Xerox 8825 Xerox 8830 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Xerox 8825 Xerox 8830 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1. Service Call Procedures
Call Flow
Call Flow Procedure
Initial Actions/Systems Checks
Print Defect Isolation Procedure
Workstation Checkout Procedure
Status Code Entry Chart
Message Display Entry Chart
Maintenance Procedures
System Checkout / Final Action
System Checkout / Final Action

2. Status Indicator RAPs
C1-04/C2-04/C3-04 RAP
C1-59/ C2-59/ C3-59 RAP
LL-41/LL-45 Fuser Warm-up Fault RAP
LL-42 Thermal Control RAP
LL-43 Fuser Over Temperature RAP
LL-44 Fuser Too Hot RAP
LL-60/LL-61 NVM Fault RAP
LL-90 Overtoned Fault RAP
LL-91 Undertoned Fault RAP
Other Faults
OF-1 Control Panel RAP
OF-2 Power On Self Test (POST) RAP
OF-3 Fuser Ballast RAP
Generic RAPs
Generic Clutch RAP
Generic Sensor RAP
Generic Switch RAP

3. Print Quality
Print Quality
Print Quality Initialization Procedure
Print Defects
Print Quality Definitions
Print Quality General Diagnostics
Print Quality Specifications
Damaged Media
Media Handling Problems
Print Quality RAPs
PQ 1 Background
PQ 2 Bands
PQ 3 Bands
PQ 4 Black Lines
PQ 5 Black Prints
PQ 6 Blank Prints / Partial Image
PQ 7 Blurred Image
PQ 8 Deletions (bands)
PQ 9 Deletions (bands)
PQ 10 Deletions (in solid and halftone areas)
PQ 11 Deletions (spots)
PQ 12 Finger Marks
PQ 13 Light Image
PQ 14 Misregistration
PQ 15 Residual Image
PQ 16 Skewed Image
PQ 17 Smears
PQ 17A Smudge
PQ 18 Spots
PQ 19 Uneven Density
PQ 20 Unfused Prints
PQ 21 Wrinkle
PQ 22 Offsetting

4. Repairs/Adjustments
REP 3.1 Main PWB
REP 3.2 High Voltage Power Supply
REP 7.1 Media Supply Drawer
REP 7.2 Rewind Gear and Rewind Internal Gear
REP 7.3 Roll Feed Pinch Rolls
REP 7.4 Roll Feed Drive Rolls
REP 7.5 Feed Clutch
REP 7.6 Rewind Clutch
REP 7.7 Motion Sensor
REP 7.9 Roll Drive Motor
REP 7.10A Lower Media Roll Heater
REP 7.10B Upper Media Roll Heater
REP 7.11 Encoder Disk
Paper Transportation
REP 8.1 Media Transport Assembly
REP 8.2 Media Exit Switch
REP 8.3 Buckle Switch
REP 8.4 Cut Sheet Media Feed Clutch – 8830 and 8825 with Tag/MOD 90
REP 8.5 Pressure Plates
REP 8.6 Sheet Drive Roll – 8830 and 8825 with Tag/MOD 90
REP 8.7 Sheet Pinch Rolls – 8830 and 8825 with Tag/MOD 90
REP 8.8 Media Registration Sensor
REP 8.9 Fabric Guide
REP 8.10 Media Transport Drive Motor
REP 8.11 Sheet Feed Switch – 8830 and 8825 with Tag/MOD 90
REP 8.12 Registration Pinch Rolls
REP 8.13 Media Feed Drive Belt
REP 8.15 Cutter Home Sensor
REP 8.16 Exit Roll
REP 8.17 Registration Drive Roll
REP 9.1 Xerographic Module
REP 9.2 Drum Assembly
REP 9.3 Drum
REP 9.4 Cleaner Blade Kit
REP 9.5 Developer Module
REP 9.6 Cartridge Drive Motor
REP 9.7 Developer Material
REP 9.8 Scorotron Pin Kit
REP 9.9 Transfer / Detack Corotron
REP 9.11 Toner Sensor
REP 9.12 Toner Cartridge Home Sensor
REP 9.13 Sump Shield
REP 9.14 Cartridge Drive Plate
REP 9.17 Photoreceptor Seal
REP 9.18 Air Pressure Tubes
REP 9.19 Roller Kit
REP 9.20 Image Module
REP 10.1 Heat Rod
REP 10.2 Heat Roll
REP 10.3 Fuser Triac
REP 10.7 Web Oiler Assembly
REP 10.8 Stripper Fingers
REP 10.9 Web Oiler
ADJ 3.2 Country Configuration
ADJ 8.1 Vertical Magnification
ADJ 8.2 Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 8.3 Cut Length
ADJ 8.4 Media Transport
ADJ 9.2 Electrostatic Series
ADJ 9.3 Image Density
ADJ 9.6 Augers
ADJ 9.5 Toner Cartridge Home Sensor
ADJ 10.1 Fuser Temperature (NVM)
ADJ 10.2 Fuser Temperature (with Probe)
ADJ 10.3 Fuser Temperature (with Tape)

5. Parts List
Subsystem Information
Electrical Components
PL 1.1A Electrical Control Components/DC Power Generation (W/O TAG 27)
PL 1.1B Electrical Control Components/DC Power Generation (W/TAG 27)
PL 1.2A AC Electrical Components (W/O TAG 25)
PL 1.2B AC Electrical Components (W/TAG 25)
PL 1.3 DC Electrical Components
PL 1.4 Control Console
Media Roll Feed
PL 7.1 Roll Supply Feed Assembly
PL 7.2 Roll Supply Drives
PL 7.3 Roll Supply Drawer Components (Part 1 of 4)
PL 7.4 Roll Supply Drawer Components (Part 2 of 4)
PL 7.5 Roll Supply Drawer Components (Part 3 of 4)
PL 7.6 Roll Supply Drawer Components (Part 4 of 4)
PL 7.7 Media Cutter Assembly
PL 7.8 Media Cutter Components
Media Transport
PL 8.1 Media Transport Assembly
PL 8.2 Media Registration Components
PL 8.3 Cut Sheet Feed Components
PL 8.4 Media Transport Components
Xerographic Module
PL 9.1 Xerographic Module Assembly
PL 9.2 Photoreceptor
PL 9.3 Image Module Assembly
PL 9.4 Transfer/Detack Corotron
PL 9.5A Drum Cleaning (Part 1 of 3)
PL 9.5B Drum Cleaning (Part 2 of 3)
PL 9.5C Drum Cleaning (Part 3 of 3)
PL 9.6 Web Oiler Assembly
PL 9.7 Web Oiler Components
PL 9.8 Developer Module Assembly
PL 9.9 Developer Module Components (Part 1 of 2)
PL 9.10 Developer Module Components (Part 2 of 2)
PL 10.1 Xerographic Module Assembly
PL 10.2 Fuser Components
PL 10.3 Fuser Pressure Components And Moisture Collection
PL 10.4 Fuser Heat Control And Stripper Fingers
Covers and Interlock Switches
PL 14.1 Transport Latching Cover And Rear Door
PL 14.2 Front Door And Right Side Covers
PL 14.3 Developer Cover And Catch Tray
PL 14.4 Top Cover And Catch Tray Brackets
PL 14.5 Left Side Covers (8825 Only)
Electrical Connectors and Fasteners
PL 15.1 Miscellaneous Electrical Connectors And Fasteners
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index

6. General Procedures
To Enter The Diagnostic Mode
To Exit The Diagnostic Mode
Input Diagnostic Test Procedure
Input Diagnostic Test Codes
Output Diagnostic Test Procedure
Output Diagnostic Test Codes
Stepper Motor Commands
To Enter Multiple Tests (Chaining)
To Exit from Multiple Tests
Special Tests
General Procedures
GP 1 HVPS Checkout
GP 2 Image on Drum (Panic Stop) Procedure
GP 3 Drum Maintenance
GP 4 Drum Cleaning Enhancement
GP 5 Communication Loopback Test
GP 6 Downloading Firmware from a Laptop
GP 7 NVM Dump of Adjustable Settings
Service Notes
Transfer and Developer Bias Voltages incorrect (Tag 19)
Power Cord Outlet Pulls Out Of AC Module
PRE-TAG 9 Maximum Length Shortfall
Wavy Lines When Connected To XPC or Non Xerox Controller
LL-52 Errors After Installing New Control PWB
Cooling Fan Not Running
Cleaning Blade Squeals During Print Cycle
Toner Cleaning Auger Bound Up
LL-22 Caused By Metal Filings
Intermittent Black Lines Or Background Bands
Bent Corners (Dog Ears) On Lead Edge Of Narrow Media
Problems With Film Stacking
Low Solid Area Density At Install
Intermittent Extra Print
Loud Noise From HVPS
Troubleshooting Photoreceptor Drive Problems
Photoreceptor Damage
Image Displacement (Rollover) On Vellum Or Film
Installation Procedure
Product Demonstration
Installation Checklist
Removal Procedure
General Tools and Supplies (NACO)
General Tools and Supplies (EO)
Molex Connector Repair Procedure
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
8825 Change Tag
8825 Change Tag Information
8830 Change Tag
8830 Change Tag Information

7. Wiring Data
Block Schematic Diagrams
Level 1 BSD
How To Use BSDs
Level 1 BSD
Standby Power
BSD 1.1A Main Power On (With “Delta” Noise Filter) (50 and 60 HZ)
BSD 1.1B Main Power On (With “CORCOM” Noise Filter) (50 and 60 HZ)
BSD1.2 Power Generation (1 of 3) (Without Tag/ MOD 25)
BSD 1.2 DC Power Generation (1 of 3) (With TAG/ MOD 25) and (50 Hz With TAG/ MOD 50)
BSD 1.2 DC Power Generation (1 of 3) (W/ Tag 25 Driver PWB Only)
BSD 1.2 DC Power Generation (1 of 3) (With Tag 25 and Updated Driver PWB)
BSD 1.3 Interlock Monitoring
BSD 1.4 Machine Cooling
Mode Control
BSD 2.1 Mode Selection
Machine Run Control
BSD 3.1 Machine Run Control
Print Power
BSD 4.1 Fuser Roll Drive
BSD 4.2 Developer Drive
BSD 4.3 Drum Drive
Imaging Imaging (Right Side)
BSD 6.1 Imaging Right Side (W/ O TAGS 27 and 28) (Differential)
BSD 6.1 Imaging Right Side (1 of 2) (With TAGS 27 and 28) (Single Ended)
BSD 6.2 Imaging Left Side (1 of 2) (Without TAGS 27 and 28) (Differential)
BSD 6.2 Imaging Left Side (1 of 2) (With TAGS 27 and 28) (Single Ended)
Paper Supplying
BSD 7.1 Media Drive
BSD 7.2 Media Feed, Roll 1
BSD 7.3 Media Feed, Roll 2
BSD 7.4 Media Feed, Roll 3
BSD 7.5 Media Cutting
Paper Feeding
BSD 8.1 Media Registration and Transportation
BSD 9.1 Charging
BSD 9.2 Exposure
BSD 9.3 Development
BSD 9.4 Image Transfer and Media Stripping
BSD 9.5 Drum Cleaning
BSD 9.6 Drum Discharging
BSD 9.7 Toner/Developer Dispense
BSD 9.8 Corotron and Developer Bias Power
Print Transportation and Fusing
BSD 10.1 Fuser Heat (W/ O TAG/ MOD 25 AND 50)
BSD 10.1 Fuser Heat (W/TAG25) AND (W/ O TAG 50)
BSD 10.1 Fuser Heat (W/25 AND TAG 50)
BSD 10.2 Fuser Oil Dispensing
BSD 10.3 Fusing and Media Exit
Plug/Jack List

Number of pages: 396.