Sharp AR-M550U AR-M550N AR-M620U AR-M620N AR-M700U AR-M700N Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual Sharp AR-M550U AR-M550N AR-M620U AR-M620N AR-M700U AR-M700N contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1. Main Features
2. Features
A High reliability
B Network tandem
C 2-Way Security Solution
D Document Filing

1. Main unit and option lineup
2. Block diagram

1. Basic specifications
A Main unit
2. Engine specifications
A Paper feeding, paper conveyance,
and discharge section
B Scanner section (read)
C Scanner section (write)
D Image processing section
E Fuser section
F Drive section
3. Operating specifications
A Common operations
B Copy mode
C Image send function
D Printer function
E Document filing function
4. Safety and environmental protection standards
A Safety standards
B Environmental standards
5. Ambient conditions
A Space required
B Operating ambient conditions
C Ambient storage conditions
D Ambient conditions for transporting
E Standard temperature and humidity
Service related items

1. Supply system table
A USA, Canada, South and Central America
B Europe affiliates (Including East Europe, Russia)/Australia/New Zealand/UK)
C Asia affiliates
D Hong Kong
E China (AR-M620N/M700N)
F Middle East/Philippine
G Taiwan
2. Maintenance parts list
A USA, Canada
B Europe affiliates (Including East Europe, Russia)
Australia/New Zealand/UK
C Middle East/Asia/South and Central America
D China
E Taiwan

1. External view and operation parts
A External view and external operation parts
B Internal operation parts
C Operation, display parts
D Job status screen (common to print, copy,
network scan and internet fax)
2. Function parts
A Sensor/detector
B Switch
C Clutch/solenoid
D Motor
E Lamp
F Fan motor
G PWB (Main unit section)
H FAX section
I Fuse/thermostat
J Adjustment volume
K Gate
L Heater
M Lock position
N Roller
O Filter

1. Operation panel section
A General
B Major parts and signal functions
C Maintenance and parts replacement
2. Paper feed, paper transport, duplex,
and paper exit reverse sections
[Paper feed section]
(Manual paper feed section)
(Paper feed tray sections 1 and 2)
(Paper feed trays 3 and 4)
[Paper Transport Section]
(Vertical paper transport section 1)
(Vertical paper transport section 2)
(Horizontal transport section)
[Paper exit and turning section]
(Duplex section)
3. Laser scan unit (LSU)
4. Image process section
[Toner hopper and toner bottle section]
[Developer tank section]
[OPC drum section]
[Transfer section]
[Main charger section]
5. Scanner section
6. Fusing section
7. SPF section
[External outfit section]
[Paper feed tray section]
[Paper feed/transport section]
[CIS section]
[Paper exit section]
8. Drive section
9. Filters
10. PWB section
11. Power section
12. Fan motors
13. Sensors and switches

[ADJ 1] Adjusting high voltage values
[ADJ 2] Adjusting the developing unit
[ADJ 3] Adjusting image distortions
[ADJ 4] Adjusting the SPF parallelism
[ADJ 5] Adjusting the image focus
[ADJ 6] Adjusting the image magnification
[ADJ 7] Adjusting the image off-center
[ADJ 8] Adjusting the image position, image loss, and void area
[ADJ 9] Adjusting the copied image quality
[ADJ 10] Adjusting the print quality in fax mode
[ADJ 11] Adjusting the image quality in scan mode
[ADJ 12 Common image quality adjustments for all of copy, scan, and fax modes
[ADJ 13] Adjusting the fusing paper guide position
[ADJ 14] Adjusting the paper size detection
[ADJ 15] Adjusting the original size detection (in original table mode)
[ADJ 16] Adjusting the touch panel coordinates
[ADJ 17] Adjusting the supply voltage

1. Adjustment value/Simulation and storage data
A Simulation adjustment value/Set value data
B Each storage data
2. Outline and purpose
3. Code-type simulation
A Operating procedures and operations
B Simulation list
C Details

[Error code]
1. General
2. Function and purpose
3. Self diag message kinds
4. Self diag operation
A Self diag operation and related work flow
5. Breakdown sequence
A Breakdown mode process
B Power ON trouble detection sequence
6. Communication in trouble
A FAX call request/call-in specifications
7. Trouble kind
8. Details

1. General
A Version-up target ROM’s
B ROM version-up is required in the following cases:
2. Precautions
A Relationship between each ROM and version-up
3. Necessary items for Flash ROM version-up
4. Flash ROM version-up method
A MFP control PWB ROM DIP switch selection
and Flash ROM slot
B Operation panel
C Version-up procedure
D Version-up procedure
E Countermeasures against “Result: NG”
5. Turning OFF the power during the version-up procedure
6. Version-up procedure flowchart

1. Maintenance list
2. Details
A Drum peripheral section
B Transfer section
C Developing section
D Fusing section
E Scanner section
F SPF section
G Paper feed section
H Transport section/paper exit reverse section/duplex section
I Drive section
J Filters
3. Maintenance and disassembly
A Necessary execution items in maintenance
and servicing

[12] OTHER
A Count specification
B Location and display of each counter data
2. Web setting service mode
A Outline
B Operating procedures
C Details
3. Paper jam code
A Paper jam judgment conditions
B Inserter (AR-CF2) paper jam judgment conditions
C Finisher (AR-F15/F16) paper jam judgment conditions

1. Overall block diagram
2. Power line chart
3. Actual wiring chart
A Engine
4. Scanner

Number of pages: 460.