binder (D392) Output Check: SP6509
High Capacity Stacker Output Check (D364): SP6601/SP6607
Using SP Mode
CPM Down (SP1201)
Fixed Paper Interval (SP1207)
Using the Debug Log
SMC Lists
Memory All Clear: SP5801
Software and System Setting Reset
Software Reset
Resetting the System
PM Counter
Accessing the PM Counters
Firmware Update
Before You Begin
Firmware Update Procedure
Verifying the Firmware Update
Fiery Controller System Update
USB Prep Tool
6. Details
Machine Layout
Paper Path
Fan Location
Board Structure
Component Descriptions
Printing Process
ADF (D016/D097 only)
Pick-Up Roller Release
Bottom Plate Lift
Pick-Up and Separation
Original Feed
Original Size Detection
Original Transport
Original Skew Correction
Original Inversion and Feed-Out
ADF Jam Conditions
Scanning (D016/D097 only)
Scanner Drive
Original Size Detection
Auto Image Density (ADS)
Laser Unit
LD Unit
Laser Exposure Mechanism
LD Safety Switches
Optical Paths
Image Position Correction (MUSIC)
Photo Conductor and Development Units (PCDU)
Overview of the PCDUs
Around the Drum
Drum Drive
Drum Charge
Charge Corona Unit Cleaning
Drum Cleaning and Lubrication
Dust and Ozone Filters
Development Unit
Development Unit Operation
Development Unit Drive
Toner Supply
Toner Supply Mechanism
Toner Bottle
Toner End Sensors
Waste Toner Collection
Waste Toner Path
Waste Toner Bottle Sensors
Process Control
Components Used During Process Control
ID Sensors
TD Sensor
Potential Control
Toner Supply Control
Toner Supply Operation Flow
Toner Density Adjustment
Image Transfer and Paper Transfer
ITB (Image Transfer Belt) Unit
ITB Drive
ITB Lift
Transfer Power Pack
PTR (Paper Transfer Roller) Unit Overview
Paper Transfer and Separation
PTR Cleaning
PTR Lift Mechanism
ITB (Image Transfer Belt) Cleaning Unit Overview
ITB Cleaning
ITB Speed Control
ITB Centering Control
ITB Ventilation
Paper Transport Belt Unit
Paper Feed
Drive Layout: Tray 1 and 2 (Engine)
Drive Layout: Tray 3 and 4 (LCT-MF: D016/D097 only)
Paper Lift – Tray 2
Pick-up and Feed – Trays 1 and 2
Remaining Paper and Paper End Detection (Tray 2)
Paper Size Detection
Tandem Feed – Tray 1
Paper Feed Rollers: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper Feed Motors: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper Separation: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper Detection/Lift: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Lift Sensor: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper Size Detection: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Remaining Paper Detection: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper End Detection: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Air-assisted Feed Mechanism: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Paper Exit: Tray 3 and 4 (D016/D097 only)
Anti-Condensation Heaters
Registration Unit
Registration Drive
Paper Skew Correction
Paper Position Correction
Double-Feed Detection
Thermopile, Thermistors, and Thermostats
Fusing Unit Drive
Pressure Roller Lift Mechanism
Oil Supply
Fusing Cleaning Unit
Stripper Retraction
Fusing Temperature Control
Paper Exit/Duplex
Paper Exit Drive
Paper Cooling
Straight-Through Printing
Inverter Printing (Face-down Output, No Duplex)
Duplex Drive
Duplex Feed Operation
Duplex Interleaving
De-curler Unit Operation
7. Specifications
General Specifications
Supported Paper Sizes
Machine Configuration
Printer G178/M078
Copier D016/D097
Option Specifications
A3/11″x17″ Tray Unit TK5000 (B331)
LCIT RT5020 (13″x19.2″ LCT D355)
Multi-Bypass Tray (B833)
Cover Interposer Tray CI5010 (B835)
Z-Folding Unit ZF4000 (B660)
Finisher SR5000 (3K Finisher B830)
Punch Unit PU5000 (B831)
Booklet Finisher BK5000 (B836)
Ring Binder RB5000 (D392)
Perfect Binder D391
High Capacity Stacker SK5000 (D364)
Buffer Pass Unit (M379)

& Parts Catalog.

Ricoh ProC720S ProC720 ProC900S ProC900 Machine Code: D016 G178 D097 M078