Ricoh Pro L5130 Pro L5160 Latex wide format printer, Machine Code: M0BX/M0BY Field Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh Pro L5130 Pro L5160 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Main Machine, Option, Consumables
Model Names
Guidance for Those Who Are Familiar with Predecessor Products
Comparison to Pro L4130/L4160
New Feature

Installation Condition
Installation Environment
Installation Location
External Dimension when the Machine is Packed
Machine Dimension
Level Standard
Power Source
Installation Overview
Main Machine Installation
Unpacking Procedure
Installing the Printer Stand
Connecting Printer Stand with the Main Unit by Using Grips or a Forklift
Removing Exterior Orange Tapes
Installation for the Left Side of the Main Unit
Installation for the Right Side of the Main Unit
Removing the Protecting Seat of the Middle Cover
Installing Post Guide Plate and Cutter Unit
Installing the Cure Heater
Attaching the Media Holding Lever
Removing the Bracket Used for the Bar to Carry
Installing the Roll Holder/Roll Core Holder
Installing the Waste Ink Bottle
Level Adjustment
Paper Feed/Roll-up Alignment Adjustment
Measuring the Head Height and the Jam Detection Feeler Height
Installing the Power Cord and its Bracket
Attaching the Ink Cartridge Decal
Setting the Ink Cartridges to the Machine and the Flow of Initial Filling
Installing the Nozzle Cleaning Cartridge
Installing the Flushing Cartridge
Filling the Cleaning Liquid/ Discharging the Filling Liquid
Installation for 4C+W Model
Initial Ink Filling
Damper Air Purge
Setting the Media
Nozzle Check Pattern Printing/Checking
Colorimetric Sensor Adjustment
Performing the Connection Methods
Date Settings
Time Zone/Summer Time Settings
Network Setup
@Remote Settings
RIP Server Setup
Installing the Software
SMC Report (Storing the Setting Value of SP Code)
Updating the Firmware
Checking the Output
Items to be Stored in Customer’s Place
Moving the Machine
Attention Light Type C2 (option)
Accessory list
Installation Procedure
Operation Instruction
About Usage
Image Quality Adjustment
Related to Maintenance

Notes on the Main Power Switch
Push Switch
General Precautions
Special Tools
Common Procedures
Exterior Cover Layout
Operation Panel Unit
Operation Panel
Paper Feed Section
Roll Holder
Paper Feed Motor
Roll Paper Residual Amount Encoder Sensor
Paper Feed Encoder Sensor
Roll Feed Unit Set Switch
Media Transport Unit
Sub Scan Encoder Sensor/Encoder
Sub Scan Motor
Front Registration Sensor
Pinch Roller
Registration Pressure Release Sensor
Port Cover Detection Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Roll-up Section
Roll Core Holder
Paper Output Motor
Roll-up Switch
Paper Exit Rotary Encoder Sensor
Roll-up Encoder Sensor
Media Cutter
Media Cutter
Media Cutter Motor
Media Cutter Switch (Right)
Media Cutter Switch (Left)
Carriage Unit
Moving Away the Carriage Unit
Print Head Unit
Carriage Drive Belt
Carriage Drive Motor
Circulation Solenoid
Colorimetric Sensor
Paper Edge Sensor
Main Scan Encoder Sensor
Main Scan Encoder Sheet
HDC (Head Control Board)
Carriage Rising Sensor 1 and 2
Carriage Home Position Sensor
Carriage Motor
Carriage Jam Sensor
Ink Supply Unit
Supply Unit Pump
Supply Motor
Ink Cartridge Lock 1-8
Ink End Sensor 1-8
Ink Supply Solenoid 1-8
Procedure of Color Change
Maintenance Unit
Nozzle Cleaning Cartridge Driving Unit
Attaching the Timing Belt
Maintenance Unit Web Shift Motor
Web Front/Rear HP Sensor
Web Up/Down HP Sensor
Blade Wiper HP Sensor
Maintenance Unit Web Encoder Sensor
Maintenance Unit Web Adjust Sensor 2
Maintenance Unit Wiper Motor
Maintenance Unit Web Adjust Motor
Maintenance Unit Web Supply Motor
Maintenance Unit Ink Collection Pump Unit/Maintenance Unit Ink Collection Motor 1-3
Maintenance Unit Cleaning Liquid Supply Motor
Cleaning Liquid Set Sensor
Maintenance Unit Lift Motor
Maintenance Suction Unit HP Sensor
Maintenance Suction Unit Decap Sensor
Cure Heater
Post Heater
Print Heater
Dry Curing Fan 1-7
Suction Fan
Internal Air Intake Fan 1-7
Electrical Components
IOB (Input/Output Board)
GAU (Main Controller Board)
PSU 24V(Power Supply Unit)
PSU 5V(Power Supply Unit)
ACD (AC Drive)
Adjustment Items
Jam Detection Feeler Height Adjustment
Carriage Unit Rolling Direction Adjustment
Print Head Height Adjustment

Service Program Mode Tables
Firmware Update (SD card)
Update Procedure
Error Screens during Updating
Firmware Update for Colorimetric Sensor
Firmware Update for Colorimetric Sensor
Capturing the Debug Logs by Log Trace
Function of Log Trace
Retrieving the Device Logs Saved in the Machine when an Error Occurred
Retrieving the Device Logs Continuously with a Service Slot Board
Retrieving the Information on ONYX RIP Software/Storing the Logs
Retrieving the Information on ONYX RIP Software
How to Store Logs of ONYX RIP Software
Reboot/System Setting Reset
NV-RAM Data Upload/Download
Uploading Content of NV-RAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NV-RAM
SMC List Card Save Function
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages
Adjustment Pattern
Adjustment of Printing Margin
5-923-002 (Main Scan Printing Position Adjustment)
5-923-008 (Grid Pattern)

Self-Diagnostic Mode
Service Call Conditions
SC Logging
SC Automatic Reboot
SC100: Not Used
SC200: Image Writing
SC300: Not Used
SC400: Not Used
SC500: Paper Feed, Transport
SC600: Communication
SC700: Not Used
SC800: Controller
SC900: Software
Jam Code Tables
Printer Paper Jams
Troubleshooting Information When Performing Initial Filling and Full Auto Cleaning
Progress Management when Performing Initial Filling
Progress Management when Performing Full Auto Cleaning
Explanation for SP
Related Trouble Shooting
Belt-like Uneven Density Appears
Roll Holder/Roll Core Holder Lock Defective
When Missing Nozzle Appears in the Low Humidity Environment
When NV-RAM is Broken

Plotter Layout
Media Path
Drive Layout
Electrical Components
Image Processing Process
Image Processing Path
Imaging Control Process
Roll Feed/Transport/Winding Unit
Roll Feed/Winding Unit
Paper Transport Unit
Ink Supply Unit
Ink Cartridges
Flow Passage Branch Unit
Ink Supply Unit
Carriage Unit
Carriage Unit
Print Head
Maintenance Unit
Wiping Unit
Capping Unit
Flushing Cartridge
Waste Ink Bottle
Cleaning Maintenance
Media Drying
Print Heater
Post Heater
Cure heater
Temperature Transition
Low Temperature Mode
Colorimetric Sensor
Electrical Components
GAU (Main Controller Board)
IOB (Input/Output Board)
PSU 5V (Power Supply Unit)
PSU 24V (Power Supply Unit)
ACD (AC Drive)
Energy Save

& Parts Catalog (3D Representation).

Ricoh ProL5130 ProL5160 RicohProL5130 RicohProL5160 Machine Code M0BX M0BY