Samsung MultiXpress X4 series SL-X4300LX / SL-X4250LX / SL-X4220RX Service Manual

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Samsung MultiXpress X4 series SL-X4300LX / SL-X4250LX / SL-X4220RX contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

1.1. Safety warning
1.2. Caution for safety
1.2.1. Toxic material
1.2.2. Electric shock and fire safety precautions
1.2.3. Handling precautions
1.2.4. Assembly and Disassembly precautions
1.2.5. Disregarding this warning may cause bodily injury
1.3. ESD precautions

2.1. Product Overview
2.2. Specifications
2.2.1. General Specification
2.2.2. Print Specifications
2.2.3. Scan specification
2.2.4. Copy specification
2.2.5. Fax specification
2.2.6. Paper Handling specification
2.2.7. Software and Solution specification
2.2.8. Supplies
2.2.9. Maintenance Parts
2.2.10. Option
2.3. Machine External View
2.4. Feeding System
2.4.1. Feeding System Overview
2.4.2. Main Components and functions
2.4.3. Cassette (Tray 1,2,3,4)
2.4.4. Pick-Up Unit
2.4.5. Registration Unit
2.4.6. MPF(Multi-Purpose Feeder) Unit
2.5. Image Creation
2.5.1. Printing process overview
2.5.2. Imaging Unit Imaging Unit Drum drive Developer Unit
2.5.3. ITB (Intermediate Transfer Belt) Unit ITB Unit overview Transfer belt drive Transfer belt cleaning
2.6. Fuser unit
2.6.1. Fuser unit overview
2.6.2. Fuser Unit drive
2.6.3. Fuser unit temperature control
2.7. Laser scanning unit (LSU)
2.7.1. LSU overview
2.7.2. Laser Scanning Optical path
2.7.3. Laser synchronizing detectors
2.7.4. Automatic line position adjustment
2.7.5. Shutter Mechanism
2.8. Drive System
2.8.1. Drive Motors
2.8.2. Main Drive Unit (OPC_DEVE_ITB_T1_Disengage_Engage)
2.8.3. Pick Up Drive
2.8.4. Regi_MP Drive
2.8.5. Feed Drive
2.8.6. Fuser_Exit Drive
2.8.7. Waste Toner Container Drive
2.8.8. Toner Supply Drive
2.9. Scanner System
2.9.1. Scanner System Overview
2.9.2. Scanning System Components
2.9.3. Caution for moving the scanner
2.10. Dual Scan Document Feeder(DSDF) for X4300 and X4250
2.10.1. DSDF overview
2.10.2. Electrical parts location
2.10.3. DSDF Drive System DSDF Original Pick-Up Assembly DSDF Original Regi. Drive Original Scanning and Feed-Out Drive
2.11. Reverse Automatic Document Feeder(RADF) for X4220
2.11.1. RADF overview
2.11.2. Electrical parts location
2.11.3. RADF Drive System RADF Original Pick-Up Assembly RADF Registration (Regi) Drive Assembly RADF Feed Drive Assembly RADF Exit Drive Assembly Original Return Drive
2.12. Hardware Configuration
2.12.1. Main Controller (Main Board)
2.12.2. OPE HUB PBA
2.12.3. SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) board
2.12.4. Fuser Drive Board (FDB)
2.12.5. HVPS board
2.12.6. Eraser PBA
2.12.7. Fuser PBA
2.12.8. Waste Sensor PBA
2.12.9. CRUM PBA
2.12.10. Deve CRUM Joint PBA
2.12.11. Toner CRUM Joint PBA
2.12.12. Paper Size sensor PBA
2.12.13. OPE Unit
2.13. Cassette Heater
2.14. DCF Unit
2.15. Inner Finisher

3.1. Precautions when replacing parts
3.1.1. Precautions when assembling and disassembling
3.1.2. Precautions when handling PBA
3.1.3. Releasing Plastic Latches
3.2. Maintenance
3.2.1. Machine Cleaning for maintenance Cleaning the LSU window Cleaning the transfer roller Cleaning the scan glass Cleaning the DSDF white bar_CIS Cleaning the CTD sensor
3.2.2. Replacing the maintenance part Drum Unit Developer Unit ITB Cleaner ITB Unit Fuser unit Transfer roller Pick-Up_Reverse_Forward roller MP Pick up_Reverse_Forward roller DSDF Pick-up roller Assy DSDF reverse roller RADF pick up roller Assy RADF reverse roller Assy
3.3. Replacing the main SVC part
3.3.1. Left Cover
3.3.2. Rear Cover
3.3.3. HVPS board
3.3.4. Temperature_Humidity Sensor
3.3.5. LSU
3.3.6. OPE Unit
3.3.7. Main board
3.3.8. SMPS Fan
3.3.9. SMPS board
3.3.10. FDB board
3.3.11. Fuser-Duct Fan
3.3.12. Main board shield
3.3.13. Main Drive unit
3.3.14. Fuser_Exit Drive unit
3.3.15. Pick-up Drive unit
3.3.16. Feed Drive unit
3.3.17. Regi_MP Drive unit
3.3.18. Toner Supply Drive unit
3.3.19. Waste toner container drive unit
3.3.20. Auto Size sensor
3.3.21. Exit Unit
3.3.22. Side Unit Fuser out sensor Duplex sensor and Curl sensor MP unit
3.3.23. Pick-up Unit and Empty_Level sensor
3.3.24. Feed sensor 1
3.3.25. Feed Unit and Feed sensor 2
3.3.26. Registration Unit
3.3.27. DSDF Unit DSDF board DSDF main motor DSDF paper length sensor
3.3.28. RADF Unit RADF Board
3.3.29. Scanner Unit(Platen Unit) Scan Glass LED Lamp Module Scanner Imaging Unit Scan Joint Board APS Sensor
3.3.30. Side Cover Open Switch
3.3.31. Front Cover Open Switch
3.3.32. HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
3.3.33. DCF (Double Cassette Feeder) DCF main board DCF Feed Motor DCF Pick Up Motor
3.3.34. Finisher Entrance Sensor Entrance Motor Exit Sensor Exit Motor Sub Paddle Shaft Sub Assy Front Jogger Motor Front Jogger Home Sensor Rear Jogger Motor Rear Jogger Home Sensor Stapler Traverse Home Sensor Traverse Motor Stacker Motor Stacker Encoder Sensor Stacker Lower Limit Switch Stack Beam Sensor Stack Position Sensor Paper Holding Lever Solenoid Paper Support Motor Paper Support Home Sensor Ejector Motor Assy Main Paddle Motor Main Paddle Home Sensor Main Paddle Ejector Assy Punch Dust Full Sensor Door Switch Top Door Switch
3.3.35. Card Reader or NFC Kit Installation Installing the Card Reader or NFC Kit on Working table(BYOD) table Installing the Card Reader or NFC Kit inside Cover-Scan Front

4.1. Control panel
4.1.1. Display screen and useful buttons Menu navigation Home Screen Overview Customizing your home screen Notification Bar
4.2. Understanding the LEDs
4.3. Updating Firmware
4.3.1. Updating from the Printer Control Panel
4.3.2. Updating from the Network
4.4. JAM removal
4.4.1. Clearing original document jams
4.4.2. Clearing paper jams
4.5. Service Mode (Tech Mode)
4.5.1. Entering the Service Mode
4.5.2. Service Mode Menu Tree
4.5.3. Information General Supply Status Software Version Service Hours Fault Log Print Reports Export Reports
4.5.4. Maintenance Counts Fault Count Jam Count Part Replacement Count
4.5.5. Diagnostics Engine Diagnostics Fax Diagnostics Scanner Diagnostics Adjustment ACS (Auto Color Sensing) Image Management Print Test Patterns
4.5.6. Service Functions Main Memory Clear Hard Disk Maintenance Count Setting of Large Page Network Port Debug Log Capture Log Network Packet Capture System Recovery TR Control Mode Clear System Cache Hibernation Paper Low Warning Message Part Replacement Alert FDI EIUL (End of Image Unit Life) Dealer ID Envelope Rotate Drain
4.6. Error Code and Troubleshooting
4.7. Image quality problems and solutions
4.7.1. Vertical Black Band
4.7.2. Vertical White Band, Light Band
4.7.3. Horizontal periodic Black Band or Dot
4.7.4. Horizontal periodic Light/Dark Band or Dot
4.7.5. Foggy Image
4.7.6. Light Image
4.7.7. Blurred Image
4.7.8. Incorrect color registration
4.7.9. Uneven pitch and jitter image
4.7.10. Skewed image
4.7.11. Blank copy
4.7.12. Poor fusing performance
4.7.13. Stain on the paper back side
4.7.14. Setting Standard Tone
4.7.15. Duplex Blur_White Spot_Blur on color print-out
4.8. Other Errors
4.8.1. Image system problem
4.8.2. Fuser problem
4.8.3. Scanner and Document Feeder problem
4.8.4. Drive unit problem
4.8.5. Feeding system problem
4.8.6. LSU problem
4.8.7. Software problem
4.8.8. Electrical circuit problem
4.9. Adjusting the LSU skew error
4.10. Adjusting the ADF(DSDF_RADF) skew
4.11. SPDS (Smart Printer Diagnostic System) Application
4.11.1. SPDS App Installation and Login SPDS App Installation User Registration Request Change_Reset Password Login Select Connect Method Consent to customer information
4.11.2. SPDS Menu Introduction Error Mode Diagnosis Mode Test Mode Information Mode Service Mode
4.11.3. Corrective Upload
4.11.4. Exceptions

5.1. Connection Diagram (FUSER_EXIT)
5.2. Connection Diagram (PICK UP_PH DRIVE_SIDE)
5.3. Connection Diagram (LSU_HVPS)
5.4. Connection Diagram (Toner)
5.5. Connection Diagram (FDB_SMPS)
5.6. Connection Diagram (UI)
5.7. Connection Diagram (FRONT_OPC)
5.8. Connection Diagram (Scanner)
5.9. Connection Diagram (Double Cassette Feeder)
5.10. Connection Diagram (FAX_DUAL NW_FDI)

6.1. Tools for Troubleshooting
6.2. Glossary
6.3. Model Name and Code
6.4. Document Revision List

SL-X4300LX SL-X4250LX SL-X4220RX SLX4300LX SLX4250LX SLX4220RX X4300 X4250 X4220 X4300LX X4250LX X4220RX SLX4300LX SLX4250LX SLX4220RX

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