Ricoh Ring Binder RB5020 Machine Code: D737 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh Ring Binder RB5020 Machine Code: D737 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Content for Service Manual:
Revision History
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks
Warnings, Cautions, Notes
Safety Label
Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations

Common Procedures
Before You Begin
Handling the Binder Unit
Standoffs on Harnesses
Ring Cartridge
Rear Cover
Top Cover
Removing the Binder Unit
Binder Unit Covers
Clamp Unit Cover
Pre-Bind Jogger Left Cover
Pre-Bind Jogger Bottom Cover
Pre-Bind Jogger Front Cover
Pre-Bind Jogger Top Cover
Ring Supply Unit Upper Right Cover
Ring Supply Unit Right Cover
Separating Pre-Bind Jogger from Binder Unit
Clamp Unit
Pre-Punch Jog Unit
Punch Unit
SP6504 Adjustment
Checking the Position of the Punched Holes
Hole Position Adjustment
Pre-Punch Jogger HP Sensor (S301)
Chad Box Sensor (S308)
Pre-Bind Jogger Sensors
Side Fence 1 HP Sensor (S601)
Paddle Roller HP Sensor (S602)
Clamp HP Sensor (S603)
Alignment Pin HP Sensor (S604), Alignment Pin Up Sensor (S610)
Shutter HP Sensor (S605)
50-Sheet Detection Sensor (S606)
Stack Thickness Sensor (S607)
Paper LE Detect Sensor (S609)
Stack Tamper HP Sensor (S612)
Shutter HP Sensor (S613)
Runout Roller HP Sensor (S614)
Ring Supply Unit Sensors
Ring Cartridge Sensor (S801)
Ring Cartridge Type Sensor (S805)
Rings Reversed Sensor (S802)
50/100 Ring Detection Sensor (S804)
Ring Near-End Sensor (S803)
Clamp Unit Sensors
Binder Unit HP Sensor (S701)
Bind Timing Sensor (S702)
Ring Switch HP Sensor (S706)
Ring Switch Timing Sensor (S707)
Output Belt Sensors
Output Belt 1 HP Sensor (S401)
Output Belt 2 HP Sensor (S402)
Output Belt Unit Entrance Sensor (S404)
Output Belt Rotation HP Sensor (S403)
Stacker Unit Sensors
Obstacle Detection Switch (S506)
Book Position Sensor Pair (S507E/S507R)
Stack Height Sensor Pair (S052E/S502R)
Stacker Detect Sensor (S504)
Tray Detection Sensor (S505)
Pre-Punch Jog Unit Motor
Side Jogger Motor (M302)
Pre-Bind Jogger Motors
Paddle Roller Motor (M601)
Alignment Pin Motor (M602)
Paddle Roller Lift Motor (M603)
Side Fence 1 Motor (M604)
Side Fence 2 Motor (M606)
Spine Clamp Motor (M605)
Runout Roller Motor (M609)
Stack Tamper Motor (M607)
Shutter Motor (M608)
Runout Press Roller Motor (M610)
Fan Motor (M611)
Clamp Unit Motors
Clamp Unit Motor (M701)
50/100 Clamp Adjust Motor (M702)
Main Control Board
Binder Control Board
Removing the Binder Control Board
Doing the SP adjustments


Content for Parts Catalog:
1. Exterior 1 (D737)
2. Exterior 2 (D737)
3. Paper Feed Section 1 (D737)
4. Paper Feed Section 2 (D737)
5. Paper Feed Section 3 (D737)
6. Side Jogger Unit (D737)
7. Punch Unit 1 (D737)
8. Punch Unit 2 (D737)
9. Ring Binder Unit 1 (D737)
10. Ring Binder Unit 2 (D737)
11. Ring Binder Unit 3 (D737)
12. Ring Binder Unit 4 (D737)
13. Ring Binder Unit 5 (D737)
14. Ring Binder Unit 6 (D392)
15. Paper Exit Section 1 (D737)
16. Paper Exit Section 2 (D737)
17. Paper Exit Section 3 (D737)
18. Paper Exit Section 4 (D737)
19. Stacker Section 1 (D737)
20. Stacker Section 2 (D737)
21. Stacker Section 3 (D737)
22.Stacker Section 4 (D737)
23.Drive Section 1 (D737)
24.Drive Section 2 (D737)
25.Drive Section 3 (D737)
26.Electrical Section 1 (D737)
27.Electrical Section 2 (D737)
28.Frame Section (D737)
Parts Index