Xerox ColorQube 8570 ColorQube 8870 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations and photos, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox ColorQube 8570 ColorQube 8870 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About This Manual
How to Use this Manual
Power Safety
Service Safety Summary
Moving the Printer
Symbols Used on the Printer
Electrostatic Discharge Precautions
Regulatory Requirements
Translation of Warnings
ColorQube 8570/8870 Overview
Printer Configurations
Parts of the Printer
Printer Options
Control Panel Layout
Menu Map
Routine Maintenance Items
Printer Specifications
Power Saver
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
Information Pages, Troubleshooting Pages, and Test Prints
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Routine Maintenance Activities
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions


Print-Quality Problems Overview
Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 Random Light Stripes
IQ3 Predominant Light Stripes, Scratches or Marks Down the Print or Parallel to the Long Axis
of Printing
IQ4 Streaks, Smudges, or Smears Down the Print
IQ5 Partial Image/ Color Missing
IQ6 The Printed Image is Too Light or Too Dark
IQ7 No Image is Printed
IQ8 Color is Uneven or Wrong (Uniformity)
IQ9 Skew
IQ10 Ink on White Portion of the Printed Page
IQ11 Fuzzy or Blurry Printing
IQ12 Vertical Lines Appear Wavy
IQ13 Ghosting
IQ14 Oil on Print
IQ15 Incomplete Image Transfer, Drop Out, Loss of Image Pixels
IQ16 Repeating Print Defects
IQ17 White Stripes (Pinstripes)
IQ18 Media Wrinkling or Damage
IQ19 Image is Offset or Cutoff
IQ20 Poor Ink Adhesion, Poor Image Durability
IQ21 Gloss Irregularities
IQ22 Grainy
Internal Test Prints
Test Prints
Weak or Missing Jet
Cleaning Page (Mud Page) & Light Stripes
Color Bands, RGBK Dither
Manufacturing Skew Margin
YMCKRGB Solid Fills
Cyan Solid Fills
Magenta Solid Fills
Yellow Solid Fills
Black Solid Fills
Red Solid Fills
Green Solid Fills
Blue Solid Fills
Manufacturing Skew and Margins
Chase Pages
Oil Bar Chase
Purge Efficiency
X-Axis Motion
Drop Mass Calibration
Head Roll
Intensity CMYK
Solid Fill Red Scan
Solid Fill Green Scan
Solid Fill Blue Scan
Jet Substitution Mode
Image Specifications

Disassembly Overview
Disassembly Overview
REP 1.1 Front Door/ Tray 1 (MPT) Assembly
REP 1.5 Control Panel Cover
REP 1.6 Control Panel
REP 1.7 Exit Cover
REP 1.8 Ink Loader
REP 1.9 Ink Loader Bezel
REP 1.10 Left Side Cover
REP 1.11 Right Side Cover
REP 1.12 Drum Maintenance Door
REP 1.13 I/O Access Door
REP 1.14 Waste Tray Cover
REP 1.15 Waste Tray
REP 1.16 Drum Maintenance Unit
REP 1.17 Tray 1 Arm
REP 1.18 Tray 1 (MPT) Pick Roller Assembly
REP 2.1 Funnel Cap
REP 2.2 Jetstack Cap
REP 2.3 Printhead Assembly
REP 2.4 Drum Assembly
REP 2.5 Y-Axis Belt
REP 2.6 Printhead Wiper and Wiper Drive Belt
REP 2.8 Purge Pressure Pump
REP 2.9 Left and Right Printhead Restraints
REP 2.11 Drum Maintenance Camshaft
REP 2.12 Transfix Camshaft
REP 2.13 Stripper Carriage Assembly/ Transfix Roller
REP 2.15 Y-Axis Tension Spring
REP 2.16 Transfix Load Module
REP 2.17 Drum Maintenance Pivot Plate/ Drum Wiper Blade Assembly
REP 2.20 Preheater and Deskew Assembly
REP 2.21 Transfix Arm Kit (with Pins)
REP 2.22 X-Axis Bias Spring Hook, X-Axis Roll Adjuster Spring
REP 2.24 X-Axis Bias Spring
Paper Path
REP 3.1 Inner Simplex Guide with Pre-deskew Sensor and Harness
REP 3.2 Lower Inner Duplex Guide
REP 3.3 Lower Exit Guide Assembly
REP 3.4 Outer Duplex Guide
REP 3.5 Upper Duplex Guide and Solenoid
REP 3.7 Takeaway Roller
REP 3.8 Duplex Roller
REP 3.9 Separator Pad Kit
REP 3.10 Pick Assembly and Retard Roller
REP 3.12 525-Sheet Feeder
REP 3.13 Exit Module
REP 3.14 Takeaway Guide
REP 4.1 Preheater Lift Solenoid
REP 4.2 Y-Axis Motor Assembly
REP 4.3 Tray 1 Pick Solenoid
REP 4.4 Head Tilt Solenoid
REP 4.5 Media Drive Assembly
REP 4.6 Tray 2 Lift Motor
REP 4.7 Electronics Module Fan
REP 4.8 Head Tilt Gear
REP 4.9 Tray 2 Lift Motor Gear
REP 4.10 Head Maintenance Clutch
REP 4.11 X-Axis Motor
REP 4.12 Drum Cooling Fan
REP 4.13 Process Drive
REP 5.1 Electronics Module
REP 5.2 Hard Disk Drive
REP 5.5 Configuration Card
REP 5.6 Circuit Boards (Power Supply, Main Controller, Power Control)
REP 5.9 Wave Amplifier
REP 5.10 I/O Board
Sensors and Actuators
REP 6.1 Paper Size Switch
REP 6.2 No Paper Sensor
REP 6.3 Paper Height Sensor
REP 6.5 Drum Temperature Sensor
REP 6.6 Front Door and Exit Door Interlock Switches
REP 6.7 Waste Tray Detect Sensor
Adjustments and Calibrations
ADJ 1.1 Wiper Blade Alignment
ADJ 1.2 Homing the Printhead Forward to Print Position
ADJ 1.3 Process Drive Alignment
ADJ 1.4 Manual Printhead Parking
ADJ 1.5 Center the Printhead

Parts List Overview
Serial Number Format
5 Parts List
PL 1.1Covers
PL 2.1 Imaging
PL 3.1 Paper Path
PL 4.1 Drive
PL 5.1 Electrical
PL 6.1 Sensors and Actuators
Xerox Supplies and Accessories

Printer Power On Process
Hidden Service Menu
Service Diagnostics
Service Diagnostics Menu Maps
Service Diagnostics Tests
General Troubleshooting
Electrical Troubleshooting
Control Panel Malfunction
Media Path and Transport Problems
Noise Troubleshooting
OF1 Drum Ground Plane Rubbing
OF2 Drum Knocking (Drum Belt)
OF3 Y-Axis Motor Bearing
OF4 Tray 1 – Squeaking
OF5 Tray 1 – Buzzing, Grinding
OF6 Process Motor Gear Box (Transfix Output Gear)
OF7 Process Drive Gear Box (Compound/ Helical Gear)
OF8 Gear Skipping (Head Maintenance Train/ Media Path Gear Box)
OF9 Other
Operating Systems and Application Problems
Network Problems
USB Port Testing
Firmware Upgrade
Printhead Cleaning Cycle
Printhead Troubleshooting Checklist

How to Use the Plug/ Jack Location List
Plug/Jack Locations
Wire Routing Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams

Operational Overview
Paper Path of the Printer
Printer Electronics
System Drive
Print Process
Purge System

Number of pages: 428.