Sharp AR-M351U AR-M355U AR-M451U AR-M455U Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Sharp AR-M351U AR-M355U AR-M451U AR-M455U contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1. Note for servicing
A. Cautions for servicing
1. System configuration
A. Basic system
B. Option lineup
C. List of combination of peripheral devices
1. Basic Specification
A. Base Engine
B. Document Feeding Equipment
C. Output Equipment
2. Specific Function
A. Printer Function
B. Image send function
C. Copy function
3. B/W Scanner Module (DSPF)
4. Rack for Scanner
1. Supply system table
A. European Subsidiary/East Europe/Russia/
Australia/New Zealand
B. Taiwan (Aurora)
C. Asia
D. Middle East/Africa/Israel/Philippines
E. Hong Kong
F. China
2. Maintenance parts list
A. Europe/Australia/New Zealand/Taiwan
B. Agency/Asia/Middle East/Africa/
Latin America
C. Hong Kong
D. China.
2. Production number identification
A. Drum cartridge.
B. Toner cartridge
C. Developer cartridge
3. Environmental conditions
A. Operating conditions
B. Storage conditions
1. Exterior
2. Interior
3. Operation panel
4. Job status screen (common to print, copy, fax, network scan and Internet fax)
5. Cross sectional view
A. Scanner unit
B. Engine
6. Switch, Sensor
A. Scanner unit
B. Engine
7. PWB
A. Scanner unit
B. Engine
8. Motor, Clutch, Solenoid
A. Scanner unit
B. Engine
1. Installing procedure flowchart
2. Note for installation place
3. Unpacking procedure
A. AR-M355U/M455U (North America), AR-M351U/M451U (Europe)
B. AR-M351U/M451U (Except for Europe)
4. Remove the locking tape (AR-M355U/M455U (North America), AR-M351U/M451U (Europe))
5. Unpacking and installation of the desk unit
A. AR-D28
B. AR-D27
6. Unpacking and installation of the rack (AR-RK2) (Except for North America/Europe)
7. Unpacking and installation of the AR-EF3 (Except for North America/Europe)
8. Machine installing procedure
A. Setting related to process
B. Toner cartridge settings
C. Setting related to fusing
D. Paper setting
9. Automatic developer adjustment
10. Print test
11. Distortion adjustment (Except for North America/Europe)
12. Attach the document scanning label
13. Key sheet attachment
14. Adjuster installation and adjustment
15. Using the transport handle
[Maintenance System Table]
1. Engine section
2. Scanner / DSPF
3. Peripheral devices
1. Process section
[OPC drum section]
[Transfer section]
[Developing section]
2. Fusing section.
3. Paper feed section
4. Transport section/Paper exit reverse section
5. Laser scanner section
6. Scanner section
7. DSPF section
8. Operation panel section
9. Filter
10. Drive section
11. Power section
12. PWB
13. Fan motor
1. Process section
A. Doctor gap adjustment
B. MG roller main pole position adjustment
C. High voltage output adjustment
2. Image check, adjustment
A. Adjustments on the engine side
B. Adjustment on the scanner side
3. Scanner section
A. OC scan distortion adjustment
(MB-B rail height adjustment)
B. Vertical image distortion balance adjustment (Copy lamp unit installing position adjustment)
C. Vertical image distortion balance adjustment (No. 2/3 mirror base unit installing and position adjustment)
D. Vertical (sub scanning direction) distortion adjustment [Winding pulley position adjustment]
E. Height adjustment of original detection light emitting unit
F. Original size detection photo sensor check
G. Original size detection photo sensor adjustment
H. Image density adjustment
I. DSPF width detection adjustment
1. Outline and purpose
2. Code-type simulation
A. Operating procedures and operations
B. Simulation list
C. Details
3. Other related items
1. Acceptable originals
A. Size and weight of acceptable originals
B. Total number of originals that can be set in the document feeder tray
2. Standard original placement orientations
3. Automatic copy image rotation rotation copying
4. Specifications of paper trays
A. Applicable plain paper
B. Applicable special paper
5. Printing onto envelopes
A. Fusing unit pressure adjusting levers
1. General
2. Trouble codes list
3. Details of trouble codes
4. Other related items
1. General
2. Cautions
3. Flash ROM update procedures
A. Preliminary arrangement
B. Update procedure 1 (Writing with each ROM inserted to the specified slot)
C. Update procedures 2 (Writing to each ROM by use of CN6 of the controller PWB)
D. In case of Result: NG
E. Turning off the power during update
F. Update window display in normal booting
G. Update process flow
1. Block diagram
2. Actual wiring chart
3. Signal name list

Number of pages: 276.