Ricoh SP8400DN Machine Code M0AN Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Ricoh SP8400DN Machine Code M0AN contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

Product Overview
Component Layout
Paper Path
Drive Layout
Machine Codes and Peripherals Configuration
System Configuration and Options

Installation Requirements
Machine Space Requirements
Machine Dimensions
Power Requirements
Who Installs the Peripherals and Options
Main Machine Installation
Installation Flow Chart
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Check Image Quality / Settings
Security Settings
Auto Remote Firmware Update (ARFU) Settings
Moving the Machine
Paper Feed Unit PB3240 (M494-17, -21)
Accessory Check
Installation procedure
LCIT PB3260 (M496-17, -27)
Accessory Check
Installation procedure
LCIT RT3030 (D696-17, -27)
Accessory Check
Installation procedure
Anti-Condensation Heater
Heater Board
PCU Heater
Tray Heater for Main Unit
Tray Heater for Paper Feed Unit PB3240
Tray Heater for LCIT PB3260
Bridge Unit BU3070 (D685-18)
Accessory Check
Installation procedure
Internal Multi-fold Unit FD3000 (M482-17)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
When Attaching a Finisher Downstream from the Internal Multi-Fold Unit
Finisher SR3230 (D3BA-17, -21)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Attaching a Support Tray
Output Jogger Unit Type M25 (D3CJ-01)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Punch Unit PU3060 (D706-00, -01, -02)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Finisher SR3210 (D3B8-17, -21)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Attaching a Proof Support Tray
Stapleless Stapler Initial Settings
Punch Unit PU3050
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Mail Box CS3010 (M481-17)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Attention Light AL3000 (M500-36)
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Indicator Behavior
NFC Card Reader Type P11 (M512-18)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
External NFC Card Reader Bracket Type P11 (M512-17)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
Internal Options
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19 (D3C0-17)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Interface Unit Type M19 (D3BR-01)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
User Tool Settings for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
SP Mode Settings for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN
HDD Option Type P13 (M513-19)
Component Check
Installation Procedure
Extended USB Board Type M19 (D3BS-01)
Component Check
Installation Procedure
SD Card Options
SD Card Slots
List of Slots Used
SD Card Appli Move
Move Exec
Undo Exec
PostScript3 Unit Type P13 (M513-22, -23, -24)
Accessory Check
Overview of PostScript3 Unit Type P13 (Adobe PS)
Installation procedure (Adobe PS)
XPS Direct Print Option Type P13 (M513-09, -10, -11)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
VM Card Type P13 (M513-25, -26, -27)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
IPDS Unit Type P13 (M513-13, -14, -15)
Accessory Check
Installation Procedure
@Remote Settings
Operation Guidance for Users

PM Parts Settings
Replacement procedure of the PM parts
After installing the new PM parts
PM Parts List

Notes on the Main Power Switch
Push Switch
Special Tools and Lubricants
Exterior Covers
Quick Reference for Removing Covers
Front Cover
Controller Cover
Left Upper Cover
Left Rear Cover
Left Cover
Rear Left Cover
Rear Cover
Rear Lower Gap Cover
Rear Lower Cover
Right Rear Cover
Right Upper Cover
Right Cover
Upper Front Cover
Main Power Switch Cover
Paper Exit Tray
Paper Exit Cover
Paper Exit Lower Cover
Upper Inner Cover
Paper Exit Front Cover
Top Right Cover
Top Rear Cover
Inner Cover
Toner Supply Housing
Smart Operation Panel
Operation Panel Unit
Internal Parts
USB Cable / Harness
Laser Unit
Caution Decal Location
Laser Unit
Quenching Lamp
PCL (Pre Cleaning Light)
PCU/Development Unit
OPC Drum
Charge Roller, Cleaning Roller
Pick-off Pawls
Cleaning Blade
Development Filters
TD Sensor
Development Mixing Auger Bearings
Development Mixing Auger (L / R)
Waste Toner
Waste Toner Bottle
Toner Collection Full Sensor
Recycling Shutter
Transfer Unit
Transfer Unit
Transfer Roller Unit
ID Sensor
Transfer Unit Open/Closed LED
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Fusing Entrance Sensor
Transfer Unit Open/Closed Sensor
Drive Unit
Drum/Waste Toner Motor
Development Motor
Fusing Motor
Paper Exit Motor
Registration Motor
Paper Feed Motor
Vertical Transport Motor
Transfer Roller Contact Motor
Toner Hopper
Toner Supply Motor
Fusing Unit
Fusing Entrance Guide Plate
Fusing Exit Guide Plate
Fusing Upper Cover
Fusing Lower Cover
Heating Sleeve Belt Unit
Pressure Roller, Pressure Roller Bearings and Pressure Roller Idler Gears
Thermostat Unit
Fusing Roller Temperature Sensors
Pressure Roller Temperature Sensors
Fusing Thermopiles
Notes When Reassembling the Fusing Unit
Paper Exit
Paper Exit Unit
Paper Exit Switching Solenoid
Paper Exit Sensor
Reverse Sensor
Paper Exit Full Sensor
Reverse Motor
Fusing Exit Sensor
Inverter Guide Cover Sensor
Paper Feed
Paper Feed Unit
Paper Dust Collection Unit
Pick-up Roller, Paper Feed Roller, Separation Roller, Torque Limiter
1st / 2nd Paper Feed Tray Lift Motor
1st / 2nd Paper Feed Sensor
Vertical Transport Sensor
Limit Sensor
1st Paper End Sensor / 2nd Paper End Sensor
Registration Sensor
Duplex Unit
Duplex/By-pass Motor
Duplex Entrance Motor
Duplex Entrance Sensor
Duplex Exit Sensor
Bypass Tray Unit
Bypass Tray
Bypass Paper End Sensor
Bypass Pick-up Roller
Bypass Paper Feed Roller
Bypass Separation Roller
Torque Limiter
Bypass Width Sensor
Bypass Length Sensor
PCBs and Other Items
Controller Box Cover
Controller Board
Controller Box
Temperature Sensor
DC SW board
Odor Filter
Particulate Filter (EU/AA only)
Dust filter
Development Exhaust Fan
Paper Exit Cooling Fan
Fusing Fan
Development Bearing Cooling Fan
PSU Cooling Fan
Front Development Cooling Fan
Adjustment after Replacement
Test Pattern Printing
Image Adjustment

Service Program Mode
Entering SP Mode
Exiting SP Mode
Types of SP Modes
SP Mode Tables
Firmware Update (SD Card)
Firmware Type
Error Screens During Updating
Firmware Update (Remote Firmware Update)
RFU Performable Condition
Firmware Update (Smart Firmware Update)
Immediate Update
Update at the Next Visit (Reserve)
Update via SD Card
Firmware Update (Auto Remote Firmware Update)
Downloading and Updating Process
Checking the ARFU Result
Checking the Result Using the Logging Data
Related SP
Updating JavaVM
Deactivating SDK Applications and Removing the VM Card
Updating JavaVM and Inserting the VM Card
Activating SDK Applications
NVRAM Data Upload/Download
Uploading Content of NVRAM to an SD card
Downloading an SD Card to NVRAM
UP/SP Data Import/Export
UP Data Import/Export
SP Data Import/Export
Possible solutions for import/export problems
Address Book Upload/Download
Information List
Capturing the Device Logs
Storing the Device Logs on an SD card (When the HDD option is not installed)
Retrieving the Device Logs via Operation Panel
Retrieving the Device Logs via Web Image Monitor
SMC List Card Save Function
Notes on Using the SMC List Card Save Function
File Names of the Saved SMC Lists
Error Messages
Card Save Function
Card Save
Error Messages

Self-Diagnostic Mode
Service Call Conditions
SC Logging
SC Automatic Reboot
SC Manual Reboot
Controller Self-diagnosis Outline
HDD-related Message
List of Automatic Reboot Target SC
Engine SC
Controller SC
SC Code Classification
Jam Detection
Paper Jam Display
Jam Codes and Display Codes
Sensor Locations
Paper Size Codes
Other Problems
When SC670 Is Displayed
When SC672 (Controller start up error) is displayed
Finisher Registration Adjustment
Stacking Problem at the Finisher SR3210
Finisher Jogger Problem for Finisher SR3210 (D3B8)
Maximum number of sheets for stapling and what happens when the job has too many pages
Fusing Offset Occurs at the Edge or Center of the Paper
Troubleshooting for Toner Density
Troubleshooting for Blots on Middle Thick Glossy or Coated Paper
Blown Fuse Conditions

Guidance for Those Who are Familiar with Predecessor Products
Differences between Similar Models and Previous Models
Component Layout
Paper Feed Unit
Laser Unit / PCDU
Fusing Unit
Waste Toner Bottle
Duplex/Bypass Unit
Paper Exit/Reverse Unit
Air Flow
Drive Unit
Electrical Components
Image Processing
Structural block diagram
IPU Mechanism
Laser Exposure
Auto Power Control (APC)
LD Safety Switch
PCDU (Photo Conductor and Development
OPC Drum Drive Mechanism
Drum Charge
Drum Cleaning, Toner Discarding
ID Sensor
Development Mechanism
Development Bias
Toner Supply
Toner Density Control
Toner End Detection
Toner End Recovery
Transfer and Separation
Transfer Roller Unit Charge
Transfer Roller Contact and Release Mechanism
New unit detection of the transfer roller unit
Waste Toner
Toner Discarding
Waste Toner Bottle
Feed/ Transport part
Feed / transport part
Bypass feed section
Duplex section
Paper exit unit
Paper Path and Sensor Locations
Air Flows (Fan Control)
Electrical parts
Block diagram
Board outline
Feed tray dehumidifier heater, PCDU anti-condensation heater
One-way Clutches
Paper Feed/Bypass
Process Control
Image Density Control (Process Control)
Energy Save
Energy Saver Modes
Power States of this Machine
Verification of Up Time for each Energy Saving State
Checking the Up time by Device State
Adobe PS vs. Clone PS
How to Distinguish Adobe PS from Clone PS
Difference in Device Fonts
Differences in Driver Functions

& Parts Catalog (3D Representation).

Ricoh SP8400DN Machine Code M0AN SP 8400 DN