Ricoh SP4510DN SP4520DN (product code M158 M159) Service Manual and Parts List Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh SP4510DN SP4520DN (product code M158 M159) contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Content for Service Manual:

Important Safety Notices
Important Safety Notices
Prevention of Physical Injury
Health Safety Conditions
Observance of Electrical Safety Standards
Handling Toner
Safety and Ecological Notes for Disposal
Symbols, Abbreviations and Trademarks

Product Overview
Component Layout
Paper Path
Drive Layout
Machine Codes and Peripheral Configuration

Installation Requirements
Machine Space Requirements
Machine Dimensions
Power Requirements
Main Machine Installation
Accessory Check (M158)
Accessory Check (M159)
Installation Procedure
Removal of packing materials and shipping retainers
Connecting the Power Cord
Loading Paper
Printing a Configuration Page
Instructions for the Customers
Moving the Machine
Security Settings
Changing an Administrator’s Password
Configuring SSL/TLS
Paper Feed Unit PB1060/ Paper Feed Unit PB1070
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Controller Options
SD Card Appli Move
Notes on Using the SD Merge Function
SD Card Applications
Move Exec
Undo Exec
IPDS Unit Type P1
Component Check
Installation Procedure
SD card for NetWare printing Type P1
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Browser Unit Type P1 (for M159)
Component Check
Outline of the Browser Unit
Installation Procedure
Ricoh JavaScript
EXJS Firmware Update
Main procedure
Updating the Extended JavaScript
Un-installing EXJS Firmware
XPS Direct Print Option Type P1
Component Check
Installation Procedure
VM Card Type W
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Memory Unit Type N1 1.0GB
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Hard Disk Drive Option Type P1
Component Check
Installation Procedure
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type A
Component Check
Installation Procedure
IEEE802.11 Interface Unit Type O
Component Check
Installation Procedure
UP Mode Settings for Wireless LAN
SP Mode and UP Mode Settings for IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wireless LAN
Settings for @Remote Service
Check points before making @Remote settings
Execute the @Remote Settings

Preventive Maintenance Tables
Image Quality Standards
Paper Transfer Quality Standards

General Cautions
Notes on the Main Power Switch
Characteristics of the Push Switch (DC Switch)
Shutdown Method
Forced Shutdown
Special Tools
Exterior Covers
Front Cover
Left Cover
Right Cover / Right Rear Cover
For M158
Rear Cover / Rear Lower Cover
Operation Panel (M158)
Operation Panel/ Media Slot Board (M159)
Upper Cover (M158)
Upper Cover (M159)
LED Optics
LED Unit
How to Re-engage Disengaged Springs
Toner Cartridge
Toner Cartridge
Image Transfer
Image Transfer Roller
Drive Unit
Main Motor
Duplex Exit Motor
Toner Supply Clutch
Registration Clutch
Paper Feed Clutch
Drive Unit
Gear Unit
By-pass Feed Clutch
Relay Clutch
By-pass Bottom Plate Clutch
Duplex Clutch
Junction Gate Solenoid
Fusing Unit
Upper Fusing Unit / Lower Fusing Unit
Fusing Pressure Roller
Fusing Lamp / Hot Roller
Hot Roller Stripper
Paper Feed
Paper Feed Tray
Paper Feed Roller
Friction Pad
Paper End Sensor
By-pass Feed Unit
By-pass Feed Roller
By-pass Friction Pad
By-pass Paper End Sensor
By-pass Bottom Plate HP Sensor
Paper Size Detection Switch
Paper Transport
Paper Exit Sensor
Paper Overflow Sensor
Duplex Exit Sensor
Duplex Entrance Sensor
Registration Roller (Driven)
Registration Roller (Drive)
Registration Sensor
Electrical Components
Controller Box / Interface Cover
Controller Board
Before replacing the controller board in the model without HDD
Replacement Procedure
After installing the controller board
NVRAM on the Controller Board
Before HDD Replacement
Replacement Procedure
After HDD Replacement
Toner End Sensor
HVPS with Bracket
Fusing Fan
PCDU Cooling Fan
PSU Cooling Fan
DC Switch
Front Door Interlock Switch
Rear Door Interlock Switch
Temp Humid Sensor
Rear Cover Switch

Service Program Mode
SP Tables
Enabling and Disabling Service Program Mode
Entering SP Mode
Exiting SP Mode
Types of SP Modes
Service Mode Lock/Unlock
Updating the Firmware
Type of Firmware
Updating Firmware
Before You Begin
Updating Procedure
Firmware Update Error
Recovery after Power Loss
Handing Firmware Update Errors
Uploading/Downloading NVRAM Data
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD Card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
Address Book Upload/Download
Information List
Upload (Backup) to SD Card
Download (Restore) to Machine
Erasing the Backup Data
Capturing Log to SD card
Security of the Operation Log
Retrieving the Debug Logs
Procedure for Retrieving the Debug Log

Self-Diagnostic Mode
Self-Diagnostic Mode at Power On
Service Call
When a Level “D” SC code occurs
SC200 (LED Optics)
SC300 (Image Processing – 1)
SC400 (Image Processing – 2)
SC500 (Paper Feed and Fusing)
SC600 (Device Communication)
SC700 (Peripherals)
SC800 (Controller)
SC900 (Others)
Jam Detection
Jam Displays
Jam History
Sensor Position Layout
Sensor Position
Main Machine
Optional Bank
Test Pattern Printing
Image Position Adjustment
Registration Adjustment
Print Area
Adjustment Reference Values
Adjustment Procedure
Problem at Regular Intervals
When Vertical Banding is Generated
When Black Spots are Generated on Print Image
Paper Feed (Skew)
Recycled or Thin Paper Is Severely Curled after Printing

Energy Save
Energy Saver Modes
Sleep Mode Setting (M158)
Sleep Mode Setting (M159)
Weekly Timer (M158)
Weekly Timer (M159)
Eco Night Mode (M158/M159)
Fusing Off Mode (M158/159)
Fusng Heater Off on Stndby (M158/159)
Return to Stand-by Mode
Energy Save Effectiveness
Paper Save
Effectiveness of Duplex/Combine Function
1. Duplex:
2. Combine mode:
3. Duplex + Combine:


Content for Parts List Manual:
1. Exterior 1
2. Exterior 2
3. Operation Panel 1
4. Operation Panel 2
5. Optical Writing Section
6. Manual Feed Section 1
7. Manual Feed Section 2
8. Paper Feed 1
9. Paper Feed 2
10. Registration Roller
11. Transfer
12. Fusing Section 1
13. Fusing Section 2
14. Paper Exit Section
15. Duplex Section
16. Drive Section 1
17. Drive Section 2
18. Electrical Components Section
19. Main Frame Section
20. Options 1
21. Options 2
22. Decal and Document
23. Parts Index