Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution Parts Catalog

This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full list of parts numbers for Xerox.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution Parts Catalog. Every chapter is fully detailed and contain all parts numbers and diagrams offered by manufacturer.
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Subsystem Information

Parts Lists
PL 1.1 Drive Paper
PL 1.2 Developer
Paper Transport
PL 2.1 Manual Paper Feed
PL 2.2 Lower Baffle Component
PL 2.3 Manual Feed Baffle-3 Assembly
PL 2.4 Horizontal Lower Baffle Component
PL 2.5 Horizontal Lower Baffle Component

PL 3.1 IIT Document Transport
PL 3.2 IIT Electrical
PL 3.3 Upper Document Transport

PL 4.1 LPH Accessory
PL 4.2 LPH Component
Developer Assembly
PL 5.1 Developer Assembly
PL 5.2 Developer Assembly Components

PL 6.1 Xerographics Accessory
PL 6.2 Xerographics Module Component
PL 6.3 BTR Housing Component
PL 6.4 Xerographics Housing Component

PL 7.1 Fuser Assembly Accessory
PL 7.2 Fuser Assembly Component-Roll
PL 7.3 Fuser Assembly Component-Chute
PL 7.4 Upper Exit Baffle Component
PL 7.5 Thermistor Plate Component

PL 8.1 Electrical-Rear 1
PL 8.2 Electrical-Rear 2
PL 8.3 Electrical-Rear Lower
PL 8.4 Upper Right Electrical
PL 8.5 Electrical-Left Side
PL 8.6 Console Component

PL 9.1 Cover-Front, Right, Top
PL 9.2 Cover-Rear, Left

PL 9.3 Document Shelf Component

PL 10.1 2-RFC Type Accessory
PL 10.2 RFC-Type 1 Accessory
PL 10.3 RFC A-Type Accessory
PL 10.4 RFC B-Type Accessory
PL 10.5 RFC Component-Paper Feed
PL 10.6 RFC Component-Latch, Roll Paper Tube Support
PL 10.7 Paper Heater/Paper Size Housing Component
PL 10.8 Take Away Baffle Component

Common Hardware
Common Hardware Common Hardware
Part Number Index