Xerox AltaLink C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Xerox AltaLink C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
Table of contents:

About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Symbology and Nomenclature
Translated Warnings

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Detailed Maintenance Activities (CRU/HFSI)
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions


Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 IIT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ3 1mm Lines RAP
IQ4 Image Shift in Process Direction RAP
IQ5 White Lines RAP
IQ6 SLED Transfer Cycle Lines RAP
IQ7 IN-OUT Density Difference RAP
IQ8 Video Data/Crosstalk RAP
IQ9 Image Shift in Inboard-to Outboard Direction RAP
IQ10 Edge-less Image RAP
IQ11Contamination Lines RAP
IQ12 Chip/Half Chip Blanks RAP
IQ13 SLED Transfer Failure RAP
IQ14 Tapes Not Peeled RAP
IQ15 Charging Roll Pitch White Lines (type 1)
IQ16 Charging Roll Pitch White Lines (type 2)
IQ17 Photoreceptor Pitch Color Lines
IQ18 Background on Gloss RAP
IQ19 Toner Empty Detection Color Lines RAP
IQ20 Toner Droplet Contamination RAP
IQ21 Smear on Heavyweight RAP
IQ22 Rough Black RAP
IQ23 Moist Paper Transfer Failure RAP
IQ24 Toner Contamination at Lead/Trail Edge RAP
IQ25 Trail Edge Transfer Failure RAP
IQ26 Color Lines RAP
IQ27 Transfer Blank Areas (Partially Moist Paper) RAP
IQ28 Nip Marks RAP
IQ29 Moisture RAP
IQ30 Low Image Density RAP
IQ31 Wrinkled Image RAP
IQ32 IOT Background RAP
IQ33 Color-to-Color Misregistration RAP
IQ34 Skew/Misregistration/Magnification RAP
IQ35 Process Direction Bands, Streaks, and Smears RAP
IQ36 Unfused Copy/Toner Offset RAP
IQ37 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots, and Smears RAP
IQ38 Spots RAP
IQ39 Missing Colors RAP
IQ40 Background on Coated Paper
IQ41 Multi Color Transfer Failure
IQ42 Lines on Coated Paper (EXIT)
IQ43 Caterpillar Mark (Transfer)
IQ44 White Stripes Due to Trimmer Jam (DEV)
IQ45 Heat Haze/Mock Heat Haze
IQ46 Poor Reproducibility of Fine Lines (IOT Image Quality)
IQ47 Outboard Deletion in All Colors
IQ48 MWS (Side 2) (Micro White Spots)
IQ49 Moist Paper Wrinkles (Fusing Unit)
IQ50 White Streaks in Process Direction/Dropping Density (XERO/CLN)
IQ51 Background (IPS)
IQ53 Highlight Density Reproduction (NVM Darken +3) (IPS)
IQ54 Highlight Density Reproduction (NVM Lighten +3) (IPS)
IQ56 CVT Streaks (IPS)
IQ57 Copy: Gradation Jump in Text & Photo (IPS)
IQ58 Scan: Smeared Text, JPEG Mosquito Noise (IPS)
IQ59 Moire In Text Mode (Fine) BW Scan/Fax For 133 lpi Originals (IPS)
IQ60 Copy: Bleed on 2 Sided Document (IPS)
IQ61 Copy: Platen Background (IPS)
IQ66 Unevenness Correction Within Image Area (IOT Image Quality)
IQ Specifications
Test Pattern Usage (dC612)
Image Quality Specifications
Things to Note for Image Quality Restrictions

Chain 1 Electrical Components
REP 1.1 HVPS (1st/2nd/BTR)
REP 1.2 Developer HVPS
REP 1.4 MDS (Motor Driver Sub) PWB
REP 1.8 IH Driver PWB
REP 1.10 SBC Unit
REP 1.11 SBC SD Card
REP 1.12 Single Board Controller (SBC) PWB
REP 1.13 System Disk Drive
REP 1.14 Opening/Closing the PWB Chassis Unit
REP 1.15 SBC SIM Card
REP 1.17 Main LVPS
REP 1.18 Noise Filter (C8070)
REP 1.19 Heat Sink Fan Assembly
Chain 4 Drive
REP 4.1 Registration Transport Drive Assembly (C8030/35)
REP 4.2 Registration Transport Drive Assembly (C8045/55)
REP 4.3 Registration Transport Drive Assembly (C8070)
REP 4.4 Drum/Developer Drive Assembly
REP 4.5 Takeaway Motor (C8070)
REP 4.6 Registration Transport Drive Motor (C8070)
REP 4.7 Drum/Developer Drive Motor
Chain 5 DADF
REP 55.2 DADF Platen Cushion
REP 55.3 DADF Front Cover
REP 55.4 DADF Rear Cover
REP 55.5 DADF Feeder Assembly
REP 55.8 Left Counter Balance
REP 55.9 Right Counter Balance
REP 55.10 DADF Document Tray
REP 55.11 Top Cover
REP 55.12 Harness Guide and Wire Harness
REP 55.13 DADF Registration Motor
REP 55.14 DADF Feed Motor
REP 55.15 DADF Pre Registration Motor
REP 55.16 Registration Chute
REP 55.17 Retard Chute
REP 55.18 Out Chute
REP 55.19 CIS
REP 55.20 Sensor Bracket
REP 55.21 Nudger Roll, Feed Roll
REP 55.22 Retard Roll
Chain 6 IIT
REP 6.1 Platen Cushion
REP 6.2 Platen Glass
REP 6.3 User Interface (UI)
REP 6.4 USB Cable
REP 6.5 Control Panel
REP 6.6 CCD Lens Assembly
REP 6.7 Front/Rear Carriage Cable
REP 6.8 Carriage Motor
REP 6.9 LED Lamp PWB
REP 6.10 LED Lamp Wire Harness
REP 6.11 Light Guide
REP 6.12 IIT PWB Assembly
REP 6.13 USB Bracket
REP 6.14 IIT Rear Cover
REP 6.15 Interface PWB
REP 6.16 Garage Door USB Harness Assembly
Chain 7 Paper Feed
REP 7.1 Tray 1 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.2 Tray 1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.3 Tray 2 Feeder Assembly (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.4 Tray 3 Feeder Assembly (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.5Tray 4 Feeder Assembly (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.6 Tray 2 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.7 Tray 3 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.8 Tray 4 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.9 Tray Module PWB (3TM)(C8030/35)
REP 7.10 Tray 3 Assembly (TTM)
REP 7.11 Tray 4 Assembly (TTM)
REP 7.12 Tray Cable (TTM)
REP 7.13 Tray 4 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.14 Tray 2 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.15 Tray 3 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.16 Tray 2 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (TTM)
REP 7.18 Tray 3 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (TTM)
REP 7.19 Tray 4 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll (TTM)
REP 7.20 Tray Module PWB (TTM)
REP 7.21 MSI Tray
REP 7.22 MSI Tray Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.23 MSI Tray Paper Size Sensor
REP 7.24 Registration Transport Assembly
REP 7.25 TM Takeaway Motor (3TM)
REP 7.26 TM Takeaway Motor 2 (3TM)
REP 7.27 Takeaway Motor Assembly (TTM)
REP 7.28 Takeaway Motor 2 (TTM)
Chain 9 Xerogrqphics
REP 9.1 Transfer Belt Cleaner Assembly
REP 9.2 IBT Assembly
REP 9.3 Transfer Belt
REP 9.4 TR0 Seal
REP 9.5 Drum
REP 9.6 Erase Lamp Unit (K)
REP 9.7 Erase Lamp Unit (C, M, Y)
REP 9.8 Agitator Motor Assembly
REP 9.9 2nd BTR Assembly
REP 9.10 LED Print Head Assembly (Y, M, C, K)
REP 9.12 LPH Cable Assembly
REP 9.13 Toner Dispense Motor Assembly
REP 9.14 Developer Housing Assembly (Y, M, C, K)
REP 9.15 Developer
REP 9.16 MOB ADC Assembly
Chain 10 Fuser/Post-Fuser Transport
REP 10.1 Fuser
REP 10.2 Duplex Assembly
REP 10.3 Coil Assembly
Chain 11 Exit/OCT
REP 11.1 Exit/OCT 1 Assembly
REP 11.2 Exit 2 Assembly
REP 11.3 Face Up Transport Assembly
Chain 14 Covers
REP 14.1 L/H Cover Unit
REP 14.2 Top Cover
REP 14.3 Rear Lower Cover
REP 14.4 Opening/Closing the PWB Chassis Unit
Chain 4 UI
ADJ 4.1 Panel (UI) Diagnostic Tests
Chain 5 DADF
ADJ 5.1 DADF Skew Adjustment
ADJ 5.2 DADF Side Registration Manual Adjustment
ADJ 5.4 DADF Lead Edge Registration Manual Adjustment
ADJ 5.5 DADF Registration Automatic Adjustment (dC608)
ADJ 5.6 Side 1 to Side 2 Color Matching
Chain 6 IIT
ADJ 6.1 Full/Half Rate Carriage Position Adjustment
ADJ 6.2 IIT Lead Edge Registration Manual Adjustment
ADJ 6.3 IIT Side Registration Manual Adjustment
ADJ 6.4 Optical Axis Calibration
ADJ 6.5 IIT Calibration (dC945)
ADJ 6.7 Document Glass Registration Automatic Adjustment (dC609)
Chain 7 Paper Feed
ADJ 7.1 MSI (Tray 5) Guide Adjustment (dC740)
Chain 9 Electrical/Xerographic
ADJ 9.1 IOT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration (dC129)
ADJ 9.2 Edge Erase Adjustment
ADJ 9.3 ProCon On/Off Print Check (dC937)
ADJ 9.5 Thin Line Correction Mode Adjustment
ADJ 9.6 LPH Exposure Amount Fine Adjustment
ADJ 9.7 ATC Sensor Setup (dC950)
ADJ 9.8 ATC Developer Setup (dC949)
ADJ 9.9 Color Registration Measurement Cycle (dC671)
ADJ 9.10 Color Registration Control Setup Cycle (dC675)
ADJ 9.11 Color Registration Control Sensor Check Cycle (dC673)
ADJ 9.12 Copy Color Balance Manual Adjustment (dC919)
ADJ 9.13 TRC Manual Adjustment (dC924)
ADJ 9.14 Tone Up/Tone Down (dC991)
ADJ 9.16 MAX Setup
ADJ 9.17 Paper Calibration (dC909)
ADJ 9.18 Image Size Adjustment (dC603)

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 Platen/IIT Cover
PL 1.2 Platen Glass
PL 1.3 CCD Lens Assembly
PL 1.4 Carriage Cable/Motor
PL 1.5 Full/Half Rate Carriage
PL 1.7 Control Panel
PL 1.9 Convenience Stapler
2. LED
PL 2.1 LED Print Head (1 of 2)
PL 2.2 LED Print Head (2 of 2)
3. Drives
PL 3.1 Drives (1 of 4)
PL 3.2 Drives (2 of 4)
PL 3.3 Drives(3 of 4)
PL 3.4 Drives (3 of 3)
PL 4.1 NOHAD (Front,Left)
PL 4.2 NOHAD (Top)
PL 4.3 NOHAD (Rear)
PL 4.4 NOHAD (Right)
5. Development
PL 5.1 Development (1 of 2)
PL 5.2 Development (2 of 2)
6. Transfer
PL 6.1 Transfer (1 of 2)
PL 6.2 Transfer (2 of 2)
PL 6.3 IBT Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 6.4 IBT Belt Unit (2 of 2)
7. Fuser
PL 7.1 Fusing Unit
8. Xerographic
PL 8.1 Xerographic (1 of 2)
PL 8.2 Xerographic (2 of 2)
9. Paper Transport
PL 9.1 Tray 1/2 (1 of 2)
PL 9.2 Tray 1/2 (2 of 2)
PL 9.3 Tray 1 Feeder
PL 9.4 Tray 1 Feeder Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 9.5 Tray 1 Feeder Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 9.6 Envelope Tray Assembly
10. 3TM
PL 10.1 Three Tray Module (3TM – C8030/35)
PL 10.2 Tray 2, 3, 4 Assembly (3TM – C8030/35)
PL 10.3 Tray 2, 3 & 4 Feeder Assembly (1 of 2) (3TM – C8030/35)
PL 10.4 Tray 2, 3, 4 Feeder Assembly (3TM) (2 of 2) (3TM – C8030/35)
PL 10.9 Electrical (3TM)
PL 10.10 Drive
PL 10.11 Roller (3TM)
PL 10.12 Left Hand Cover Assembly (3TM)
PL 10.14 Covers (3TM)
11. Tandem Tray
PL 11.1 Tandem Tray Assembly (TTM)
PL 11.2 Tray 2 (TTM)
PL 11.3 Tray 3 (TTM)
PL 11.4 Tray 4 (TTM)
PL 11.5A Tray 4 Paper Feed (TTM) (C8030/35/45/55)
PL 11.5B Tray 4 Paper Feed (TTM) (C8070)
PL 11.6 Tray 2/3 Paper Feed (TTM)
PL 11.7 Tray 2 Feeder (TTM) (1 of 2)
PL 11.8 Tray 2 Feeder (TTM) (2 of 2)
PL 11.9 Tray 3 Feeder (TTM) (1 of 2)
PL 11.10 Tray 3 Feeder (TTM) (2 of 2)
PL 11.11 Tray 4 Feeder (TTM) (1 of 2)
PL 11.12 Tray 4 Feeder (TTM) (2 of 2)
PL 11.13 Left Cover Assembly (TTM)
PL 11.14 Tray Front Supports (TTM)
PL 11.15 Tray 2/3/4 Paper and Lift Sensors (TTM)
PL 11.16 Drive (TTM)
PL 11.17 Electrical (TTM)
PL 11.18 Covers (TTM)
13. Paper Transport
PL 13.1 MSI Tray Assembly (1 of 5)
PL 13.2 MSI Tray Assembly (2 of 5)
PL 13.3 MSI Tray Assembly (3 of 5)
PL 13.4 MSI Tray Assembly (4 of 5)
PL 13.5 MSI Tray Assembly (5 of 5)
14. Duplex
PL 14.1 Left Hand Cover (1 of 2)
PL 14.2 Left Hand Cover (2 of 2)
PL 14.3 Left Hand Cover Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 14.4 Left Hand Cover Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 14.5 Chute Assembly
PL 14.6 Duplex Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 14.7 Duplex Assembly (2 of 2)
15. Registration
PL 15.1A Registration (1 of 2) (C8030/35/45/55)
PL 15.1B Registration (2 of 2) (C8070)
PL 15.2A Registration (1 of 2) (C8030/35/45/55)
PL 15.2B Registration (2 of 2) (C8070)
17. Exit
PL 17.1 Exit 1/OCT
PL 17.2 Exit 1/OCT
PL 17.3 Exit 2 (1 of 3)
PL 17.4 Exit 2 (2 of 3)
PL 17.5 Exit 2 (3 of 3)
PL 17.6 Side Tray Unit (1 of 2)
PL 17.7 Side Tray Unit (2 of 2)
18. Electrical
PL 18.1 PWB Chassis Unit (1 of 2)
PL 18.2 PWB Chassis Unit
PL 18.3 IOT Rear
PL 18.4 GFI Chassis
PL 18.5 Electrical-Front/Right
PL 18.6 Bottom
PL 18.7 Wire Harness
19. IOT Covers
PL 19.1 Covers (1 of 3)
PL 19.2 Covers (2 of 3)
PL 19.3 Covers (3 of 3)
35. SBC
PL 35.1 Single Board Controller (1 of 2)
PL 35.2 Single Board Controller (2 of 2)
55. DADF (High Speed)
PL 55.1 DADF Accessory
PL 55.2 DADF Cover, PWB
PL 55.3 DADF Base Frame
PL 55.4 DADF Document Tray, Top Cover
PL 55.5 DADF Motor, Wire Harness
PL 55.6 DADF Front Belt
PL 55.7 DADF Regi/Retard/Out Chute
PL 55.9 DADF Roll, Sensor Bracket
PL 55.10 DADF Document Tray
PL 55.11 DADF Top Cover
PL 55.12 DADF Upper Feeder
PL 55.13 DADF Regi Chute
PL 55.14 DADF Retard Chute
PL 55.15 DADF Out Chute
PL 55.16 DADF Sensor Bracket
Common Hardware
Common Hardware

UI Diagnostics
UI Diagnostic Mode
Service Copy (Tools) Mode
dC104 System Usage Counters
dC108 Software Versions
dC120 Fault Counter
dC122 Fault History
dC128 Fold Position Adjustment
dC129 Paper Registration
dC131 NVM Read/Write
dC132 Serial Number Synchronize
dC135 HFSI Counters
dC140 Analog Monitor
dC301 NVM Initialization
dC304 LPH EEPROM Self test
dC305 Panel Diagnostics Test
dC312 Network Echo Tests
dC330 Component Control
dC361 NVM Save and Restore
dC603 Image Size Adjustment
dC608 Document Feeder Registration Automatic Adjustment
dC609 Document Glass Registration Automatic Adjustment
dC612 Print Test Pattern
dC671 Measurement Cycle
dC673 Registration Control Sensor Check
dC675 Registration Control Setup
dC710 No Paper Run
dC740 MSI Side Guide Adjustment
dC909 Calibrate for Paper
dC919 Color Balance Adjustment
dC924 TRC Manual Adjustment
dC937 ProCon On/Off Print
dC945 IIT Calibration
dC949 ATC Developer Setup
dC950 ATC Sensor
dC991 Tone Up/Tone Down
General Procedures
GP 1 FAX PWB Internal Selftest
GP 2 Accessing Tools
GP 3 Controller Boot Sequence
GP 4 Power the System Off/On
GP 5 Image Quality Calibration
GP 6 Printing Configuration Reports
GP 7 Network Printing Simulation
GP 9 Installing System Software
GP 10 PWS Communication with the SBC
GP 11 Resetting the System Administrator Password
GP 12 Back Up and Restore Settings
GP 13 Cloning Network Configurations
GP 14 External Fax Line Test
GP 16 Toner CRUM Conversion
GP 17 How to Re-Enter Optional Feature Installation Keys
GP 18 Restoring the Public Address Book
GP 20 Reporting Billing Meter Resets
GP 22 Foreign Device Interface Setup
GP 23 Intermittent or Noise Problem RAP
GP 24 How to turn off the Power Saver Functions
GP 25 Remote Control Panel
GP 26 Obtaining a Replacement SIM Card
GP 27 Billing Impression Mode Change
GP 28 Billing Impression Mode Verification
GP 29 Restoring Customer Mode
GP 30 Reloading NVM from the Tray 1 List
General Information
Product Codes
Common Tools
Product Tools and Test Patterns
Cleaning Materials
CRUs and Consumables
Glossary of Terms
Change Tags
Change Tags
Tag Example Processor (IOT) Tags

7.1 Plug/Jack Location List
Plug/Jack Location
IOT Plug/Jack Illustrations
7.2 Wire Networks
ACH Wirenets
ACN Wirenets
1.8 VDC Wirenets
1.8 VRTN Wirenet
+2.5 VDC Wirenet
+3.3 VDC-1 Wirenet
+ 3.3 VDC-2 Wirenet
3.3 VDC RTN-1 Wirenet
3.3 VDC RTN-2 Wirenet
+5VDC-1 Wirenet
+5VDC-2 Wirenet
+5VDC-3 Wirenet
+5VDC-4 Wirenet
+5VDC-5 Wirenet
+5VDC-6 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-1 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-2 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-3 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-4 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-5 Wirenet
5VDC RTN-6 Wirenet
+24VDC-1 Wirenet
+24VDC-2 Wirenet
+24VDC-3 Wirenet
+24VDC-4 Wirenet
24VDC RTN-1 Wirenet
24VDC RTN-2 Wirenet
24VDC RTN-3 Wirenet
IIT +3.3/+24VDC/ANA Wirenet
IIT_3.3/24/ANA VRTN Wirenet
IIT +5 VDC Wirenet
IIT +5 VDC RTN Wirenet
DADF +5VDC Wirenet
7.3 Block Schematic Diagrams (BSDs)
AltaLink C8070f BSDs
Chain 1 BSDs
Chain 2 BSDs
Chain 3 BSDs
Chain 4 BSDs
Chain 5 BSDs
Chain 6 BSDs
Chain 7 BSDs
Chain 8 BSDs
Chain 9 BSDs
Chain 10 BSDs
Chain 34 BSDs.

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