Xerox 6705 Wide Format Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Xerox 6705 Wide Format contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Things to take note during maintenance service
1.1.1 Note on Safety
1.1.2 Things to Take Note When Handling Customer Information
1.1.3 Other Precautions
1.2 Service Call Procedure
1.3 TRIM Service
1.3.1 TRIM Service Interval
1.3.2 Consumables and Periodic Replacement Parts
1.3.3 TRIM Checklist


3.1 Preface
3.1.1 Composition of Chapter 3 Image Quality Troubleshooting
3.1.2 Image Quality Troubleshooting Procedures
3.2 Test Pattern
3.2.1 Test Chart for Copy Quality Check (499T 00286)
3.2.2 Built-in Test Patterns for Print Quality Check
3.3 Image Quality Troubleshooting
3.3.1 About Copy/Print Sample
3.3.2 Note When Checking for Image Quality Problems
3.3.3 Basic Rules for Image Quality Adjustment
3.3.4 Determining Image Quality Problems
3.3.5 Image quality problems accompanying the pitch in the paper feed direction (Cause
and corrective action)
3.3.6 Image Quality Troubleshooting

4.1 Preface
4.1.1 How to Use the Disassembly/Assembly and Adjustment
4.1.2 Terms and Symbols
4.2 Disassembly/Assembly
1. Drive
REP1.1.1 RFC Takeaway Clutch
REP1.2.1 Main Motor and Deve. Clutch
2. Paper Transport
REP2.1.1 Manual Feed Lower Baffle Assembly
REP2.1.2 Vertical Front Baffle Assembly
REP2.1.3 Manual Feed Roll
REP2.1.4 Regi Roll
REP2.2.1 Vertical Rear Baffle Assembly
3. IIT
REP3.3.1 Pinch Roller
REP3.3.2 White Platen Assembly
REP3.4.1 (Heavyweight Document Supporting Kit) Pinch Roller
REP3.4.2 White Platen Assembly (Heavyweight Document Supporting Kit)
REP3.5.1 IIT Cover Open Sensor
REP3.6.1 (SCC) IIT Drive Motor
REP3.6.2 IIT Document Transport Roll
REP3.7.1 CIS Assembly
REP3.7.2 Platen Glass
REP3.7.3 CIS Cable
4. LPH
REP4.1.1 LPH Assembly
5. Development
REP5.1.1 Developer Assembly
REP5.2.1 Mag. Roll
REP5.2.2 Mag. Blade
REP5.2.3 Toner Housing
6. Xero
REP6.1.1 Xero Module
REP6.1.2 BTR Housing Assembly
REP6.2.1 Drum
REP6.2.2 BCR
REP6.2.3 Drum Assembly
REP6.3.1 BTR
REP6.3.2 DTS
REP6.4.1 Cleaner Blade
REP6.4.2 Finger Shaft
REP6.4.3 BCR Holder Assembly
REP6.4.4 Auger
7. Fusing Unit
REP7.1.1 (SCC) Heater Rod (Center/Side/Sub)
REP7.1.2 (SCC) Fusing Drive Motor
REP7.2.1 Heat Roll
REP7.2.2 Pressure Roll
REP7.3.1 Upper Exit Baffle Assembly
REP7.3.2 Heat Roll Thermistor 1, 2, 3, 4
REP7.3.3 Thermostat
REP7.4.1 Strip Finger
8. Electrical
REP8.1.2 (SCC) AC Relay PWB
REP8.5.1 (SCC) RFC Motor PWB
REP8.6.1 (SCC) WF01 PWB
REP8.6.2 CP Control LVPS
REP8.6.3 (SCC) (ISC) HDD
REP8.6.4 (SCC) WF02 PWB Assembly
REP8.6.5 (SCC) CP Control PWB Assembly
REP8.6.6 CP Control CPU
9. Cover
REP9.1.1 Front Upper Cover
REP9.1.2 Front Left Door
REP9.1.3 Front Right Door
REP9.2.1 Right Upper Cover
REP9.2.2 Right Swing Cover
REP9.2.3 Right Lower Cover
REP9.2.4 Document Shelf Assembly
REP9.3.1 Left Upper Cover
REP9.3.2 Left Swing Cover
REP9.3.3 Rear Cover Assembly
REP9.3.4 Left Lower Cover
REP9.3.5 Rear Lower Cover
10. RFC
REP10.1.1 RFC Assembly
REP10.1.2 Left Rail and Right Rail
REP10.2.1 (SCC) Cutter Assembly
REP10.4.1 Feed Roll
12. UI
REP12.1.1 (SCC) UI Assembly
REP12.1.2 Left Hinge Cover and Right Hinge Cover
REP12.1.3 Post Rear Cover and Post Front Upper Cover, Post Front Lower Cover
REP12.1.4 UI I/F Cable
99. (SCC) Safety Critical Components
REP99.1.1 (SCC) Safety Critical Components
4.3 Adjustment
3. IIT
ADJ3.1.1 IIT Side Registration Adjustment
ADJ3.1.2 IIT Vertical Reduce/Enlarge Adjustment
ADJ3.1.3 IIT Lead Edge Registration Adjustment
ADJ3.1.4 IIT Document Length Adjustment
ADJ3.1.5 CIS Gap Correction
7. Fusing Unit
ADJ7.2.1 Nip Balance Adjustment
8. Electrical
ADJ8.1.1 IOT Side Registration Adjustment
ADJ8.1.2 Roll Paper Fixed Cut Length Adjustment
ADJ8.1.3 Roll Paper Lead Edge Registration Adjustment
ADJ8.1.4 Bypass Tray Lead Edge Registration Adjustment
ADJ8.1.5 LPH Joint Adjustment
ADJ8.1.5.1 LPH Focus Rough Adjustment
ADJ8.1.5.2 LPH Density Difference Fine Adjustment (Light Duty Adjustment)
ADJ8.1.5.3 LPH Joint Fast Scan Direction Adjustment
ADJ8.1.5.4 LPH Joint Slow Scan Direction Adjustment
ADJ8.1.6 Xero Graphic Setup
ADJ8.6.1 Things to Take Note
when Replacing Important Information Stored Components
12. UI
ADJ12.1.1 UI Touch Panel Origin Point Adjustment

Chapter 5. PARTS LIST
5.1 Preface
5.1.1 How to use the Parts List
5.1.2 Precautions
5.1.3 Plate Composition
5.1.4 Terms and Symbols
5.2 Parts List
PL1.1 Drive-Paper Transport
PL1.2 Main Motor Assembly
PL2.1 Paper Hand Component
PL2.2 Vertical Rear Baffle Assembly
PL2.3 Manual Feed Baffle Assembly
PL2.4 Manual Feed Baffle-3, Vertical Front Baffle
PL2.5 Horizontal Lower Baffle Assembly
PL3.1 IIT Document Transport Component
PL3.2 Color Board & Page Memory for IIT (Option)
PL3.3 Upper Document Transport
PL3.4 Upper Document Transport for Heavy Document (Option)
PL3.5 Scanner Assembly (1/2)
PL3.6 Scanner Assembly (2/2)
PL3.7 CIS Assembly
PL4.1 LPH Component
PL5.1 Developer Component
PL5.2 Developer Assembly
PL6.1 Xero Accessory
PL6.2 Xero Module Component
PL6.3 BTR Housing Component
PL6.4 Xero Housing Component
PL7 Fusing
PL7.1 Fusing Component
PL7.2 Fusing Assembly (1/2)
PL7.3 Fusing Assembly (2/2)
PL7.4 Upper Exit Baffle Assembly
PL8.1 Electrical-Rear 1
PL8.2 Electrical-Rear 2
PL8.3 Electrical-Right Lower
PL8.4 Electrical-Right Upper
PL8.5 Electrical-Left
PL8.6 ESS Assembly
PL9 Cover
PL9.1 Cover-Front Upper Cover, Front Door
PL9.2 Cover-Right Cover, Document Shelf
PL9.3 Cover-Left Cover, Rear Cover
PL9.4 Document Shelf Assembly
PL10.1 RFC Component
PL10.2 RFC (A-Type)
PL10.3 RFC (B-Type)
PL10.4 RFC Assembly-Paper Feed
PL10.5 RFC Assembly-Latch, Roll Paper Tube Support
PL10.6 Paper Heater / Paper Size Sensor Housing Assembly
PL10.7 Takeaway Baffle Assembly
PL11 Frame
PL11.1 Swing Frame Latch Component
PL12.1 UI Component
PL12.2 UI Assembly (1/2)
PL12.3 UI Assembly (2/2)
PL13 Catch Tray
PL13.1 Document Catch Tray Assembly (Option)
PL13.2 Print Catch Tray Assembly (Option)
5.3 Screw Types
5.4 Other Area Codes

Chapter 6. GENERAL
6.1 Specifications
6.1.1 Product Name/Product Code/FWSS Code/Serial No DocuWide 3035 Main Unit/Kit Options
6.1.2 Machine Size and Weight
6.1.3 Installation Space
6.1.4 Electrical Specifications
6.1.5 Installation Environment
6.1.6 Function/Operation Specifications
6.1.7 CP-Cont Specifications
6.1.8 Paper
6.2 Tools/Service Consumables/Consumables/Modifications
6.2.1 Tools
6.2.2 Service Consumables
6.2.3 Consumables
6.2.4 Modification (FX Only) Explanation of Symbols Modification
6.3 Service Data
6.3.1 DC131 NVM LIST
6.3.2 DC330 Component Code List
6.4 Service Mode
6.4.1 How to Use the Service Mode
6.4.2 How to Enter and Exit the CE Mode How to Enter the CE Mode How to Exit the CE Mode
6.4.3 CE Mode Functions and Operation Procedures Test Copy Printing the HDD Built-in Patterns
6.4.4 How to Enter and Exit the Diag Mode How to Enter the Diag Mode How to Exit the Diag Mode
6.4.5 Diag Code Functions and Operation Procedures
6.5 IIT PC-Diag
6.5.1 IIT PC-Diag Operating Environment
6.5.2 IIT PC-Diag Installation
6.5.3 Driver Installation
6.5.4 IIT PC-Diag Operation Procedure Overview
6.5.5 Main Menu and IIT Diag Menu Functions and Operation Procedures Main Menu IIT Diag Menu
6.5.6 Diag Code Functions and Operation Procedures
6.6 Firmware Update
6.7 System Settings (Detailed Settings) List

Chapter 7. WIRING DATA
7.1 Plug/Jack Location
7.1.1 How to use the Plug/Jack List
7.1.2 Plug/Jack List
7.1.3 Plug/Jack Location IOT L/H Location RFC Motor PWB, RFC Drawer Open Switch, Open Air Sensor IOT R/H Location UI Assembly CIS, IIT PWB, PMEM PWB, CSCN PWB Front Baffle Assembly Manual Size Sensor, Interlock Switch LPH Assembly Fusing Assembly Developer Assembly RFC 1 (RFC B-Type) RFC 2 (RFC A-Type) HVPS, LVPS (3.5V / 5V / 24V), Side Triac, Center Triac IOT PWB, AC Relay PWB, LVPS (24V) Breaker, Inlet, AC Filter PWB ESS Assembly, Paper Heater Switch
7.2.1 ACH
7.2.2 CAN
7.2.3 +3.5VDC
7.2.5 +5VDC-1
7.2.6 +5VDC-2
7.2.7 +5VDC-3
7.2.8 +5VDC-4
7.2.9 +5VDC-5
7.2.10 +5VDC-6
7.2.11 5V RTN-1
7.2.12 5V RTN-2
7.2.13 5V RTN-3
7.2.14 5V RTN-4
7.2.15 5V RTN-5
7.2.16 +24VDC-1
7.2.17 +24VDC-2
7.2.18 +24VDC-3
7.2.19 24V RTN
7.2.20 CP CONT +3.3VDC
7.2.21 CP CONT 3.3V RETURN
7.2.22 CP CONT +5VDC
7.2.23 CP CONT +5V_SB
7.2.25 CP CONT +12VDC
7.2.27 CP CONT +24VDC
7.3 BSD (Block Schematic Diagram)
7.3.1 Preface How to Use the BSDs Explanation of Symbols Signal Name DC Voltage Other Descriptions
7.3.2 BSD (Block Schematic Diagram)
Chain 1 Standby Power
CH1.1 Main Power On
CH1.2 DC Power Generation (1/9)
CH1.3 DC Power Generation (2/9)
CH1.4 DC Power Generation (3/9)
CH1.5 DC Power Generation (4/9)
CH1.6 DC Power Generation (5/9)
CH1.7 DC Power Generation (6/9)
CH1.8 DC Power Generation (7/9)
CH1.9 DC Power Generation (8/9)
CH1.10 DC Power Generation (9/9)
CH1.11 Power Interlock Switching (1/3)
CH1.12 Power Interlock Switching (2/3)
CH1.13 Power Interlock Switching (3/3)
CH1.14 Monitoring
Chain 2 Mode Selection
CH2.1 UI Switches
CH2.3 LCD Control
CH2.4 Touch Panel and UI LED
Chain 3 Machine Run Control
CH3.1 PWBS Communication
CH3.2 PWBS Communication (WF01-UI)
CH3.3 Attention Light
CH3.4 Accessory (1/2)
CH3.5 Accessory (21/2)
CH3.6 Electric Billing
CH3.7 Monitoring (1/3)
CH3.8 Monitoring (2/3)
CH3.9 Monitoring (3/3)
Chain 4 Start Print Power
CH4.1 Main Drive Control
CH4.2 Monitoring
Chain 6 Imaging
CH6.1 Document Size Sensing (1/2)
CH6.2 Document Size Sensing (2/2)
CH6.3 Document Feeding & Registration
CH6.4 Image Input (1/2)
CH6.5 Image Input (2/2)
CH6.6 Color Scanning (Option)
CH6.7 LPH 1 Control
CH6.8 LPH 2 Control
CH6.9 LPH 3 Control
CH6.10 Monitoring (1/2)
CH6.11 Monitoring (2/2)
Chain 7 Paper Supplying
CH7.1 RFC 1 Paper Size Sensing and Stacking
CH7.2 RFC 2 Paper Size Sensing and Stacking
CH7.3 MSI Paper Size Sensing and Stacking
CH7.4 Paper Heater Control
CH7.5 Monitoring
CH7.6 Paper Path & Drive Transmission
Chain 8 Paper Transportation
CH8.1 RFC 1 Paper Feeding
CH8.2 RFC 1 Paper Cut Control
CH8.3 RFC 2 Paper Feeding
CH8.4 RFC 2 Paper Cut Control
CH8.5 Vertical Transportation
CH8.6 MSI Paper Feeding
CH8.7 Registration
CH8.8 Monitoring
Chain 9 Marking
CH9.1 Charging and Exposure
CH9.2 Development
CH9.3 Image Transfer and Stripping
CH9.4 Environment Sensing and Drum Cleaning
CH9.5 Monitoring
Chain 10 Fusing & Paper Transportation
CH10.1 H-Tra. Paper Transportation
CH10.2 Fusing Drive Control
CH10.3 Fusing Heat Control (100/120V) (1 of 3)
CH10.4 Fusing Heat Control (200-240V) (2 of 3)
CH10.5 Fusing Heat Control (3 of 3)
CH10.6 Fusing and Exit Transportation
CH10.7 Exhaust Fan Control
CH10.8 Monitoring
Chain 25 ESS
CH25.1 ESS

8.1 Installation
8.1.1 Installation of Main Unit
8.1.2 Installation of Color Board & Page Memory for IIT
8.1.3 Scanner Catch Tray Installation
8.1.4 Print Catch Tray Installation
8.1.5 Horizontal Conveyance Service Procedure
8.2 Cancel Registration.