Ricoh Pro C9100/Pro C9110 Machine Code: M205/M238 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh Pro C9100/Pro C9110 Machine Code: M205/M238 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Revision Lists (V2.00)
Product Information
Preventive Maintenance
Replacement and Adjustment
System Maintenance Reference
Important Safety Notices
Warnings, Cautions, Notes
Responsibilities of the Customer Engineer
Customer Engineer
Reference Material for Maintenance
Before Installation, Maintenance
Shipping and Moving the Machine
Installation, Disassembly, and Adjustments
Special Tools
During Maintenance
Safety Devices
Organic Cleaners
Lithium Batteries
Ozone Filters
Power Plug and Power Cord
After Installation, Servicing
Disposal of Used Items
Points to Confirm with Operators
Special Safety Instructions for Toner
Accidental Physical Exposure
Handling and Storing Toner
Toner Disposal
Safety Instructions for the Machine
Prevention of Physical Injury
Health Safety Conditions
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Laser Safety
Safety Instructions for the Color Controller
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks

Product Overview
Component Layout
Paper Paths
Drive Layout
Electrical Components
Operation Panel/ Switches
Laser Unit
Around the Drum
Toner Supply Unit
Waste Toner Collection System
Intermediate Transfer Belt Unit (ITB)
ITB Cleaning Unit
Paper Transfer Unit (PTR)
Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
Fuser Unit
Paper Feed Unit
Vertical Transport Unit
Paper Cooling Unit
Paper Path Unit
Paper Switch Back and Duplex Path Unit
Main Boards / HDD Unit
Machine Codes and Peripherals Configuration

Installation Requirements
Minimum Space Requirements
System Dimensions
Main Machine
System Pattern 1
System Pattern 2
Power Requirements
Main Machine Installation
Important Notice on Security Issues
Password Setting Procedure
Installation Flow Chart
Accessory Check
Assembling the Accessory Box
Installation Procedure
Remove Tapes, Shipping Materials
Removing the Supporting Plate from the Right Unit
Attaching the Grip to the ITB Unit
Removing the Supporting Plate from the Fusing Section
Installing Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
Docking the Right Unit (Imaging Section) and Left Unit (Fusing Section)
Machine Level Adjustment
Connecting Connectors (Between Imaging Section and Fusing Section)
Operation Panel: Standard Installation
Operation Panel: Easy Access Installation
Operator Call Light Attachment
Media Identification Unit Installation
Attaching the Decals
Storing the Factory SP Sheet
Breaker Switch Test
Connecting a Color Controller to the Main Machine
Turning the Machine On/Off
Registering the Serial Number of the Left Unit (Fusing Section)
Install Toner Bottles
Paper Tray Settings
Adjusting the Color Registration
Test Print
Paper Library Data Installation
SMC Report
Moving and Transporting the Machine (Short Distance)
Transporting the Machine (Long Distance)
If the Machine is too large to Transport
List of Slots and Ports
Color Controller E-43 (M465)
Accessory Check
Startup and Initial Setup
Turning off the Main Power Switch
Color Controller E-83 (M466)
Accessory Check
Startup and Initial Setup
Turning off the Main Power Switch
Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100 (D777)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Tray Heater (Option)
Bridge Unit BU5010 (D778)
Horizontal Transport Unit
Docking: Downstream
Docking: Upstream
Vacuum Feed Banner Sheet Tray Type S3 (D777)
Attaching the Sponge Strip
Attaching the Side Fences and End Fences
Attaching the Extension Tray to the Finisher
SP Setting
Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 (D517)
Multi Bypass Attachment Kit for Vacuum Feed LCIT Type S3 (D777)
Before You Begin
If the Vacuum Feed LCIT Has Already Been Installed
Preparing for the Multi Bypass Tray
Mounting the Multi Bypass Tray
Replacing the Pulley and Belt
Connecting the Multi Bypass Tray
Bypass Covers
Installing the Motor on the Vacuum Feed LCIT
End fence and tab sheet fence
Attaching the Tray Number Decals
Docking, Height Adjustment
Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3 (D517)
Attaching the Extension Tray to the Finisher
SP Setting
Cover Interposer Tray CI5030 (D738)
Booklet Finisher SR5060 (D734)/Finisher SR5050 (D735)
Ground Plate
Sponge Strips
Paper Guide
Shift Tray
Booklet Tray (Only for D734)
Docking to the Cover Interposer Tray
Z-fold Support Tray Installation
Finishing the Installation
Moving the Finisher
Punch Unit PU5020 (D449)
High Capacity Stacker SK5030 (D776)
Finishing the Installation
Docking to the Cover Interposer Tray
Docking the downstream unit
Roll-Away Cart (D456-17)
Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 (D740)
Paper Guide, Sponge Strips
Ground Plate
Removing Parts for the Cover Interposer Tray
Power Cord
Finishing the Installation
Auxiliary Tray, Fold Depressor
Moving the Multi-Folding Unit
Trimmer Unit TR5040 (D520)
Tapes, Stopper Plate
Output Tray
Ground Plate
Preparing the Booklet Finisher SR5060 for Docking
Finishing the Installation
Ring Binder RB5020 (D737)
Operating Environment
Machine Level
Minimum Space Requirements
Power Supply
Before You Begin
Installation Procedure
Remove All Shipping Materials
Prepare the Unit for Docking
Prepare the Main Machine for Docking
Dock the Unit to the Main Machine
Install the Shoes and Level the Unit
Attach Ring Supply Level Indicator
Test the Breaker Switch
Centering Paper in the Paper Path
Checking and Correcting Side-to-Side Registration
Checking and Correcting Skew
After Installation
Perfect Binder GB5010 (D736)
Bookbinder Accessories
Bookbinder Installation
Before You Begin
Unloading the Bookbinder
Bookbinder Exterior Tape, Braces
Bookbinder Interior Tape, Braces
Main Grip, Cover Transport Tape, Braces, etc
Trimming Unit Tape
Book Stacking Tray Tape
Confirming Removal, and Storing Braces, Cushions, Screws
Check List
Docking the Bookbinder
Filling Bookbinder Glue Supply Unit
Handling and Storing the Glue Pellet Supply
Testing the Breaker Switch
Final Check
Setting the Bookbinder for Moving
Same Floor
Gluing Unit
Sub Grip Unit
Another Floor (by Elevator)
Left Side (Paper Exit)
Right Side (Paper Entrance)
Shipping the Bookbinder
Cover Interposer Tray for Perfect Binder Type S1 (D736)
Inserter Accessories
Inserter Installation
Mounting the Inserter
Adjusting the position of the hinge plate
Connecting the Inserter
Inserter Gap Measurement
Inserter Gap Adjustment
Inserter Limiter Brace
Transit Pass Unit Type S1 (D736)
Relay Unit Accessories
Relay Unit Installation
Testing the Breaker Switch
RPIP Interface Box Type S3 (M462)
Parameter Setting Tool
Tray Heater (Main Machine)
Tray Heater (Imaging Section)
Tray Heater (Fusing Section)
Tray Heater (Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100)
Service Slot Board
Common Adjustments
Height and Level Adjustment
Before you begin:
Setting the Leveling Shoes
Skew and Side-to-Side Registration for Peripherals
Checking Side-to-Side Registration
Correcting Side-to-Side Registration
Detecting Paper Skew
Correcting Skew
Security Setting
Security Function Installation
Data Overwrite Security
Before You Begin the Procedure
Using Auto Erase Memory
HDD Encryption
Before You Begin the Procedure:
Enable Encryption Setting
Backing Up the Encryption Key
Encryption Key Restoration
@Remote Settings

Preventive Maintenance Tables
PM Counter Display
Opening the PM Counter
PM Parts Screen Details
All PM Parts list: Main Menu
Number Button Submenu
Parts List for PM Yield Indicator
Estimated Usage Rate/Estimated Remaining Days
Commissioning Status Report Print
Cleaning Points (1)
How to Clean the Parts
Before the Cleaning
Laser Unit
Toner Shield Glass
Quenching Lamp 1
Quenching Lamp 2
Potential Sensor
Vent Filter
Doctor Blade, Development Roller
Development Unit (Gears)
Development Unit
Toner Supply Unit
Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) Unit
Roller Layout
Tension Roller
ITB Lubrication Opposing Roller, ITB Cleaning Opposing Roller, Paper Transfer Bias Roller
Press Roller, Transfer Sub Roller
Drive Roller, Idle Roller 1-4, ITB Belt Centering Roller
ITB Belt Centering Sensor
ITB Belt Speed Sensor
Developer Holder
Image Transfer Entrance Guide Plate
Paper Feed Section (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Sensor 1-2 (Tray 1)
Paper Feed Sensor (Tray 1)
LCT Relay Sensor, Registration Entrance Sensor 1-3
LCT Relay Roller, Registration Entrance Roller 1-3 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Transport Sensor 7, Paper Transport Roller 16 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Transport Sensor 6, Paper Transport Roller 13-15 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Transport Sensor 5, Paper Transport Roller 10-12 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Transport Sensor 4, Paper Transport Roller 7-9 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Feed Section (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Sensor 1-2 (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Sensor (Tray 2)
Cleaning Points (2)
Registration Unit
Registration Timing Roller (Drive/Idle)
Rotary Gate Roller (Drive/Idle)
Registration Relay Roller, PTR Timing Roller (Drive/Idle)
URRB (Double-Feed Sensor: Receptor), URTB (Double-Feed Sensor: Emitter)
Dust Collection Tray
Registration Timing Sensor
Transport Guide Plate
Discharge Brush
Paper Switch Back and Duplex Path Unit
Paper Transport Sensor 1, Paper Transport Roller 1-2 (Drive/Idle)
Paper Transport Sensor 2-3, Paper Transport Roller 3-6 (Drive/Idle)
Duplex Transport Sensor 1-2, Duplex Transport Roller 1-3
Paper Exit Inverter Sensor, Paper Exit Inverter Roller (Drive/Idle), Inverter Exit Roller (Drive/Idle)
Paper Exit Sensor, Paper Exit Roller (Drive/Idle), Paper Exit Relay Roller (Drive/Idle)
Discharge Brush
Paper Transfer Roller Unit (PTR)
Paper Transfer Entrance Plate, Paper Transfer Exit Plate
ID/MUSIC Sensors (TM/P Sensors)
Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
1st Paper Transport Belt (PTB)
2nd Paper Transport Belt (PTB)
PTB Transport Sensor 1, 2
PTB Transport Sensor 3, 4
PTB Ribs
PTB Guide Plate
Fuser Unit
Heating Roller Thermopile
Fusing Unit Entrance Guide
Pressure Roller Exit Plate (Lower)
Fusing Unit Separation Plate
Pressure Roller Pick-off Pawls
Paper Cooling Unit
Paper Cooling Belt
Ozone Filter
Development Filter
PSU Filter (Imaging Section)
PSU Filter (Fusing Section)
Controller Filter
VOC Filters
Lubrication Points
Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) Unit
ITB Motor Drive Gears
Fuser Unit
Fusing Roller Drive Gears (Upper and Lower)
Pressure Roller Drive Gears
Heating Roller Slip Ring
Sliding Parts of the Pressure Roller Bearing

Notes on the Main Power Switch
Push Switch
Characteristics of the Push Switch (DC Switch)
Turning the Machine On
Shutdown Method
Forced Shutdown
Special Tools and Lubricants
Special Tools
Exterior Covers/Doors
Exterior Layout
Upper Front Cover
Left Front Door (Imaging Section)
Right Front Door (Imaging Section)
Right Cover (Imaging Section)
Toner Supply Unit Cover
Toner Supply Right Upper Cover
Toner Supply Rear Cover
Rear Box
Rear Box Upper Cover
Rear Box Left Lower Cover
Rear Box Right Lower Cover
Left Cover (Fusing Section)
Left Front Door (Fusing Section)
Right Front Door (Fusing Section)
Rear Upper Left Cover (Fusing Section)
Duct Cover (Fusing Section)
Rear Lower Cover (Fusing Section)
Operation Unit
Touch Panel
KEY:Sub, KEY:Main, KEY:Appli
KEY: Sub
KEY: Main
KEY: Appli
Touch Panel Position Adjustment
Laser Unit
Before You Begin
Caution Decals
Laser Unit
Before Replacement
Adjustment after Laser Unit Replacement
Laser Unit Cooling Fan
Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Main)
Toner Supply Unit
Toner Supply Unit Layout
Toner Bank (K/C/M/Y)
Toner Bottle Motor (K1/K2/C1/C2/M1/M2/Y1/Y2)
Toner Bottle Motor (K1/C1/M1/Y1)
Toner Bottle Motor (K2/C2/M2/Y2)
Toner Bottle Open Motor (K1/K2/C1/C2/M1/M2/Y1/Y2)
Toner Bottle Detect Sensor (K1/K2/C1/C2/M1/M2/Y1/Y2)
Sub Hopper (K/C/M/Y)
Before Removing the Sub Hopper
Sub Hopper (K)
Sub Hopper (C/M/Y)
Toner Agitator Motor (K/C/M/Y)
Toner Supply Motor (K/C/M/Y)
Toner End Sensor (K/C/M/Y)
Toner Hopper Cover Open Switch
Around the Drum
PCDU Layout
Charge Unit Removal
Charge Unit Internal Components
PCU Cleaning Unit Removal
When installing the PCU Cleaning Unit
PCU Cleaning Unit Internal Components
Applying the Zinc Stearate and Yellow toner to the PCU Cleaning Roller/Lubrication Roller
Applying the Grease to the Gears of PCU Cleaning Unit
Applying the Grease to the Bearings of the PCU Cleaning Unit
Cleaning the Lubricant End Detection Switch
Attaching the New PCU
Development Unit
Developer Replacement
Draining Developer
Adding New Developer
When You Install New Development Unit
Quenching Lamp 1
Potential Sensor (K/C/M/Y)
Potential Sensor Board
Temperature/Humidity Sensor (PCU1/PCU2)
Cleaning Pad HP Sensor (K/C/M/Y)
Intermediate Transfer Belt Unit (ITB)
ITB Unit (Service Position)
Intermediate Transfer Belt
Installing the Intermediate Transfer Belt
Adjustment after replacing the Intermediate Transfer Belt
ITB Motor
ITB Motor Rotation Sensor
ITB Belt Centering Sensor
ITB Belt Speed Sensor
Adjustment after replacing the ITB belt speed sensor
Image Transfer Roller (KCMY)
Paper Transfer Bias Roller
ITB Black Lift Motor/ITB Color Lift Motor
ITB Black Lift Sensor
ITB Color Lift Sensor
PTR Lift Motor
PTR Lift Sensor
ITB Belt Centering Motor
ITB Belt Centering Roller Sensor
ITB Belt Overrun Sensor (Front/Rear)
Paper Transfer DC Power Pack, Paper Transfer AC Power Pack
Transfer Power Pack
ITB Cleaning HVP (+)/ITB Cleaning HVP (-)
ITB Lubrication Unit
ITB Lubrication Unit
ITB Lubrication Roller
ITB Lubricant Bar
ITB Lubrication Unit End Switch
ITB Cleaning Unit
ITB Cleaning Unit
ITB Cleaning Sub Unit
ITB Cleaning Roller
ITB Cleaning Collection Roller
ITB Cleaning Blade
ITB Cleaning Vibrating Plate
ITB Cleaning Unit Set Sensor
ITB Cleaning Motor
Paper Transfer Unit (PTR)
Paper Transfer Belt Unit
Paper Transfer Belt
When installing the paper transfer belt
Paper Transfer Lubrication Roller
Paper Transfer Lubricant Bar
Paper Transfer Cleaning Blade
ID/MUSIC Sensors (TM/P Sensors)
Adjustment after replacing the ID/MUSIC Sensors
PTR Pressure Motor
Paper Transfer Pressure Unit
Position Sensor
PTR Motor
ID Sensor Cleaning Fan
Paper Feed Section (Tray 1)
Paper Tray Section (Tray 1)
Paper Tray 1
Paper Feed Roller Unit (Tray 1)
Paper Length Sensor 1, 2 (Tray 1)
Paper Feed Sensor (Tray 1)
Paper Height Sub Sensor (Tray 1)
Paper Height Middle Sensor (Tray 1)
Lower Limit Sensor (Tray 1)
Over Limit Sensor (Tray 1)
Float/Separation Fan Duct (Tray 1)
Float Fan (Tray 1)
Separation Fan (Tray 1)
Front Side Fence (Tray 1)
Rear Side Fence (Tray 1)
Separation Front Fan (Tray 1)
Separate Solenoid Front (Tray 1)
Separation Rear Fan (Tray 1)
Separate Solenoid Rear (Tray 1)
Paper Size Sensor 1-4 (Tray 1)
Float Solenoid (Tray 1)
Paper Feed Motor (Tray 1)
Paper Transport Motor (Tray 1)
Suction Fan 1, 2 (Tray 1)
Tray Lift Motor (Tray 1)
Paper Tray Heater (Tray 1)
LED 1, 2 (Tray 1)
Paper Feed Belt Unit (Tray 1)
Paper Feed Belt (Tray 1)
Paper End Sensor (Tray 1)
Upper Limit Sensor 1, 2 (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Unit (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Sensor 1 (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Sensor 2 (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Motor Fan (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport Motor (Tray 1)
Vertical Transport LED
Registration Unit (Right / Left)
Registration Unit (Right)
Registration Unit (Left)
LCT Relay Sensor
Registration Entrance Sensor 1
Registration Entrance Sensor 2
Registration Entrance Sensor 3
Paper Transport Sensor 4
Paper Transport Sensor 5
Paper Transport Sensor 6
Paper Transport Sensor 7
Paper Transport Motor 4
Paper Transport Motor 5
Paper Transport Motor 6
Paper Transport Motor 7
Registration Entrance Motor 1
Registration Entrance Motor 2
Registration Roller Lift Motor 1
Registration Roller Lift Motor 2
Registration Roller Home Position Sensor 1
Registration Roller Home Position Sensor 2
Paper Transport LED 3
Paper Transport LED 4
Paper Transport LED 5
Paper Transport LED 6
Paper Feed Section (Tray 2)
Paper Tray Section (Tray 2)
Paper Tray 2
Paper Feed Roller Unit (Tray 2)
Paper Length Sensor 1, 2 (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Sensor (Tray 2)
Paper Height Sub Sensor (Tray 2)
Paper Height Middle Sensor (Tray 2)
Lower Limit Sensor (Tray 2)
Over Limit Sensor (Tray 2)
Float/Separation Fan Duct (Tray 2)
Float Fan (Tray 2)
Separation Fan (Tray 2)
Front Side Fence (Tray 2)
Rear Side Fence (Tray 2)
Separation Front Fan (Tray 2)
Separate Solenoid Front (Tray 2)
Separation Rear Fan (Tray 2)
Separate Solenoid Rear (Tray 2)
Paper Size Sensor 1-4 (Tray 2)
Float Solenoid (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Motor (Tray 2)
Paper Transport Motor (Tray 2)
Suction Fan 1, 2 (Tray 2)
Tray Lift Motor (Tray 2)
Paper Tray Heater (Tray 2)
LED 1, 2 (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Belt Unit (Tray 2)
Paper Feed Belt (Tray 2)
Paper End Sensor (Tray 2)
Upper Limit Sensor 1, 2 (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Unit (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Sensor 1 (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Sensor 2 (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Motor Fan (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport Motor (Tray 2)
Vertical Transport LED (Tray 2)
Registration Unit
Drawer Unit
Registration Timing Sensor
Rotary Gate Home Position Sensor
Registration Encoder Sensor
PTR Timing Sensor
CIS Cleaning Fan
Shift Roller Motor
Shift Unit Home Position Sensor
Rotary Gate Motor
Registration Timing Motor
PTR Timing Motor
CIS Bracket
CRB1/CRB2 (CIS Relay Board)
T-ACT Sensor 1, 2
URRB (Double-Feed Sensor: Receptor)
URTB (Double-Feed Sensor: Emitter)
Registration Relay Sensor
Registration Cooling Fan
Registration Entrance LED
Registration Unit LED
Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
1st Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
PTB Transport Sensor 1, 2
1st PTB Motor
1st Paper Transport Belt (PTB)
PTB Fan 1-4, 9, 10
2nd Paper Transport Belt (PTB) Unit
PTB Transport Sensor 3, 4
2nd PTB Motor
2nd Paper Transport Belt (PTB)
PTB Fan 5-8, 11, 12
Fuser Unit
Fuser Unit: Screw List
Fuser Unit (Service Position)
Fusing Cover
Fuser Belt Unit
Installing the Heating Roller Lamp
Fuser Belt
Pressure Roller
Fusing Separation Subunit
Fusing Roller
Fuser Cleaning Unit
Cleaning Web
Fusing Cleaning Unit Set Sensor
Cleaning Web Contact Sensor
Fusing Web Motor
Cleaning Web Contact Sensor
Web End Sensor
Fuser Belt Smoothing Roller Unit
Refresh Roller
Refresh Roller Contact Sensor
Pressure Roller Home Position Sensor A/ Pressure Roller Home Position Sensor B
Fusing Exit Sensor (Front/Center/Rear)
Accordion Jam Sensor
Heating Roller Thermostat
Fusing Belt Thermistor (Edge)
Heating Roller Thermistor (Edge)
Fusing Exit Sensor (Back)
Heating Roller Thermopile
Pressure Roller Thermopile (Edge/Center)
Pressure Roller Intake Fan
Fusing Unit LED
Fusing Entrance LED
Paper Cooling Unit
Paper Cooling Belt (Upper)
Installing the Paper Cooling Belt (Upper)
Paper Cooling Belt (Lower)
Installing the Paper Cooling Belt (Lower)
Paper Cooling Unit
Paper Cooling Belt Motor
Belt Overrun Sensor (Upper 1/ Upper 2)
Belt Centering Roller Sensor (Upper)/ Belt Centering Roller Motor (Upper)
Belt Overrun Sensor (Lower 1/ Lower 2)
Belt Centering Roller Sensor (Lower)/Belt Centering Roller Motor (Lower)
Radiator Unit
Paper Cooling Belt LED
Paper Switch Back and Duplex Path Unit (1)
Paper Exit Unit (Service Position)
De-curler Unit Motor 1
De-curler Unit Motor 2
Paper Exit Motor
Inverter Entrance Motor
Paper Exit Inverter Motor
Duplex Inverter Motor
Paper Exit Inverter Roller Contact Motor
Duplex Inverter Roller Contact Motor
Exit Junction Gate Motor
De-curler Transport Motor 1
De-curler Transport Motor 2
Switchback Junction Gate Solenoid
De-curler Entrance Sensor
De-curler Exit Sensor
Paper Exit Sensor
De-curler Unit Home Position Sensor 1
De-curler Unit Home Position Sensor 2
Paper Exit Inverter Sensor
Duplex Inverter Sensor
Purge Tray Paper Sensor
Paper Exit Inverter Roller Home Position Sensor
Duplex Inverter Roller Home Position Sensor
Exit Junction Gate Home Position Sensor
Paper Switch Back and Duplex Path Unit (2)
Duplex Unit
Paper Transport Motor 1
Paper Transport Motor 2
Paper Transport Motor 3
Paper Transport Sensor 1
Paper Transport Sensor 2
Paper Transport Sensor 3
Duplex Transport Motor 1
Duplex Transport Motor 2
Duplex Transport Sensor 1
Duplex Transport Sensor 2
LED (Paper Switch Back and Duplex Path Unit)
De-curler Unit LED
Paper Exit Inverter LED
Duplex Inverter LED
Paper Exit LED
Purge Tray LED
Paper Transport LED 1
Paper Transport LED 2
Drive Unit
Layout (Motor)
Imaging Section Drive Unit
Fusing Section Drive Unit
ITB Drive Unit/ITB Belt Centering Drive Unit
Paper Transfer Belt Drive Unit
Drum Motor (KCMY)
Drum Cleaning Motor (KCMY)
Development Motor (KCMY)
Fusing Refresh Roller Motor
Fusing Drive Unit
Fusing Refresh Roller Contact Motor
Fusing Motor
Press Roller Lift Motor
Waste Toner Collection
Waste Toner Bottle
Waste Toner Bottle Set Sensor
Waste Toner Bottle Full Sensor/Waste Toner Bottle Near-Full Sensor
Waste Toner Transport Motor (Upper)
Waste Toner Transport Motor (Lower)
Waste Toner Transport Motor Lock Sensor
Main Boards/HDD Unit
Controller Box
Imaging Section
Fusing Section
Controller Box Cover
Controller Board
When installing the New Controller Board
Data Transfer Unit
HDD Unit
After Installing the New HDD Unit
Disposal of HDD Unit
Drum Cleaning HVP (K/CMY)
Charge/Development HVP (K/C/M/Y)
NRYF (Noise Filter Relay Fuse Board)
NRYF 1-2
NRYF 3-4
AC Drive Board
AC Drive Board 1
AC Drive Board 2
PSU 1, 2, 4, 5
PSU 6-9
When Installing the New BCU
SDB (Switchback Drive Board)
NVRAM Replacement Procedure
NVRAM on the Controller Board
Fan Layout
Exhaust Fan 1-9
Exhaust Fan 1, 8, 9
Exhaust Fan 2
Exhaust Fan 3
Exhaust Fan 4
Exhaust Fan 5-7
Waste Toner Collection Fan
PSU Exhaust Fan
PSU Fan 1-10
PSU Fan 1, 2, 5, 6
PSU Fan 3-4
PSU Fan 7-10
Registration Exhaust Fan
Development Unit Cooling Fan (K/C/M/Y)
Ozone Exhaust Fan (K/C/M/Y)
Charger Entrance Fan (K/C/M/Y)
Controller Fan 1-4
De-curler Motor Cooling Fan
Paper Cooling Belt Fan 1-8
Pressure Roller Exhaust Fan
Paper Exit Inverter Motor Fan
Anti-condensation Fan
PTR Timing Motor Cooling Fan
Registration Timing Motor Fan
Paper Transport Motor Fan (Tray 1)
Paper Transport Motor Fan (Tray 2)
Dust Filter
Ozone Filter
PSU Filter (Imaging Section)
PSU Filter (Fusing Section)
Controller Filter
Development Filter
VOC Filters
Image Adjustment
Adjusting the Image Position on Side 1
Adjusting the Image Position on Side 2
Using a Template to Align the Image Positions on Sides 1 and 2
Printing and Measuring the Template
Entering the Values
Checking the Adjustment Results
Eliminating registration errors on the front and back of the paper
When to check for registration errors on the front and back of the paper

Service Program Mode
SP Tables
Enabling and Disabling Service Program Mode
Entering SP Mode
Exiting SP Mode
Types of SP Modes
SP Mode Button Summary
Switching Between SP Mode and Application Window for Test Printing
Selecting the Program Number
Exiting Service Mode
Service Mode Lock/Unlock
Test Pattern Printing
Firmware Update
Firmware type
Update procedure
Error Screens During Updating
Updating JavaVM
Creating an SD Card for Updating
Updating Procedure
List of Error Messages
Updating the EXJS
To Update EXJS
When checking the version of EXJS
NVRAM Data Upload/Download
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
UP/SP Data Import/Export
Import/export conditions
UP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Data that cannot be imported or exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
SP Data Import/Export
Data that can be imported and exported
Exporting Device Information
Importing Device Information
Possible solutions for import/export problems
Address Book Export/Import
Capturing the Debug Logs
Security of the Operation Log
Retrieving the Debug Logs
Procedure for Retrieving the Debug Log
Approximate Time to Transfer the Debug Log
Capturing the Engine Debug Log
Procedures for Capturing the Engine Debug Log via the Service Slot Board
SMC List Card Save Function
SMC List Card Save
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages

Self-Diagnostic Mode
Service Call Codes
Service Call Conditions
SC Logging
SC Automatic Reboot
SC Manual Reboot
SC100 (Engine: Image Writing and Others)
SC161-06 to SC195-00
SC200 (Engine: Image Writing)
SC202-01 to SC285-00
SC300 (Engine: Imaging 1/2: Charge/Development/Around the Drum)
SC300-01 to SC398-55
SC400 (Engine: Imaging 3: Transfer, Separation, Cleaning and Others)
SC440-01 to SC499-40
SC500 (Engine: Paper Transport, Fusing)
SC501-02 to SC598-00
SC600 (Engine: Communication and Others)
SC621 to SC625, SC669, SC682 to SC694
SC600 (Controller)
SC636 to SC637, SC641 to SC653, SC672
SC700 (Engine: Peripherals 1)
Finisher/ Booklet Finisher
Multi-Folding Unit
High Capacity Stacker
Trimmer Unit
Cover Interposer Tray
SC700 (Engine: Peripherals 2)
Perfect Binder (1)
SC700 (Engine: Peripherals 3)
Perfect Binder (2)
Ring Binder
Vacuum Feed LCIT
RPIP Interface Box
SC800 (Controller)
SC816 to SC899
SC900 (Engine: Others)
SC989, SC995
SC900 (Controller)
SC900 to SC919, SC992, SC994, SC998
Jam Detection
Jam Displays
Removing Jammed Paper
Printer Engine Jam History
How to check
Jam Codes and Display Codes
Main Machine
Multi Bypass Tray BY5010
Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100
Bridge Unit BU5010
Finisher SR5060/5050
Cover Interposer Tray CI5030
Plockmatic Bookletmaker
GBC Stream Punch Ultra
Trimmer Unit TR5040
RPIP Interface Box Type S3
Multi-Folding Unit FD5020
High Capacity Stacker SK5030
Ring Binder RB5020
Perfect Binder GB5010
Sensor/LED Locations
Paper Size Codes
Fan Defect Detection
Fan Locations and Fan SC
Adjustment 001: Increasing Fusing Capability
Adjustment 002: Margin Adjustment
Adjustment 003: Image Position Adjustment when Using the Template
Correspondence Table for Adjustment Settings
Correspondence Table for Adjustment Settings for Operators and SP Mode
Correspondence Table for Adjustment Settings for Skilled Operators and SP Mode
Menu Items in IMSS Settings
Image Quality
Definitions of Abnormal Images
Image Quality 001: Spots
Small granular toner fixation
Firefly Spots
Color spots, dropped toner
Color spots appeared on uneven paper
Image Quality 002: Streaks
Vertical black or colored streaks, dim white streaks
Vertical white streaks
Vertical white streaks at the sides of paper when feeding large width paper after small width
Mixture of vertical color streaks and white streaks
Horizontal white streaks in the area 21 mm from the trailing edge
Horizontal streaks on thick paper
Horizontal streaks on the first side of a long sheet of thick paper
Oblique wavy streaks
Image scratches at the trailing edge
Flaws on the image
Image Quality 003: Image Loss
White zone at leading edge of thick paper
White zone at trailing edge of thick paper
White areas inside halftone images at 307-mm intervals
White strips at 307-mm intervals
Band of white spots
Image Quality 004: Unevenness
Low density of black
Density unevenness of monochrome area
Difference of density between left and right of an image
Density difference after stopping the machine for a long period
Density difference when printing high coverage images continuously
Horizontal band of density unevenness caused by corona products
Fuzzy lines
Uneven density of the leading edge
Uneven density within 107 mm (4.2 in.) of the trailing edge
Banding at regular intervals
Bands of glossiness
Gloss afterimage
Rippling gloss unevenness
Gloss unevenness occurred in paper cooling unit
Uneven glossiness in patches
Orange peel images
Wrinkles, worm tracks, creasing
Image Quality 005: Stains
Paper edges are dirty
Foreign objects on the printed paper
Toner scattered
Stains at the trailing edge after changing the paper type
Abnormal image (high/low density, toner dust, horizontal line) in the area 20mm from trailing
Toner scattered in the area 15mm from trailing edge
White zones, black streaks, scratches in the area 15mm from trailing edge
Grainy images
Image Quality 006: Irregularity
Skewed image on small width paper
Paper Transport
Paper Transport 001: Plain Paper
Required operation when using A5 LEF/HLT LEF paper
Streaks when using Print Silk 130gsm paper
Paper Transport 002: Special Paper
Configuring settings for using envelopes
Errors for pre-punched paper
Errors for pre-printed paper
Problems Related to Peripheral Devices
Peripherals 001: Finisher SR5050/SR5060
Large paper not stacked properly
When bundle to be bound is poorly aligned
Trailing edge of stapled sheets close to the paper exit
Leading edges of paper are dirty at 4-mm Intervals
Paper edges get dirty caused by dirt of paper transfer rollers
Only the cover Is discharged during saddle stitching (JAM129)
Thin, coated paper eject error (stapled sheets)
Peripherals 002: Multi-Folding Unit FD5020
Folded sheets are not stacked properly
Z-folding is not performed correctly
Matte paper scratched during folding
Folds soiled by multi-sheet folding
Edges of letter fold bent
Poor folding
Folding deviation
Peripherals 003: High Capacity Stacker SK5030
Delivered sheets are severely curled
Delivered sheets are not aligned
Premature detection of full when paper discharged to shift tray
Marks left by the paper holder
Prevent loosening of screws to the cart’s handle
Peripherals 004: Ring Binder RB5020
Troubleshooting for SC756-48
Peripherals 005: Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100
Vertical Streaks when feeding thick (360g/m2) paper
Vertical Black Streaks
Vertical streaks when feeding transparent film
Other Problems
Other 001: The waiting time is too long
Other 002: SC
J098 occurs when printing on color paper or transparency
Troubleshooting for J042/J090/J040
Troubleshooting for J086
Blown Fuse Conditions
IPU (M2055327)
BCU (M2055334)
IOB 1 (M2055329)
IOB 2 (M2055335)
TDCU (M2055340)
TDRB (M2055343)
DRB (M2055325)
SDB (M2055337)
PSU 1/PSU 4/PSU 6/PSU 8 (AZ240265)
PSU 2/PSU 5/PSU 7/PSU 9 (AZ240263)
PSU3 (AZ250061)

Energy Save
Energy Save
If the Energy Saver button is pressed during machine operation
Energy Saver Timer
Paper Save
Effectiveness of Duplex/Combine Function
Paper Savings and Counter

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Ricoh ProC9100 ProC9110 Machine Code: M205 M238